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  1. I found translations of the haruhi books, and can't stop reading them! I'm not sure I can wait until next year for the second season of the anime to come out. I'm pretty sure it's going to be taken mostly from "The Disappearance of Haruhi Yuzuriha", and the book was so good I can only just imagine what the anime interpretation will be. Has anyone else read them? The novels are hysterical. There's a whole book dedicated to how the movie shown in episode 0 came to be, and I almost peed myself I was laughing so hard. There are so many things explained that the anime never touched on (the ta
  2. [QUOTE=Dagger] I'll say this much: it took me a lot longer to start [spoiler]truly loathing Light[/spoiler] when I was reading the manga. It'll be interesting to see how I respond to the live-action movie. [/QUOTE] It took until the [spoiler]death of Naomi[/spoiler] to make me really start to hate Light. I could hardly read the part where [spoiler]Light was working his tricks to get her to reveal her name, knowing that as soon as she did so she was dead[/spoiler]. And then the [I]way[/I] he did it- [spoiler]making her kill herself out of sorrow[/spoiler] - that was just too [spoiler
  3. [QUOTE=Raiyuu] I'm not totally sold on Light's [spoiler]evil laughter[/spoiler] - he always comes across as completely in control, of both the situation and himself, so it jarred a little that he does it at all. But if I was making the show and the director said [spoiler]"Light has to have an evil laugh"[/spoiler] then the way Mamoru does it - [spoiler]a soft chuckle, entirely to himself[/spoiler] - is exactly how I'd want it done, if that makes any sense.[/FONT][/QUOTE] I agree. I'm already loving this anime (who couldn't, since it's generally staying so close to the source material),
  4. I don't know; I think the love triangle part of it fades really quickly. It becomes clear pretty quickly that [spoiler]Rui and Tsukushi[/spoiler] aren't going to be together, and most of the series after that focues on how [spoiler]Tsukushi and Tsukasa are going to overcome the various obstacles that are always in their path[/spoiler]. I think I'm a big fan of this series just because of that :). I was never a Rui fan; I always liked the series best during the brief times when [spoiler]Tsukushi and Tsukasa were together[/spoiler].
  5. [quote name='Monkey_Orange][COLOR=DarkOrange]I just bought and read volume 7 last night. And although I [I]knew[/I'] what major event was going to happen...I'm still in a phase of utter shock. :animedepr [/COLOR][/quote] Actually, I found [spoiler]L's death[/spoiler] to be very anticlimatic. My favourite parts of the books were when L and Light [spoiler]were working together[/spoiler], and I was dreading the point where Light [spoiler]touched the Death Note and got his memory back[/spoiler]. After that, everything was just kind of boring. [spoiler]L's death[/spoiler] happened so quick
  6. perfect- thanks, both of you. When I recognize a word but can't figure out exactly what it means, it drives me craze :)
  7. I was watching the first Rurouni Kenshin OVA (again), and noticed at the end that Katsura says "suma", and later what sounds like "sumarai" and it's translated as "I'm sorry." Is this another word for it? I've never heard anything other than 'gomen' and 'gomen nasai' used before. If anyone who knows more Japanese than I do (which isn't hard) can clarify that, I'd be grateful :)
  8. I still like the idea of Haruhi and Kyoya as a couple, just because of how he acted in episode 8, but after episodes 15 and 16 I can totally see Haruhi, Hikaru, and Kaoro as a threesome!
  9. I'm so sad that this is over! I just finished episode 14 (6), and couldn't believe how much I cared about what was happening, even though I already knew everything that happened afterwards. I still maintain that this isn't the revolutionary anime that some people say it is, but I did enjoy it start to finish. A question though. Throughout the series leading up to this point (including all the episodes that took place after it in chronological order), Kyon [spoiler]never stops complaining and wondering why HE is the one who has to deal with Haruhi[/spoiler], but in this episode he finds o
  10. I'm stuck buying the licensed manga, unlike most of you it seems. I just finished the 6th book. I was reading it at work (thankfully it was slow) and was trying so hard not to laugh out loud! I can't believe how much I'm in love with this series. Towards the end, when [spoiler]Higuchi is being followed around town while he looks for a way to kill Matsuda[/spoiler], I was literally on the edge of my seat. I can't believe I have to wait 2 months for the next installment (Unlike anime, I don't download scanlations. I like the whole experience of reading books better)!!
  11. Nekova


    Really? I liked the flashback episodes. It gave a lot of character and back story to Nana and Hatchi (the perkier Nana was given the nickname Hatchi to avoid confusion). Without it, we wouldn't know anything about them. Plus, I LOVED the episodes dedicated to Nana and Ren (ep 4 and 5 I think). They were so heartbeaking. Ever since I saw them I've been watching every episode that [spoiler]Nana meets up with him again[/spoiler].
  12. Nekova


    If there's already a thread open for this, I apologize, but I didn't see it in the thread directory so I thought I'd start a new one. I'm shocked that this show isn't getting the attention that (in my opinion) it deserves here, the way it is in Japan. I'm up to episode 10 now, and it's the best example of josei anime that I've ever seen, even better than Honey and Clover. The characters and their relationships have been depicted in brutally honest ways ever since the first episode. Since the manga is one of the best selling ever, I hope this series sticks around for a while. Has any
  13. Wow. I just watched episode 11 (by Kyon's count), and I think I know where the budget from the last (in chronological order) episode went! At least half of the show was CG. It was a funny episode, too. While I'm not sure any more that this show is going to revolutionalize anime, like some fans seem to think, it has at least kept a consistantly high quality in terms of script and plot. I was laughing out loud in a bunch of different parts (like when Haruhi [spoiler]offered to throw in Nagato as part of the contest reward[/spoiler]!
  14. I'm curious as to why those are our only options. I like all of them, but when I think Miyazaki I think Pom Poko first (don't know why, but that's definitely my favourite). Are those the only ones you've seen?
  15. Wow- I'm glad I stayed with this series. The last few episodes kind of had me losing interest, but episode 8 was enough to make up for it! The show has been pretty innocent (well, leaving aside the whole [spoiler]incest[/spoiler] thing), so I was surprised to see what happened between Kyouya and Haruhi. Even the scene between her and Tamaki had a lot darker undertones than normal. I hope the show keeps it up. The humour in the anime is great, but I like a few meatier episodes once in a while as well.
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