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  1. Hi, Everyone! Itâ??s been quite a while since Iâ??ve visited these boards! It occurred to me recently that this might be the place to find some people to help me with some artwork. Hereâ??s the gist about me and why Iâ??m asking for your help. Iâ??m a teacher. I taught in the USA for a few years, â??recentlyâ? I changed jobs, and Iâ??m now teaching in Japan. Iâ??m not getting much in terms of professional development here, so Iâ??m doing my own PD project. Iâ??m working on building a site to share my experiences as well as upload revised or newly create materials to share with other teachers. Itâ??s been over 10 years since I took Adobe Photoshop in high school, so Iâ??m very rusty, and it takes me a long time to make my workâ?¦.. look pretty. I would like to save time to work on the quality of the site content if someone can help me [b]tweek the documents[/b] that will be on it. Please help me make them more visually appealing. =) I would like volunteers to help me make some [b]original[/b] graphic art. [b]Examples:[/b] [b]Clip art (Ex. books, animals, stars, etc)[/b] [b]Clip art to match with the art on my web page (Ex. simple art as previous)[/b] [b]Larger graphics (Page covers that look like book covers)[/b] [b]Edit photos and images (crop, filter images)[/b] [b]Borders or buttons clipart (for Word documents)[/b] [b]Edit worksheets (by adding your artful eye recommendations or your own art, and to make it look friendly to children)[/b] If you would like to help me with [b]any of these things (doesnâ??t have to be everything[/b] on the list) please let me know. Send me a PM or reply to this thread. We can discuss anything if youâ??d like. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!
  2. I'm pretty far south states, and we call it soda here. I think I used to refer to all sodas as plain 'ole Coke. "You want a Coke?" would usually imply what kind of soda can I get you? The first time I heard it called pop was some girl from Michigan. And it was annoying, because she had that Louis-from-Family-Guy voice, and she'd call it "Paaaaaaaaaaaap." Yes, with that naggy /o/ sound that turns into an annoying /a/. I've always been a root beer girl. IBC Root Beer. And until I was older, I've begun to like Dr. Pepper, too.
  3. When I was a kid, one of my favorite movies was "Snoopy Come Home". I watched this movie several times, and thought it was the best Peanuts movie produced. It is kind of long, and basically about Snoopy leaving Charlie's side because he receives a letter from his previous master who's sick in the hospital. Several months ago I found the movie on the net, and went ahead and watched it, and it was just awful. It was a really depressing movie. First, Snoopy and Charlie got into these "violent" fights. They were like a couple in a really bad relationship. Then, on his journey, Snoopy gets captured by this psychotic girl who ties him on a rope that's basically a noose. She would drag him around on this noose while he's obviously suffocating and crying. When he tries to escape she beats the crap out of him! lol. The pacing was just awful, long-winded. And the songs were all creepy and depressing. I was so dissapointed after watching it as an adult. What an awful movie-- but sort of funny watching it now. .....But I think kids will like it if they don't think too much about it. ;)
  4. Anotsu Kagehisa (Blade of the Immortal) He's just plain likeable, just wants to be strong, but lets his subordinates offend everybody in the process. Sesshoumaru (Inu-Yasha) Did I spell his name right? He isn't necessarily a bad guy, but definitely an obstacle. Always keeps his cool, and I like how he sneers and bullies his younger brother. Totally justifiable. =P Light Yagami (Death Note) I almost forgot how much I liked this guy until I looked through this thread. I rooted for him because he had really pure intentions to do good, but in the "wrong" way..... Kind of like Batman.
  5. Twenty ten sounds the catchiest to me. I'm wondering what the graduating kiddos are going to call their classes. Class of "ten"? Before there were class of ninety nine... With the single digits (excluding zero) the "o" was added like in o' one, o' two, etc. So once it gets to double digits again, I wonder if they're going to refer to it as standard numbers.
  6. Gantz is in my top 5 favorite manga list. The art is amazing and detailed, and the action scenes blow me away. The concept of being copied and taken into a parallel dimension walking amongst, yet hidden from everyday humans AND fighting crazy monsters at the same time while being controlled by some black ball..... crazy. Then, whether or not these characters are truly living when they return to their normal human lives, it's all confusing and fascinating, making you question what is a life or soul in this Gantz world. I like how the main character isn't your typical hero. Apathetic, horny, and selfish in contrast to his empathetic, self-controlled, selfless friend. I admit, I really disliked Kei, and perhaps that's one of the main reasons that kept me reading... I hated him, but he was kind of realistic. I wanted to read more as I watched him grow, become a better man, rise, and fall and repeat. The writer is..... unpredictable. The characters you think you could trust, go and do something so stupid-- I think, it's because this author was meant to draw, not write. =P. Still, the story is creative. There's always a surprise at every corner. Definitely a manga that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. I've read to the part where some reporter is investigating the black ball, and Rika (I think that's her name) has managed to piss me off big time. I stopped reading this during the summer and I may pick up this series over spring break... I like reading big chunks at a time to keep the story together. How are you coming along in the series?
  7. In Samurai Champloo when [spoiler]Mugen[/spoiler] was having a near death experience. The "gods of death" were surrounding him, and he was having a flashback. The figures surrounding him were surreal, and the music was ancient and haunting as well. The music paused for a moment when he reflected on a conversation he had on the beach where his friend expressed her resentment of their lot. I had a knot in my throat and it felt as if I was holding my breath for 7 minutes. Good scene.
  8. Okay, I'm actually going to reply to the question. I don't think there's anything wrong with it especially if you're "making out", which is obviously going to stimulate you. If you're embarrassed by it, I think it's a plus, because it shows you have a healthy sense of humility.
  9. You have to be able to hold your own, and not depend on others.
  10. I was listening to the radio the other day, and there was a discussion about whether guys have a time of the month where they feel a bit vulnerable as well. Women were calling to discuss how they noticed a pattern in their partner's moods. I'd like to hear the male point of view on this.
  11. [quote name='chibi-master']That old show Pepper Ann. I loved the hand movements that the characters made! INVADER ZIM. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO LIVE. *epic love*[/QUOTE] I ADORED Milo from Pepperann. Finding Nemo. Wow, that movie is so freakin' epic and the cast was amazing. It was a movie that I sat in and wondered "when is this going to end?" and then "I hope it doesn't!" There were so many trials and tribulations the characters went through, and it also made me laugh so much. Fish. Heheh.
  12. Ranma 1/2 has always been a mindless pick-me-upper of laughter for me. Any episode, out of order, any time is always good with this series. If it's funny with a simple (or little) plot, then it's good for when you want to just chill out and not think too much. =)
  13. [quote name='Aiwass']I get tired of feeling like I'm martyring myself. I don't just do the dishes around here. When I'm not caregiving for my boyfriend I've been doing a lot of work. I'm trying to get this house cleaned, but the thing is I can't do it alone. Everyone has to pitch in. I pull my weight around here and more. If no one is willing to help with cleaning up here, then it's not going to get done.[/QUOTE] I know what you mean. Being clean is somewhat of a double-edged sword. When you want to be clean, you automatically do what it takes to get the place liveable. But because of that, the slobs that live with you get the luxury of having someone clean up after them and get used to it, so they don't learn to clean for themselves. Some people don't notice what a slob they are until the clean person moves out, and the place becomes a mess. When I lived with roomates, I found myself to be the one cleaning up all the time, then I just gave up because it seemed like no one cared. Did my roomates realize what a mess the place became? You'd think so, but no. They just continued being slobs, and washing their dishes once a week because they liked the mold so much. Some people don't notice what a slob they are until the clean person stops cleaning, and let me add that some people are either oblivious or just don't care. And no, [B]Lunox[/B]. What I meant was that I understood their habits from "medieval" times, but some habits are not convenient in the modern home that we live in.
  14. I agree with Nerdsy in that being clean by "a lot" of people often refers to organization or vanity. But I think that these people are usually teens/young adults that have parents who mop floors for them or scrub their tub for them. So to them, unclean is the little mess they make that mom and dad didn't put up for them. They don't realize what clean is until they live by themselves or with some other slob. When you become a competent adult, or the cleanliness is just in your blood, you'll know. I don't think most adults consider a disorganized work space or unironed shirt unclean. Me? I'm messy. Because of my work, I have a tendency to leave papers..... everywhere. But I don't consider my messiness dirtiness because I can just easily stack/reorganize my mess, it doesn't mold, kill, smell, or stick. [B]Xyandar[/B], what is up with roomates? Half of the roomates I've had in college were absolute slobs! I wasn't perfect, but geez! The dirtiest thing my roomate ever did was..... Gave her boyfriend a haircut in our bathroom. She didn't clean it up. Left the apartment for Thanksgiving break right afterwards without cleaning up the mess! Her boyfriend wandered into our bedroom, and ofcourse I didn't realize this until I got home from school and decided to do some sit ups on the carpet, and my back was extra itchy. Looked around and noticed the gobs of hair camouflaged into the carpet! Then found the little suprise left in that bathroom. I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW SOME PEOPLE CAN THINK THAT'S ACCEPTABLE!!!!!
  15. I was in a gifted/talented art program in the 5th grade of my elementary school. It was one of the way our school offered "extensions" to some of the students. We went once a week to the middle schools to receive art lessons from the teachers there. It was awesome, and I chose art classes over music classes for credit ever since. Because of that, I've always had an itch for the pencil and paints.
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