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  1. Well, you know it is kind of hard to post again when its considered double posting, lol. I would post but you know the rules. Plus I think we need a little more direction with how to deal with this situation. Maybe you could give us a little more direction??
  2. [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Jonathan was still slightly groggy from the combination of jet-lag and a minor hangover. Against Michael's wishes, Jonathan had gone out and gotten slightly drunk. The next morning he found himself back at home and regularly dressed for bed. "Just what the hell happened?!" Jonathan mumbled as he looked at Michael form in the corner of his room near the closet. "I believe in this day and time I would say I hauled your sorry ass back here after you got yourself completely wasted you jackass. Though I think I might be wrong." The templar said as he rubbed his leg from s
  3. [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Sorry I haven't posted yet. My best friend just got back from Iraq and I'm trying to get some plans, and a way of contacting him made. But I will try and post soon.[/COLOR]
  4. [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Soooo... Does that mean we go ahead and post again to get our characters moving or what? If so then I'll do that ASAP. I'm using the wireless at school because its way faster than my evil dial-up internet.[/COLOR]
  5. [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Okay, so I haven't fully finished the series (I only have Vol. 1 and I need to get the other three >_
  6. [SIZE=1][COLOR="Blue"]"Dammit I can't believe now after all that shit of going through a damn ritual that now I have to go to yet another damn ritual!!" Jonathan yelled as he stormed across the rain-soaked lawn. The day had been any other usual one in his hometown located on the Eastern seaboard during the summer. Rain, rain, and the occasional warm day. "Calm down Jonathan. This time you might be able to get the answers you want about how a demon could pierce a ritual like ours and possess your brother." Michael's calming voice echoed in the young-man's head. "Yeah, yeah.. Go
  7. [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]So, this is going to start soon right? I'm just curious because its been quite awhile and I'm starting to worry about Premonition.[/COLOR]
  8. [COLOR="Blue"]Okay, so let me get this together correctly. This world is just an alternate universe of our own where history has just been altered slightly. Is the technological status of the world the same as our own currently or is it further ahead or slightly behind? I'm just curious cause I don't want to start typing away with some advanced technology and such with my character. ^_^;;; Also when will the Terminology be posted??[/COLOR]
  9. [COLOR="Blue"]Sounds interesting. I think I'll join. ^_^ [B]Name[/B]: Jonathan Stallard [B]Age:[/B] 21 [B]Gender:[/B] Male [B]Personality:[/B] Jonathan is usually the jokester and the heart of any group. Granted he has played his fair share of annoying as hell pranks but if anything serious happens he is the first one a person can turn to for support. However he does get agitated easily by sheer stupidity and constant whining. Most people believe that's why he's been kicked out of most of the coffee houses, he starts up a lot of crap with the emos. However he is a firm believer i
  10. [COLOR="Blue"]OMG OMG OMG!! I have witnessed I don't know how many cases of sheer stupidity!! Though some people might say I'm just a bad driver... Okay so the first problem occurred on New Year's Eve.. I was driving to the local Best Buy to check out if there were any Xbox 360 games that I wanted. However as I was about to come upon the local Dillion's a freaking idiot looked both ways at the crosswalk and looked right at me and started to cross!! This is what's the kicker, [B]I had a green light the entire time.[/B] Fortunately I swerved and missed the fool and honked at him but the dumb id
  11. [COLOR="Blue"]Well its hard for me to believe I've been a member for so long too. Though I think I was a member during the transition from v5 to v6 I think. Well it was when I was a sophomore in High School so that was like five years ago... SO yeah it was during v5! Yaaayyy!! Domon can count after all!! But yeah, I've been on multiple hiatuses. Though I think I'll try to come back and post as often as I can.[/COLOR]
  12. [COLOR="Blue"]Okay, so I've been on again and off again with OB and the internet all together. What I'm posting is to ask this of any other members who have done this too and if they come back and see multiple things have changed among new faces and how they cope. Me, I just kind of go with the flow and such I mean. I really haven't been on due to my evil dial-up connection at home and I just recently got a new laptop with wireless connection. So yeah, anyone else have this kind of experience??[/COLOR]
  13. [COLOR="Blue"]Go for the Tuna beatings, and if that doesn't work. Go for salmon. That always will silence any resistance! What kind of gets me is the fact that after three years the jerk calls and asks that kind of question.. Especially at 12 AM... You should have yelled at him and threatened him [B]with the Tuna[/B].[/COLOR]
  14. Again, I posted this just now in the sign up thread. I apologize for the delays but I will be getting the rpg up tonight so be ready folks!
  15. Domon

    The Singers

    [COLOR=Blue]Sorry about the delays about getting the rpg up and running. I've just had a lot on my plate. (school, work, and my b-day was yesterday) But I promise to have the rpg up and running tonight![/COLOR]
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