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  1. [COLOR=Sienna]I have a lot of respect for the First Nations people, mostly because of how they (Specifically, the Algonkians and Iroqouis culture-tribes) were instrumental in Canada's defeat of the invading Americans during the War of 1812 (Tecumseh, specifically, at the battle of Queenston Heights... saved our ***** he did!), and the Native trappers were pretty well the only reason that a colony was ever established here in the first place. Although I do feel that their affinity with nature is rather overblown... the only reason that more damage wasn't done to their environment is becau
  2. [COLOR=Sienna]Thanks for the response... as I said earlier, I've already got five chapters complete, although I am in the process of refining and rewriting them, but I'll post chapter two now. It's an interesting chapter but I'll admit it doesn't serve much purpose other then an excuse for me to put another cliffhanger in there... things start to pick up by the third. Although I really would like some actualy criticism for once, hah, everywhere I post this I just get superlatives and I want someone to tell me how to improve my writing. [B][CENTER]Chapter Two - Pacing the Cage[/b][/center]
  3. [COLOR=Sienna]In the spirit of the thread... "My god! This... can't be... Happening!" The monster - who was, conveniently, wearing a name-tag marked "Jim Sim" - anyway, Jim Sim bellowed, roaring, flashing his teeth, pulling out a toothbrush with his free hand, and simultaniously peeling a banana with the end of his tail. "My... doctor told me that if I... started using the medicine I... wouldn't get these... erections... in the heat of battle. My god!" "Why do you talk like Captain Kirk?" Amy managed between screams, a comment she followed up with "Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Crisssssssss!" A
  4. [COLOR=Sienna]The White Zone is a story I've been working on for a while now... this is chapter one, but I have five done already. I won't post them all at once, but I was getting some positive vibes over at FictionPress.com and I wanted to see what the Otakuizens thought about it... Read and Respond. [CENTER][B]The White Zone[/B][/CENTER] Darkness is quite a difficult thing to describe. The word itself conjures up images of starless nights or dank dungeons or the like, but very rarely does it conjure up an accurate description of the word. The reason for this is, simply, very few p
  5. [COLOR=Sienna]I love instrumentals. I love how they get across so much without using lyrics at all, and how fun they are to listen to; at least, when done right. They display an incredible technical ability (again, when done right) and I just love em'! What are your favourites? [b]Hocus Pocus by Focus[/b] is an obvious one. It has a great, air-guitar-able rythm to it, and the crazy vocals (used as an instrument in this case, which means it still counts as an instrumental!) just add to the whole confusion of the song, but it all seems to work. Not the most technically astounding song of th
  6. [COLOR=Sienna]Candy grams are severly overrated.[/COLOR]
  7. [COLOR=Sienna][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Today is probably as good a day as I've had recently. "Today" has mostly comprised of school, so I'll start there: First period, I played Lacrosse. I don't know if you've ever played Lacrosse, or even ever heard of it, but it's incredibly fun. Basically, I ran around and checked people into the wall as hard as possible, got into a fight (Draw), and generally beat people up around the net. Got one guy good, drilled him from behind with my elbow and threw him into the net. The best kind of goal! Second period, history, I got a test worth 45%
  8. [QUOTE=NIKI12345]I would go out with the guy who likes me for me, but is poor. Why would I go out with A guy who has everything like money. That would make me sound like a hooker. Would you rather Be in a teriable plane crash and die Or Die of eating dirt and worms.[/QUOTE] [color=sienna][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium] Probably the first one. Being in a teriable plane-crash doesn't sound so bad. Would You Rather... ... be forced to play guitar for days on end, until your fingers are cut to the bone by the strings? OR ... be forced to play the drums for days
  9. [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][COLOR=Sienna]This week, my nomination has to go to [b]Siberian Khatru[/b] by [b]Yes![/b]. Technically amazing, but it's still very air-guitarable. Jon Anderson's vocals are amazing, as they always are, the drumming is superb. Neil Peart-ian, nearly. Yes!'s use of synths and keyboards is unparralled, and IMO it's this song, not [b]Roundabout[/b], which best demonstrates this. The lyrics are kind of... confusing, but the song ain't about no lyrics! Honourable Mentions: [b]Starship Trooper - Yes![/b], [b]Kid Charlamenge - Steely Dan[/b], [b]Farm on the Freeway -
  10. [quote name='DeadSeraphim][size=1][color=indigo][font=arial]There's a pretty easy solution here: if you're gay, move to Canada.[/font][/color'][/size][/quote][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium] [COLOR=Sienna] Yessir... we could always use a boost to our waning macrame industry... and Loverboy record sales are at an all-time low... any help would be appreciated![/COLOR][/FONT] [QUOTE]The Bible has some very good ideas, and I think following it correctly will lead to equality and perfection.[/QUOTE][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium] [COLOR=Sienna] The depends entirly on what you consider the B
  11. [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][COLOR=Sienna]Ok, well, here's something I've been working on. It's a sci-fi story is a sort of Starship Troopers world, where marines fight in powered armour suits against a host of other mostly-non-human creatures. Constructive criticism is appreciated. [CENTER][b]PainKillers Chapter One ? Splashdown[/B][/CENTER] It?s difficult to describe the effect modern painkillers have on a wounded grunt. There?s the pain, of course, which comes in all shapes and sizes, all of them unpleasant, then there?s the sharp sting as your suit auto-injects you with the c
  12. [QUOTE=Adahn] [size=2]In taking this stance on Gay Marriage, I am hardly a model Christian myself. Christian politics is the largest barrier in the way of gay marriage being legalized, and we outsiders can discuss the inconsistencies between Christian politics and Christian values. I think gay marriage is a good model for drawing out these inconsistencies.[/size][/QUOTE][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium] [COLOR=Sienna] Yep... I'm not sure what else I'm supposed to post, hah, because I agree with everything you said, so I guess I'll just re-afirm you're statment... In Canada, for example, ga
  13. [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][COLOR=Sienna]Oh the fun we'll have... [B]The Good:[/B] I'm incredibly good at history. It's my passion, and I can consistently get high 90s without putting any effort into it; I love it. That's pretty well indicatve of my intelligence-level as a whole; if I'm interested in a subject, then I can get great marks no problem. I know a lot of mostly-useless bits of trivia. I enjoy my life no matter what, and I'm generally easy to please. I'm fat, lazy, unfit, and I love every moment of it. I've got a remarkable ability (At least, remarkable in our society) to
  14. [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][COLOR=Sienna] Kari cursed loudly, lurching the Hirvi to the left as hard as he could to avoid the stream of tracer rounds that flew from the cloud of debris and smoke. The two remaining missiles had slammed into the paralyzed mech, destroying it and providing a place for the mech Kari was targeting to escape, at least for the moment. Kari studied the cloud intently, wary of any more sneak attacks. His computer displayed mostly-useless information, identified harmless pieces of debris as dangerous enemies, calmly informed him that there was a slight malfunct
  15. [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][COLOR=Sienna]Currently... [b]Warren Zevon[/b] reigns supreme in my books. Just an incredible artist. IMO he's the best songwriter of all time, he's witty and dark and sarcastic and makes just incredible music. Normally I'm not into all that depressing music, but Zevon really makes it work. Great vocalist aswell. He can make you cry, he can make you laugh, he can make you nod your head and go "YEA!", he's Warren Zevon, and he's the best. "Werewolves of London," "Hit Somebody," "Dirty Life and Times," "Disorder in the House," "Desperados Under the Eaves," "Rola
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