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    Reading a whole lot of books that tend to be the dustiest in book stores: Philosophy books. Oh, and watching the occasional anime when I have time.
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  1. I find this slightly difficult to give an answer to, since there are multiple questions being asked, all not the same. As such, I'll have to ask for some clarifications on some things. First of all, what's your thesis and what observations support it? From what you've written and linked to, I can make some assumptions on what it might be, the most obvious being this: Japanophiles tend to have political ideals associated with the far right, usually involving nationalism and jingoism. But that doesn't quite square with that Yahoo link, since that person just seems to be a naiv
  2. Fight For Your Right To Party, and Party For Your Right To Fight.

  3. I remember this being merely a concept at one time (I read it in a magazine some years ago, but can't remember which), but now the basic technology is a reality. It's an interesting development, which could have even more wide ranging uses as this sort of technology develops. The magazine I read it in speculated that it could be used in the medical industry, and now taking a glance at some news articles, it's now being suggested that this sort of 3D printer could be used to create artificial blood vessels. Another use that I've come across for these things was, of course, re
  4. Happy Birfday, Omnom!



      i'm a bit late on this but thank youuuu hahahahahahahaha hope you're doing well

  5. After watching the 2nd ep. of [i]Haiyore! Nyaruko-san[/i], I think I'll stick with it, as weird and obscure it may be! It makes me laugh, and that's all I really want from it. I've also decided to add [i]Tsuritama[/i], but I've yet to watch the 1st ep. I might also add [i]Sakamichi no Apollon[/i] to the list, regardless if I drop anything or not. (And I might drop the [i]Gakkatsu![/i], but considering how short the episodes are, I'm not really dropping much. I've sensed it's the best it'll be, and it's not quite enough.) Last of all, bas
  6. I'll leave some quick thoughts on some series I've finished over a week or so ago, since they're still fairly fresh in my mind (for good and bad reasons - and in one case, both). I enjoyed [i]Black Rock Shooter[/i]. I also liked the OVA, too, so that coaxed me into watching the series when it came out. I noticed that the battles in the series are animated in CG, with a style slightly different than the illustrated battles in the OVA (which had a more sketchy, rough look, but not in a bad way). Those scenes really popped out on the screen, so that was fun to watch. The tone was a
  7. I was just recently mulling over what to pick up now that I've got more time. Series that I might look into: Medaka Box, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (I've watched the 1st ep. so I'll see how this rounds out), Jormungand, and Hyouka (actually, I've been looking forward to this one, for some reason). I'll might add more as time goes on, but I'll keep my list of current shows fairly short.
  8. Wow, it took me longer than expected to find where the new messages are. So, when did you redesign the site? Also, how's things?

  9. No, but I was there before the death, back in November.

  10. I seee. Oh by the way, I also saw the you Occupied the DMZ! Did the Northern guards look skittish?

  11. I haven't noticed any changes yet, at least not in regular life in Seoul. Must be different along the DMZ.

  12. How's the social atmosphere over there, given North Korea's current situation? Also, I really need to buy some eggnog again!

  13. Oh, this isn't "food" but a drink, rather: Crystal Pepsi! I bet even Biggie Smalls drank this stuff too. I loved this drink when Pepsi used to make it, which is odd since I didn't like regular Pepsi at all. My friends and I would buy this all the time every day non-stop can't stop won't stop.
  14. If I were a particle physicist, I'd probably have gray hair already. Plenty of ups, downs, and uncertainty recently at CERN's LHC.

    1. PiroMunkie


      If you were a physicist, you'd know that "ups and downs" are caused by gravity, and "uncertainty" was defined by Heisenberg. :D

    2. Pleiades Rising

      Pleiades Rising

      I'd probably try and bake bread in the LHC collider, never mind trying to figure out degrees of certainty in measurements.

  15. Oh it was pretty good actually. Maybe I'm wrong about it being oatmeal cookies, but it was something similar. After writing this yesterday, I still wanted one today - even though it's winter. But hey, they're [i]near perfect[/i] summer snacks.
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