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    Okay, I'm interested
  1. A question for everyone, how do you express yourself?

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    2. Vicky


      I'm not allowed to express myself anymore. Danger to society an' all....

    3. CaNz


      I flirt with everyone... obviously....

    4. Linkukun


      Poetry, my piano, hugs...er...sometimes verbally...though I'm not so good at that...written word is the best thing for me.

  2. Thanks for sharing! You sound like you have had lots of fun.

  3. well I am glad you don't think you are waisting your time with me... I am not sure if anyone else in the entire world would back you up! but the sentiment is sweet. <3

  4. aww that's mean to say! friends never waste my time!

  5. haha

    of course I missed you! you are so busy kicking all the other dancers butts, i barley ever get a chance to waste your time.

  6. What?! Only one comment??? Well, I guess there are two now....

  7. Well, it's nice to know I was missed!

  8. It might be a bit difficult.... but I am up for a challenge.

    and its good to see you back! I missed you terribly as I am sure you are well aware of.

  9. 1 - I don't know if this effect will work at all, because people read at different speeds. 2 - Can you actually concentrate with the words and music at once? 3 - Is this an absolutely pointless combination? 4 - Can I even DESCRIBE places in detail - I mean, I have to focus on feelings and expression. Sentences like "Bodies in motion moving greeting drinking swinging breathing". Most of the time I'm completely ignoring grammar rules - is this acceptable? Okay, first off I think you have a interesting idea. Although I can see how you are running into some problems. As for your first problem I really can't help you there because, yeah of course people read at different speeds! But you are basically going to have to just bet on them keeping up to the pace of the song. Secondly, if people can drive and put on make-up, text, curl their hair - not that any of those things are good ideas - than I am pretty sure that they could concentrate on music and reading. Thirdly, I don't think it's pointless! You have a cool idea so how could it be pointless? People listen to music and read at once all the time, so by putting the music and the book in harmony you get a clear picture of emotion and action behind the story the words and the music tell. As for your last question I really don't know about describing the places. I guess that is up for you to decide as the writer. Also, I don't know what you have written so I really can't say. When it comes to grammar rules I am pretty sure it's acceptable, but I suppose I could be wrong. Anyway, I hope this helps! Good luck!
  10. haha, yeah it would take some trampling.

    Hey! I actually made it online!! crazy idea right?

  11. so so sorry that she hasn't been online in a century or so!

  12. haha, it would take some trampling wouldn't it?

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