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  1. [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3][b]Metahuman Name: [/b]Doctor Nomad [b]Secret Identity: [/b]Dr. Harrison Maddox, though he no longer goes by this name. He has forgotten his original name. [b]Age: [/b]He is perpetually stuck at the age 43 [b]Gender: [/b]Male [b]Species: [/b]Human [b]Appearance: [/b][url="http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o159/pjmckrafty/430760_386285741382711_99861175_n-2.jpg"](Doctor Nomad)[/url] Doctor Nomad is always seen wearing a full body suit, the only thing it doesnâ??t cover is his head. The suit is black with a tight fitting armor exoskeleton and inlaid circuitry that pulsates with a soft blue glow. On top of that he wears a black cloak with a deep hood. [b]Affiliation: [/b]Hero [b]Team Membership: [/b]Doctor Nomad has no affiliation with any organization, but has aligned with some from time to time when he feels he is most needed. [b]Personality: [/b]Doctor Nomad was driven to the brink of insanity when trapped in the time stream, but thanks to an incredible mental fortitude he was able to hold on to his sanity. He seems very distant and detached from the world, but by no means is he cold. He commonly displays a light-hearted, talkative attitude that belies his outwardly appearance. Though he has claimed to know what has come and what will be, he remains very modest, maintaining that the human experience is much more interesting than anything he has ever discovered. Doctor Nomad is also a being of vengeance and unforgiving justice, willing to sacrifice even his greatest ally if it can prevent a disaster in the future. Though his allies are often very glad to see his arrival, Doctor Nomadâ??s arrival is a sign of bad things to come, and is regarded as a dark omen. [b]Superpower(s):[/b][/size][/font][list] [*][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3][i]Hyper Intelligence[/i] - Before being exposed to the time stream, Doctor Nomad was heralded as a wunderkind in the physics community. He was said to have an I.Q. 220, rivaling that of Leonardo Da Vinci. His mind was only able to maintain sanity because he spent the countless millennia building on his knowledge.[/size][/font] [*][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3][i]Time Manipulation[/i] - Doctor Nomad is able to manipulate time, accelerating, slowing, stopping and even rewinding or looping it. Though doing so is quite taxing on him.[/size][/font] [*][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3][i]Dimensional Manipulation[/i] - He is able to manipulate dimensional energy to achieve a vast variety of feats. He can teleport, travel through dimensions, and even create portals, as well as become one.[/size][/font] [/list] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3][b]Source of Powers: [/b]Doctor Nomad was trapped in the time stream for countless millennia, unable to age or die, just exist. While trapped he was able to learn and master the techniques of manipulating time and space. After being able to escape, Doctor Nomad found that the exposure to the time stream had left his physical body in a perpetual state, keeping him at the state he entered the time stream in. He spent countless ages traveling between the past and future, learning all he could. [b]Other Skills:[/b] Doctor Nomad is a skilled hand to hand fighter, a master of ancient, contemporary, and yet unknown martial arts. [b]Weapons/Gadgets:[/b][/size][/font][list] [*][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3][i]Integrated Body Suit[/i] - What was invented to give mobility to those plagued with paralysis by tapping into a personâ??s nervous system, was then modified for military use, giving soldiers incredible strength and speed, and super human reflexes. Doctor Nomad utilizes this to help protect himself and augment his combat ability.[/size][/font] [*][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3][i]Camouflage Cloak[/i] - Made from a futuristic synthetic fabric, it utilizes fiber optic technology to render itâ??s wearer nigh on invisible. By tapping it into his body suit, Doctor Nomad is able to control the cloak with a mere thought.[/size][/font] [*][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3][i]Collapsible Quarterstaff[/i] - A modified titanium quarterstaff that collapses into a baton about two feet long.[/size][/font] [/list]
  2. The Defense Force had set up outside of the cramped quarters of Jacken City. A variety of tents, trucks, and canopies were thrown together into a rather large forward base. Dozens of men and women walked through, setting up the camp and unpacking supplies. Most were dressed in fatigues, but there was no form of uniform distinguishing them as a unified force, besides a band of bright green fabric wrapped around their left arms. As Magnus approached the camp, Creed in tow, he pulled a green band out of his back pocket and wrapped it around his arm. His band bore a black shield and three stars. They approached the forward guards, both snapping to attention as he passed. [b]â??So you run this outfit?â?[/b] Creed asked, a bored look plastered on his face. [b]â??Yeah, Iâ??m Marshal over this division of the MDF.â?[/b] Magnus replied as he weaved through the harried regulars darting to and fro. [b]â??My tent is just up here.â?[/b] Magnus ducked into a large olive drab tent, in it was a makeshift command center. A large radio sat in the corner with two operators manning it. A number of cots lined the walls of the room all unoccupied at the moment. In the center of the room hung a light over a large table with various papers strewn across it as well as a large map, and standing over it was a young blond man and a furious Hydra. She stood tense, her hands balled into white knuckled fists. She wore a green band around her arm baring a winged foot on it. [b]â??-And Iâ??m telling you, Thumper, that I wonâ??t lose another scout going into that f*ucking wasteland!â?[/b] She boomed, thrusting a finger across the table at the fresh-faced young man, sporting a green armband with a single bar on it. His face went red and he puffed out his chest. [b]â??Sergeant! You will not talk to a lieutenant-â?[/b] [b]â??Oh shut the hell up! If you think you can pull rank on me you have another thing coming.â?[/b] She growled, giving the young man a cold stare.[b] â??Iâ??ve killed more men than you have met.â? [/b] Creed looked up at Magnus who was just standing silent with a small content smile on his face, watching Hydra tear into the kid. The lieutenant caught sight of Magnus out of the corner of his eye and snapped to attention so quickly he almost smacked himself in the face. Hydra looked up from the table, eyes still furious. [b]â??Do I even want to know?â?[/b] Magnus drawled, eyeing both Hydra and the lieutenant. [b]â??Thumper here wants me to send another scouting party ahead. But we have already lost two patrols in the area.â?[/b] Hydra blurted out thrusting an angry finger at the lieutenant. [b]â??Thumper?â?[/b] Creed called out from the entrance.[b] â??Like the cartoon rabbit?â?[/b] [b]â??Yeah, like the cartoon rabbit.â?[/b] Thumper sneered back. [b]â??Magnus, we have to scout the area, the time and supplies it would waste to go around are-â?[/b] [b]â??And what about the human lives weâ??re wasting!â?[/b] Hydra shot back at him, cutting him off. [b]â??Enough.â?[/b] Magnus commanded in an even tone, cutting his hand through the air and silencing the two of them. He stalked over to the map, eyeing the marked location. [b]â??No signal flares?â?[/b] Hydra shook her head, drawing her arms around herself, making the fiery woman almost look frail. [b]â??No, whatever hit them did it quick and hard. If it was Riders, they were in force.â?[/b] Creed stepped forward , glancing at the map. [b]â??I can tell you what happened to them.â?[/b] He said calmly, not taking his eyes from the table. Hydra surged with anger again. [b]â??Excuse me! But who the hell are you?â?[/b] [b]â??His name is Creed. Creed, this is my right hand, Hydra.â?[/b] Magnus answered. [b]â??He is apparently the one responsible for those Rider bodies we found coming into town.â?[/b] Hydra eyed Creed up and down, biting her lip. [b]â??I call bullshit Magnus. I mean look at this guy, do you expect me to believe a guy who doesnâ??t even carry a gun could do that kind of damage?â?[/b] Creed blinked.[b] â??How did you know I am-â?[/b] [b]â??Youâ??re body language. These days people are only tense when they donâ??t have a gun. Armed men have a more relaxed, confident stance.â?[/b] Hydra said cutting Creed off with a wave of her hand. Creed gave a brief smile and nodded. [b]â??As I was saying earlier; the reason youâ??re losing people, is because you are sending them right into the Raiderâ??s main camp."[/b] Creed grabbed a red marker off of the table and drew a large circle just off the highway.[b] â??Thatâ??s where they are operating out of.â?[/b] He paused staring at the map pensively.[b] â??Approximately.â?[/b] [b]â??Approximately?â?[/b] Magnus snorted crossing his arms. Creed nodded, taking the marker and making further marks on the map, drawing the ridge lines and choke points. [b]â??They have an excellent rage of sight, with multiple sharpshooters posted in the outlying areas. If we are going to hit this place, we will need to soften it up first. A small group could infiltrate the compound and sabotage it from within, and then you can have your regulars storm the gate and finish the job. Otherwise itâ??ll be a slaughter, their shooting field is too good.â?[/b] [b]â??What if I told you we had artillery?â?[/b] Magnus interjected, pacing around the table. Creed raised an eyebrow. [b]â??You have artillery?â?[/b] [b]â??Nothing substantial. We raided an old National Guard armory some time ago and we have a good supply of mortar shells.â?[/b] Magnus spread his hands across the table. [b]â??Theyâ??re noisy, but they should soften â??em up plenty.â?[/b] Creed referenced the map and nodded, capping the marker. [b]â??Sounds like it should work.â?[/b] [b]â??Glad you agree.â?[/b] Magnus shot a look at Hydra who gave a small nod. [b]â??Creed, go talk to a Sergeant Pryor at the armory, and see if we canâ??t get you a gun. I donâ??t like having a gun watching my back thatâ??s unarmed. Thumper, can you show him where to go?â?[/b] Thumper nodded, and led Creed from the tent. Magnus watched him go, leaning against the table. A few moments passed of silence between him and Hydra, before she spoke up. [b]â??I donâ??t trust him, Duncan. Heâ??s too calculating.â?[/b] She said curtly. Magnus continued to stare at the door, his back to Hydra.[b] â??Me either Rajiya. I barely know the guy, and he is offering to help us, no charge. He might be taking us right into a trap. Maybe he means to weaken us for the Riders so they can come and take the convoy.â?[/b] Magnus nodded to himself, distant. [b]â??Or maybe he is legit, and he just wants to see these punks pay for what they have been doing. Letâ??s keep an eye on him.â?[/b] Hydra scoffed. [b]â??f*ck, Iâ??m going to keep both eyes on him.â?[/b] [b]â??Heâ??s a liar. A good one, at that. He has some kind of ulterior motive.â?[/b] Magnus turned to look at Hydra, his eyes cold. [b]â??And Iâ??m going to find out what it is.â?[/b]
  3. As a heads up, I will be backpacking abroad for the next week. I should be back by next Friday, but it may be a few days after that before i have access to my laptop again. Feel free to interact with my character while I am away. I look forward on catching up when i get back!
  4. [i]24 May 2015[/i] [i]16 miles East of Jacken City, 1315 hours[/i] The raiderâ??s milled around their impromptu roadblock. What looked like it was once a serene nature resort had been turned into an outpost. Two tall buildings that were made to look like art deco log cabins flanked the roadway with a glass walkway bridging both their top floors. What must have used to be a beautiful site for prospective vacationers was now a rundown encampment for the Riders. A barrier about three cars deep spanned the highway, with the men using a tractor trailer as a gate. [b]â??Thereâ??s no way around it.â?[/b] Magnus muttered to himself as he looked through the binoculars. He lay prone on a hilltop a few hundred meters out. [b]â??Whatâ??s the plan?â?[/b] Hydra asked walking up and kneeling next to Magnus. [b]â??Do you think we could negotiate passage with them?â?[/b] Magnus looked through the binoculars again, spying two men exit the side of the resort to the pool area. The pool sat empty with a black pillar of smoke rising from it. Between the two men hung the limp body of a naked woman, her hair matted with blood. They sauntered to the edge of the pool and chucked her body in. Magnus looked up at Hydra and shook his head gravely. [b]â??The plan?â?[/b] He pushing himself to his feet. [b]â??We take the outpost, make sure we can get the convoy through unscathed.â?[/b] [b]â??Just the two of us?â?[/b] Hydra asked skeptically. [b]â??There canâ??t be more than a dozen of them. They are just ruthless thugs, no organization at all. If we do it quick and stay smart about it, we could get it done no problem.â?[/b] Magnus clasped her shoulder and stalked over to the jeep, reaching in and pulling his shotgun from between the seats. [b]â??Letâ??s do this.â?[/b] The duo kept low on their approach. The grounds had long since been kept up so the dry grass was plenty high enough for them to hide in. They paused at the edge of the perimeter as a guard lazily strolled by, cradling a worn machete. After giving him a wide enough birth, Magnus signaled to move forward. They moved along the side of the impromptu fort and made their way to the pool area. Magnus went to step forward from the grass but was grabbed by the back of his shirt and pulled back by Hydra. She shot him a tense look and pointed to the door way. The two men from earlier came out carrying another body, this time and man. Magnus turned and sat looking at Hydra. [b]â??Weâ??re going to need a distraction.â?[/b] She watched the two men cautiously. [b]â??I have an ideaâ?[/b] she whispered. With a blink of energy and a shimmer of motion another Hydra sat in front of him, this one wearing tattered clothing that didnâ??t leave much to the imagination. The phantom shot Magnus a wink and set off at a lope toward the men. She made no noise, but made an obvious b-line for both men and then took off in a full sprint away from them. Both men yelled in surprise and started to whistle and shout for their comrades as they set after her. Hydra gave Magnus a wolfish grin and made a sweeping gesture for him to move forward. They both hustled into the resort and set up the stairs at a cautious pace. Magnus kept his shotgun leveled as he swept each floor, Hydra at his back brandishing an automatic pistol. The first floor had emptied out of men as they chased after Hydraâ??s phantom, in the middle of the lobby was a pile of bodies, maybe six or so, naked and stacked like fire wood. [b]â??Travelers. They must be ambushing them and stripping them of their belongings,â?[/b] Magnus walked over to the pile, pushing one of the corpseâ??s heads to the side with the barrel of his shotgun. It had a bullet wound in the back of its head. [b]â??Then executing them.â?[/b] He added solemnly. Hydra backed towards Magnus, not taking her eyes off of the front door. [b]â??Letâ??s hope that was all they did, and count them lucky. We need to-â?[/b] Hydra was cut off as one of the Riders meandered into the lobby. [b]â??Riders! Thereâ??s someone here!â?[/b] He yelled. Magnus turned and racked a shell, firing his shotgun at the man. He shot high and missed the Rider. [b]â??Holy ****! Their armed!â?[/b] He shouted sprawling behind the reception counter. Three raiders entered the front, one carrying a small pistol, but were instantly cut down as Hydra sprayed the entrance with bullets. Magnus fired two more rounds into the counter when a Rider burst from the back entrance, swinging a metal pipe at Magnusâ?? head. He parried the pipe with his shotgun, and with a twist ripped the pipe from the Riderâ??s hands. They both grappled over the gun, struggling to rend it from the other. With a kick to the guts, he pried the shotgun out of Magnusâ??s hands and leveled it on him. Magnusâ?? hair stood on end as his arm became swathed in crimson energy and pulsed forward with incredible force. The raider caught the blast in the chest and was lifted off him feet, thrown across the lobby, and crashing into the wall with a meaty thud. His broken form slouched to the floor. [b]â??Heâ??s a ******* Ascended! Get out of here!â?[/b] Shouted the Rider cowering behind the counter. He vaulted over the counter and dashed for the door, and freedom, but was cut down by another volley of bullets wrought by Hydra. The shouting began to grow distant as the Riders retreated, abandoning the , roadblock. Magnus stood in the center of the lobby, planting and sweating profusely, a single line of blood trailing out of his nostril. [b]â??That,â?[/b] he gasped between breaths. [b]â??Really got out of hand.â?[/b] Hydra popped up from behind the remains of a concrete fountain. [b]â??I think we should have brought some of the men with us. We could have stopped them from retreating.â?[/b] She stalked over to the front door, cautiously glancing out. [b]â??Theyâ??ll be back you know.â?[/b] [b]â??I know.â?[/b] Magnus said smoothing his hair back. [b]â??Get on the radio, we need to get the convoy clear of this roadblock and to Jacken City before they regroup.â?[/b]
  5. [size=3][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Name:[/b] Duncan Grey[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Codename:[/b] Magnus[/font] [b][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Age: [/font][/b][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]36[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Gender:[/b] Male[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Appearance: [/b]A large man, Magnus stands almost a head taller than most men, with a soldierâ??s build from years of violent conflict. His short dark brown hair is peppered with streaks of gray, in contrast with his short beard that is still unmarred with age. His face is grizzled and marred by a scar that runs across his right cheek and the bridge of his nose, drawing attention away from his muted hazel eyes.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Magnus has tattooed his entire body, though most notably his arms and legs are covered in sleeves down to the last digit. All of his tattoos are an assortment of pagan and arcane symbols that he researched while he led The Coven. He often wears western shirts, with the sleeves rolled up past the elbow and left unbuttoned. Under his shirt he often wears a Kevlar vest and a shoulder holster that he keeps very visible, out of comfort, and as a visual warning. Along with this, he usually wears a variation of military fatigue trousers, with a well worn pair of combat boots. The last of his usual wear is a pair of beige tactical gloves and a tarnished, gold Rolex that, though functional, has a broken face.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Personality:[/b] Magnus is a man full of remorse. While leading The Coven he personally oversaw a group of raiders who robbed and murdered any travelers they came across. After having a change of heart (that was fueled by the violent quelling of a coup), he decided to spend the rest of his life pursuing more noble work. This has led him to enlisting with The Mercantile Defense Force. Though his outward appearance is quite intimidating, Magnus actually is a very magnanimous and charismatic personality, making him a natural born leader. His change of heart has made him much more generous in a savage world. But do not confuse the generosity for weakness, he is just as likely to let you drink from his water as shoot you. Magnus has an unflinching loyalty to his comrade Hydra, willing to lay down his life in defense of her.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Power/Augmentation:[/b] Magnus has the ability to manipulate kinetic energy. Though somewhat like telekinesis, he is only capable of releasing bursts of energy, and is unable to maintain hold of any object without risking his powers back lashing and causing him bodily harm. But unlike telekinetics, his powers are not an unseen force, his manipulation of energy is made manifest in a crimson glow that envelops both him and his blasts as he uses his powers. [/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Gang: [/b][b]Magnus is the[/b] former founder/leader of The Coven, a gang of Ascended and Augs who would raid settlements from their stronghold, Fort Salem. They used superstition and fear to keep local populations in check, creating a façade that they were warlocks and mythical beasts. As far as anyone knows, The Coven was disbanded after a massive battle that destroyed Fort Salem and killed most of the members.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Currently Magnus works for The Migrant Trade Union, or MTU, a company of merchants who have used their connections and the recourses and banded together. In moving their trade convoys between settlements, The MTU has reestablished trade to many cities and has started to restore an economy. As a group of well-supplied merchants, they have become a major target by many raiding parties. This threat is countered by The Mercantile Defense Force, a group of well organized militias that moves along with the convoy, repelling any attempt to raid the trade groups. The Defense Force is one of the most well supplied Military forces between the settlements, having scavenged and traded a surplus of ammunition and explosives to deal with any threat that rises. Currently Magnus is Marshal over the militia defending the MTUâ??s largest trade convoy.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Weapons:[/b] Though Magi has access to a well stocked arsenal, he carries a few personal weapons on him at all times. In his shoulder holster he carries an oversized revolver, with speed loads fastened to his belt. Clipped to the back his belt he keeps a kukri knife, as well as a bayonet sheathed in his left boot. His mainstay weapon though is a compact 12-gauge shotgun with a pistol grip and a bandolier full of shells.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]City: [/b][i]Fort Salem[/i] was Magnusâ?? original home. What was once an industrial park was converted into a well-guarded settlement and home to the raider group The Coven. Though due to an uprising that took part around six years ago, the park was razed to the ground due mostly in part to the infighting, and reprisals from the local settlers.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][i]Port Mercury[/i], home to The Migrant Trade Union, has become one of the biggest trade hubs among the settlements. Its location gives it access to many convenient trade routes and a rather large port. Port Mercury, named after the Greek God of merchants, was started by scavengers turned traders who eventually organized into The Migrant Trade Union, and enlisted the Mercantile Defense Force soon after. Though the MTUâ??s organization and those who run it are based out of Port Mercury, a majority of the union are in their migrant convoyâ??s, moving from town to town, only returning to Port Mercury when trade takes them there.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Name:[/b] Rajiya Yasmine[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Codename: [/b]Hydra[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Age: [/b]31[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Gender: [/b]Female[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Appearance:[/b] Hydra has been called an exotic beauty by many who have seen her. From obvious Arabic origins, her almond skin makes her smoky gray eyes and mid-length raven hair stand in striking contrast. She commonly wears her hair in a ponytail stuck through the back of an old Chicago Cubs cap. She stands at an average height, and looks very petite compared to Magnus, but that belies her natural strength. She is all lean muscle and can overpower a man almost twice her size.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Most often, she is seen wearing a tight deep red leather jacket, which has been patched in a few worn places. Due to her role in The Mercantile Defense Force, Hydra rides on horseback ahead of the convoy, so while scouting she wears gray riding pants, with black reinforced legs, and a pair of dark brown riding boots. While not scouting she wears a pair of jeans, well worn in the knees, and a pair of hiking boots.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Personality:[/b] This world has made Hydra very cold and untrusting. The only person she counts on is Magnus, and even then she prefers to handle matters herself. She perceives everyone else as a threat and acts as such. Though Magnusâ?? change of heart has lead him to protect those who cannot protect themselves, Siren only does so out of loyalty to Magnus. She acted as his second in command while he led The Coven, and was instrumental in both their survival whilst escaping Fort Salem. Since that day Magnus and Siren have been inseparable and both would die for the other if need be.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Power/Augmentation:[/b] Hydra is capable of casting doppelgangers of herself, casting up to a dozen at a time, each seemingly with a mind of their own. Though they appear solid and are indiscernible from the original, the doppelgangers are nothing more than specters, images of Hydra, and unable to affect anything they touch. She earned her name in homage to the Greek mythological create of the same name, because it was thought that when one would strike her down, two more of her would pop up in her place. Though they are very convincing, then doppelgangers cannot last long and soon dissipate after being conjured.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Gang:[/b] Hydra currently operates as part of the scouting party for The Mercantile Defense Force. The scouting party rides on horseback ahead of the convoy to make sure the roads are safe. If they find a threat, and are able, they try and eliminate it. If the threat it too large the will call on personal radios back to the convoy who decided what to do from there. If a hostile party discovers a scout, they are issued flare guns that they are to fire, in which case the convoy will dispatch an armed response to recover the endangered scouts.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]Weapons:[/b] Hydra remains rather well armed. She has a machine pistol that she keeps in a holster strapped to her thigh. She carries a hunting rifle with a powerful scope while scouting, which she is quite adept at firing while on horseback. To finish up she carries a stiletto knife and a push dagger hidden on her person, and a bright orange flare gun tucked into her beltline.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]City:[/b] Currently, Hydra is travelling with Magnus in the largest convoy currently operating in The Migrant Trade Union.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]OCC: If you need any info on the gangs or cities mentioned just let me know.[/b][/font][/size]
  6. [quote name='Shwa' timestamp='1314944894' post='709231'] I just stated my [b]peace[/b], simple and easy. Also, consolidation was meant to be used. [/quote] Piece not peace, but it's okay, homophones are hard on some people. I'm an English major though, don't hold yourself to my grammatical standards. [quote name='Vongola' timestamp='1314954395' post='709232'] [font="Book Antiqua"]P.S. Sorry if this came across as playing mod. I was just hoping to put in my two cents.[/font] [/quote] Oh Vongola, I could never stay mad at you! ;)
  7. [quote name='Shwa' timestamp='1314897518' post='709217'] No, we'll have it now. I am fully aware that people have lives outside the OB. I believe you yourself P.J are still in the service dealing with that, which is a handful as it is because I've been there as well with the Marines. Ok, fair enough. School just started for most high school and college kids, stressful there and I understand that as well. What I'm pointing out is that I will see other members of this RP signed on, and yet nothing is posted. It could be a a couple days to weeks, yet nothing, or they would be occupied with another RP. Fine, that's their choice once again. But this RP has a lot of potential which is why I signed up, yet no one seems ( I said seems people, try not to get offended) to be giving it a boost to be that. I work rotating shifts in a hospital doing 12-15 hours a shift, do capoeira twice a week an take classes online for my RN courses. Like I said, we all have lives outside of OB. I find OB and capoeira to be stress relievers, so I may get ansty at times, who hasn't? But really, everyone is possibly "equally offended" and want to use school, or work, or even "bills" (f***ing really?) as their fallback...people, it's called consolidation. [/quote] Now now Shwa, let's not have a tissy on the boards. It was a innocent jab at your lack of faith in us. All rants aside, Shwa, you are more then welcome to stay, we don't banish people for such trivial crimes. (Though we may now use it for fodder for jokes.) P.S. Don't give me the pleasure of getting a rise out of you, it feeds the dick in me. P.S.S. I think you meant "Consideration" not "Consolidation".
  8. I believe that we are all equally offended at Shwa's comment, but we will save that conversation for a later date. That being said this was never planned to be a rapid pace RP, this RP has a lot of people who are going to school and have jobs to pay rent and the such, so we post as we can. As far as the teams go I will just go ahead and assign groups and we can go from there. Hopefully I will be able to get a post in this weekend, but don't let that deter you from posting in the meantime. [u]Room of Requirement[/u]: Myself - Ewan Finlay Vongola - Cid Lucientes Shwa - James Heartwell [u]Dungeons[/u]: Makurayami - Akil Bakr Darren - Mai Lee DeLarge - Alexis LeCrosse You have your assignments, so roll out Autobots!
  9. Stripped down to his skivvies, with a dozen electrodes stuck to him reading his vitals, and what they told him was a â??spirometerâ?? shoved down his throat to measure his lung capacity, Carter couldnâ??t help but think they the scientists were just screwing with him at this point. They had slapped the nodes back on him, rending him vulnerable again, to take blood. Then they left him sitting, breathing into the mutant breathalyzer, for the past twenty minutes. Carter let out a frustrated sigh and got to his feet, feeling the taught pull of the wires attached to him. This was the moment the doctor found it most convenient to return. He sauntered into the room reading what must have been medical charts. The man had thinning grey hair, putting him around his sixties. [b]â??Please sit back down Mr. Grey.â?[/b] The man said without looking up from his clipboard. Carter groaned and sat back on the examination table. [b]â??My name is Doctor Gutterson, I am here to debrief you.â?[/b] Carter spit out the harness of his mouth, strings of spittle sticking to it. [b]â??And that required me being stripped down and hooked up to God knows what!?â?[/b] Carter spat agitatedly gesturing to the machines. Doctor Gutterson looked up from the charts, shooting a glare at Carter with cool blue eyes. He sat on a stool and wheeled his way over to a desk. [b]â??During training we have recorded that you were able to incapacitate one of our turrets with a single punch.â?[/b] [b]â??Yeah, that suit you gave me must have augmented my strength.â?[/b] Carter replied rubbing the bridge of his nose, pulling on his wires once again. [b]â??And you were able to break one of The Blanks masks with a single punch as well?â?[/b] [b]â??Yeah, that too.â?[/b] The Doctor sat thoughtfully writing notes down on his clipboard and giving Carter no mind. He stood pacing over to a cabinet and produced an odd looking device that looked like a metal bike grip with the brake handle. He pulled out a small dial and scale with it, and connected the two together with a spiral hose. [b]â??This, Mr. Grey, will measure youâ??re grip strength with this.â?[/b] He handed the handle to Carter, holding onto the dials and scale. [b]â??And I just squeeze it?â?[/b] [b]â??Yes, once in each hand please. Just squeeze and hold it for about twenty seconds.â?[/b] Carter shifted the grip to his right hand and squeezed. The grip barely budged, the high tension surrendering very little under Carterâ??s strength. He repeated the process with his left hand but fared no better, faltering a few second before Dr. Gutterson called the time. Carter set the grip aside, shaking his hands and massaging the palms. Gutterson made a few more notes and sat his clipboard down. He pushed a button on the intercom on the desk next to him. [b]â??Gentlemen, could you please come in and oversee the remainder of the examination?â?[/b] Doctor Gutterson let go of the button. Instead of a reply over the intercom, four well dressed guards entered the room, lining up against the wall facing Carter. [b]â??Please donâ??t take this as a symbol of mistrust Mr. Grey, It is just a safety precaution needed when we remove your nodes.â?[/b] The doctor approached Carter with his hands out, he made a timid gesture towards the nodes on Carterâ??s head. In a motion that Carter couldnâ??t get a good look at to repeat, the Doctor was able to remove the nodes. The feeling was instantaneous. Carterâ??s minor aches from being prodded and poked vanished, and a warm natural feeling grew over him. He couldnâ??t help but smile and give a little shudder at the feeling. The monitors and machines reported a spike as his vitals improved. [b] â??Would you please test your grip again?â?[/b] The doctor asked handing him back the grip. This time the handle gave way with little effort, with both hands. The doctor wrote down the measurements and produced the nodes from his pocket. Carter gave him a wary look and shifted his weight and tensing up. At this, in unison, all four of the guards took a step forward, one of them reaching into his jacket where a pistol must be holstered. The doctor gave him a kind look. [b]â??Please, Mr. Grey, I donâ??t want any harm to come to either you or the gentlemen behind me.â?[/b] Carter stared hard at the guards behind Gutterson. [b]â??Alright doc.â?[/b] Carter let out in a listless tone. [b]â??Just be quick with it.â?[/b] Just as the feeling of warmth came, it was gone in an instant, Carter was weary and tired. The tones from the machines slowed as his vitals returned to normal. The doctor wheeled up a stool and sat across from Carter. [b]â??We are going to have to keep the nodes on you for our safety from this point on. You see, your anatomy is evolving, like many of your fellow supers, your powers will change.â?[/b] Gutterson said in a clinical tone. [b]â??And how exactly will they change?â?[/b] The doctor straightened up. [b]â??Well, for instance, your suit was never designed for strength augmentation.â?[/b] Gutterson paused and let this sink in for Carter. [b]â??Meaning thatâ?¦â?[/b] [b]â??That your natural strength is growing.â?[/b] Gutterson stood crossing the room, facing away from Carter. [b]â??From what we speculate, it is the fortitude of your body structure that lends itself to the exponential growth in your musculature. You see, due to your, well invulnerability, and that of others with the same abilities, the only way we can get an in depth examination, is with the nodes, which-â?[/b] [b]â??Would then make the examination useless.â?[/b] Carter interrupted. [b]â??Quite.â?[/b] Gutterson said with a smile, turning back to Carter. [b]â??Now that we are aware of your growing abilities, we can start training you to refine them. Many have problems with simple motor skills when they are first developing their strength.â?[/b]
  10. Seeing as the castle has been partially destroyed, there really won't be a map online of [i]OUR[/i] layout. Just stick to what you are familiar with from the books and the movies. I'm sure as long as we steer clear of adding any waterslides or a Ferris wheel we can stay on track.
  11. A drink sounded mighty pleasing to Ewan. He made a sweeping gesture for Akil to lead the way. The room is how you would expect a traditional pub would be. Almost every surface was made from exotic hard woods. Carvings graced the bar, all depicting Norse mythological tales where etched deep into the dark wood. A variety of mounted heads were lined along the walls, oddly of only normal game. Behind the bar stood a shining wall of liquor bottles, many of vintage that Ewan couldnâ??t even recognize. Akil took a seat in one of the many bronze bar stools with a pleased sigh. Ewan retreated behind the bar. Eyeballing the bottles, he passed quite a few that struck him as odd, being made from all sorts of ingredients ranging from the mild wheat, to the exotic batâ??s blood. He finally settled on a simple bottle labeled Green Knoll Whiskey. He pulled two glasses from below the bar and poured both men a drink. Akil grabbed the glass, raising it in a toast and took a deep swig. His face twisted, as his palette was not familiar with this alien drink. Ewan took back the whole glass in one pull without as much as a blink. [b]â??You westerners donâ??t fool around with your liquor.â?[/b] Akil said staring at the contents left in his glass. [b]â??What are ya used to?â?[/b] Ewan asked dryly, refilling his glass. [b]â??Well, not much to begin with, so we savor it more than you do.â?[/b] Akil gestured to Ewanâ??s drinking method as he downed yet another glass. [b]â??We usually are able to get our hands on a nice wine, or fig brandy. If we are lucky we can get our hands on some arak,"[/b] Akil trailed off smiling. [b]"Smoother than a fine womanâ??s leg.â?[/b] Ewan grunted returning to the wall, producing a bottle of red wine. [b]â??Would this be more to yer fancy?â?[/b] Akil waved a hand with a gracious smile. [b]â??My thanks, but this will be fine.â?[/b] He took another swig, this time without the grimace. [b]â??So, are you familiar with Hogwarts at all? Youâ??re file claimed it as your alma mater.â?[/b] [b]â??Yeah, I was sorted into the Hufflepuff house. Long before Harry Potter came to the school and all that **** with giant-ass-snakes, dementors, and Death Eaters went down.â?[/b] Ewan answered jabbing a finger at Akil. [b]â??As far as my familiarity, I was as familiar as one could be with that castle.â?[/b] [b]â??What do you mean?â?[/b] [b]â??The architect of that place was a sick bastard. Everything shifted, some rooms existed and didnâ??t exist at the same time, half the place needed a password to get into. In other words, it was a clusterfuck of a school.â?[/b] [b]â??Well then you will be our guide.â?[/b] Akil said with a toothy grin. Ewan did not reciprocate the enthusiasm. He instead forwent the glass and drank deeply from the bottle of whiskey. He finished with a grunt and burp. He handed the bottle off to Akil heading for the door. [b]â??If thatâ??s the case I should start sleeping off what I drank.â?[/b] Ewan stepped into the corridor squinting in the dim light. A snap resonated down the hallway and Flower came around the corner. [b]â??Would Mr. Finlay like me to lead him to his quarters?â?[/b] She asked meekly. Ewan nodded offering her his hand. --- Most of the team had assembled in one of the sitting rooms, munching on the last scraps of breakfast. Percy and Mai had yet to arrive and they settled in to wait. Akil was slouched in a large armchair holding his head, unaccustomed to the aftereffects of western liquor. Maiâ??s cat Mogul came padding into the room followed by the woman herself. She settled into the chair nodding to everyone, Mogul hopped up into her lap, promptly curling up, making itself comfortable. Percy marched into the room without a word, and set a wooden mallard on a table in the center of the room. [b]â??There isnâ??t much to say. Good luck.â?[/b] Percy said bowing his head. [b]â??The portkey will take you to the grounds. And it will return you after you have done your reconnaissance. Keep it on you in the meantime, we donâ??t want anyone else tailing it back here.â?[/b] He pulled a pocket watch from his jacket and flipped it open. [b]â??You have just under a minute before it goes active. I suggest you all get a hand on it.â?[/b] He clasped the watch closed, tossing it to Cid. [b]â??You have four hours by that watch. I apologize for the rush but it was the best we could do with the portkey.â?[/b] Ewan stood first, placing his hand on the wooden duckâ??s head. One by one the Aurors grabbed hold. They all swapped uneasy glances at each other, waiting tensely for the jump. The longer the distance traveled, the more uncomfortable the jump. Over an ocean meant that this would not be a fun experience at all. The world suddenly blurred, throwing all of the Aurors in a spinning vortex. They held on tightly to their bags, Mai holding Mogul to her chest in a death grip. The whole experience was like being pulled through a whirlpool with a rope by your stomach. What must have been a few seconds felt infinitely longer. Release came as the group went tumbling in every direction. The forest floor was merciful, breaking their fall with thick grass. Ewanâ??s first action was to roll over and heave all of the breakfast he ate out of his body. Akil followed suit, in part due to the churning, and in part to the hangover. After regaining composure the rest assembled their belongings. [b]â??Where are we?â?[/b] Cid asked Ewan in a hushed voice. [b]â??Probably the edge of the Forbidden Forest.â?[/b] Ewan shrugged. [b]â??You donâ??t know?â?[/b] Mai chimed in. [b]â??Well the name â??Forbidden Forestâ?? isnâ??t exactly the most inviting moniker.â?[/b] Ewan shot back at Mai with a sharp tone. â??That and the stories of Centaurs kind of dissuaded any exploration for me. My apologies m'lady, I am not entirely familiar with it, no.â? The angered sarcastic tone garnered looks of disdain from the rest of the group. â??Finlay.â? Akil called scornfully. Ewan sighed turning to the acting captain. â??You know the area, why donâ??t you get a preliminary look before we go much further. Ewan let out another heavy sigh, letting his bags fall to the ground and laying his jacket on top. [b]â??If you guys run into any of the inhabitants here, donâ??t refer to them as â??half-ANYTHINGâ?? and stay very cordial. That being said, keep your wands on them, and don't make eye contact.â?[/b] With that Ewan shifted and his form became that of a barn owl. His feathers ruffled a bit and he took off in a white blur. Cresting the tree line, Ewan saw what was left of the school. The astronomy tower was just gone, in its stead a pile of rubble. The main courtyard was just a crater. The rest had been ravaged by fires and explosions, leaving very little of it left standing. Even the poor Whomping Willow was split in two, as if by some tremendous axe, and lay still as stone. The bridge leading to the main hall barely stood, and the covered bridge was lying at the bottom of a ravine, making the main bridge the only possible entrance. Ewan soared back to the Forbidden Forest, flying low below the branches. His commotion had put the others on edge. When he came upon them they were standing in a circle with their wands extended outward. He came down with a flutter and shifted back to his human form. [b]â??Report.â?[/b] Akil commanded as they relaxed. Ewan scoffed picking up his jacket. [b]â??Yessir. The grounds are in shambles, the only way we are getting in is over the main bridge. We are going to be wide open for an attack while crossing it. But from what I saw, the grounds were abandoned.â?[/b] Akil turned his back to the team thinking this over. [b]â??There would be plenty of places to hide inside, no?â?[/b] Alexis suggested to the group. Ewan had taken a seat at the foot of a tree. [b]â??You have no idea. Even in the shape it is in, itâ??s still a ******* labyrinth.â?[/b] A crack of branches and the fluttering of a spooked bird set everyone to their feet again wands at the ready. [b]â??Weâ??ve been here too longâ?[/b] Akil said warily. [b]â??Letâ??s go.â?[/b] --- OCC: We have made it to the grounds of Hogwarts. Your posts should be about exploring the grounds and us making our way into the eerily quiet and empty castle. This is the team in action, your quest has begun, so this is really to get a feel of the group as a dynamic unit.
  12. Indeed, feel free to post again though, I may not be able to post until tomorrow or the next day.
  13. Tryin' to breath some life back into the theater.
  14. Carter led the way through the door with Ri at his back looking around from behind him. He briefly prayed that his teammates wouldnâ??t make a habit of using him as a shield. The corridor they entered was filled with offices. All of the walls were glass, containing flat gray cubicles. Carter gestured to the floor and Ri couched down behind him as three forms exited an office at the end of the hallway. They quickly edged towards a copy machine, using it for cover. Two Blanks led a man in a dirty and torn suit closer towards them. [b]â??Looks like we have a big Goddamnâ??d hero!â?[/b] The Blank taunted, punctuating the statement by bringing the butt of his gun down on the manâ??s back. He went sprawling to the floor with a whimper, and The Blank leveled his gun at the manâ??s head. [b]â??Did you really think you could overpower us?â?[/b] Carter took this as his cue. [b]â??Can I answer that?â?[/b] He drawled. The Blank and his cohort both went tense leveling their guns on Carter, the first, a larger man, with a quite fancy looking tactical shotgun and his friend, a small wiry chap, wielding a chrome .44 that would give Clint Eastwood a stiffy. [b]â??Who the **** are you supposed to be!?â?[/b] One of them demanded. The masks made it difficult for Carter to determine which Blank he was dealing with, but he assumed it was the smaller of the two Blanks as he was a tad jumpy. [b]â??Brawler.â?[/b] Carter shot back putting up his fists in a boxing pose. The shotgun Blank put a heavy boot on the manâ??s chest and racked a round. [b]â??Well Brawler, if you take another step closer I am going to have to shoot you.â?[/b] [b]â??Like this?â?[/b] Carter said with a toothy grim taking another step forward. The Blank was true to his word. He let loose a shell from his shotgun and his jumpy friend let loose two rounds from his .44 as well. The shotgun blast took Carter in the stomach and the other two shots went wide and shattered glass behind him. Carter fell on his ass, grabbing his stomach. He was actually quite surprise how much the vest took out of the shot, turning the pain into nothing more then a punch to the gut. Carter heard the snicker-snack of the shotgun racking another round. [b]â??Please, get up.â?[/b] The Blank taunted. [b]â??Gimme a sec.â?[/b] Carter replied with a slight groan, arching his back and launching himself to his feet. He paused and picked a piece of buckshot from his vest and flicked it at the blank. [b]â??Itâ??s the ******* vest!â?[/b] The smaller one cried. [b]â??Shoot him in the face!â?[/b] [b]â??WHOA!â?[/b] Carter yelled throwing up his hands palms facing out. [b]â??Hold on. Letâ??s cool our jets. If you shoot me in the head, it is going to put me in a decent amount of pain, and that is going to put me in a much less diplomatic-â?[/b] The shotgun roared again. This time the spray of lead swarmed Carterâ??s face. He buckled to his knees and fell on his hands. [b]â??STAY DOWN!â?[/b] Growled the shotgun toting thug. Carter hacked and wheezed, spitting pellets from his mouth. [b]â??My ******* mouth was open asshole!â?[/b] Carter hoisted himself to his feet with the help of a wall. [b]â??Now.â?[/b] He cracked his knuckles. [b]â??I am going to be a hell of a lot less diplomatic.â?[/b] The shotgun toting thug snatched up his hostage, jamming the barrel of his gun into the manâ??s back. [b]â??Iâ??ll kill him!â?[/b] [b]â??No you wonâ??t.â?[/b] Carter said taking a step forward. [b]â??Cause if you do, your friend is dead.â?[/b] Carter said with a sharp tone. He pointed over the manâ??s shoulder. The Blank turned to see his cohort on his knees with Ri, or â??Phoenixâ?? in this instance, standing over him, cradling his head in one arm and holding a fist, alight with flames, mere inches from his face. [b]â??You see, while I distracted you, this lovely, busty, blonde, was able to get in position.â?[/b] Carter twanged, earning himself a dirty look from Ri. [b]â??So here is what you are going to do. You are going to let go of that gentleman and you are going to drop your gun.â?[/b] Carterâ??s voice dropped to a soft dark tone. [b]â??If you shoot that man however, Pheonix there, will rain down a hellfire upon both of you that will make Satan himself cringe in horror.â? [/b] A wry smile grew across Riâ??s face as the flame surrounding her fist grew roughly to the size of a basketball, making the man in her arms squirm. The Blank looked between the two supers and fidgeted nervously. Carter straightened out walking more confidently towards the hostage. The Blankâ??s head sunk and he let loose of the manâ??s shoulder. The hostage took off like a bat out of hell and hid behind Carter. [b]â??Good.â?[/b] Carter said putting his hand on the barrel of the shotgun, pulling it loose from the Blankâ??s grip. He then reared his fist back and socked the thug in the face. Cracking his mask and making him go limp. Carter shook his fist and look at Ri who choked out her hostage. [b]â??I hate, and I mean hate, getting shot in the head.â?[/b] [b]â??I can tell.â?[/b]
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