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  1. That time I got to meet Bullet For My Valentine last summer and represented the drummer's younger brothers band :)
  2. Well hello :) I had a long day at work, but I was able to post in a few places. I even sent a message, oh boy! It's so crazy how this place used to be the spot to be, and you could barely keep up with topics and posts...really goes to show how social medias (FB, Twitter, Instagram) have taken over, and in a relatively short time. Where did it all go wrong??? WHERE!? WHEN!?! Anyhoo, it has been really cool to see us all online once more. I hope I can carve out some time in the week to come visit. It's tough to do while "adulting", and in between other hobbies I've picked up over the years. I crochet now! It's great therapy :) What have you all picked up to kinda take up your spare time these days?
  3. Boom. And seriously, where do you start? OB has always been something I'll refer back to because a lot of my [online] friends (who I communicate with more than my physical friends) came from here. The diversity of people I surrounded myself with was just incredible. It taught me to appreciate everyone's opinions, their style of writing inspired mine, their arguments shaped and rounded my thought process.. And on top of that, the OB really showed me that my personality was acceptable and appreciated. I'm sure I speak for others when I say this because most of us started on the OB during awkward phases of learning about our own personalities and being comfortable with who we are/were. You were NEVER alone in the OB circle of friends. No one ever made me feel weird or stupid. OB taught me how to accept different attitudes and empathize for others. Even though I don't write anymore, the techniques and discipline I learned from the OB are used on a daily basis and will never leave me. :)
  4. Annie

    David Bowie

    It was a big shock, indeed. A very inspiring artist for so many others! He possessed a versatility and resilience that's rare any more. I think that no matter what you listen to, there are just some artists that have a respect--regardless if you're a fan or not.
  5. I've been stuck in my roots for years now. I still adore Manson, and had the pleasure to see him in May of last year! I must confess I don't particularly care for much of his newer tunes, and wish I could've seen him "back in the day", but it was a great show nonetheless. I am still a huge fan of Slipknot, and I think even more so as the years have gone on. The Gray Chapter is pretty BA, and I also got to see them perform in Virginia Beach during the summer. I have never been so happy! Now, the band that has really taken me by storm is Bullet For My Valentine (who I saw perform with Slipknot over the summer). It's a little bit of a story. I first heard of them back in 2006 when I worked for Hot Topic and we had to prep the store for their USA debut. At the time, I thought they were okay, and didn't really care too much for "screamo" music so I didn't really follow them. I followed other music and then back in 2014 I stumbled upon them while looking at band merch in a store, and saw they had just wrapped up their Temper Temper tour. I started researching and found out that they had continued to make music--and it was not just ok, it was AMAZING. They took their music in a more classic metal direction and broke away from that main stream screamo/emo stuff. Each album has been better than the last---except for Temper Temper (their 4th). I felt that this album is their weakest; it just didn't have any kind of life to it. And you can tell their hearts just weren't in it. And then comes Venom, the 5th and most recent album. I'm am blown away. Sometimes, and especially in the metal world, bands just can't make a come back after a weak album. But so far, BFMV has made it back with so much strength and passion in this album. I am so very excited to see these guys continuing to kick some serious tail, and to keep to their roots. They make the music for us, but they really have stayed so very true to who they are. They are amazing live, and really cool guys! I got to meet them before the show, and I was such a n00b, but it was an experience I'll never forget!
  6. I am just getting here. I have to figure this stuff out all over again, haha.
  7. OH MY HELLOOOOO! I think you were right about HORNY. Man, those were the days. I was reading some of the Bikini Bandits a while back. I was partly impressed, and partly embarrassed because I thought I wrote very well ^_^;;.....For the most part it was VERY entertaining. And I found myself missing those bonds!
  8. So, I think it's worth noting that there is a FB chat that has been running since....Thursday?? It is absolutely incredible how time has passed, the reconnecting, the new friendships, and how the silly antics just DO NOT STOP (as they shouldn't). I am very much trying to check the page out each day. I looked at my old signature the other day, and could not remember what the acronym "H.O.R.N.Y" meant. But I know it was highly amusing, and I'm sure from one of the legendary chats. I do remember the Bikini Bandits, though! Thanks, Charles, for bringing us back :)
  9. Oh my geeeesh....I think my phone exploded with FB notifications. It's been so very long. There's nothing like reconnecting with friends from the past. It's amazing how you realize what friendships you took for granted, and forgot. I would love to be part of this again, even though I am super rusty in writing. Simply getting back in touch is its own reward!
  10. 'sup my nerdmigos??

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    2. Darks Anthro

      Darks Anthro

      Honestly. I want a new graphics card for my pc and I think kyle would like Black Ops 2. That way he has one and I have one.

    3. Annie


      Do you still have that device they call a "cellular phone"?? Why don't you call me? Has thou forsaken thy sister :(

    4. Darks Anthro

      Darks Anthro

      Oh snap! I'll give ya a call soon sis.

  11. Boba Fett? Boba Fett! WHERE!

  12. Heh well it'll be good to have a few honest bankers in the system then.

  13. While I enjoyed everyone's suggestions, I think Gavin has the way of it. I think my name is fitting...as that's how everyone knows/remembers me as :)

    1. Gavin


      *Nerdy victory dance*

    2. James


      I am glad you did not take my suggestion. It was a test.

    3. Annie


      Hahaha, silly James.

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