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  1. John Bonham re-invented rock drumming. I'm a big Zeppelin fan. Jimmy Page, although not a huge pioneering force, is an amazing guitarist. Right now, some of my personal favourites would be Vocalist - Maynard James Keenan, from Tool and A Perfect Circle. The guy is an absolute genuis and he could sing almost anything. Drummer - Danny Carey from tool. I shouldn't have to say anything at all. Allrounder - Jack White from the White Stripes. I've been going through a huge Stripes phase for the past few years. I know he's not the greatest guitarist, or singer, but I love everything he's done.
  2. Just when everyone had forgotten who I was, never met me, or hoped I was dead. Jack has returned. I probably won't be around for long, but its good to be back. Hello again Otaku's to those who remember me. Jesus is dead, get over it - I don't know who on earth said it, but incase you didn't notice, I prefer apathy. Remember Laughter - see my sig, if its still there. I'll post more when they come to me. Anyway, HELLO AGAIN!
  3. Hmm...I try not to have too many regrets because they obviously are a negative thing, and normally negativity is bad. That and you should not spend too much time looking over your shoulder, or as Mist said; 'you'll regret not looking both ways.' I would feel to bad about the whole love thing and missing out on it, as they say. I would however, regret not being able to bring music of my own creation out into the world. Its what I want to do, and is my dream. I just want to play infront of some people, and bring music and joy to them...that and its the best feeling in the world. So yeah, that would be a regret of mine, if of course I kicked the bucket tomorrow.
  4. Self explanetary, I think. This first poem is about a friend of mine who wanted to do her self in. And being of that opinion myself every now and then, I sympathised with her and wrote this poem. Its probably not the most anti-suicide poem around, but it does express regret and a feeling of sadness at the loss, even if it doesn't dismiss the action as being the wrong way to go. Thats what I like about this poem...but tell me what you think, please. JD [I]"She's my augmentor, keeps my kicking, more of less, she's my mind, she was pushed out to sea, and lost to everyone but me, I brought her back, and made her mine, I know she's lost, she's not yours to find, don't lose yourself in the years to come, because I need to you stay as one, I need you to be there for her, and I need you to never stir, trouble, in the heart of me, because its breaking can't you see? the past has let me down again, but I'm sure you can do the same, just keep yourself together man, don't fall into the river man, I won't be following any more, I won't be coming back to shore, the ship will lose itself by noon, and they will wait and stare into the moon, but no one like you will they find there, because she was walked a different stair, sorry Mr, but I shake my head, the one that we all loved is dead, hope, it had been lost in time, meaning, it has been lost in rhyme, but thats my point, and its mine to make, just as hers, her life to take..." [/I]
  5. Yay, mitch is quoting me...even if he wasn't making reference to myself, I'm going to take it as he was and feel better for it. First of all... "my karma ran over my dogma" - I don't know... It was in someone's sig, but it cracked me up. Its probably one of those things everyone else but me has seen before. But regardless, does anyone know who said it? "If you don't get a good night kiss, you get kafka dreams." -Hobbes (Calvin and;) and the second and final quote from this particular comic, I promise "My life needs a rewind\erase button." "...And a volume control." -Calvin and Hobbes, respectively That second one is definately true...Everyone has regrets and things in their past they wish weren't there. The volume control thing is just icing on the cake. And of course, a simpsons quote for no reason... "They say the greatest tragedy is when a father outlives his son. I've never fully understood why that is. Frankly, I can see an upside to it." - Grandpa Simpson, on hearing the news Homer requires a triple bypass... Everything about that show makes me laugh, and we need laughter..."Remember laughter?" - Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin
  6. Its good to see that most of you are still here... I'm with Semjaza on this one though. I'd rather be dead than not have it. I'm always listening to it, and it rules my life. I am a musician, I play two instruments and I'm in about five or six bands, including those of my school. The best day of my life was at a music festival this year, and I have many fond memories from other concerts and festivals which I have attended. Music is my life, despite that I can't stand the majority of it, I couldn't live without it.
  7. Hey...I've been away for a while, and now I too, like Hanson, have returned to plague you all with stuff you probably don't want to hear. Thats horrible news (on both returns), sure they were catchy, but I heard [I]MMmbop[/I] the other day, and its just as annoying, if not more annoying than ever before, but I'm sure they've improved greatly and become talented songwriters since that time...I mean 'Mm Bop, ghlakjdsf (incomprehensible jibberish)hljda" What a great line... Oh well
  8. [color=blue]There's no point in asking the meaning of life. Whatever you think it is, it's just a delusion you've given yourselves to mentally cloud yourself from the simple fact that we have no point. We give oursleves the reason by which we live. There are people out there who haven't given themselves something to live for yet. Go listen to the intro to "Third Eye" (live) by Tool. It will help you on your way to realising that nothing has a point. Well it helped me anyway. Its good to know that you have no reason for anything though. It helped me to realise that what I do wouldn't matter if this lifestyle of order and rules hadn't been forced on us. All in all, this point of view has means that I have a greater tendancy to not worry about whatever it is that I'm doing, which is great, because taking things too seriously gets people uptight and distressed. Don't ever do that to yourself. It's all your choice.[/color]
  9. [color=blue]The language you're using just makes it a bit too shallow to be quite believable. Which is a pity as everyone feels like this some time in their life, so people would be able to relate to a work of this topic. I'm not sure of your intentions though, perhaps you ment for it to be so obvious. But the falls dead bit is something I don't like. It adds a childish feel to it, and ruins the mood you have attempted to set up. Oh well, my thoughts.[/color]
  10. [color=blue]Ah another person who actually knows who Frenzal are, thats great! I'm a rocker...Rock music it is for me. Queens of the stone age, tool, APC, Smashing Pumpkins, Pacifier. All the good stuff. Rock is my preferred type of music but thats not to say I don't like some other stuff. Every now and then I'll hear a song thats poppy or whatever and I'll really like it. For example, my current guilty pleasure would have to be Hey Ya by...umm...Outkast, thats the one. Yeah its crap and I know it, but for some twisted reason, I really like it. I wouldn't buy their album or anything, because everything else I've heard from them I can't stand, but there you go. It's incredibly bizarre how people will hate the majority of a genre but like a few songs from it.[/color]
  11. [color=blue] Here we go...This one is about the girl I have liked for like a year straight...but I finally realised she is a dirty beatch and alll that shit. Its me wanting to kill her. Oh well, here's another one for you to disregard.... [/color] [I][color=green] Thanks for the child's rhyme... a minute of pleasure, in an ocean of sadness and madess, a wave of depression, and months of obsession. right now I'm lonely, sadly daniel J was right, all I ever did was love her, she threw it in my face, she didn't need affection, but its hate thats taken place, I don't want to hold her anymore, don't want to feel her skin, hold her down for another moment, hope that she can't breathe in, she was the best I never had, always out of reach, waves crash in the distance as I drag her from the beach, growing heavy a deadweight now, but thats probably for the best, haven't started to regret it yet, because I still detest... her face, her smell, her stupid little nose, her beautiful pale brown eyes, speeding like a rose, she was the only one I ever wanted, the cuts they never healed , pluck three at once in the rhyme, rose, tell me how she feels, flowers taking the time I need, the time to run away from what I've done, the ones after me, but I'll let her stay, she couldn't go if she wanted to, the life is all but gone, she's left to give bumps to geese, from the cold of stone... she is gone, and put to rest, I can let it go, leave her behind... the rose told me what I needed to know... [/color][/I]
  12. [color=blue]This is my latest work in Paint. Its cluttered and its crappy but using [p]aint, crappy is something you can't avoid. I wanted it cluttered. Hope you can see this one. [/color]
  13. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Sara [/i] [B][FONT=arial]No, but your grammar is a fairly persuasive argument. [/FONT] [/B][/QUOTE] [color=blue]Damn, one for Sara... Oh well. In my opinion Love is crud. It keeps me confused about other things. It takes my mind off other things that I should be doing. Like school work and such. I wonder if mum and dad will accept that as an excuse for my bad grades? "Sorry mum. Sorry dad. I would have studied, but I was in love and couldn't think about anything but this girl. So yeah, screw maths." :( I doubt it. Sure, I know people who say they are in love, but what I've recently witnessed in their relationship might just possibly be the stupidest thing I've seen in some time. If love is what they've got, love can get bent. Sure its good inspiration for poetry and song lyrics...But so are hate and jealousy. And they aren't as distracting.[/color]
  14. [color=blue]Meh, I don't care. If you have a problem with abortion, why don't you all have problems with condoms. They are stopping life, and in effect killing a human life. Masturbation has the same problem. It sounds like some of you are just picking what to have a problem with because outlawing one practice would inconvenience you. People are dying as I type, people are starving and could eat the food you throw away. Money used to make entertainment and run other useless elements of your life could be spent on saving people around the world. Wheres your bleeding heart for them? I honestly don't give a rat's-*** about it. People choose to kill other people everyday. Sure its stopping a human life but it happens so often we're getting desensitised to it. My thoughts are probably a bit cluttered, still, I'm sure you get the gist of what I'm saying. Worry about the bigger things first. Get over it.[/color]
  15. [color=blue]CAREBEARS!!! How could you? I despised that show, even as a kid. And SuperTed was a pansy. From when I was five I remember watching [I]PIZZA CATS[/I]. Does anyone here remeber that show? It was fantastic, good ole cartoons. Umm, Looney Toons are still a favourite of mine because they were hilarious. I love Roadrunner and While.E.Coyote they were my favourite characters. Other then that I thought Lambchop was a stroke of genuis, but so did everyone else. Thats about all that comes to mind for the moment.[/color]
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