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  1. [color=darkorchid]Ok people, here's the story. Yesterday, my fiance called up his ex/first love/friend Katrina to talk. See, they haven't kept in touch for a while so he needed to talk to her...to tell her about our engagement and all. Well, he got her on the phone and they talked...for hours. I mean, he didn't call me back like he said he would! Anyway, I had to go to the hospital yesterday for...well, never you mind. While there, I called him...and asked how she was doing. "Peachy," he said. I just laughed. Then I asked him if he told her about EVERYTHING. He said that he just told a little bit...so I'm guessing that he didn't tell her about the engagement, which made me a little angry...and a little supicious(sp?). Then, oh my goddess then, he told me that they were going to hang out downtown tomorrow(which is today). Outwardly, I was like "OK..." Inwardly, I was like, "F---!!!" I mean, this girl still loves him...and he still loves her...so I became even more supicious. I hung up after saying my goodbyes and left the hospital hours later. I told my mom about this....situation, and she basically said the same thing I said: "She's trying to take your man." Now, I know that might sound like I'm pushing it, but believe me, I've been in this EXACT situation before...and lets just say that I lost the guy, ok. Anyway, I called him up and told my feeling about this situation: "Point blank, I don't trust her." Then I asked him if any of his old feelings came back, cause I had a feeling that they did...and I was right. So I'm really worried at this point of time. Then he tells me that he was fighting his feelings...now when he said that, I just wanted(and still want) to call off the engagement. But then he said that he loved me more...'well, if that were true, these "feelings" wouldn't still exist,' which is what I told myself. I told him that if those "feelings" get any stronger, he might want to tell me...cause I'm gonna step out the way. I mean, I know damn well I can't match to that girl. To him, that girl couldn't do no wrong. I mean, that's his first love for goddess' sakes! They've been dating each other for years! I've only dated him for a couple of months, even though I was his friend for 5 years. I mean, right now I just have the strongest feeling that I'm going to lose him to her. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if I did, you know? Well, now they are at Downtown Atlanta doing...eachother or whatever, I don't know. But I'm serious...if he comes back and tells me that he cheated on me like he did last time(yes, he cheated while we were dating), it's over! Iif any of you could give me some advice, I would really appreciate it...[/color]
  2. [color=deepviolet]Cela rushed off of the elevator, holding a bag full of boxes of fried chicken in one hand and a 6-pak of Bacardi O3 in the other. Looking at herself in the mirror, she smiled...and kicked open the door to Smokey's apartment, hitting a few people. "Here, I brought some chicken." she spoke, throwing the bag to Smokey. Cela sighed, finding a nice spot on the wall and began drinking the first Bacardi bottle. She raised an eyebrow, watching the other people at the party dance and almost choked on her drink. [i]Teenagers...[/i] She felt someone tap her on the shoulder. "Go away." "Don'tcha wanna dance, sweet thang?" a random boy asked. "[i]Sweet thang[/i] Look, just go away...you're irritating." "Aw, come on. Just one dance, that's all." Cela sighed, "Then you'll go away." she watched him nod and rolled her eyes. "Alright, alright...there's no harm in dancing." placing her bottle down, she sighed deeply. "After you." and with that, she was dragged to the center of the room and began dancing.[/color]
  3. [color=deepviolet]Cela sighed, "Well, as much as I would like to stay, I have some things to take care of." Smiling slightly, she looked at the group, "It was nice meeting..." she narrowed her eyes at Xion. "[i]Some[/i] of you." "Nice meeting you also, Ms. Duvet. Oh excuse me, I meant 'Cela'." Xion spoke, earning him a scoff from her. Cela smirked slightly, "Just remember--I got my eye on all of you." and with that, she turned and left. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Opening the door to her 'house', she sighed. "Remember...death by strangulation is not something a B.M. is supposed to wish. Especially not upon the tenants--" [i]Why did you even take the job?[/i] Her conscious spoke, interupting her ranting. "Cause I need the money, that's why!" she yelled, throwing her white lab coat against the wall. [i]Don't yell at me! I'm not the one who took this job, you did![/i] "I know that! Je suis terrible!" Cela yelled again, walking to her bedroom. [i]Oh ho! Now you wanna get back to your roots, eh?[/i] Cela growled slightly, shaking her head until she heard no more from her conscious. "Now, that's a lot better. So, lets go do a little grocery shopping." she ran into her closet, changed into a white shirt, white skirt, and white heels to match. She brushed her hair slightly with one hand and placed on a pair of shades with another. Looking herself in the mirror, she smirked. "How cute." and with that, she grabbed her purse and left out of the door. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OOC. Hope that was good...and just for the imagination, this is what she wore...[/color]
  4. [color=deepviolet]Cela stood behind her door, trying to listen through the crack of her window. "...well, this is getting me nowhere." She opened the door, poking her head out slightly, seeing a group of tenants standing down the hall. Listening closly, she heard the word "party" and got slightly curious. "Party?" she questioned, stepping out of the door holding her handy-dandy Rulebook. "What party?" "Oh, you must be the new Building Manager." She laughed slightly, "You may call me 'Cela'," she replied, walking towards the tenants. "So, somebody's throwing a party, eh? Well, as long as I'm invited, you're permitted to have it, I guess. Besides, the more the merrier, right?" she sighed, covering herself up with her long white lab coat. "Who's throwing a party?" another tenant spoke, poking his head out of the door.[/color]
  5. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]Name: Celestrial "Cela Femme" Duvet (translated "that woman" in French) Gender: Female...very female indeed Age: 23 Description: Quicktempered, fiesty, and downright evil would describe her...and not to forget flirty, comedic and seductive. This hard-core feminist might look all peachy, but in actuality, she's not. Life Story: Celestrial was born and raised in Paris, France. She lived with her mother, 'Jacqueline Duvet'. Life hasn't been easy for her, considering that her mother was "on the lamb" from the FBI in the States...so she moved there when she was pregnant with her...and she was basically raised to be a paranoid about the world as she could be. Her mother despised men, and in turn, Cela despised them also. She was a splitting image of her mother, especially when she turned 15. They looked exactly alike. Cela, unfortunately for her mother, took a "liking" towards boys...and men. She had a motto: "All men are to be used in some way, shape or form...if not, they should be decimated." When she turned 21, 'Jacqueline' had enough of her daughter's "antics" and decided it was time for her daughter to see America. So she sold everything she could (except her apartment), gave the money to Cela, and sent her away. Cela when to live with her American grandmother, went to college, and worked part-time as a bartender. She hated her job, seeing as men would grab and squeeze her in certain places...and she often hit them or curse them which, unfortunately for her, they liked. She had many flings and became popular at the bar for her smart mouth and flashy clothing. After that, two years passed...and her grandmother decided to help her get a job...as a building manager. The old B.M. took a liking to her and decided to hire her to take over. She also applied to Local High School for a History teacher position, which happened to be open since one of the teachers quit. The principal, during the interview, came face-to-face with Cela...and hired her on the spot becuase he thought that she would be a "refreshing person" to interact with the "children"...and that was that. [/COLOR]
  6. [color=violet]Name: Kumiko Nue Tagashi Age: 18 Entity: Love Personality: Kumiko is strong-willed, determined, a bit irritating because she's talkative, flirtatious, spoiled rotten, overly blunt, and is a bit...lovestrucken when it comes to the opposite/same sex. Bio: Born to a Japanese royalist and his wife, Kumiko grew up having everything handed to her on a "silver platter". Indeed she was spoiled, given everything her heart desired. People loved her; Some because of the wealth and fame her family had, others because of her beauty, which is why her name is "Kumiko": 'eternal beautiful child. And that she was. She had few enemies...but that was about to change. When she turned 12, she began to attract boys...even men. She easily tanned and many men and boys liked that. However, the girls did not. They were downright cruel to her...especially one female, who she would never forget. Aoi Yatate. She disliked her with a passion for some reason. They had fought...and Aoi won. But she did not forget about that. And now, for she is of age, she moved out, living on her own. And hopes that one day she will see her again...and then, they will battle once more... Magic: Wind Description: [url]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-8/363173/2.jpg[/url] Weapons: Two sais that are hooked onto a black belt around her waist.[/color]
  7. [color=violet]Mitsuko sat calmly, her mind wondering off. She sighed, feeling the cellphone in her pocket vibrate, looking at the bloodied shirt which now hung lightly on her arm. "How nice," she whispered slightly, uncomfortable for the fact that she was "inappropriately" dressed in front of her employer. [i]What's done is done,[/i] she thought, leaning back into the chair. She took a glance at Hatsurokin, frowned, then turned away. [i]It's his own damn fault...[/i] She sighed again, wondering if there was much damage. [i]Better not be,[/i] she thought, playing with her red tie. She pulled a pair of black shades out of her pocket and put them on, biting her lip. [i]How tiresome this is..[/i] and with that, she folded her arms, listening to the starting conversation...[/color]
  8. [color=violet]Mitsuko struggled with two guards, kicking one guard in between his legs, feeling him slump forward on her slightly, and she growled, feeling the other guard grab her arm harshly. He held her steadily, bending her arm back painfully. She grabbed the gun out of its holster with her free hand, turning clockwise, pointing the gun at the guard. He smirked, daring her to shoot. "Don't think I won't." she whispered, shooting him in the chest area, seeing the blood splatter on her shirt. She quickly turned around, crouching down on other guard's body. She pressed the gun into his chest, pressing the trigger. "Cause I will." she finished, seeing more blood on her shirt. She saw another guard approaching her and put the gun back into the holster, reaching with her other hand, pulling up her pant-leg to reveal one of the daggers strapped there. She pulled it out, staring warily at the guard and charged. She raised her arms at first, then brought them back down, bringing her elbow in contact with the guard's midsection. Mitsuko didn't waste a minute and stabbed the man, pressing the dagger as deep as it would go. She pulled it out, pushing his body away from her. She pulled off her shirt, revealing nothing but the two straps that hooked up onto her pants and a red bra. And she smiled evilly...[/color]
  9. [color=violet]I liked Serial Experiments Lain. It was a bit confusing at first, but I watched each episode twice and understood it. When Tech TV started airing it, I would stay up just to watch it. I enjoyed the plot twists and turns...but it confused many people. So yeah, I'm buying the box set on nextdayanime.com. It's cheaper there than anywhere I've been that selled it. Less than $30...[/color]
  10. [color=violet]I'm listening to "Better Man" by Pearl Jam. I actually like this song...even though, when I first heard it, I hated it. It took my cousin to play it during an 6-hour car drive to make me listen to it....repeatedly. It actually reminds me of a couple of relationships that I had been in...so yeah, it's a good song.[/color]
  11. [color=violet]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mitsuko sighed, walking out of the office with Terran. So it was set: the girls were to be sold.... "What a shame." she spoke, folding her arms. "Maybe so, Neisha. But it has to be done. So yes, suck it up and get over it." Mitsuko sighed heavily again, walking towards the girls dressing room. She knocked, "Tatsumi, Naomi...time to leave." She smiled slightly, seeing the girls scurry out of the room. Ruffling Naomi's hair, she grinned. "Sorry for the slap." she spoke, leading them back into the VIP area. "Well, Terran, I'll call the little bastards to come and pick up their 'cargo'. she winched slightly upon saying the word, seeing the twins frown slightly. [i]Well, they might as well get used to it....[/i] She sat down on the plush sofa, dialing the number. "Yes, we're ready for you now." She heard a man chuckling on the other end, "Well now, you sure did take your precious time--" "I would hold your tongue if I were you, Hatsuro-san. I'm an very important person...and you're in no position to rush me...so yes, come get what you have purchased." He coughed, "Well, I'm on the way." and with that, he hung up. She frowned. "Homme grossier(rude man)!" she growled, hanging up the phone. She got up, walking to the small bar and poured herself a drink. "Do you want anything, Terran?" she saw Terran shake her head. "Twins? I would recommend getting one drink..." Naomi sighed, "Give me anything...right now I don't care." she picked up two more other glasses, placing them on the counter with a [i]clank[/i]. She filled them with bourbon and vodka. "Well, here you go girls. Drink up for your darling Kaasan." she spoke, handing them a glass each. She picked up her glass, yelling "Boisson vers le haut!" She sat back down, awaiting her company....[/color]
  12. What is your name? [color=violet]Etarah Sanchez Bickley Spell your name backwards: yelkciB zehcnaS haraE Date of birth: April 28, 1985 Male or female? Female Astrological sign: Taurus Nicknames: Cricket, Jigglypuff, Big T, Panny chan ;), Boop, Valentyne.... Occupation? College Freshman/Personal Assistant/Anime Reviewer/Peacemaker (at college) Height: 5'10 Weight: 230lbs Hair color: Dark brown/about to be blue Eye color: deep brown Where were you born? Grady Hospital, Atlanta, GA Where do you reside now? Piedmont College, Getman-Babcock Freshman Girls Dorm, Demorest, GA Age: 18 Screen names: Kei Valentyne, Avalon, Panny chan ;), pan_chan121, kei_valentyne, ara-chan, Valentyne Isisiona, midnight_valentyne... E-mail addy: [email]midnight_valentyne@hotmail.com[/email], [email]pan_chan121@yahoo.com[/email], [email]kei_valentyne@yahoo.com[/email], [email]Pan_chan@blackplanet.com[/email] What does your screen name stand for? heh, well...only for one. My AIM sn, Kei Valentyne, is after 2 of my fave anime characters...Kei from Dirty Pair and Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. What is your gangsta name? [color=violet]depressedValentyne What does your diary name stand for? [color=violet]heh, nv you mind... Pets: [color=violet]none, but I'm getting a long-haired guinea pig for Christmas Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake? 17...my cousin ate one of them... Piercings? 4 Tattoos? 1...Ying-Yang symbol Shoe size:12 in women, 10.5 in men Righty or lefty? righty Wearing right now:A pair of jeans, some Coach shoes, a red bandana, a red overshirt, and a black choker. Hearing: A Perfect Circle "Orestes" Feeling: quite angry Eating/drinking: a candycane. ~Guys/Love/Kissing/And Other Stuff~ Have you ever been in love? Oh yeah, lots of times.... How many people have you told "I love you"? 10 How many people have you been in love with? Male: 4 Female: 2 How many people have you kissed? Male: 8 Female: 9 Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex? Yes, indeedy. How many people have you dated? 10 What do you look for in a guy/girl? Nice personality, respectful to themselves as well as others, something that we have in common with each other, like hobbies. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite/same sex? *same as above What type of guy/girl do you usually go for? Mostly the quiet ones, they're actually nice...well, atleast that's they want you to think... Do you have a bf/gf? something like that.... If so where did you meet them? I met Eric while in high school...we had class together. What do you like most about your bf/gf? His way of thinking...and his poetic abilities. Do you have a crush right now? Yeah, two... If so who is it? heh, not telling you...just one clue: they're on OB. Hehe... Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes, indeed I do. Do you remember your first love? Yes. Very well...his name was Timothy Fisher. Who is the first person you kissed? Timothy Fisher Do you believe in fate? Yes. Do you believe in soul mates? unfortunately, yes... If so do you believe you'll ever find yours? no...not with the bad luck I got. ~Family Stuff~ How many siblings do you have? Dad's side: 15, Mom's side: 1, Stepdad: 2. What are your parents names? Dad: Raymond Bickley, Mom: Deadrea Solomon-Loyd, Stepdad: Joseph Loyd. What are your siblings names? Oh, jeez...Mom: Joshua Zion Loyd. Dad:(here's where the "jeez" part comes in) Yashica Woodard, Cellerica Ramona Bickley, Lashunda Woodward, Meanoa Meme Woodward, Tricia Woodward, Antonio and Antione Bickley, Frederick Bickley, Jerome Bickley, Brandon Bickley, Markus Bickley, Tyrome Bickley, Jerrel Bickley, Christopher Bickley, and Tyrec Bickley. Whoo! that's a lot! How many siblings does your mother have? 4-1 who died = 3 How many siblings does your father have? 5 - 1 who died = 4 Where are your parents from? Dad: Detroit, MI, Mom and Stepdad: Atlanta, GA Is your family close? Mom's: yes....Dad's: ...not really. Does your family get together for holidays? yup...both of them...well, not together. Do you have a drunk uncle? Of course...I have 3. Any medical problems run through your family? yup. Diabetes, High Blood Pressure. Does someone in your family wear a toupee? yup... Do you have any nieces or nephews? heh, I got 8 nieces and nephews Are your parents divorced? well, they didn't marry. So yeah, that's a bit of a "divorce" if you think about it. Do you have step parents? yup...just a stepdad, though. Has your family ever disowned another member of your family? yup, and I'm about to be the 3nd one... If so for what? marrying out of their race, changing to another religion... Did some of your family come to America from another country? yeah, a few cousins and a uncle from Japan... ~Music Stuff~ What song do you swear was written about you or your life? A Perfect Circle "3 Libras", Cold "Stupid Girl" or Cherry Cola "Hating Breeds"...oh wait, I made that song...and it is about my life. Heh, how ironic is that?! What's the most embarrasing cd you own? Chris Rock "Bigger and Blacker" What's the best CD you own? Chevelle "Wonder What's Next" and Metallica "Black" What song do you absolutely hate? Anything made by Brittany Spears.... Do you sing in the shower? that's right! What song reminds you of that special someone? Rythem "Harmonia" and Massive Attack "Teardrop".[/color]
  13. [color=violet]Let's see: Sae from Peach Girl - Beside the word "evil", they have her name and her pic too. This girl is just lowdown. She doesn't care about anyone except herself. I'm like, no. And the things that she do to Momo are just....plain evil. Carrot Glace from Bakuretsu Hunters - Pervert. That's the one word that crosses my mind when I think about him. I couldn't date him because I would be worried about some girl that he would be trying to hit on. Eh...no. I don't have time for that. Mamimi from FLCL - This lady, goddess...she, singlehandedly, made me stop watching FLCL. I just thought that she was a bit...off. First of all, she's too much of a touchy-feely person. She's grabby, crabby, and is just an all around weird person. Well, not weirder than Gaku or Kamon.[/color]
  14. [color=violet]Mitsuko went though the girls' wardrobe, deciding to pick out some matching outfits, which would entice the men, seeing as though they liked twins. She pulled out two dresses, both black, and handed them to her twins, which were looking scared at the moment. Mitsuko sighed, telling the first one, Tatsumi, to come over. The girl nodded nervously, walking towards Mitsuko. "Now, now Tatsu-chan, I'm not going to hurt you. Have I ever?" "No Kaasan. You've been quite good to me, and to my sister." Mitsuko smiled, sitting her down in a chair and began brushing her hair. "Naomi, you can go and get dressed...I'll fix your hair after Tatsu-chan." Naomi nodded, grabbing the dress and going into the bathroom. Mitsuko looked after her...she caught the look of hatred in her eye and sighed. "It seems as though Nao-chan hates me." Tatsumi was quick to reply, "That's not it...no, that's not what she feels." Mitsuko raised an eyebrow, continously brushing her hair. "Do you hate me too?" The girl was hesistent. "N-no." she replied. Mitsuko sighed, putting her hair up into a bun. "There...now, go get dressed." She saw Tatsumi scurry off and in her place, Naomi soon came. She sat her in chair, letting Naomi do her own hair. She stood in front of the mirror. "Do you hate your kaasan, Nao-chan?" She scoffed, "Do you want me to lie, [i]Kaasan[/i] or to tell the truth?" she replied venomously, narrowing her eyes at Mitsuko. Mitsuko looked back at her, "Just answer the damn question. I don't need your smart attitude today." She looked at Naomi through the mirror, seeing her slam the brush down on the table. "Yes, [i]Neisha[/i]. I hate you...and those people that you call "family". I hate you all. You all should burn in hell!" she yelled, unaware of exactly what she did. Mitsuko narrowed her eyes angrily, throwing her hand back instantly, connecting it with Naomi's face. "Vous wretch! Vous wretch ungrateful! Apr├Ęs que tous que j'ai faits pour vous, et vous dites ceci! Sortez de ma vue!(You wretch! You ungrateful wretch! After all I did for you, and you say this! Get out of my sight!)" she yelled, seeing Tatsumi come in. Naomi cried, cradling her face. Tatsumi pulled Naomi into the bathroom, closing the door. She sighed, sitting down in the chair when she heard someone knock on the door. "Come in!" She smiled slightly, seeing Terran come in, but heard the phone ring. Pressing a button, she sighed. "Yes?" "Nei-chan, you told me to call when Lidan came in." the bouncer spoke. "Yes, she's here, right?" "Yeah, she's here alright." he replied, sounding a litte worked up. She scoffed. "Well, she headed down to the "main" room..so she's probably there." Mitsuko got up, "All right then, merci(thank you)." she hung up, heading out the door. "Well, let's go and see her, then." she saw Terran nod, closing the door behind her.[/color]
  15. [color=violet]By this time, Kisumaaku was in full swing. Mitsuko sat up in the VIP room, overlooking the club. She leaned against the railing, narrowing her eyes slightly. In her left hand, she held a glass of scotch in her hand, moving it slightly to the beat of the music. She watched the crowd move to the rhythem, seeing 8 girls dancing on the stage. She laughed at the Aller-Vont les filles (Go-Go girls), moving her eyes towards the door that opened. She sighed, staring at Terran. "Well, are they here?" she saw her nod, sitting on the plush sofa. Mitsuko clapped her hands, seeing a group of 5 men come into the room. "Well, gentlemen. I believe you saw our women....which ones, le plus cher (dearest)?" She sat on the sofa next to Terran, crossing her legs, looking at the burly man that stood in front of the small table. "Well, we all like the girl down there in pink...and the girl in the light blue." Mitsuko chuckled, "Oh, Tatsumi and Naomi, the twins." she smirked, standing up. "Well, Terran handles this...so I'll let her show you the way...and I wouldn't screw her over." she saw the man pale. "She's not one to mess with, adieu."[/color]
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