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    black-haired, optimistic mexican. need i say more?
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    Student, man.
  2. [COLOR="Red"]PEOPLE, PEOPLE!! i believe a certain movie called Underworld already proved that a Vampire/Werewolf (vampwolf, or werepire?) kicks both their butts.[/COLOR]
  3. [COLOR="Red"]I ONLY EAT THE CANDY THAT THE MAN IN THE VAN GIVES ME[/COLOR][COLOR="DarkGreen"][INDENT][SIZE="1"]Hey [B]orbindo[/B], no caps please, that's the same as if you're shouting on the Internet and no one wants to be shouted at. Also... try to put more effort into your posts since you could have easily told us what type of candy you like and why. Thanks. ~Rachmaninoff[/SIZE][/INDENT][/COLOR]
  4. [COLOR="Red"]Deja Vu happens to me on almost a daily basis. i guess thats kind of the opposite of being able to predict the future, but oh well. i do remember one time that i 'went along' with everything that was happening and got a spell of deja vu to last for 2 min.[/COLOR]
  5. [COLOR="Red"]Ahhh, the large butcher knife on the lower shelf of our kitchen cabinet...good times.[/COLOR]
  6. WOO GO BAND GEEKS! I play el Trumpet, In my School band, and we rock! Our school's marching band(Odessa HS) record for 1st divisions is 2nd in the state of Tx. 67 YEARS IN A ROW, GONNA BE 68 PRETTY SOON!!! so yeah, i am a BIG band geek.
  7. [COLOR=Red]First of all, it aint bad tri, whats been commented above is just a bunch of people whove lost their virginity trying to maintain respect for themselves and for each other (and i type this with as much respect as possible). Personally i view finding someone who could keep their virginity for a long time a find indeed. Like The Boss said, that really would be harder to find as you get older, and to me that makes the search all the more worthwile. And if your just looking for someone who's good in bed then thats sad, tho i think those were just idle comments. But yeah, if i wind up with nothing, i wouldnt mind taking someone whos already lost their virginity. And looks arent everything to me. If a girl just has the looks and not the skills, she's not worth it in my eyes. :animesigh [/COLOR]
  8. [COLOR=Red]Animecon. Don't read too many comics, sorry. and i could kick robin's flying bu77 any day :mad: [/COLOR]
  9. [COLOR=Red]Yeah, so what kinda mad skills do you posess or what do people know you for? (on otaku or in your town, and hopefully this is different enough that it wont get closed if theres already a thread like this one.) I'm widely known for my aspirations at becoming a good surgeon and being a pyro and an insomniac. as far as skills go, i can keep a positive attitude in any situation (im optimistic) and occasionally ill do/say/think of something stupid that gets me recognition or slaps on the back of the head. OK Yall go for it![/COLOR]
  10. [COLOR=Red]What extreme sport am i into? Extreme pyrotechnics!!!!!!!! not officially an extreme sport, but it soon will be. :animestun [/COLOR]
  11. [COLOR=Red]Dude, there are tons of them here. I think there was a post like this way long ago, they probably just got tired of posting what they can do again and again and again. But its all cool. I play, not like crazy, but adequately enough to not make a total fool of myself in an arcade. Owning DDRMax 2 for the ps2 help alot too (but i cant play as often as i wish cuz its scratched :animedepr ) I play mostly on standard...few heavy.[/COLOR]
  12. [COLOR=Red]What do i want right now? I want to be with the small group of people i met this summer at a camplike thing i went to. Bad thing is they all live scattered across the us (NY, calif, ariz. and such) To be more unrealistic, i want this chem.2 summer homework to disappear. And now i want to satisfy my recently observed hunger.[/COLOR]
  13. [COLOR=Red]Oops look like someone else got Skipped, ill handle this.... Kurayami Oji- I would rather have my closest friend die. callme cold but i could just take the sorrow myself. Skeith92- I would eat gum outta a trash can. bums eat stuff outta trash cans all the time and are usually fine, plus i KNOW what ive probably stepped in, and it aint pretty. OK would you rather Be badly gossiped about like a star for a year (newspaper, mag, and all) or Be badly gossiped about in your school for a year (you hopefully know how that can get)[/COLOR]
  14. Oh, perfect timin. Incubus- A crow left of the murder. Heard about them from a friend of mine. Not exactly hard, but i liked the guitarist and the vocals are in a tone i can only match to a few bands. Underoath- Define the great line I really liked their first album, and i just got more of it here! Panic at the disco- A fever you cant sweat out original, somewhat. 's what i like about em, and this album.
  15. [COLOR=Red]Oh oh oh lemme try! Ryoko- OH YEAH! first place on Pet Stars here we come! Ryo-Ohki- mmmreowwwww..... (better get me the 1000 carrots or she'll find herself floating in space next trip)[/COLOR]
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