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  2. [SIZE="1"][FONT="Tahoma"]Lately, I've been listening to Circle Takes the Sqare. I've songs by them on my compuer and they take up most of my playing time. My favorite songs by them are Same Shade as Concrete, Kill the Switch and a Crator to Cough in. I'm going to try and get some other songs (like Comes With the Fall) sometime. Anyways, they've manged to secure the spot of my 2nd favorite band. That spot was once occupied by Coheed and Cambria. But I really don't listen to them anymore... hardly at all so... However, my third favorite band, Chevelle, remains in it's spot. My favorite by t
  3. [FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="1"]Besides the normal stuff I listen to, I have a new CD. It's Fear Before by Fear Before the March of Flames. It's a pretty good CD, it's smart hardcore. The vocalist doesn't use throat-tearing growls and screams all the time, but saves them for the right moment. Tree Man, Fear Before Doesn't Listen to People Who Don't Like Them and Jabborwocky are some pretty good songs on the album.[/SIZE][/FONT]
  4. [FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="1"]Id wish for the ability to persude anyone to do what I want. Then I'd force the genie to grant every wish I wanted. That would mean I'd have a life-time supply of genie wishes. Think people... think...[/SIZE][/FONT]
  5. [FONT="Tahoma"]I just finished listening to Lip Gloss & Black, one of Atreyu's enjoyable songs. I mean, sure, I like them, but to be honest their old stuff isn't very enjoyable. However, I love the stuff from Lead Sails Paper Anchor. The cover of Epic, originally by Faith no More, is a fun song to listen to. Slow Burn, is another fun song too. Becoming the Bull is a Pretty energetic song and Falling Down is a good party song too... love the video. Now I know what you're thinking "Prem, those are just the singles!" But still... Today I've been listening to Saosin quite a bit. Earlier I ha
  6. [FONT="Tahoma"]I too live in New York. What's worse is I'm at least half an hour from a city. And the nearest city is infamous for having a ton of pedophiles in the area. Luckiy, I turn sixteen this August, so luck be with me. First, however, I'll need to get my papers. This summer I'll be helping my dad build a house for my cousin. It's a good chance for me to play guitar with my cousin too. That, and like every year, I mow the lawn for a quick 15 dollars.[/FONT]
  7. [quote name='Whoa, Mann'][SIZE="1"][COLOR="HotPink"]I actually saw them live on the 7th with As I Lay Dying and The Human Abstract... You'd like The Human Abstract. :] I'm listening to Bloc Party... They've maintained a spot in my top three for sometime now. I've got almost all their stuff except for [I]Always New Depths[/I] (I can't find it yet... :/).. Just really amazing band. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE] [FONT="Tahoma"]I've heard at least a song or two by The Human Abtract, and what I heard was good. There are a fw bands out there I should really get into now that you mention i
  8. [FONT="Tahoma"]Right now I'm going to listen to some random stuff. Right now I'm listening to Protest the Hero's Bloodmeat, which is some song about slaughter and virgins... a lot of the time virgins. More random songs on my playlist... Eriatarka - The Mars Volta Zetseubo Billy - Maximum the Hormone Mordecai - Between the Buried and Me Sober - Tool Reptar King of the Ozone - The Devil Wears Prada Higinia - Blessthefall Since I listen to my music most of the day, these should be the 1,000th time I've heard these songs collectively. By the way, as long as CTTS is s
  9. [FONT="Tahoma"]A new Fullmetal would be amazing. The original was already a masterpiece of great proportions. But the movie disappointed me, so a new plot should be a nice refresh. I never cared for the manga myself. Maybe it was because I saw the entire series first. However, I'm not entirely sure if this will turn out as great as the original. We'll just have to wait and see. I just hope they save the series the pain of having any more video games. The FMA video games were just plain awful. But of course, that's just my opinion.[/FONT]
  10. [FONT="Tahoma"]Well, I decided to write something short and quick. It's like a poem, but built like a short story. In my opinion what I wrote is an interpratation of what a surprise death can be if you least expect it. [SIZE="1"][INDENT]It?s dark. As far as you can see. It surrounds you. Haunting you. Almost like a phantom. You panic and try to hide. But you?re too afraid. Too tense. Too reliant on your instincts to save you. You try and scream, but nothing comes out. Almost as if your vocal chords were taken. Suddenly it becomes clear. You remember that the dark can?t hurt you. You start
  11. [FONT="Tahoma"]Right now I'm listening to When Broken is Easily Fixed by Silverstein. I got this song with a Victory Records sample CD that came with my Between the Buried and me CD. I'm in the mood for this kind of music. Next I'll probably listen to The Devil Wears Prada or A Hero A Fake. A Hero A Fake is some new band that came out with a CD a while ago. Most likely though, I'll listen to BTBAM. If only I could get my Circle Takes the Square CD to download so I could put it on my MP3. Sadly, the CD sucks and the only complete song I can listen to on it is A Crater to Cough In, which is
  12. [FONT="Tahoma"]I never thought for once in my life that South Park would help me get a joke like 'The Chewbacca Defense.' Haha, I saw that and laughed. You know I may be a little late to the party, but my faulty internet is to blame. Soon, I will finally be getting DSL and my own laptop. So that means I'm [strike]here for eternity[/strike] going to be back full throttle. So, I really enjoyed this chapter. Plus ten points for the Michezl Jackson refference. Anyways, it's too bad we'll have to wait for justice, but in the meantime, I'll be waiting for as long as it takes. [/FONT]
  13. [FONT="Tahoma"]Hrm, what's under my bed? Lets see. I have my Apples to Apples game beneath the bottom left corner. There's a box of Raisin Bran Crunch under the top of my bed. An old remote that might/might not work. A shirt and possibly a pair of boxers. ...There's probably some other stuff, what exactly I don't know. If I think of some other stuff, I'll let you all know.[/FONT]
  14. [FONT="Tahoma"]While I agree that Hollywood Undead is a horrible band, I still, however, know some of the words to #5. So yeah, horrible band, but the lyrics get stuck in my head. But they're not the worst. Far from it. Just another band that will fly by... people will listen, but they'll stop when the next big thing come out.[/FONT]
  15. [FONT="Tahoma"]Seeing as how I live in a place where there aren't many colored people (there's only a few colored kids at school. I want to say four, but I'm not sure) I don't think I choose friends based on race. Anyhow, I kind of find it odd that someone appointed America's Attourney General is complaining about the country he's serving.[/FONT]
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