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  1. OB Status Updates, how I missed you... ;_;

  2. [quote name='OMNOMNOMALY' timestamp='1320672120' post='710150'] [font="Garamond"]Cool! I'll post sometime after Wednesday~[/font] [/quote] Same here if I can. I also support resurrecting this one. I missed it a lot. =[
  3. [b]I've also been a bit busy, but I should have a day off next week. I'm just not sure when. EDIT: Just a little update, but next Monday should be my day to get back to things.[/b]
  4. [quote name='Vongola' timestamp='1316654148' post='709548'] I believe it's on page 2 of this thread. At least it's on page 2 when I use my phone. :) Omnomnomaly, I'd say Addley is a 3. [/quote] [b]Thanks Vongola. ^^ I would have to say 3 as well. Esfir has some new abilities now, but she still isn't in control of them enough to be at level 2.[/b]
  5. [quote name='Vongola' timestamp='1316605554' post='709533'] [font="'Book Antiqua"][size="2"]I hope that was fine Lilt. I tried to have our characters cross each other as little as possible during the training so I didn't accidentally mess with your development. Gavin, I hope I did McKnight justice as well.[/size][/font] [font="'Book Antiqua"][size="2"] [/size][/font] [font="'Book Antiqua"][size="2"]Also, Drizzt, I hope you don't mind me imposing on your gun-toting territory. I just thought it might fit well with my skill set. Otherwise, I hope everyone enjoys my post.[/size][/font] [/quote] [b]No, don't worry. That was perfect. ^^ I was also worried though about doing McKnight justice, so I hope I didn't take too many liberties with him there. Sorry if he came off too rude or anything.[/b] [quote name='OMNOMNOMALY' timestamp='1316609126' post='709534'] [font="Garamond"]Hey everyone, could you each give me your power levels? I'll be looking at each of your dossiers in my next post, which I will do soon in order to keep putting off my schoolwork :3 You can post here or PM if you are keeping it to yourself for some reason.[/font] [/quote] [b]I'll post mine here, because I'm not sure where Esfir will be as far as power levels go. I have an idea of where I would like her, but that might be the 'max' to her abilities. Does anyone have that explanation post about the power levels? I can't find it. Did we put it on the front page?[/b]
  6. [b]Thanks Vongola. ^^ It's a little short though, because I wanted to leave room for you to add some things in. Don't worry about what Esfir learns to do in the training room. I'll add that in my next post. I left it open for you though I hope, so feel free to add to the training room post.[/b]
  7. Lilt

    RPG The Throwaways

    [color="#8B0000"][b][i]Two Days Earlier[/i][/b] At her room door, Esfir turned around and looked up at Addley. [b]"Try not to worry to much about the helmet. I think it will prove to a blessing in disguise. Try to get some sleep tonight, and I'll check on you in the morning."[/b] She smiled and nodded. Feeling comfortable with someone for the first time, she even gave him a hug. Stepping back, she smiled. [b]"Thank you, Addley. You get some rest too. Don't worry about me okay? I feel much better now that we talked. Also..."[/b] Esfir stopped mid-sentence, the electronically distorted voice was bothering her and she hoped that Geist Industries could fix it somehow. Although she wondered if she put it in as a design, to make her sound more alien. With some difficulty, Esfir finally found what she was looking for on her helmet. It popped off of her suit and she removed it slowly. She closed her eyes quickly, thanks to the helmet they still had to adjust to the lighting in the facility. Esfir blinked a few times, feeling like she was waking up for the first time that day and then continued her thought. [b]"No matter what happens, let's stick together."[/b] Esfir smiled, happy she could say this thing without her helmet's microphone distorting her voice. After saying her goodbyes, Esfir had a good long rest in her room. [b][i]One Day Earlier[/i][/b] Esfir was fully suited up and ready to go. She was wearing her space helmet again but this time, it had been modified for her suit to be pressurized. She also had two CO[sub]2[/sub] tanks attached to her suit with a cooling system. This was going to be a field run for her prototype gadgets as well as her training. In theory, with these canisters she could actually fly if she used her power at the same time that they were activated. Esfir looked around in the training room and spotted Addley. She waved and walked on over. She was glad that she had someone to share the training room with today. Since their powers were both similar, she and Addley were asked to have a group training session. Before Esfir could say anything to Addley though, McKnight entered the training room. Any feelings of happiness, quickly departed from Esfir. This was her first time seeing McKnight, but from the stories she had heard from the other members on her team, she didn't like him already. [b]"I am Michael McKnight, as you both probably know. I have called you both here because your powers, although different from each other, could both be labeled as 'transportation' abilities. Compared to the big five, you are both most like Freight Train. Hopefully that is the only thing you have in common with him, although I suspect a mental deficiency isn't out of the question."[/B] Esfir wanted to punch him at this point. Esfir listened as McKnight described Addley's powers and tried to get under his skin. She wasn't sure if it worked, but hearing what he said, it got to her. Then, McKnight took his turn to look over Esfir, like she was a lab specimen. Which she felt like all over again. She hadn't felt this way since she had arrived at Geist Industries. She looked away. [b]"And Esfir Veselov, 'The Martian'..."[/b] McKnight stopped at this point and turned away. [b]"I'm sorry, I thought I asked for the Martian to join you for training, Warp. Not Flash Gordon. I can't even tell if there's a person under all of those gadgets."[/b] This was the last straw for Esfir, she stepped forward and tried to swing a punch at McKnight.[/color]
  8. [b]The second season is out already? I have to see this. It does sound like it hasn't lost that special magic though that the first season had, so that's good.[/b]
  9. [quote name='DeLarge' timestamp='1315939040' post='709424'] That's totally fine, go for it! [/quote] [b]Okay, I'm going for it. I have half of my post done now. I'll be able to finish the other half pretty soon hopefully. I'm going to throw Addley in there, if that's okay Vongola. And Tulas, let me know if you want a spot open for Aimanan and I'll leave it there for him in my post. (For Addley and Esfir's training session.)[/b]
  10. [quote name='DeLarge' timestamp='1315939040' post='709424'] That's totally fine, go for it! [/quote] [b]Okay, I'm going for it. I have half of my post done now. I'll be able to finish the other half pretty soon hopefully. I'm going to throw Addley in there, if that's okay Vongola. And Tulas, let me know if you want a spot open for Aimanan and I'll leave it there for him in my post. (For Addley and Esfir's training session.)[/b]
  11. [quote name='Sangome' timestamp='1315592447' post='709365'] [color="#9932CC"][font="Microsoft Sans Serif"] [s]I think I'll go make a girly av/sig to rectify this.[/s] Close enough.[/font][/color] [/quote] [b]I really like the new sig. If you wanted to go all out though, I'm sure you could have made an Atelier Totori sig and that would have definitely got the message across big time. :V And like chibi-sis, I never get mistaken unless I was trying to hard to be mistaken for a guy a while back (short haircut, baggy clothes, etc.) so I couldn't really complain since I just felt like dressing like a dude. Also, I've seen my share of pretty guys and handsome women.[/b]
  12. [b]Yay! I'm so glad that this is coming along again. ^^ I just have one last question before I post. Would it be okay if I went along and gave Martian the powers and abilities we discussed, DeLarge? I'll make mention of them somehow in a flashback to her training. (Let me know if you need me to resend the PM, since it was a long time ago.) And off topic, how is Seoul, Omnomnomers?[/b]
  13. [b]Yeah I don't want to see this RP fold at all. I like all of our characters and the plot and everything way too much. Not that I haven't liked it in past RP's, but I can't bring those back. I apologize though, since I should have had a post up many times before. I've just been sick plus no chance to get online for long plus work plus other things. I'll try to get one in tomorrow though, since I'll mostly be resting. Next week should be better for me too.[/b]
  14. [quote name='Stephanie' timestamp='1315340119' post='709309'] Hi here everyone. I just thought I'd pop in and say bye. Life has just become really horrible and hectic. Not a complete loss but still pretty... not fun. I'll see you guys around. [/quote] [b]Awww, I was really glad to have you back Steph. I'm sorry you have to go. I hope things are okay. I'm here for you too okay? Stay safe and come back to say hi somehow if you can. We'll miss you. =[[/b]
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