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  1. Saiya-jinro

    Saiya-jinro has returned.

    Sorry I've never posted in a long time, but now I'm back. :cool:
  2. Saiya-jinro

    What do you believe in?

    I am a Christian. And also, Lucifer is of the highest order of angels. Perhaps a step above. Lucifer was made too be perfect.
  3. Saiya-jinro

    Treatment of "Newbies"

    I was treated with kindness when I came here. Though, I don't post much here. But I'll try too do more.
  4. Saiya-jinro


    Well. A girl, who I say is a best friend of mine, flirted with me all the time in 8th grade. And I didn't even notice. Lol!!!! And I recently talked with her, and I start flirting with her. Oh yes, we weren't friend until 12th grade by the way. It's funny how things turn out.
  5. Saiya-jinro

    Gaming Pokemon that were never raised by you...

    About Maril. You don't need that trainer too tell you. all he says, is when theres alot of them around. That's all. and the name of the cave is Mt. Mortor
  6. Saiya-jinro

    This upcoming week is gonna be bad

    This is sad. People are pretty idiotic when it comes to violence. But, it can't be changed. It's just going too get even worse.
  7. Saiya-jinro

    Anime ssj3 enough?

    I hate too break it to some of you. But Goku isn't even trying too fight Fat Buu. He isn't even playing with Fat Buu really.
  8. Saiya-jinro

    Men today...

    It makes sense to me. It seems to me, too be recongized in the world today. You have do either something that's an insult to many people, or something that can be worthless in some cases.
  9. Saiya-jinro

    Men today...

    I won't have sex until I get married too. i don't feel ashamed either. I haven't beeen in a serious relationship though. I had a girlfriend for a couple weeks, but she broke with me, without me knowing it. It wasn't meant too be though. And you know what, there was some people that said I was gay just because, I didn't have a girlfriend.
  10. Saiya-jinro

    Anime Dragon ball

    New episodes will start October 21st.
  11. Saiya-jinro

    Men today...

    I'm a nice guy. It's the heart that matters.
  12. Saiya-jinro

    Sign Up Dragonball Xtreme (Sign up)

    Name:Gallion Age: 27 Race: 5% Saiya-jin. 95% human. Weapons: My body is my weapon. Bio: Gallion is from Radditz's line. Radditz had a daugther that only a few had known about. She was found by Zarbon. He was too kill her, but she escaped. She had too get away quick. So she she didn't know where she was going. And then had crashed on Earth. Appearance: He has a rugged appearance. But he isn't bulky. Nobody knows the real Gallion. He's thought of as being a bully. but he is actually sensitive too too. But he is an awesome fighter. Personality: Highly optimistic, and also kind. Stats 35,000,000 Strength: 8,000,000 Defense: 6,000,000 Agility: 2,000,000 Speed: 4,000,000 Ki: 6,000,000 Ki Defense:6,000,000 Intelligence: 3,000,000
  13. Saiya-jinro

    Gaming Rare! No!

    At least Nintendo still owns 51%. I was kinda shocked too say the least though. Seeing as Rare only made games for Nintendo, for many years. I can say though that DK and Starfox will remain on Nintendo only.
  14. Saiya-jinro

    Back to school blues

    I graduated this year. The weird thing, I never had a steady girlfriend.
  15. Saiya-jinro

    Sign Up Protectors of the Guardians

    Sorry for posting in the rpg without you knoing it starlight. I didn't notice this page yet. Name: Gallion Age: 17 Magic: Yes Elemental: Wind, Forest, and Light Weakness: Dark magic and elements Weaponry: Shining Blade and Shining Shield Clothes: Dark green shirt. And dirtry brown pants. Wears a cloak that covers up everything though. good/ bad: good Hair color: brown Eye color: dark blue Height: 5' 9'' Sorry again for that post.