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    I'm a great person to talk to and please E-mail or message me if you have any problems in your life. Also looking for friends. Check out my homepage and sign my Guestbook please!
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    student,8th grade
  1. darkartic

    Manga Bleach Manga [Warning: Spoilers]

    Where do you think Bleach is going? I don't have any idea. Just fill me in after vol. 3 as much as you can while answering the question. [COLOR=Sienna][SIZE=1][INDENT][B]darkartic[/B], I have merged your Bleach thread with the official thread. Please do not start a new thread if one already exists. Just check the directory at the top of the forum before creating a new thread. ~indifference[/INDENT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  2. darkartic

    Manga Bleach Manga [Warning: Spoilers]

    I finally got Bleach vol.1 and 2! What's happening so far?
  3. What's the weirdest manga that you've read so far? The weirdest manga I've read is FLCL.
  4. What anime/manga character represents you? I think I represent a lot of different characters so I can't really specify.
  5. darkartic

    Gaming What's your fav game?

    I don't have really one.
  6. What new anime/manga are you looking forward to? I'm looking forward to new manga and Inuyasha shows!^_^
  7. Which two Anime characters would you like to see on a blind date? i think it'd be funny to see Fuu(Samurai Champloo) and Sesshoumaru(Inuyasha) go out. Tlak About funny!!!
  8. darkartic

    Anime Which Anime girl...

    Which Anime girl do you think is the cutest or hottest? [color=#ff6600][i]And WHY?[/i] Make sure you give a reason for your response. -Lore[/color]
  9. darkartic

    How old are you?

    It would be kinda hard to tell one's age at first if they type with perfect grammer and talk more intellictually.(like my self, for an example. ^_^)_>
  10. darkartic

    How old are you?

    To tell the truth,I just turned 14 December the 13. I was born on friday 13,1991. I guess you can tell people's age range from the way the use certain words. Take Stark (no offense or nothing. Just using you for a well thought of point) for example, he's 17 and seems to have a wider variety of vocab and gets staight to the point when answers a post compared to a 13 year-old, which most likely do nothing but talk. Am I right?^_^ Besides everything else though, aren't we all pyromaniacs at heart? Heh, it's feels kinda intimidating when everyone is just about older then ya. >_<
  11. I need to know how to create decent skin color!!!!!!!!! Can someone ppplllleeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeee help!! :help: :help: :help:
  12. darkartic

    Manga Agh! I can't draw hair!

    Hair to me comes easy. First, i try to visaulize another anime or manga with hair that I like. Then, I try something different or try to eleborate upon with what I have. Add a couple of your own flairs and you got hair! Here's a tip, there is a such thing as have TOO MUCH HAIR! Don't go too big on the hair. ^_^
  13. I would have to say Inuyasha because the only thing it lacks from naruto is more ninjas. The thing i like about Inuyasha is that the demons range from Juuroumaru and Kageromaru(One was inside the other. Inuyasha slashed Juuroumaru in his stomach and Kageromaru came out) to Ryokotsusei which is huge adn was once IY's father's enemy. Besides that, every one sticks with their weapon and even have names. But I also like Naruto, too. ^_^ And i completly agree with you Kai's girl 855, that was the frist anime I saw and it got me waiting for more anime.
  14. darkartic

    Anime Wolf's Rain

    i think the series was pretty cool. Kiba would have to be my favorite character. How would it feel to be that close to a wolf's entity?...
  15. darkartic

    Anime Naruto!

    I like Naruto too. Probably the first manga I ever read.(and remembered) Fav. Character would have to be Naruto, of course. Besides the fact he's highly obnoxious at times, and have unstoppable optisim, he is really skilled. It really stinks that the last thing I read was when Kakashi had to remove some kind of spell on Sasuke that Orochimaru put on him. Anyone care to catch me up? ^_^