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    an otaku at the age of 5, owning 150 manga and 50 anime DVDs. ( i'm a friggin nerd...)
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    watching anime, reading manga, and building gundams!
  1. ahh..fullmetal alchemist...one of the biggest anime milestones of all time...and for the starter of this thread...you're a friggin' genius!! :p :D :p :D :p
  2. [COLOR=Teal][FONT=Tahoma]for a long time now, i've been a big CLAMP fan and have never met anyone who was one as well! their beautiful artwork and their wonderful storylines [/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]have made me a permanent fan! my favorite titles: angelic layer(my first CLAMP title), tsubasa,xxxholic, chobits and legal drug. so...anybody gonna holla out too? :p :D :p :D :p :D :p :D [/FONT] [/COLOR]
  3. what do you think? i like sub, because it uses the original phrases and voices of the show, but i don't want to read the show instead of watching it. but ya gotta give credit to how good dubbing is getting these days. i even have fave american voice actors! so...what do you think? :animesmil
  4. i'd also be interested in any yaoi doujin or fanfic that anyones made, so send it to me if ya can!
  5. i've finally gotten my hands on sukisho and i'm all for it! it totally rocks my socks. a lighthearted series with a touch of sexual content. :p it's mega kawaii!
  6. personally, i prefer roy mustang from FMA. mmm...yum. how 'bout you? and i don't care if youre straight(which i am...), bi,gay or whatever, i'm all about free expression,baby!
  7. Hi! this is the creator of this tread speakin'....thanks a lot for everyone who posted their own personal opinions!( i never new this thread would go so well...) i agree that sometimes yaoi pair-ups go too far (like goku and vegeta from DBZ...come on now...) i'm open to hear any comments on yuri stuff too(i wonder why its not as popular...)so... uhh... yeah! :p
  8. omG! finally, a yaoi fan who loves sukisho and gravi!! i got such a mean post that i thought everyone was just a yaoi hater.
  9. for mainstream anime, i prefer anything on adult swim and toonami (y'know...naruto, fullmetal...etc...) but usually i like any anime that was inspired from my favorite manga and manga artists. i love clamp and maki murakami the most! (oh! please! any one! message me anytime! i'm new and like to make some friends here!)and for manga... i can't choose... i have about 150 manga at home...it would be mean just to choose one...
  10. [FONT=Tahoma]undefined[/FONT] :p hey, just wonderin' if they're any yaoi fans around... if you're a yaoi hater, please don't write mean things on this thread...(i'm a sensitive girl...)
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