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  1. ...huh. This thread makes me think about all the people who looked at me and said the same thing. What a freaking weirdo. And I don't mean that in a self-edifying, it's-cool-to-be-weird kinda way. More like pathetic. You know, smelling like puke with guy-liner smeared across my face in a community college class... kinda way. Since I graduated high school, a lot of people who used to be my classmates have approached me, either in person or on the god awful internet, and told me how they thought I was going to shoot up the school or die of a meth overdose (erm, whichever comes first, I guess?) I
  2. You really shouldn't "tart" any stories, friend of mine. Haha, alright, but seriously: Horror stories, while not being incredibley complicated, have become extremly diverse and stem from all parts of the writing spectrum. To name a few... Bram Stoker wrote what I call the classic horror story. Though not particularly terrifying to today's youth, Dracula was, in its time, horrifying. It defied moral boundries of the time and introduced a haunting, yet attractive (one of the greatest points of the novel) new antagonist. The book taught horror writers several important lessons: -Su
  3. I don't know if anyone's still around from God-knows-how-long-ago, but, um, hello. >.>;; This is a surrealist/horror story with a terrible name. See, I had written the story with the notion that I could get away without titling it, that I could just put this grotesque graphic on the cover and that would be all, but apparently I am not quite that cool. In poetry, untitled works are referred to by their fist line. That's what I did here. [SIZE=3][COLOR=DimGray][FONT=Garamond][CENTER]I Breathe In[/CENTER] I breathe in. It hurts. I breathe out, and I don?t know where I am an
  4. Squall


    I highly reccomend The [b]Hellsing:Raid[/b] Soundtrack, and its sequel, [b]Hellsing:Ruins[/b] Composed of a kind of gothic jazz, if you will, these two albums are very unique and talented. Though some may argue that the tracks are basically composed of random sounds, I strongly disagree. Songs like Bodhisvatta of Cathedral and Hatred Guy of Sinfullness are absolutely beautiful, in a painfully dark sort of way. If you have the option, I highly reccomend purchasing the actual albums over downloading the tracks. They're in horrible "engrish" so you can't understand a single word, but I belie
  5. Morrissey and the Smiths. British indie rock at its best. Made "Meat is Murder" which topped music charts, and "You are the Quarry" (morrissey solo) which went platinum. Does anybody listen to these old pioneers of indie rock? I do, for the following reasons: 1. The Smiths were, in every way, extremely talented. Composition, vocals, guitar complexity, you name it, the Smiths excelled at it. 2. The lyrics. Deep and meaningful, though can be easily taken at face value and understood (to a point). That is very rare in modern lyrics. 3. Individuality. (hence "indie" rock)
  6. "What?" Kovu asked when she caught Rain staring at them. He thought about Joselin dying slowly two weeks after being attacked by the beast. "Listen. I don't know anything about that...monster that attacked our town. But I do know that my mentor died two weeks after being hacked open by that thing. I don't know if it was internal bleeding or what, but..." He nodded at Nelle. A look of horror came over Kovu's face. "You mean...Nelle might..." Rain nodded. "I'm not sure though. Joselin's injuries were much more severe than hers. It's possible that Joselin died from blood loss, or something like t
  7. [U][B]ATTENTION: Anybody else who plans to take part in this Rpg needs to introduce themselves IMMEDIATELY. It will be a little hard to drop in soon.[/B] [/U] The boy praised the girls momentarily for their quick wit. At the very least, they qualified as candidates for his mission. That meant he would have to take them with him. He frowned for a moment, trying to think how this could work. If they were to go out the window, then the boy would have to make a hole through the crowd so they could get to it. That was too much blood on his hands, he didn't want to kill next to Joselin's dead
  8. Somebody told me it was possible to be in control of what you dream, or what you do in your dreams. It sounds possible, but I'd like to hear about it from anyone who's had a first-hand experience. So, does anybody know what I'm talking about, done it themselves, or know how to do it?
  9. lol, it's tyler, not taylor. ~ The boy watched the small embrace for a moment. It made him wonder how many reunions would never take place because of that...thing. The entire town guard had been murdered at the church gates, attempting to keep the monster at bay. They were killed before the doors were barred, but a few men, including Joselin, managed to hold the beast back long enough to bar the gates. When the boy checked a day later, nobody was left except for Joselin and one other man, and Joselin now lay dead. The boy shook his head and turned towards the medical section. All that
  10. Here it is. I meant the first post to be descriptive enough to give you a general feeling, yet not too constricting. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The dim small church hardly stirred in the early hours of this day. Dozens of people lay in the isle and on the benches, anywhere there was room. Blood and bandages decorated most of the sleepers, and the corner roped off for first-aid was completely full. The sun pierced through a sea of black clouds, and spilt through the stained glass windows. At the front of the church sat a small al
  11. Keep you waiting long enough? VERY Sorry for the delay. I would have posted sooner, but I had to explore a new angle on the story line before setting off. Anyway, it should be up within the hour. PS I don't think I'll be posting in this enough, so if I'm absent for a while feel free to off my character or whatever.
  12. I'd like to make this clear, since me posting here is going to be a bit confusing. This Rpg does NOT mean I plan to start making Rpgs again, or post here at all. This is a favor to my good friend, Rhian, who I know loved this Rpg since the first version went out less than a year ago. For those of you who were in the first one, I'd like to make it a point that this one will not be like the last one (or, not exactly, anyway.) The framework is the same except a little altered, there are less temples, more elemental power, ect. Enjoy. [CENTER]***[/CENTER] [CENTER][B][U]RAIN OF FIRE[/U
  13. Not bad, very intruiging. Hooked me into wanting to read on, even though it is fairly short. I didn't really like how the giant spider-thing was hinted at at the end, though. But other then that, nice work.
  14. As you may or may not have known, I've been absent from the Adventure Arena for quite a while. That's where I got all my writing practice, and I have begun to expect that my writing has dwindled since. I'd appreciate any comments or criticism anybody has, so I can decide if I've involuntarily fallen out of practice. Thanks. [CENTER]***[/CENTER] [COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]The dark, watery blood rippled with every step Kagra took, the blood that covered the entire floor of the corrupted monastery. Kagra walked through the center isle, between the elaborate pra
  15. Mmm... I don't really know. It's not a lot to go off of. The writing's pretty good, and I like the mysterious style. I have a pretty good feel of the character's general attitudes already, and that's pretty hard to do. Nice work, so far.
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