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  1. [quote name='Lord of Spirits']I have something to add as in like when I read manga I have to be careful to make sure that the teachers don't see and that most of my friends don't really know what manga is really about.I mean manga and anime aren't just about porn but they really do sometimes make sense as in some manga.[/quote] i no how u feel but most of my friends know wut anime and manga is only a few dont! but most of time time i dont hide it! but i hide it from my mom! b/c sum time when ppl just look at the covers they think its porn but its not! even sum of my friend who look at manga think its porn b/c there not in to in alot! but once i showed my friend a manga that i had one time and she looked at the cover and she kept calling it anime porn! r the rest of the day which really bothered me! :animeangr but hey :animesigh no matter how much u tell sum 1 one thing sum times it just doesnt get through there minds! :animesigh [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1][INDENT][B]CDDElric1221[/B] Just a reminder; At OtakuBoards, we greatly emphasize the concept of having clear, easy to read posts. This includes correct use of spelling, grammar and punctuation. If a member is posting with very poor quality, they will be asked to clean up their future posts. If the member persists in posting poorly, they will be banned from the site. I suggest you try using a program like Word or Hotmail to check your posts. It would make it easier for fellow members if you did not use abbreviations. Also sentences that run together aren?t easy to read either. ~Aaryanna[/INDENT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  2. well my fav movie is Con Air (well it's one of them) it's a really good movie even tho it's rater R it's still good! :catgirl:
  3. i like rock, a little metal, and JPop! :catgirl:
  4. [QUOTE=Ziggy Stardust][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=Sienna]Green Day.. pfft... emo music :animestun [B]Rush: [/B] If there is a more musically talented band out there, I havn't heard it. TERRIBLY underrated, mostly due to people's dislike of the vocals and the sci-fi lyrics, Rush is composed of Neil Peart, unanimously voted the greatest drummer of all time, Geddy Lee, a good vocalist, and one of the greatest bassists to ever live (He balances vocals, bass guitar, bass pedals, and somtimes keyboard, all at the same time), along with Alex Lifeson, the most underrated guitarist by a mile. The best thing about this band is that they're significantly better live; especially the instrumental! They're a progressive rock band that has lasted 31 years, and the best part about them is that they've done what most prog rock bands havn't; they've progressed. They've exparimented. They've changed their sound. They're bloody fantastic! [B] The Tragically Hip:[/B] Another terriblly underrated band, Gord Downie is one of the most talented lyricists you're likely to find. The instrumentation is solid but unspectacular. But Gord Downie is definatly the gem in this band; his lyrics are full of Canadiana and he twists words like no one else. He's also a TERRIFIC singer. [B] David Bowie:[/B] Call him rock's favourite chamelon, call him the thin white duke, call him Ziggy Stardust, call him whatever you want, he's one of the greatest artsists of all time. A talented multi-instrumentalist, he makes his career with his INCREDIBLE vocals and terrific lyrics. He's also unique in his ability to adapt his sound to ANYTHING - from hard, gritty rock, to glam rock, to dance music, to R&B (Just listen to Black Tie White Noise if you don't believe me), but he's still remained the same old Bowie! [B]Neil Young:[/B] The FATHER of Grunge Rock! He's one of the greatest guitarist of all time, one of the greatest singers, and one of the greatest lyricists; not to mention one of the most influential singers of all time! KEEP ON ROCKIN' IN THE FREE WORLD! Ok, I'm done for now - oh, and new music sucks, especially Green Day and other such emo music (Now, that's just my opinion!)[/COLOR][/FONT][/QUOTE] and Green Day is not emo music!!!! just b/c the American Idiot cd is much worst then there other cds doesn't mean that there emo! but my fav gd cd of there is Warning :catgirl:
  5. has any1 hear about Lemon Demon? well it's a good band and i u no what they r pm me and maybe we can talking about them :D
  6. [QUOTE=Skeith92]Here are my top Three. [B]Taking Back Sunday-[/B]I have loved their music since I saw them live a few years ago. [B]System of a Down-[/B]I dont know why people hate them. Their lyrics are genious. Though, the last two cds havent been as good as they could have....... [B]The Strokes-[/B]I love their new cd. They sound amazing.[/QUOTE] System of a Down ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D if ppl hate them then.................... well lets just say that ppl who hate them will pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n_n
  7. HIHI! hey ppl what r u fav bands, group, singers,ect. well mine r:[COLOR=Yellow]Lemon Demon :D [/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkGreen] Green Day :D [/COLOR] and i can't think of many more right :animeswea
  8. Skool is ok! _-_; i think! my list of good things bout skool 1) u c your friends :catgirl: 2)u might have a cool teacher 3)u c your friends :D 4)u might have some fun! :cool:
  9. Yay! in FullMetal Alchemist! i would like to take rose out of it! :catgirl: :D That would make the anime much better( maybe this is b/c i hate rose) so yay thats the onlt part! :D
  10. CDDElric1221

    Anime Nartuo

    MoRe! :catgirl: MUCH mOrE!! :D [size=1][color=#ff6600]Read the rules. Read the stickies. Don't post again until you have. If you continue to post like this, you will be banned. -Lore[/color][/size]
  11. I LOVE YAOI! :catgirl: I'm writting a fan fiction that includes yaoi in it too! I LOVE IT! :D if any1 wants to talk bout yaoi then just pm me! :D :D :cool: :cool: :catgirl: :animesmil :animesmil
  12. if u like either one plz tell y! and what kind with who or what! well i like yoai i don't no y tho b/c it's hot thats y! so i want to no! :catgirl:
  13. well i drunk apple sider and watched poker while IMing my friends!
  14. this is really really hard! :animestun well i guess i would like to be in DNAngel, Naruto, FullMetal Alchemist and InuYasha! :D
  15. it would be rose from full metal alchemist! i don't like her........ :cussing: damn her!!! i would probly kill her!!!*MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH*
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