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  1. OB Status Updates, how I missed you... ;_;

  2. [quote name='OMNOMNOMALY' timestamp='1320672120' post='710150'] [font="Garamond"]Cool! I'll post sometime after Wednesday~[/font] [/quote] Same here if I can. I also support resurrecting this one. I missed it a lot. =[
  3. [b]I've also been a bit busy, but I should have a day off next week. I'm just not sure when. EDIT: Just a little update, but next Monday should be my day to get back to things.[/b]
  4. [quote name='Vongola' timestamp='1316654148' post='709548'] I believe it's on page 2 of this thread. At least it's on page 2 when I use my phone. :) Omnomnomaly, I'd say Addley is a 3. [/quote] [b]Thanks Vongola. ^^ I would have to say 3 as well. Esfir has some new abilities now, but she still isn't in control of them enough to be at level 2.[/b]
  5. [quote name='Vongola' timestamp='1316605554' post='709533'] [font="'Book Antiqua"][size="2"]I hope that was fine Lilt. I tried to have our characters cross each other as little as possible during the training so I didn't accidentally mess with your development. Gavin, I hope I did McKnight justice as well.[/size][/font] [font="'Book Antiqua"][size="2"] [/size][/font] [font="'Book Antiqua"][size="2"]Also, Drizzt, I hope you don't mind me imposing on your gun-toting territory. I just thoug
  6. [b]Thanks Vongola. ^^ It's a little short though, because I wanted to leave room for you to add some things in. Don't worry about what Esfir learns to do in the training room. I'll add that in my next post. I left it open for you though I hope, so feel free to add to the training room post.[/b]
  7. Lilt

    The Throwaways

    [color="#8B0000"][b][i]Two Days Earlier[/i][/b] At her room door, Esfir turned around and looked up at Addley. [b]"Try not to worry to much about the helmet. I think it will prove to a blessing in disguise. Try to get some sleep tonight, and I'll check on you in the morning."[/b] She smiled and nodded. Feeling comfortable with someone for the first time, she even gave him a hug. Stepping back, she smiled. [b]"Thank you, Addley. You get some rest too. Don't worry about me okay? I feel much better now that we talked. Also..."[/b] Esfir stopped mi
  8. [b]The second season is out already? I have to see this. It does sound like it hasn't lost that special magic though that the first season had, so that's good.[/b]
  9. [quote name='DeLarge' timestamp='1315939040' post='709424'] That's totally fine, go for it! [/quote] [b]Okay, I'm going for it. I have half of my post done now. I'll be able to finish the other half pretty soon hopefully. I'm going to throw Addley in there, if that's okay Vongola. And Tulas, let me know if you want a spot open for Aimanan and I'll leave it there for him in my post. (For Addley and Esfir's training session.)[/b]
  10. [quote name='DeLarge' timestamp='1315939040' post='709424'] That's totally fine, go for it! [/quote] [b]Okay, I'm going for it. I have half of my post done now. I'll be able to finish the other half pretty soon hopefully. I'm going to throw Addley in there, if that's okay Vongola. And Tulas, let me know if you want a spot open for Aimanan and I'll leave it there for him in my post. (For Addley and Esfir's training session.)[/b]
  11. [quote name='Sangome' timestamp='1315592447' post='709365'] [color="#9932CC"][font="Microsoft Sans Serif"] [s]I think I'll go make a girly av/sig to rectify this.[/s] Close enough.[/font][/color] [/quote] [b]I really like the new sig. If you wanted to go all out though, I'm sure you could have made an Atelier Totori sig and that would have definitely got the message across big time. :V And like chibi-sis, I never get mistaken unless I was trying to hard to be mistaken for a guy a while back (short haircut, baggy clothes, etc.) so I c
  12. [b]Yay! I'm so glad that this is coming along again. ^^ I just have one last question before I post. Would it be okay if I went along and gave Martian the powers and abilities we discussed, DeLarge? I'll make mention of them somehow in a flashback to her training. (Let me know if you need me to resend the PM, since it was a long time ago.) And off topic, how is Seoul, Omnomnomers?[/b]
  13. [b]Yeah I don't want to see this RP fold at all. I like all of our characters and the plot and everything way too much. Not that I haven't liked it in past RP's, but I can't bring those back. I apologize though, since I should have had a post up many times before. I've just been sick plus no chance to get online for long plus work plus other things. I'll try to get one in tomorrow though, since I'll mostly be resting. Next week should be better for me too.[/b]
  14. [quote name='Stephanie' timestamp='1315340119' post='709309'] Hi here everyone. I just thought I'd pop in and say bye. Life has just become really horrible and hectic. Not a complete loss but still pretty... not fun. I'll see you guys around. [/quote] [b]Awww, I was really glad to have you back Steph. I'm sorry you have to go. I hope things are okay. I'm here for you too okay? Stay safe and come back to say hi somehow if you can. We'll miss you. =[[/b]
  15. My nose is crying :(

    1. CaNz


      *cheers Lilt's nose up*

    2. Lilt
  16. [b]Thanks for clearing that up, Vongola. (I almost called you Addley. xD That's how tired I am.) I'll have some extra time tomorrow for once then to make a post. EDIT: Came down with a cold. Also, what are we going to do about PR eventually? The public knows we exist right?[/b]
  17. [quote name='chibi-master' timestamp='1315095671' post='709252'] I especially enjoy how it handles being light-hearted while still having some serious moments. [/quote] [b]I really need to watch this then since I love shows in general that can pull that off. I was actually going to watch Tiger & Bunny after reading about it in another thread in Anime Central, but I somehow fell into Stein's Gate instead. Well, I'm almost done with that so I guess something funny would be perfect for me right now.[/b]
  18. [b]I haven't watched the whole 'movie' yet, but it already seems like they added in a bit of drama in place of the humor? I'm not sure though, since I have no speakers at the moment and I haven't watched the whole thing. Anyways, is a Portal movie possible? I guess it depends on if it will be funny or just have a lot of action and drama. Maybe it would have a little of all three?[/b]
  19. [b]Okay, first off, I'm sorry to see Mage go but I can understand. I've been busy too. I'll have my post up by tomorrow night, but I have a questions since I noticed some time jumps. We are now in training. Has a day passed or more since we were in the infirmary? I'm just curious since Aimanan was visiting Addley in his room and Esfir had been sent off to her quarters by Addley. I don't want to just jump into my post though if Aimanan is still talking to Addley. (Although, judging by recent posts, he isn't. Which makes me think time has passed since the infi
  20. [quote name='Vongola' timestamp='1314736156' post='709177'] [font="'Book Antiqua"]but mostly I haven't posted because I've been waiting for someone else to post so I could get a feel for where everyone is situated before I throw Addley into their lives and potentially ruin any plans they have set up for their characters.[/font] [/quote] [b]Hey, I had a good idea actually. I'll have Sefir interact with Addley in my next post if you don't mind. Also, I've been a little busier than I planned to be as well.[/b] [quote name='
  21. [b]Okay, internet is back up and running smoothly. I should hopefully have a post up tomorrow night. Can I borrow Dr. Ambrose to have her remove Martian's helmet? It might be a little early to take it off, but her eyes should be okay now.[/b]
  22. [b]Sorry guys, I've ran into a lot of internet problems. Someone is coming by today though. So I should be able to get on and post tonight or tomorrow. Next week should be a much better week for me. The week after that I actually have some time off too, so I can't wait. >< Is there a viewing room for the training sessions by the way?[/b]
  23. [b]I'm good too. I misunderstood the whole training session thing but I understand it now. Thanks for the explanations, guys. I should have a post going pretty soon.[/b]
  24. [b]Okay, I'm up to speed on the RP now so I should have a post tonight or tomorrow. I also have a good idea of the training sessions and how they might go. It sounds like it might not be as beneficial to our characters as I thought it would be at first (to go into training with McKnight.) But that sounds really interesting actually. I'll post the beginning soon, but feel free to sabotage Martian's training however you see fit, Gavin. Or (and this might be a spoiler) was that just an attack on Slate and all of the rest of us will have a normal training session?[/b]
  25. [quote name='Lrb' timestamp='1313969184' post='709015'] [color="#696969"][font="Tahoma"]I'm a little confused as to what we're supposed to be posting about right now. Are we posting the training sessions with McKnight or just PMing Gavin information and having him post it? Or a bit of column A and B?[/font][/color] [/quote] [b]I'm curious about this too. Also, I should finally have a post in tomorrow.[/b]
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