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  1. I played most of that game, but for some reason I only remember him as "Dreamfart". I've got to go shopping now, but I'll edit the post later if I can think of something.
  2. Drizzt: One of the main benefits of GM crops is that in many cases, it's possible to completely eliminate the use of pesticides. I think nearly all the corn in the U.S. is already and has been genetically modified for a long time. To prove your point, there was a massive overproduction of corn recently, of which you are likely aware. Environmental factors still play an enormous part, though, so yearly crop yields vary. As for the fuel, genetic modifications can eliminate the need for pesticides, which I believe plays an important part in the fuel requirements for food production. E
  3. Hey Everybody! I'm curious to know what your thoughts and opinions are on genetically modified organisms. I've also just finished working in a lab that used mouse as a model organism, so if any of you have any questions or thoughts on the use of animals in research, I may be able to tell you something interesting. Since most concerns with GMO's are about food crops, it might also be interesting to talk about the development of organic foods. My opinion on GM crops is that if implemented correctly, they could greatly increase productivity and lower costs to consumers and farmers. I thi
  4. [size=2][/size] [size=2]Depending on the circumstances, sex can be wonderful or terrible or anything inbetween. Your first time is an experience, and it can affect sex for the rest of your life.[/size] [size=2][/size] [size=2]So, what's wrong with being a virgin? There are pressures all around you, and if you somehow find yourself a virgin in your mid 20's or later, there may be shame associated with your situation. At that age, it is generally expected that one has had some experience with sex. This may make it difficult for one to develop a romantic relationship with another person.
  5. [size=2]I thought it was a good question. You'd rather suffer horrible losses and excruciating pain than be a despicably evil person.[/size] [size=2][/size] [size=2]As for yours, I'd most fear being burnt alive. I imagine I'd go unconscious after a good time of drowning and being hit with rocks, so that would make the end nicer. Being burned alive would hurt until the very moment I expired.[/size] [size=2][/size] [size=2]So, you didn't like my choices? I'll try to make my choices a little softer :)[/size] [size=2][/size] [size=2]1. Hugging a cute, fluffy white kitten?[/size] [si
  6. [size=2]I'd have to choose being blinded as my greatest fear of all three. Neither of the other choices would really disable me.[/size] [size=2][/size] [size=2]So, whoever is next, which of these would you fear the most?[/size] [size=2][/size] [size=2]1. Permanently forgetting everything about anyone you've ever met, and everything you've ever done, without any hope of recovering your memory.[/size] [size=2]2. Realizing that you have an overwhelming urge to rape and murder young children.[/size] [size=2]3. Being tortured painfully and continuously for one year, after which you woul
  7. [font=Tahoma]So, what scares me as a male? Well, I'm not afraid of too many things, and the things that do scare me don't have much to do with me being a guy. However, I can easily contort my fears to conform with your question. I am afraid of pointy things. Needles are a good example, but I'm also cautious around tacks, knives, and anything else that can put a hole in me, like guns. [b]Masculine contortion:[/b] I am afraid of being penetrated, as this goes against my natural male role as a penetrator. I am ridiculously afraid of spiders. I can be pretty tough if I've got a
  8. [font=Tahoma][size=2]I have to live at home right now, too, and it really does suck to be treated like I'm still a kid. I spent a year on campus, though, and was able to develop my own individuality.[/size][/font] [size=2][/size] [size=2]So, there are a couple things your friend can do.[/size] [size=2][/size] [size=2]First, she can work very hard to get scholarships. If she can get enough financial aid through loans and scholarships to live on campus, then she can go live on campus. Even if it's for just a year, it should give her enough of an experience to go back home with some expe
  9. [size=2]How do you think your life would be different if you were the opposite gender?[/size] [size=2][/size] [size=2]Now, to uncomplicate things, don't go rewriting your past. Take your current situation, and assume that you are the opposite gender. There wasn't some strange transformation that you are aware of. You must pretend that you have always been the opposite gender, yet still ended up in your current situation.[/size] [size=2][/size] [size=2]First of all, I would probably have to get up an hour earlier than normal, because I would actually have to spend time getting ready to
  10. [QUOTE=taperson] First of all, have you yourself ever struggled with a self image/esteem problem? In other words, have you ever seen yourself as too fat/ugly/etc until it got to the point that you obsessed over it? Have you ever known someone go through this? Feel free to share stories.[/QUOTE] I was horribly teased and ignored by just about everyone I went to school with at a very young age. As a result, I saw myself as someone who could never be attractive to anyone. It wasn't really an obsession, but it did affect me. When girls did show an interest in me, I ignored them completely.
  11. [font=Tahoma]Allamorph, I'm extremely uninformed in the area of physiology, so if you would be so kind as to tell me what the hell a pituitary gland is, and what function it has, I would be more than happy to answer your question. Mnemonica, I thought this particular mistake of mine was dead and buried, but here I find it resurrected. *sigh* I was bored when I created this thread, and wrote the introductory post to amuse myself. I am quite capable of discussing topics of substance and depth, but lately nothing has come to mind. When I combine pretty words with deep thoughts,
  12. [size=2]Oh, I love nothing more than taking a shot in the dark.[/size] [size=2]DS, you were talking to your friends about whoever died, and that the person's death itself didn't really bother you, because you didn't know them. They got on your case about it, saying you were heartless. You didn't feel as if you'd done something wrong, so you defended your position to the point that what you were talking about was twisted.[/size] [size=2]You are not wrong in feeling little for the person who died, and you are right in feeling bad for your friend.[/size] [size=2]Whether this happened rec
  13. [font=Tahoma]Well, I met my fiance' on the internet. On OtakuBoards, in fact. It's easy enough to verify someone's identity. A webcam, an internet connection, and a messenger program like AIM or yahoo make the identity of the person you're communicating with undeniable.[/font]
  14. [font=Tahoma][size=2]Well, the whole thing about laughing at any reason for prohibiting stem cell research stems (haha) mainly from my aggravation with how little people understand about the subject.[/size][/font] [size=2][/size] [size=2]Even if someone does do something wonderful, like changing stem cell research so that it alleviates moral issues, politicians and the public take a distrusting stance, ask for more research, and all the while people are suffering and dying from disabilities that could possibly be cured/prevented by this research. I have very little patience when it comes t
  15. [size=2]Swordsaint,[/size] [size=2][/size] [size=2]I'll do my best to give an explanation suitable for those who aren't hardcore science majors.[/size] [size=2][/size] [size=2]First of all, fetal stem cells are a thing of the past, and no longer very relevant. They [i]are [/i]able to develop into any kind of human tissue, but stem cells taken from fetuses are not genetically identical to the patient they would be used to cure. Research [i]can [/i]be done on them to see how stem cells function, but this is largely seen as morally wrong, because they are taken from aborted fetuses.[/size
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