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    That one place with the sun shining over the house.
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    I'll tell you when something important happens.
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    Lucky Star. The Hippos. Girls. Uncooked Ramen. Ska. Music. Messing with CaNz.
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    An occupation. (See what I did there?)
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  1. I lived two years away from this place and this is still here, thats so awesome!
  2. What happened here?

    1. SaiyanPrincessX


      You know, I was literally going to ask the exact same thing. In the past when something was posted there would be at least a few replies the next time you returned. :(

    2. chibi-master
    3. James


      People have moved on. :-)

  3. Derp indeed, my good sir!

  4. [quote name='CaNz' timestamp='1324516570' post='710705'] Oh... you were gone? I guess it has been kinda peaceful. [/quote] lol, i bet it has
  5. so ive been gone for how long now? so long my gosh darn sister has an account.
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  7. What is love?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Lyndy


      Gome: http://tinyurl.com/44qx5d6

    3. PiroMunkie


      So needless to say, I'm odds and ends but that's me stumbling away; slowly learning that life is okay. Say after me: "It's no better to be safe than sorry."

    4. Shwa


      continuing on: NO MORE!!!!

  8. Lilt

    I miss BoBo D:

  9. CaNz

    i think he got to drunk...

  10. Bro, you keep going missing!!! O_O

  11. Just stopping in to see how yer doin. Also, happy belated birthday!

  12. Well, I don't know you but I see you had a birthday.......

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  13. Love the poker face. And happy birthday!

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