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  1. I have recently written a paper for a class I take in college about child predators and the internet. The results of the paper were as expected. Though changes are being made to make things alot harder for predators it is still way to easy for them to find ways to exploit and prey upon children. I based most of my research on myspace though some of it did come from here. I was mildly impressed with the changes myspace has made in security; if you're under like 14 or something your page can't even be viewed unless you add that person as a friend. Its still quite easy to create an account with false information, and trick the naive and uncautious youngsters into adding a complete stranger as a friend. My professor has a 14 year old daughter and I asked him for permission to use her in my experiment. With my false account I approached the young lady and sent her a message asking her if we could be friends. Without even a question I was added. With this I add access to her pictures, a wellspring of personal information, and most importantly her friend list. I approuched serval of her friends and said I was her friend and they added me simply based on that. At this point I knew their names, school, how they look, and enough information about them to have kidnapped anyone of them. Not only that I also had gotten a few of there phone numbers, addresses, and offers to meet up with them somewhere.Out of 47 girls, only 11 asked me a questions, and only 3 refused to add me. Otaku on the other hand goes souly on trust. It trusts that its members will have the integrity to be honest and do what they're suppose to. I remember when I was a young naive 16 year old member here trying desperately to make friends and be noticed. I sent several older members messages asking them to be my friend and they obligded me though seemily uninterested in any further contact. But just think if they were a predator and they come across this unsuspecting teenager desperate for friends. That's a problem waiting to happen. This became terribly evident to me when the "e-marrige" started to happen here at otaku. People feeling connections and obligations to people who they've never met. Enough of me typing.........What do you think?
  2. This thread is dedicated to finding out the meanings behind our favorite songs, shows, and movies. I'm sure many of us has sat there and thought, man this song is cool but what the hell is it talking about? Here's some of my enlightening discoveries [U]Music[/U] Fallout Boys - Dance Dance: Basically a bunch of nerds are trying to loose there virginity on Prom night. Every Evanessence song - I'm a worshipper of Satan, but God's cool too Every Link Park song - Chester-"Just because I'm a Dork she left me?" Mike-"Yeah man now we'll show her who's boss" [U]Movies [/U] Crash - (I have know idea, but could someone enlighten me?) [U]TV Shows[/U] Lost - This show is basically an experiment to see how quickly humans will put aside there differences in a crisis Grey Anatomy - Shows you what a hospital could be like if lawsuits didin't exist Smallville - Superman went through puberty too I was pretty much kidding about everything except for Lost, but lets see what someone of you other people have come up with.
  3. Pagan

    The WWE Thread

    Not only is this a sad turn of events but it also ruins Smackdowns main plot involving Bastista and Eddie. I watched his final match against Ken Kennedy and enjoyed it greatly, but not half as much as I would have if I knew it would be his last. Eddie has had a history of drug abuse, but he seemed to have been doing fine. This is a sad sad day for wrestling. And I shall never know where the WWE was going with his character. Was he sincere about being Batista's comrade, was he plotting to stab him in the back. The many question I have.
  4. [SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]The pastor of the church I go to says we are in "the finals days". I consider this guy a nut case who wants the world to end soon so the doomsday sermon he's been preaching for the least 40 years wouldn't have been wasted. I'm not your textbook Christian I do believe there is a God among other things. But I don't think the world is ever going to end. He baises his statements on the current events going on in the world today, and vague material mention in the book of Revelation. Sure it says there will be wars and natural diasters at the end of the world, but how do we suppose to know these just aren't changes being cause by global warming and a ignorant president. But I can't shake the thoughts that these could possible be the final days of this world. The thing that's really gotten to me is the discovery of the oldest christ church near Armageddon. Sure wars will happen as long as humans have wants and needs and yeah I can say earthqukakes, storms, and volcanic eruptions are just a coincidence, but this church which was lost to time now being discovered near the supposed final battlefield has left me with a lost for words. How much longer do you think we have? Is George Bush the anitchrist? [/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE]
  5. [SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I remember when everyone here started getting "e-married". At first it was good, I even tried it for awhile, but then it took a turn for the worse with people fighting here, people breaking up there, and The Relationship Thread Scandal. It ultimaetly ended in me leaving the site because I was sick to the stomach, after seeing the first "e-babies" being born. [/FONT][/SIZE]
  6. Pagan

    The WWE Thread

    [QUOTE=Shadow Blade][SIZE=1][COLOR=SLATEGRAY]You know what. I was hoping for the same thing. I was practically crossing my fingers in hope that Kane would punish Lita's slutty, lustful, and downright messed up act. Crap! Lita was one of my all-time favorite female wrestlers, until she meant her downfall. I'd hate to say this but Lita is now a love toy, and Trish is actually starting to grow on me (it has nothing to do with her attire, I assure you). However like I said before. Lita.............Such a sad case.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE] [COLOR=Lime]I hate all of the Raw story lines. I used to like the Kane, Lita and Edge story arch until Matt Hardy stuck his big head in the picture and got sent off to SmackDown. Raw's primary storyline right now is centered around the Macmahon family, who only seems to appear when the ratings are dropping, and them threating to fire people but actually just giving them paid vacation. They have alittle HHH and Ric Flair thing going that no one wants to see. I wanted HHH to come back and go after Cena and beat the **** out of him. Of course that Cena, Angle, and Bischoff junk. And their last plot and probably the only one worth seeing is the brewing war with Smackdown between Edge and JBL and Rey Mysterio and Masters. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm going to start watching Smackdown instead of Raw. All the talent is there (Ken Kennedy, and the most impressive wrestle since Kurt Angle and Brock Lesner, Lashley). All the interesting storylines are there (Beniot and Booker T, Orton and the Undertaker, Eddie and Batista), and they have the hottest rising Divas (Stacy and Christy) [/COLOR]
  7. Could some please make me a matching Wolverine banner and avatar? You will recieve credit in my signature for your work. I don't have any specifications so fee free to take it anywhere you would like. I would like the banner to say "Feral Rage" where ever you would like to put it.
  8. Pagan

    Three... Extremes

    I've been hearing alot about this movie though I haven't seen it myself (mainly because it hasn't come to America yet). But its supposed to be the Japanese version of Saw and where America got their inspiration for Saw from. Three... Extremes is a compilation of three short films: Cut, Dumplings, and Box. Each very disturbing, but suspenseful and beautifuly made. This film was made to shock the mind and the senses, and from what I've seen they do just that. [Spoiler][U]Box[/U]: Directed by Fruit Chan A beautiful female novelist, still guilt-ridden over the childhood death of her twin sister, receives a mysterious invitation to meet at the site of her sister's demise. [U]Dumplings[/U]: Directed by Park Chan-Wook A retired actress longing to retain her beauty seeks the rejuvenating effects of a doctor's "special" dumplings, only to discover they contain one horrifying ingredient. [U]Cut[/U] Directed by Takashi Miike A film director is abducted by a vengeful stranger and forced to make an impossible choice that will change his life forever.[/spoiler] Look for them in NY and LA October 28th
  9. Pagan


    Most movies turned into games haven't fair so well in the box office, but after seeing Resident Evil Apocalypse I'm sort of looking forward to Doom. They seem to have stayed pretty close to the games plots only with a few more realistic modifications. I also like the customes, that are actual monsters from the game. The director, Andrzej Bartkowiak, isn't particularly one of my favorite directors, but he's good. He works on alot of scifi action flims so this should be right up his alley. The thing I'm really excited about is the Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) starring a Sarge. He's really proven himself as a good actor; though I'd like to see him back on wrestling. For some reason I'm even looking forward to seeing him in the Johnny Bravo movie as well. Plot wise I would have liked them to have stayed closer to the game, but what they've done is still good [WARNING MAJOR SPOILER] [spoiler]Something has gone wrong at a remote scientific research station on Mars. All research has ceased. Communication has failed. And the messages that do get through are less than comforting. It's a level 5 quarantine, and the only souls allowed in or out are the Rapid Response Tactical Squad - hardened Marines armed to the teeth with enough firepower to neutralize any enemy...or so they think. The research being done at Olduvai station has unwittingly opened a door, and all hell has broken loose. A legion of nightmarish creatures of unknown origin lurks behind every wall and stalks the countless rooms and tunnels of the facility, killing what few people remain. Sealing off the portal to Earth, Sarge, Reaper and their team must use every weapon at their disposal - and some they find along the way - to carry out their orders: nothing gets out alive.[/spoiler] What does everyone think? I would have rather have seen Halo or Half-Life as a movie, but Doom still should be good.
  10. [URL=http://www.pojo.com/yu-gi-oh/PriceGuide/Banned-Restricted-List.shtml]The ban and restricted list[/URL] Why are they banning so many cards now? What's the point of releasing them if they are going to be banned? This is just crazy. As soon as I got my hands on Black Luster Soldier: Envoy of Beginning he already had been banned. I never even had the chance to use him. The reason they say is he is "too powerful". Shouldn't some cards just be "too powerful" to seperate the better duelest from the pack. Not only are they banning new cards, but they are also banning old favorite like Pot of Greed, Mirror Force, and Graceful Charity. Most of these cards were staples and ran in every deck so why would you ban them? I have to rework my deck almost every month because more and more cards are being banned and restricted. I'm almost to the point of just quieting, because the game is getting so hard to play.
  11. Pagan

    Its sad...

    Rammstein just hasn't appealed to America very much. They make fun of America in their lyrics they even made a song called Amerika and made us look like yahoots. The Columbian shooters loved Rammstein which makes them look even worse. They seem Satanic, and we all know American is primarly Christian. They are anit-America so why would we possible let them come over? I myself like their music. I think their wordplay is clever, and skills as a band are good, but most people don't have a open mind. And they are kind of scarey looking.
  12. Pagan

    Online Scavenger Hunt

    Did I spell scavenger wrong? It really looks like its spelled wrong. [Goes and checks] Oh nevermind its write. But my idea is an online scavenger hunt where we have members solve riddles and search the web and otaku for various stuff. The winner gets a prize or a title. This went by very well on my forum, but ultimately ended in everyone getting stuck on a stupid riddle and quieting.
  13. Pagan

    Why Won't They Just Die

    This thread is about those shows that have been on tv way past there expiration date. The shows we used to like, but now they should just stop. What are some of your? [U]Game Shows[/U] The Price is Right: Bob Barker its time for you to stop you're to old to be on television anymore Family Feud: There's a reason why you can't keep a host and its because you suck. Any gameshow that comes on PAX: I'm probably the only person who knows about these stupid shows. No one watches them so let them go. [U]Cartoons[/U] Pokemon: Yes its time for Pikachu to evolve off the air Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: They should have never brought you back Power Rangers: You should have stopped after Mighty Morphin Simpsons: Yes its time. You've already proven that you're the best now let Family Guy take over. I have more but I that last one got to me :animecry: . What are yours?
  14. Pagan

    Gaming The Evil Monopoly That Is EA

    [quote name='Shinji']They should be talking to Peter Jackson if they want the King Kong game. ^_~[/quote] You're right about Jackson doing the King Kong movie; I got my facts mixed up. EA has done all of the Lord of The Rings Movies and I read in Game Informer they are also slated to do King Kong.
  15. Yes I believe EA is evil. They are playing hard ball in industry that should really just be about fun(atleast I think it shoud). EA chose to buy the exclusive rights for the NFL and the NBA (I think) instead of competing ESPN to see who could create the better product. Evil you say? I must agree. EA has also gotten hostal with Ubisoft after its strive to become a major player in the industry. It bought several stocks in the company,not enough to actually have a say, but enough that they can profit off of the company and pull the floor out from under them if needed. Evil you say? I must agree with you on that one my friends. Now they have gone exclusive rights crazy. They signed a contract with Steven Speilburg for the exclusive rights to create games for his upcoming movies. Mainly wanting King Kong all to itself. Yes that is quite Evi. You may call me parnoid, but I see where this going. If EA is the only company that can make games then they can charge whatever they want for them (59.99 for Madden should be considered robbery). Something must be done about this. I say we Microsoft them and make their already divided division stand alone. And yes Electronic Arts is Evil