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    I'm a 16 year old girl from Belgium. I want to meet my best online friends in Tokyo one day and go out with them in a district there, dressed up as a Harajuki girl. My goal in life is to publish a novel. ^^
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  1. Renate

    Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert?

    I'm definitely an ambivert, although if I had to choose between the two extremes I'd choose extrovert. I much more like to be in company of people, have fun and go out clubbing than staying at home behind my computer. I can appreciate that as well and certainly get joy out of it, but I just love going out and doing fun stuff!
  2. Renate

    Can love really give us immortality

    I must agree with D. Resurrected, love is not something that can be put into words. 'I love you' simply does not fit this huuuuge feeling you're feeling, it's too simple. Love is reflected in your actions, your thoughts and your eyes. I personally think you shouldn't always be told that your partner loves you, you see it.
  3. Renate

    V for Vendetta

    I'm really looking forward to this movie and I hope I'll see it soon in the cinema. That's a big questionmark for me because I don't exactly know if it's a world-wide release and I'm already going to watch the New World on Saturday. It looks really interesting and more serious than most comic book movies. The trailer looks quite amazing. Tell us how it has been, sungravy!
  4. [B]X/1999[/B] is surely the one that grabbed me from the absolute beginning. Me and X, it was love at first sight. I was searching for anime boxsets to buy at my first shopping spree at my anime/manga shop, and came across a picture of just the box. I immediately knew this was one I had to check out and actually bought it without knowing too much about it. It captivated me from the first episode and has been my favourite anime ever since. [B]Rurouni Kenshin[/B] was another one. I had read fanfiction about it without watching the series, but it inspired me immediately to pick it up asap. I'm still loving it ever since. XD
  5. Renate

    Winx Club

    I love it a lot! I've seen season 1 and 2, but the repeats are getting annoying now though. My favourite characters are Stella, Flora, Riven and Helia. My favourite couple are Stella and Brandon, and Flora and Helia.
  6. Renate

    Anime Howl's Moving Castle

    Nope. This year's animation entries were all magnificent! It prooves that not only digitally animated films can win! I'd be happier if Howl or Corpse Bride would've won, but everyone loves Wallace and Gromit, especially Hollywood.
  7. Renate

    The 78th annual Academy Awards.

    Ahem, I've been following the Oscars ever since the LOTR movies came out. XD I remember watching it when the first LOTR movie was up against A Beautiful Mind. A Beautiful Mind won all the oscars in the major categories! XDDD I was soooo angry that I kept throwing my pink fluffy shoes at the telly and refused watching A Beautiful Mind for a loooong time! Some people were complaining about how the Oscars were done this year, the show. But I thought it was decent and to the points, without being too long. I got up at 2.30 am last night and went back to bed at 5.30 am because of the time differences. Well it was well-spread out this year. King Kong, Memoirs of a Geisha, Crash and Brokeback Mountain all got three Oscars. I'm really glad Memoirs won that much because visually, it's still a stunning movie (Did I mention Zhiyi was one of the prettiest girls that evening? ^.^ And Michelle Williams!). Everyone is also complaining that Crash didn't deserve to get best picture, but I'm actually kind of glad it did! I prefered Brokeback above anything else obviously, but I'm just glad Munich or Good Night Good Luck didn't get it. I saw Munich and disliked it quite a bit, and GNGL just didn't appeal to me. So I'm glad it became Crash in the end, altho Capote would've earned my respect as well. Most memorable speeches. Apparently George Clooney's was amazing, but I somehow unknowingly missed out on that one! So I have to say the director or Totsi for best Foreign Movie and the Honory Award. I thought Jack Nichelson was kidding when he said Crash! I really did, he said it so strangely! O.o
  8. Renate

    Anime Howl's Moving Castle

    [QUOTE]Also what do people belive on the outcome of the academy awards?[/QUOTE] Tomorrow night is teh night! I don't think Howl's Moving Castle is going to win though. I think it'll be Wallace and Gromit. They're so popular!
  9. Renate

    Fav Bands!

    [B]Franz Ferdinand:[/B] Their songs are really something special, and I think you either love it or hate it. It's a bit dance-alternative rock, since I found myself dancing to it quite a lot. Their first CD is still the best imo. [B]The Killers:[/B] I actually bought the album without hearing much of them, but it's still one of my best buys ever. Even though the lyrics aren't always happy happy, the music itself makes you fly. [B]Editors:[/B] A new group I just discovered. I needed to listen to their songs a few times before I genuinly loved them, but I'm all obsessing over them now. Other bands I like are Bloc Party, Depeche Mode, Kaiser Chiefs, the Cure, Linkin Park, Green Day (although I think the hype is a bit over the top) and A.F.I.
  10. Renate

    Your Song

    I myself picked Wunderkind by Alanis Morissette. The first time I heard it I thought it exactly voiced my own feelings, what I want the world to be like for me. Especially the naive part fits me sometimes! [U][B]Wunderkind[/B] [/U] Oh perilous place walk backwards toward you Blink disbelieving eyes chilled to the bone Most visibly brave no aprehended gloom First to take this foot to virgin snow I am a magnet for all kinds of deeper wonderment I am a wunderkind oh oh oh oooooh And I lift the envelope pushed far enough to believe this I am a princess on the way to my throne Destined to serve, destined to roam Oh ominous place spellbound and unchild-proofed My least favorite chill to bare alone Compatriots in place they'd cringe if I told you Our best back-pocket secret our bond full-blown I am a magnet for all kinds of deeper wonderment I am a wunderkind oh oh oh oooooh I am a pioneer naive enough to believe this I am a princess on the way to my throne Destined to seek, destined to know Most beautiful place reborn and blown off roof My view about-face whether great will be done I am a magnet for all kinds of deeper wonderment I am a wunderkind oh oh oh oooooh I am a ground-breaker naive enough to believe this I am a princess on the way to my throne I am a magnet for all kinds of deeper wonderment I am a wunderkind oh oh oh oooooh I am a Joan of Arc and smart enough to believe this I am a princess on the way to my throne Destined to reign, destined to roam Destined to reign, destined to roam Destined to reign, destined to roam Destined to reign, destined to roam
  11. Renate

    Any Snowboarders/Skiers?

    I'm an avid snowboarder since a few years. I've been skiing for almost 9 years, but changed it to snowboarding when I went on vacation with some family members who also wanted to learn snowboarding with me. I never want to go back to skiing again, I love snowboarding much more! I can only snowboard once a year though, since Belgium's pretty much far away from the mountains in France and stuff. And I'm not an adult yet, so I can't do as I wish. Right now I've snowboarded two times already, and I'm leaving this Saturday for another week. That'll be my third time snowboarding. I'd also really like to check out jumps, since I'm a freerider like Lunox! I'd really love to get myself Burton snowboard material but it's all so expensive!
  12. Renate

    Writing Favorite Book

    I have three absolute favourites: Memoirs of a Geishy by Arthur Golden, Howl's Moving Castle by Diane Wynne Jones, and the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman. I liked Memoirs of a Geisha a lot because it was set in Japan and I loved the whole scenery of the geisha world. I thought it was beautiful and moving, and I adored the characters in it. Howl's Moving Castle is in my opinion a book that should be known far much more than it is now. I was hoping to read it after watching the trailers of the Miyazaki movie, but I couldn't get my hands on it anywhere. So I asked a friend in England if she could send me it as a bday present. The language is beautiful, the world as well, and the characters so loveable. Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials is a must-read for every fantasy fan (like me, I've read both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings so I think this can appealing for them too). You've got great characters, a great storyline, and interesting symbolism!
  13. Renate

    Winter Olympics - Torino 2006

    I got to see that part on tv as well. It was really awful, she could've won easily if she didn't make that stupid jump! O.o And it was stupid to do. The cross isn't like the half-pipe where you have to peform the best and most beautiful tricks...
  14. Renate

    Winter Olympics - Torino 2006

    [QUOTE=Lunox][color=darkslateblue] WOO SHAUN WHITE! I love snowboarding, so obviously I am obliged to love this guy. Amazing runs by him in the finals... just seems like a very talented guy. I saw some videos of his skateboarding, and while I'm not really a fan of skateboarding, it was still incredibly impressive. Anywho. Shaun White is my hero. I don't know about any other gals but I'd probably be willing to marry him just because. And I can't get the point across enough: SHAUN WHITE SHAUN WHITE SHUAN WHITE OMG. [/color][/QUOTE] x3 Can I love you? I'm loving you! Finally as big a Shaun fan as I am! I must say I don't really care about his skateboarding, I'm only interested in his snowboarding. XD He makes me want to be a snowboard champion myself! Plus, he's superfunny! [QUOTE]In this particular event, the Koreans have won the last few olympics and almost every world championship... I don't remember which one, the 300 m or somthing.[/QUOTE] I think it's the 500 m. ^^ And you're right there, but I was talking about the longer distances mostly. 1500, 3000 and 5000 m.
  15. Renate

    Winter Olympics - Torino 2006

    [QUOTE]I watched the snowboarding highlights earlier as well, and man, that Shaun White is bloody impressive. I'm so glad he got gold.[/QUOTE] Warning, Shaun obsessed one speaking currently, but I so must agree with this. He sticks out head and shoulders compared to the other men there. Watching him snowboard is an own personal heaven for the eye. Just wow. [QUOTE]Ok, the Koreans ARE the best in the world at this sport (speed skating)[/QUOTE] Are you kidding? There are so much other great nations in this sport! I'm thinking about USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan,... [QUOTE]It's hilarious -- I was reading an article in the Post about him today. When asked what he wanted to accomplish in Torino, he answered "I'm just here for the babes." I'm assuming he was joking, but I still found it hilarious. / They addressed that during his post-competition interview on NBC, and they talked for a good while on how his medal might act as a babe magnet. XD[/QUOTE] I wish I were there to be one of those babes! XDDD He loves the attention of them imo though. From what I heard he has girl troubles. O.o Nothing you'd expect from him. Female half-pipe snowboarding: 1. Hannah Teter (USA) 2. Gretchen Bleiler (USA) 3. Kjersti Buaas (Norway) It's almost exactly the same as yesterday with the men! O.o I only got to see highlights of this by coincidence (A Dutch girl was in the finals as well, that's why they showed it). Gretchen was really amazing to watch. But I only saw Hannah's last try, which I didn't find so amazing. So I didn't get to see her greatness. Female speed-skating 3000 m's: 1. Irene Wüst (Netherlands) 2. Renate Groenewold (Netherlands) 3. Cindy Klassen (Canada) Major WOOT here. As a personal fan of the Dutch skating team, I'm really glad to see this result.