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    What in!?

    [COLOR="Blue"]Hello. I got a new place with a new laptop right? And when I try putting in my screenname, I have forgotten my password. So, I asked Otakuboards if they email it to me, and they have not so far. I'm at my parents house now, that's why I'm on. So, can I get my password please? Thank you. Dragonmanm2[/COLOR]
  2. Dragonmanm2

    Anime The anime con that almost wasn't

    [quote name='joshdude89']Hmm, so my main question is, which con was this?[/QUOTE] [COLOR="Blue"]I'm not really sure if it would be right of me to tell everyone what con I was at. To protect myself, and my friend, I wanted to keep the con unnamed, you see. "KAMEHAMEHA!" Dragonmanm2[/COLOR]
  3. Dragonmanm2


    [quote name='joshdude89']Just a heads up, about mid September, A Dethklok CD will be coming out.[/QUOTE] [COLOR="Blue"] Oh hell yeah. I'm looking forward to that. There's going to be extended versions of their songs, plus "Metalocalypse" is airing it's new season next month too. Because of DETHKLOK, I have a new way of expressing distaste for music I don't like. For example, a class mate of mine she likes (shudder) Britney Spears. So when she said she likes her, I said. "Britney Spears? That's not METAL." "KAMEHAMEHA!" Dragonmanm2[/COLOR]
  4. Dragonmanm2

    She's friends with voice actors!

    [quote name='Aceburner']Did she give you a name? Besides Crispin's? 'Cuz you're following a dead trail if you ask him if he knows "some girl who also knows Scott McNeil."[/QUOTE] [COLOR="Blue"]Wait..That's right! I don't remember her name. All I know is minor stuff. "KAMEHAMEHA!" Dragonmanm2[/COLOR]
  5. Dragonmanm2

    She's friends with voice actors!

    [quote name='Dbzman26'][FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="2"]Yeah, I think the chick was pulling your chain too. I mean, come on....think about it.[/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE] [COLOR="Blue"]I don't know. I think she was telling the truth. Besides, I think I'll put her story to the test. This November Chrispin Freeman and Vic are going to be at a con in Philadelphia. I'm going to ask Chrispin if he knows this girl. "KAMEHAMEHA!" Dragonmanm2[/COLOR]
  6. Dragonmanm2

    Share Some Good Jokes

    [quote name='Allamorph'][FONT=Arial]As long as we don't start with Chuck Norris. 'Cause we already know he can divide by zero and he counted to infinity twice. [COLOR="Blue"]I think you got Chuck Norris confused with David Carradine. AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Q: What do you call two blondes standing next to each other? A: A wind tunnel. Q: Why is a beer better than a woman? A: Because a beer won't get mad if you have another beer. Q: What's ten feet tall, breathes fire, has bat wings, carries a battle axe, is green and scaly, and horns? A: I have no idea, but I think you should run. "KAMEHAMEHA!" Dragonmanm2[/COLOR]
  7. Dragonmanm2

    Nicknames... how did you get them?

    Nicknames, hm? [B][COLOR="Black"]MIKE-[/COLOR][/B][COLOR="Black"][COLOR="Blue"]That's my name. Everyone calls me that. Except for my family members. Okay, my dad does call me that. [/COLOR][/COLOR] [B][COLOR="Black"]ANIME MIKE[/COLOR][/B]-[COLOR="Blue"]This is kind of a joke. Back at school our R.A. Terrence stuck that name on me because of my love of anime. [/COLOR] [B][COLOR="Black"]GOD OF DEATH[/COLOR][/B]-[COLOR="Blue"]That's my name on the dodge ball team at school. One day during a game, everyone is celebrating over a victory. I'm standing there, and I just shout out "THE GOD OF DEATH IS BACK AGAIN!" And it stuck. I got to thank Scott McNeil for that one. :) (A cookie for anyone who knows what I'm talking about!)[/COLOR] [B][COLOR="Black"]SAMURAI[/COLOR][/B]-[COLOR="Blue"]I was outside one day on campus, training. I happen to be pretty good at martial arts, and I look up, and there's this girl standing there. She had this huge smile as big as Texas on her face. I went to dinner, I'm in line for some mac n' cheese, and I hear behind me. "Hey there, samurai." I look behind me, and it's the girl. I told her my real name, and she says: "I like samurai better." Her friends agreed with her on that. I'm kind of flattered, really.[/COLOR] MIKEY-[COLOR="Blue"]I HATE being called that. HATE. IT. Don't get me started. It's like..when some one calls Edward Alric short. [/COLOR] [B][COLOR="Black"]"THE ESCAFLOWNE GUY[/COLOR][/B]"[COLOR="Blue"]-I used to shop at a comic book store in a local mall. There was this cute girl with bright pink hair. Behind her was a big Escaflowne figure. I went up there, and started a conversation about Escaflowne. I came back a month later, and I asked her if she remembered me. "Sure. Your the Escaflowne guy." Silly, isn't it?[/COLOR] [B][COLOR="Black"]ALUCARD[/COLOR][/B]-[COLOR="Blue"]I can do a GREAT Alucard voice. I'm not Chrispin Freeman, but I do okay. I liked to sneak up on a friend of mine, and say something in a deep rumbling tone like "Good Evening. Heh, heh, heh." Plus a friend of mine tell me when I listen to the opening theme of Hellsing, I get this look on my face that kind of creeps her out. [/COLOR] [B][COLOR="Black"]GOKU-[/COLOR][/B][COLOR="Blue"]I cosplay as Goku. I even have SSJ3 hair. :) I was hanging around Cambridge one day waiting for a friend of mine. I was in costume, because there was a con in town. I'm standing there, and this random guy goes "Yo! Wassup Goku?" And the rest is history. He stills calls me Goku whenever he sees me. :) [/COLOR]
  8. [COLOR="Blue"]I was at a anime convention this summer, one of the same cons I go to every summer. But this year was MUCH different. I wasn't expecting this to happen to me in any way. I was in the dealer's room, at a booth looking at DVDs. I was in line at this booth, and I was getting ready to purchase a chosen DVD. I was kind of in a hurry, a Q&A with a couple of the guests was starting soon, and I wanted good seating. So, I thought "There's a gap in the line over there to my left. If just go around a little, and step over there, I could buy this much quicker." I placed my DVD under my right arm, and made my way over. Out of nowhere, this guy jumps out in front of me. He asked me if that was my prop hair I was carrying. "Yes, it is." I said. He said he was a cop, and he was charging me on theft. He said I was trying to steal a DVD. What? Was he out of his mind? I had no intention of stealing anything; I was trying to get around to a gap in the line so I could get to the register quicker. He said I was walking AWAY from it. He forced me to pay for the DVD at full price, and took me to the dealer's room heads. The guy said I was stealing, and I denied it. I tried to exsplain my case, and the guy called me a liar, and a thief. The dealers heads didn't believe me. They took my badge, and had me escorted out of the room to a back room in the convention center. I called my dad at home, and told him what happened. He wanted to talk to the dealers heads, and they didn't believe anything he said. At this moment, a security guard came to take my information. I showed him my ID, and he says: "This ain't Boston, kid." Next, he took more info, and he says: "Have you ever been to jail?" "No." I said. "Do ya want to go?!" "No." "DO YOU KNOW WHO WILL BE IN THERE WITH YOU!?" "No." If I wasn't so scared, I would've laughed at him. That macho talk wasn't working. How many cop movies has this guy seen? I thought. I called my mom at home, and she couldn't really help me. In mid conversation with her, the guard took the phone away. My dad was still talking to the head guys on my cell. I got up to tell them I have a disability. I have Asperger Syndrome, but a guy shouted at me to "SIT DOWN, AND SHUT UP!" I complied. I decided, fine, I won't tell them. They'll just call me a liar anyway. I got my phone back, and I called Jim, a friend of mine who came with me. He got to talk to the cons vice-manager, and I was taken to the security office. I sat there, sweating bullets, when the vice-guy came. He told me that it was okay, and no charges were filed, they weren't going to take my picture, and I have no criminal record. Jim came to get me, and he told me he worked out a deal with the vice-guy. At first the vice guy said that it may be a misunderstanding, but rules are rules. I've been banned. After so talking, the vice guy said that he may get in trouble for this but, we can stay after all. As long as we followed three conditions. 1. We were banned for the rest of the day. 2. We had to be together at all times. 3. I was NOT aloud back in the dealer's room. That was like getting hit with a brick. I like the dealer's room. I wanted to know why, and I was told that the guy who claimed I was stealing really wanted to get rid of me. If he saw me again, he would not hesitate to throw me out. I sulked for the rest of the day. And I had to get my anime at Best buy. For the rest of the con, Jim was kind of protective of me. He blamed himself for what happened. I told him it wasn't his fault at all. It was mine. I have a mental disability that sometimes gets in the way, and stuff like this could happen to anyone. It was just bad motor planning on my part, that's all. I admit, I was a little paranoid for the rest of the con. Incidently, on Sunday on our way in, we ran into the guy who called me a thief. "HEY! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BADGE!?" He shouted. "How's it going, chief?" I said. (I was mocking him.) "WHERE. DID. YOU. GET. THAT BADGE!?!" He repeated. "Magic?" I said. He took me over to some staff, and said he caught me trying to steal on Friday. I said "For the last time, I was NOT Stealing!!" "Yeah, whatever kid. I gotta get back to my booth." The vice-guy came over. "What? What? What happened? Did you go back to the dealer's room?" He asked. We told him no, we were on our way in, and he saw us etc, etc. The vice guy sighed. "I'll go talk to him. Hey, where'd he go?" "Back to his booth downstairs." "I'll go speak to him. Sorry about that. Enjoy the rest of the con." On my way home, I decided to give up on this con. "I don't need this crap! I don't need to bullied and humiliated because of a misunderstanding!" Jim told me that I had a clean slate for next year. No charges were filed, no picture was taken, no criminal record. I wasn't convinced. I just thought about the millions of things that could wrong next time. But I realized if I was so convinced next time would be terrible, it would be terrible next time. So next year, I'm going to be there as I always am, and it will be the best con yet. "KAMEHAMEHA!" Dragonmanm2[/COLOR]
  9. Dragonmanm2

    She's friends with voice actors!

    Er, I'm pretty sure "InuYasha's voice actor...some guy named Vic..." was Dragonmanm2 listing the actors he remembered seeing at the convention. I don't think he meant they were the same person. [COLOR="Blue"]That's what I ment. I'm sorry if I confused anyone. "KAMEHAMEHA!" Dragonmanm2[/COLOR]
  10. [COLOR="Blue"]A year or two ago, I was just getting ready for my new year at school. I was in line at ID pick up, and sign in, where one of the RA's(Resident directors), asked me how my summer was. I said that I was feeling a little dissipointed that "Justice Leauge" may of been canceled. The girl next to him said that a friend of hers does a few voices of that show. "Who? I asked interested. "I don't think you heard of him." She said. "But his name's Chrispin." I spat out my water all over the sidewalk in surprise. "Wait..Chrispin? CHRISPIN FREEMAN!?!" "Yes, why, do you know him?" "KNOW HIM!?" I exclaimed. "He's ALUCARD! Every otaku knows who he is! " I guestured at my Hellsing t-shirt. "I know all about his work." I continued. "Hellsing, Wolf's Rain.." The girl smiled. "Wolf's Rain's one of his favorites. He talks about it alot." I told her I met voice actor Scott McNeil at Anime Boston, and she laughed. "Scott. What a cut-up." "You know him too?!" "Yes. He's actully pretty quiet. But at cons, he opens up." "Yeah", I added. "And he's a HUGE flirt. He flirts with all the fan girls." "He's married." I didn't know that. He is? Wow. I told her that I was at Otakon that year, and I go every summer. I mentioned Scott reconized me at Otakon. But he got my name wrong. "Who else was there?" She asked. "Uh..The guy who does Inuyasha's voice, um..some guy named Vic.." "Vic Mignogna?" "Yeah!" I said. "That's him." "He's a sweet heart. He's got a heart as big as the moon." She knows Vic? I wished I could continued talking to her, but I had to get going. I forget her name, but she goes to MIT. That's all I can remember about her. What do you guys think? "KAMEHAMEHA!" Dragonmanm2[/COLOR]
  11. Dragonmanm2

    Favorite Childhood Toys.

    [COLOR="Blue"]When I was growing up, I didn't have to many toys. My mom and dad used the old love excuse on me to screw me out of them. I had toys only on my birthday, and Christmas. That's it. Those days the big toys were "G.I. Joe", "Transformers", and "Masters Of the Universe." I was given [B]RODIMUS PRIME[/B] for my birthday once. I had hardly any Transformers, Masters of the universe, or G.I. Joes. I felt so left out. I do remember I once got a few [B]Starcom[/B] toys one year. These things were cool. They were space ships, and stuff that had pop-out parts, tons of cool weapons, magnetic parts on every toy, and motor powered parts. One birthday, I was lucky enough to get [B]VOLTRON[B]. I was like a god for a week at school. Not many people I knew had Voltron, because it was so rare. I then got into LEGOS. I was a big fan of SPACE legos, and CASTLE. This is when legos started useing magnets with their sets. I collected LEGOS for a long long time. I had all kinds of space ships, and forts. You name it. M-TRON, BLACKTRON, ICE PLANET, SPIROUS, EXSPLORIANS, UFOS, INSECTIODS, that was me. I tried other lego themes, like ALPHA TEAM, a spy themed one with high-tech gadgets, and cool stuff. And ADVENTURERS, that had this 1930's/40's pulp feel. Kinda like "Indiana Jones." It was the adventures of Johnny Thunder as he found treasures, fought villans, that kind of thing. I had some BATMAN figures for a time. I even had a collection of TMNT figures. Some time ago, Lego released some anime inspired sets called "EXO-FORCE." It's legos and GIANT ROBOTS. I got to admit, these look pretty cool. "KAMEHAMEHA!" Dragonmanm2[/COLOR]
  12. Dragonmanm2

    Awful Customer experiences

    [COLOR="Blue"]I remember when I used to work at Toys R Us. This was during the time that "Masters Of The Universe", "G.I. Joe", "Care Bears", and the like were being relaunched with a new "modern" feel as they put it(My childhood in the early '80s returns to haunt me. :) ). I was putting up a display of Care Bears one day, and these two guys come up to me. They were about my age, I think. "Hey guy, what ya doin?" One asked. "Reshop." I answered. "What's that?" He asked. "I put back the stuff people misplace, or knock over. That kind of thing." He looked at his freind, and grinned at him. He then reached out, and knocked over all the care bears on to the floor. "Whoops. Better clean that up." He laughed. While their backs were turned, I flipped them off. "KAMEHAMEHA!" Dragonmanm2[/COLOR]
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    Summer Assignments

    [COLOR="Blue"]I got all this meaningless crap to do over the summer. I have to read "Who Moved my cheese? for Teens", and "The Mysterious Benidict Socitiy." I finished the first book, but the second tries way to hard to be Harry Potter. The theme of both books is change, and dealing with how your life changes. I know all about change. I've been working with Asburger's Syndrome all my life, so change in my life is no challenge for me. The teachers at my school are just trying to help prepare me for getting my own place, and a job, that's all. I guess all college students have to do that sooner or later. Oh well. "KAMEHAMEHA!" Dragonmanm2[/COLOR]
  14. Dragonmanm2

    Request Banner/Icon request..

    [COLOR="Blue"]Thanks! I think you did a great job on all three, if you ask me! I like the third one the best. I think it dosn't need a border. I'm looking forward to the avatar. Thanks. Dragonmanm2[/COLOR]
  15. Dragonmanm2

    Request Banner/Icon request..

    [COLOR="Blue"]Hello. I forgot to mention what kind of Banner and icon I would like. Sorry about that. For a banner, I'd like Super Sayjin 3 Goku, with "unstoppable" written on it. As for my icon, I'd like it to be an icon of The Strike Freedom Gundam from "Gundam SEED Destiny." Thanks for your time. Dragonmanm2[/COLOR]