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  1. [color=darkorchid]Ok people, here's the story. Yesterday, my fiance called up his ex/first love/friend Katrina to talk. See, they haven't kept in touch for a while so he needed to talk to her...to tell her about our engagement and all. Well, he got her on the phone and they talked...for hours. I mean, he didn't call me back like he said he would! Anyway, I had to go to the hospital yesterday for...well, never you mind. While there, I called him...and asked how she was doing. "Peachy," he said. I just laughed. Then I asked him if he told her about EVERYTHING. He said that he just told a l
  2. [color=deepviolet]Cela rushed off of the elevator, holding a bag full of boxes of fried chicken in one hand and a 6-pak of Bacardi O3 in the other. Looking at herself in the mirror, she smiled...and kicked open the door to Smokey's apartment, hitting a few people. "Here, I brought some chicken." she spoke, throwing the bag to Smokey. Cela sighed, finding a nice spot on the wall and began drinking the first Bacardi bottle. She raised an eyebrow, watching the other people at the party dance and almost choked on her drink. [i]Teenagers...[/i] She felt someone tap her on the shoulde
  3. [color=deepviolet]Cela sighed, "Well, as much as I would like to stay, I have some things to take care of." Smiling slightly, she looked at the group, "It was nice meeting..." she narrowed her eyes at Xion. "[i]Some[/i] of you." "Nice meeting you also, Ms. Duvet. Oh excuse me, I meant 'Cela'." Xion spoke, earning him a scoff from her. Cela smirked slightly, "Just remember--I got my eye on all of you." and with that, she turned and left. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Opening the door to her 'house', she sighed. "Remember...death by strangulation is not
  4. [color=deepviolet]Cela stood behind her door, trying to listen through the crack of her window. "...well, this is getting me nowhere." She opened the door, poking her head out slightly, seeing a group of tenants standing down the hall. Listening closly, she heard the word "party" and got slightly curious. "Party?" she questioned, stepping out of the door holding her handy-dandy Rulebook. "What party?" "Oh, you must be the new Building Manager." She laughed slightly, "You may call me 'Cela'," she replied, walking towards the tenants. "So, somebody's throwing a party, eh? We
  5. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]Name: Celestrial "Cela Femme" Duvet (translated "that woman" in French) Gender: Female...very female indeed Age: 23 Description: Quicktempered, fiesty, and downright evil would describe her...and not to forget flirty, comedic and seductive. This hard-core feminist might look all peachy, but in actuality, she's not. Life Story: Celestrial was born and raised in Paris, France. She lived with her mother, 'Jacqueline Duvet'. Life hasn't been easy for her, considering that her mother was "on the lamb" from the FBI in the States...so she moved there when she was pre
  6. [color=violet]Name: Kumiko Nue Tagashi Age: 18 Entity: Love Personality: Kumiko is strong-willed, determined, a bit irritating because she's talkative, flirtatious, spoiled rotten, overly blunt, and is a bit...lovestrucken when it comes to the opposite/same sex. Bio: Born to a Japanese royalist and his wife, Kumiko grew up having everything handed to her on a "silver platter". Indeed she was spoiled, given everything her heart desired. People loved her; Some because of the wealth and fame her family had, others because of her beauty, which is why her name is "Kumiko": 'eter
  7. [color=violet]Mitsuko sat calmly, her mind wondering off. She sighed, feeling the cellphone in her pocket vibrate, looking at the bloodied shirt which now hung lightly on her arm. "How nice," she whispered slightly, uncomfortable for the fact that she was "inappropriately" dressed in front of her employer. [i]What's done is done,[/i] she thought, leaning back into the chair. She took a glance at Hatsurokin, frowned, then turned away. [i]It's his own damn fault...[/i] She sighed again, wondering if there was much damage. [i]Better not be,[/i] she thought, playing with her red tie.
  8. [color=violet]Mitsuko struggled with two guards, kicking one guard in between his legs, feeling him slump forward on her slightly, and she growled, feeling the other guard grab her arm harshly. He held her steadily, bending her arm back painfully. She grabbed the gun out of its holster with her free hand, turning clockwise, pointing the gun at the guard. He smirked, daring her to shoot. "Don't think I won't." she whispered, shooting him in the chest area, seeing the blood splatter on her shirt. She quickly turned around, crouching down on other guard's body. She pressed the gun into
  9. [color=violet]I liked Serial Experiments Lain. It was a bit confusing at first, but I watched each episode twice and understood it. When Tech TV started airing it, I would stay up just to watch it. I enjoyed the plot twists and turns...but it confused many people. So yeah, I'm buying the box set on nextdayanime.com. It's cheaper there than anywhere I've been that selled it. Less than $30...[/color]
  10. [color=violet]I'm listening to "Better Man" by Pearl Jam. I actually like this song...even though, when I first heard it, I hated it. It took my cousin to play it during an 6-hour car drive to make me listen to it....repeatedly. It actually reminds me of a couple of relationships that I had been in...so yeah, it's a good song.[/color]
  11. [color=violet]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mitsuko sighed, walking out of the office with Terran. So it was set: the girls were to be sold.... "What a shame." she spoke, folding her arms. "Maybe so, Neisha. But it has to be done. So yes, suck it up and get over it." Mitsuko sighed heavily again, walking towards the girls dressing room. She knocked, "Tatsumi, Naomi...time to leave." She smiled slightly, seeing the girls scurry out of the room. Ruffling Naomi's hair, she grinned. "Sorry for the slap." she spoke, leading them back into the VIP area. "Well, Terr
  12. What is your name? [color=violet]Etarah Sanchez Bickley Spell your name backwards: yelkciB zehcnaS haraE Date of birth: April 28, 1985 Male or female? Female Astrological sign: Taurus Nicknames: Cricket, Jigglypuff, Big T, Panny chan ;), Boop, Valentyne.... Occupation? College Freshman/Personal Assistant/Anime Reviewer/Peacemaker (at college) Height: 5'10 Weight: 230lbs Hair color: Dark brown/about to be blue Eye color: deep brown Where were you born? Grady Hospital, Atlanta, GA Where do you reside now? Piedmont College, Getman-Babcoc
  13. [color=violet]Let's see: Sae from Peach Girl - Beside the word "evil", they have her name and her pic too. This girl is just lowdown. She doesn't care about anyone except herself. I'm like, no. And the things that she do to Momo are just....plain evil. Carrot Glace from Bakuretsu Hunters - Pervert. That's the one word that crosses my mind when I think about him. I couldn't date him because I would be worried about some girl that he would be trying to hit on. Eh...no. I don't have time for that. Mamimi from FLCL - This lady, goddess...she, singlehandedly, made me stop watching F
  14. [color=violet]Mitsuko went though the girls' wardrobe, deciding to pick out some matching outfits, which would entice the men, seeing as though they liked twins. She pulled out two dresses, both black, and handed them to her twins, which were looking scared at the moment. Mitsuko sighed, telling the first one, Tatsumi, to come over. The girl nodded nervously, walking towards Mitsuko. "Now, now Tatsu-chan, I'm not going to hurt you. Have I ever?" "No Kaasan. You've been quite good to me, and to my sister." Mitsuko smiled, sitting her down in a chair and began brushing her hair.
  15. [color=violet]By this time, Kisumaaku was in full swing. Mitsuko sat up in the VIP room, overlooking the club. She leaned against the railing, narrowing her eyes slightly. In her left hand, she held a glass of scotch in her hand, moving it slightly to the beat of the music. She watched the crowd move to the rhythem, seeing 8 girls dancing on the stage. She laughed at the Aller-Vont les filles (Go-Go girls), moving her eyes towards the door that opened. She sighed, staring at Terran. "Well, are they here?" she saw her nod, sitting on the plush sofa. Mitsuko clapped her hands, seeing a
  16. [color=violet]Mitsuko sat in her small bar, twirling her toothpick that sat in the martini that she was drinking. She sighed, quite bored at this time. "Well, no use in calling Sayuri. Knowing her, she's busy....with someone or something." she laughed, leaning back into her chair. She eyed the DJ that was carrying his equipment inside. "What are you doing here? It's not time for you to set up." she saw the boy smile. "Indeed it is, kaasan. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to set up." she waved her hand, picking up her drink with her unoccupied one. She gulped down the drink, pla
  17. [color=violet]Well, I wrote this poem earlier this week. I was feeling a bit...down and I just decided to write this down. So yes, this is the result of my feelings. BTW it's in French, but I've provided translations... Cette vie nous vivons...ce qui est de devenir de lui? (This life we live...what is to become of it?) Pour quoi vivons-nous? La réponse : Pour mourir. (What do we live for? The answer: to die.) Tout existe pour une raison...mais c'est obsolite. (Everything exists for a reason...but it is obsolite.) La "grande image" que chacun brouille pour trouver...(The big
  18. [color=violet]Heh, nice to see that you still want to continue but start anew. Good, very good. I will keep the same character, of course.... Name: Le'aoni Nagayo Alias: Niai Race: Vampire Age: 80 Gender: Female Alliance: CVA Appeaence: [img]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-8/363173/mature321.jpg[/img] Weapon: Besides vamp skills that she uses{i.e. hypnosis and temp. transparency}, she wields rather large silver bladed fans. Nationality: Japanese/English Personality: Tempermental, seductive, brave, talkative, comedic, impatient Bi
  19. [color=violet]Name: Mitsuko Aki Code-name: Neisha (*smooth talker*) Bio: Born to a middle-class Franco-Japanese couple, Mitsuko was label as being the "oddball" of her family. She did many things that disturbed her mother very much. Her father, who made weapons for a living, was impressed by his daughter's intrigue in creating things and taught her everything he knew. At age 13, her father gave her a Model 45 Smith & Wesson for her birthday and taught her how to shoot it. She began running around town, shooting anything she could find (besides people that is). Her mother scold
  20. [color=deeppink]Name: Inyo Temari Age: 21 Gender:Female Appearance: Original apperance: [img]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-8/363173/shiki-kimono2.jpg[/img] Fighting gear: [img]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-8/363173/mikoto-wowed.jpg[/img] Fighting gear2:[img]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-8/363173/sad-shiki-awesome2.jpg[/img] Clan: Tatshuka Bio: Temari was born to a poor merchant family, who sold many things to make money. They were once rich...but her father got greedy, and thus, the downfall of the Inyo family. She grew up in a violent home
  21. [color=violet]Avenue opened her eyes slightly, feeling something cold on her forehead. "What the hell?" she spoke, pulling off the bag of ice from her forehead and threw it to the wall. She sat up, swinging her legs off of the bed. "Nel-chan." she growled, getting up from the bed. She pulled out her drawer, rambling inside for a pair of jeans and a shirt. She found a good "throw on" outfit and put it on. She grabbed her shoes and put those on, hurriedly. She walked out of her room, going next door to Avenel's. "I wonder what he's doing." she spoke, opening the door. She raised her
  22. [color=violet]OOC: Heh, Roxanne...I got it covered. IC: [spoiler]Avenel raised his eyebrow cutely, getting up slighty and pushing her gently down on the bed. He broke the kiss, "Are you sure about this?" he saw her nod and continued, both getting caught up in the moment. Feverish kisses and roaming hands blurred their vision, making their lower regions ache with need and release. Articles of clothing were thrown carelessly in the air, some landing on the dresser....others landing on the floor. Bodies collided passionately, moans and groans of estasy filled the small room as the
  23. [color=violet]Avenel smirked, looking back at her. "You're too cute, Xavei-chan!" he squealed, pinching her cheeks lightly. He laid back on the pillows, sighing a bit as he did. Stretching his arms, he winked at Xavei. "If you want to know how I feel about you...I'll tell you now." Avenel sat up a bit, smiling at Xavei. "I think you're cute, Xavei-chan. You're a nice girl and everything....and I like ya." he spoked, playing with a lock of Xavei's hair. "But, um...I'm not one to express my feelings...actions speak louder than words, no?" And with that, he leaned into Xavei, aimi
  24. [color=violet]Avenel smiled, "Follow me." he replied, holding her hand. He walked with her to his room, opening the door to reveal a full size bed with red sheets and black pillows. His windows were adored with black blinds and red curtains. Avenel's two dressers were both black, their gold handles shining from the light. He turned on the lamp with sat atop his left dresser, turning off the main light. "Sit down....let's listen to some music." he turned on his stereo, setting his CD player to 2, which played Filter's Take a Picture. "My room's nice, ne? I designed it myself...and Ave
  25. [color=violet]Avenel turned into the driveway, parking it quickly. He jumped out, opening the back door and scooping up his sister. "You can just stay here for the night, ok?" he turned around, walking up the stairs towards his apartment. He unlocked the door, walking inside of the apartment. "Just sit on the sofa until I finish." he spoke, walking int his sister's room, laying her down softly on the bed. He removed her shoes and shirt, tossing them aside. He touched her forehead. "She's hot." He walked into the kitchen, opening up the fridge and pulled out an icetray, cracking
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