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  1. Darth Vectis, Ocrus, and RachaelT have taken on <<The Jumper>> as their newest hunt. This is reflected on the Bounty Board's status. DeLarge is running Ferrus Korven's intergalactic escape. You can decide among yourselves how to start the bounty and any of you three my post the thread when you're ready. Enjoy the hunt!
  2. Post Reserved for list of planets with unknown location and list of species with unknown homeworld.   This post will be updated as necessary.
  3.   OB Relaunch: Fistful of Credits - Guide to the 'Verse   Welcome all to the official OB Relaunch Discussion thread for Fistful of Credits - A Guide to the "Verse.   First, some helpful links: Sign-Up: This is for new players. Create a bounty hunter and establish your rep before heading out to explore the Big Black. Also check out the new posting rules for this RP. The Big Black: Our open-roleplay thread. This is the ever-expanding universe of Fistful of Credits, with a twist. It's designed for character development and world-building while in between hunts. The Bounty Boa
  4. Congratulations!   DeLarge and Darth Vader have officially accepted the first bounty of the game. I've already changed the status to the <<Body Snatcher>> mission to Accepted. However, because this is a 2-3 person mission, you are welcome to wait until you get another bounty hunter to join, or you may go ahead and start. (Decide among yourselves what you'd like to do and figure out your first course of action).   If you start the hunt with just the two of you, a third bounty hunter CAN NOT be added to the RP later without a plausible explanation, and permission from t
  5. Sorry for the delay folks, but The Bounty Board is officially posted. You can find it here.   Just a note for everyone, The Bounty Board is marked as RPG, meaning only posts in-character are allowed on that thread. The Bounty Board thread is mostly for searching out a team, accepting bounties, or cashing in on captured outlaws. Of course, it's an open world, free for you to develop as you want.   A separate Discuss thread will be created soon. In the meantime, please direct all questions to this thread, or you can send a PM to any of the the hosts of this RP.
  6.   OB Relaunch: Fistful of Credits - The Bounty Board   Located somewhere near the cloudy center of the Burst Nebula, you float blindly through space. This place isn't easy to find. Aside from the obvious visual impediment of the nebula cloud, there are several large asteroids dancing to their own gravitational pull through this otherwise empty gas.   You check the computer navs again. Non-functional, and no way to detect HQ's signature. At least you can tell that the shields are up--barely working after that last job, but as long as you're careful, it shouldn't malfunc
  7. Name: Zarya Ashra   Age: 238 (comparable to a 25 year-old human)   Height: 5â??11â?   Weight: 172 lbs.   Gender: Female   Species: Lysâ??czarian Variant   Appearance: Lysâ??czarians are bipedal, carbon-based creatures that are humanoid in build and physique, yet their genetic makeup suggests an ancestry closely related to what Earthlings might call Reptiles. Lysâ??czarians possess a dense bone structure and are typically taller and faster than most two-legged species in the â??Verse. Female Lysâ??czarians average about 5â??10â? while the men come in
  8. Welcome to OB Misayo Takahashi!   Unfortunately, this is hardly acceptable for and RPG thread. You really need to work on the quality of this post before I can accept this RPG starting. If see in-character posts on this thread from you, I'll be forced to lock it. Furthermore, we generally don't create the RPG thread until you've had at least one person sign up for the game.   However, I've locked your sign-up thread as it also doesn't meet OB standards. You have a PM detailing the changes and improvements you can/should make before continuing with this RPG. This thread is actua
  9. So, I know that I had to drop from the last two Almagest installs. But I'm looking to make a comeback on a great story. (Call it a New Year's resolution) I've been writing a novel this semester and time has simply disappeared. But come December, I'll have a lot of free time for writing. And my final semester is set up to be super easy. With all that said, I'd definitely be down for another Almagest story.
  10. Alright guys, T_T As moderator, I command all the low jabs to stop. I'm pretty sure PJ's comment was sarcasm, and I doubt anyone was actually offended by Shwa's comment. Let's just get on with the story at whatever pace is comfortable. I realize that the misunderstanding is mostly over, but consider this a warning.
  11. [quote name='Shwa' timestamp='1314604730' post='709158'] I think this story died...lame :-/. [/quote] Thanks Shwa. I'm pretty sure the story hasn't died, but rather people have found that their personal lives are taking up a lot of time. I know that's the case with me, but I'm totally fine with moving at a slower pace since that's all I can do at this point. That being said, I don't really care what group Mai is in. As long as we finish the mission; we haven't even found out what Neville has to say yet.
  12. I hope everyone's okay with me splitting up the group. I left it open for you all to decide who goes where.
  13. [size="2"]Mai was in awe at the size of Hogwarts castle. Even considering the amount of damage it had sustained, the paths were still unbearably complicated to navigate. Even for Ewan, who had attended Hogwarts as a youth, seemed to lose his way every now and then. The Gryffindor common rooms didn't seem to reveal anything either. [b]"This is going to take forever!"[/b] Mai sighed, after looking at the same newspaper for the umpteenth time. It was an article from the Daily Prophet with a picture of Harry Potter and the words "Undesirable No. 1".
  14. Hey there fellow aurors. I don't mean to be picky, and I've never asked anyone to change their description of my character before, but the nagging, feminist side of me won't shut up. I signed up with Mai because I noticed that no one else had created a woman character and, in my opinion, a strong women make stories better. Because of that, I'd like to ask a favor of Shwa: Can you please change your description of Mai? For example, she wouldn't hold LeCrosse's hand. It's my fault. I've been on vacation in Las Veas since Sunday, and with only one previ
  15. It was understandably cold in the expansive manor, especially since it was located so far north. She knew that this was likely the last night she could afford a comfortable sleep and so Mai quickly changed into a sweater, pajama pants, and her fuzzy slippers. Mogul rubbed against her leg and jumped into the bed, selecting the most comfortable location before curling up. He looked at Mai expectingly. [b]"Sorry, I can't sleep just yet."[/b] The cat made a puffing noise and closed its eyes. Mai's first task was to begin packing. She had expected a large trip such as thi
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