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  1. ok i just got this...who should ask out a boy or a girl? If a girl asks out a guy does it look wrong and seems a bit too much? :therock: Or should a guy just act like a guy and ask out the girl? What do you think? :animestun I'm a confused
  2. :catgirl: Hello anyone here knows something about Sayuki? I haven't seen anything about it so I suppose I'll bring it up. Sayuki is a really good Anime and the manga is just Awesome. ;) It is a remake of the old story [I]Journey to the west[/I] a story about a priest traving to India in search for a secrid scroll. In this Sayuki " they kick it up a noch" in the words of [I]Emerale[/I] :mrt: All the characters are hot guys. Priest is A bad a** Hottie, and the followers are just to drool over :tasty: as well. If you have not seen it you should cause it is worth watching. :D
  3. You are RIGHT Tom cruise did play Lestat wonderfully :catgirl: then stuart Townsend but come on he's still hot! ;) And it was pretty sad what happened to [spoiler]claudia.[/spoiler] :( [font=Verdana][color=#0000ff]Added spoiler tags.[/color][/font] [font=Verdana][color=#0000ff]- Petie[/color][/font]
  4. I love the movie and the book :catgirl: Lestat is my Favorite character I LOVE LESTAT :love2: He is the second oldest vampier but who cares. ;)
  5. Hey has anyone seen this anime? what zodiac animal are you?(meaning what year are you?) If you have seen Fruits Basket do you like it? what's your favorite character? which character do you dislike? Is there a certain scene that you like? who should Touru end up with KYO or YUKI? I'll even answer my question ;) Here's a quick sum up of the show. A girl named Touru Honda stumbles into a family cursed by the Zodiac. The Boys of the family and girls turn into the animal of their year when hugged by the oppisite sex. Now Touru makes a living with the family of Somha's to keep their secre
  6. [QUOTE=aizima]:animestun Man! I'm in a dilema. It's this guy I like in school, but he's like two grades above me. He doesn't even know I exsist. He knew my sister, but I can't tell my family anything... they make it a drastic case. So I'd like to know, what would you guys do in a situation like this?[/QUOTE] Let's see you have the same probelem like me! well try to get to know him like just ask him about something he knows like you know...whatever that's how I got talking with the guy I like. I asked him if he was going to the game we were having at our school he say yes and That's how i
  7. [QUOTE=toxicsk8er]Okay, now this is for girls mainly but guys can do this too^^Ok, What would you do, if you liked this guy/girl, but there was an age differance?{ old or young}What are your age limits for both ways?{ill go ahead and answer too^^} Mine for youngest are 11{im 13}and for oldest, 15^^Well, have fun and BE HONEST! ;)[/QUOTE] It's true what Kenshinbabe said love has no age.I myself have a little age delema. :animesigh The guy I like is 18 and I'm only 16 AT THE TIME but next year I'll be 17 and then one more year that I can date him legally :animesmil well ... he'll be long go
  8. [QUOTE=XxmoraiNAKIxX]hey, well this is for people who had or having a crush on a band member. :animeblus Tell me what band he/she is in and why you like that person. :animeshy: Ok I have a Huge crush on BRANDON BOYED from INCUBUS :love2: He is so dreamy... :love: ALso I kinda have a secreat crush on Steaven Tyler from AEROSMITH . I can't help it I love his music.. :animesigh
  9. Yes I just barely finished the book I really enjoyed it. :catgirl: I love the Character Sayuri and what she has gone through is just tough :animecry: In a way this book partains to all of us because there will always be Hatsumomo's,Manhahe,Nobu's and even Chairman's in our live we go through the good and the bad but you just still have to have that little ray of Hope no matter what. :angel:
  10. Yes I do all the time.. I even made a book already it's has me in it though and it has Yu Yu hakusho,Inuyasha, DBZ,Get Backers,OutLaw Star,Tenchi muyo,and even manga like hot gimmik..ect..ect. I even make up some new characters :catgirl: and thats not all I still need to make another book :animeswea I guess you could say a series.. :animeswea
  11. :catgirl: I would probably match up yukina and touya up if I had the chance but who would be with Kuwabara?? :( Maybe Genkai.. :p
  12. I have only seen one episod of Princess Tu Tu and now my journey to find it :p
  13. [QUOTE=Evilelf1989]I think they have went a little too far with pokemon. Its a great show but it has been on TV since I was in 2nd grade and im now in 10th. They made at least 10 pokemon games for gameboy/GBA, 3 or 4 games for the N64, and the same amount for GC. WERE BEING OVERWHEMLED BY POKEMON!! :animestun Soon there going to name the gameboy games for poke'mon after seasons cause they ran out of names.(and I will scream if they do) Ok thanks for letting me speak about this. :babble:[/QUOTE] It's true.. :animesigh we are just getting to overwehmled by pokemon :animestun Frist it was 15
  14. Hello I like to say that I LOVe yu yu hakusho.I first started watching it when adult swim started airing it :catgirl: till that time I grew atached to the show. I would never miss an episod or if I did I would tape it :animeswea I know i'm crazy but I would never get tired of the show. Till that sad part tht when Adult swim stoped airinf it I went on a hunt to look for it myself. Now I have all the series on DVD and making my manga collection since shonen jump. Both manga and anime are just simply wonderful :animesmil and the manga even shows how hiei and kurama met. :cool: I think without yu
  15. which yu yu hakusho characters should be together. :glasses: I thaink yukina and Touya would make a cute couple together :catgirl: Also i know i'm kicking poor Kuwabara to the curb but let's see who would be for him :animesmil I know I would perfect for hiei.. :catgirl: :love2:
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