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  1. I haven't been on this site in AGES... but I got an automated email saying that someone posted in this thread that I made in September of 2003. Wow! That was a long time ago.... Anyway... I don't really listen to Saosin anymore since Anthony left back in the beginning of 2004. I was excited about Cove being the new singer when I heard "Bury Your Head" which is an excellent song, but I downloaded the newer EP with him singing a while ago and I was [I]more[/I] than disappointed. They're just not the same anymore... All the old stuff with Anthony, even the B-Sides, were amazing. With Cove, S
  2. I've been keeping up with FMA on Adult Swim since I never watched it when it was being aired in Japan. From all the hype it had been getting, I figured it was really really good. So far, I haven't really seen anything that's wowed me and convinced me that this anime was a must-watch. It's kinda boring and all those colonels and whatever are boring characters, also. Will it get better than this?
  3. I got around to seeing the English dub of PMK when I was home for Thanksgiving break. They had episodes 3 and 4 On Demand. I have to say that the dubbing is awful, in my opinion. None of the voices fit the characters. --Tetsu doesn't have the umph that he had in the Japanese track. --Okita Souji... ugh... it sounds so unnatural. --Shinpachi had a very annoying voice... sounded like someone I've heard before, but I don't remember. --Don't get me started on Susumu. He was my favorite character of the series and they flat-out ruined him. ADV needs to realize that southern accents DO N
  4. [url]http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=39612[/url] Ask there. ;)
  5. We're not allowed to talk about that on this site.
  6. Yeah... I bet all that just came off the top of your head.... Why didn't you just copy and paste the Anime News Network voice actor list? Anyway, the topic of this thread is best/worst dubs, not your favorite voice actors.
  7. I just watched episodes 14 and 15 in succession and was pleasantly surprised. The new opening theme got me thinking that there would be no real story to this [spoiler]modern[/spoiler] arc, but once I saw the [spoiler]piece of the hi no magatama on Hikaru's necklace, I knew that it would be more than just "Hikaru and Co.'s Wacky Tokyo Adventures."[/spoiler] Haha. It's good to see that Raikou is [spoiler]"alive" in the future. I'm very curious as to what happened to him.[/spoiler] Mansairaku is very [spoiler]creepy[/spoiler], as you said, and once again I'm confused as to what he is actuall
  8. I watched Bleach 7 a second time today because I couldn't really remember what happened enough to post. Kon is hilarious. I was cracking up everytime they showed him. His voice is perfect too... Kubo Taito is doing an excellent job. Naisu Anguru! I'm wondering what's going on in that flashback when Ichigo was laying in bed. Don't actually answer the following questions, Quincy. =P [spoiler]Who was that girl? Why was Ichigo's mom lying face down (presumably dead) all of a sudden?[/spoiler] Hmmmmmm.... And what's up with the [spoiler]Shinigami in Soul Society acting like they are bad g
  9. So I just watched the last two episodes of the Heian arc and all I can say is wow.... [spoiler]As they were running towards the Rashoumon, I was thinking, "Hey, we haven't seen Mansairaku in quite a while... I wonder why he isn't helping them." I was hoping that we'd get to see Seimei's face when Hikaru finally got to him, but I NEVER would've thought that he was Mansairaku the whole time. As soon as her arrow hit his mask and broke in two, I was like "Oh my god, it's gotta be him!!!" Then thy showed Hikaru's face and I was dumbfounded. This might be one of the greatest twists that I've b
  10. [size=1]Wow I'm surprised you were able to create a semi-intelligent thread. *applauds*[/size] I really cannot stand the Fushigi Yuugi English dubbing. I bought the box set of it about a year ago and watched the Japanese version with sub-titles, all the while not realizing how bad the dub was. So one day I switched it over in the middle of an episode and was horrified with some of the voices. Miaka's is incredibly annoying.... I used to be obsessed with InuYasha when it first started airing in the US about 2 years ago. At that time I believed that the dubbing was pretty good.... Then
  11. I've read about this [spoiler]modern[/spoiler] arc by accident on another forum and I'm a little puzzled about it. I've watched episodes 1-10 so far and I hear this arc starts with 14 right? You say you may enjoy it more than the first 13 episodes? I hope I'll be able to get as accustomed to it as you have. Now I haven't read anymore than the first few sentences of your post... so I'll comment on what I [I]have[/I] seen. So far, the story has been great. I was a bit disappointed that [spoiler]the real Raikou died before Hikaru could get back to see him. The poem he wrote for her with th
  12. I couldn't wait any longer on ANBU/AKeep for episode 6 so I got Lunar for now. I was very happy to see more characters introduced. The two kids, Jinta and Ururu look like they could be at the center of a lot of mischief going on in future episodes. We also got to see Urahara, [spoiler]the shop owner. Exactly what kind of shop is that anyway if they have Shinigami stuff for sale? I guess Urahara, Tessai, Jinta and Ururu have spiritual powers also. The soul candy that Rukia bought there was hilarious, but too bad she couldn't get the kind with the bunny head on top. T_T I thought the whole
  13. I just finished reading the manga up to where the story is in the anime. I was surprised that they changed the part about [spoiler]Karin getting sick. Did she actually have diarrhea or was something else happening and I'm just dumb? On the other hand, the change that was made when Oushima the bully came to pick on Ichigo at school[/spoiler] worked out better, in my opinion. It made the scene mean more to me. I think Kubotite is making these changes himself because I don't see any reason that the animators would feel it needed to be changed. I can't believe that they have already used up 1
  14. [url]http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=39355[/url] Read that thread to learn more about it.
  15. I watched episode 5 yesterday morning and I was very pleased. That little bird is so cute when he talks, especially when he calls Chad "Oji-chan." The plot that unfolded in this episode was very interesting: [spoiler]the hollow was actually a serial killer that killed Yuuichi's mother and now haunts her son after death. It was sad that Yuuichi died even though he never actually "died."[/spoiler] So... now that the kid has been [spoiler]sent to Soul Society, what's gonna happen to the bird? Does Chad keep him for the rest of the series?[/spoiler]
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