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  1. I'm not doing this anymore. It takes so long for people to reply and the replies are too shoot. The rp is over. I'm deleting my account. I'm done with rp.
  2. As the scientists prepared them both for cryo-stasis.The lead scientist is in the ship's main computer core. Housing the one of a kind blue box though it was disconnected on the request of the General. Though she wasn't comfortable with not having the full AI online and only having standard AI in it's place. So she decided set it to delete the old AI and activating the real AI.  She returns as both Arin and Zai begin the freezing process. Running final checks on the pods themselves before putting a seal on the pods.   "Ok everyone. Return to the station. This ship launches in fiv
  3. The lady coughs a little as the elevator opens up and lets them walk in first before following them in. Swiping her ID card before typing in a command before elevator starts to move down. They remained silent for a few moments before the lady turns around and runs her left hand behind her left ear. Switching on something before smiling. A high pitched noise is heard for those with sensitive hearing beyond human ranges. She then straightens her lab coat up before placing something on the wall of the elevator. Pulling strings from it and attaching them to several points before it turns into a
  4. Chapter One: Deceiving Purpose   Orbiting high above the busy atmosphere of Earth is the Sol Imperial Force's military space station. Near the primary docking ring is a tower that monitors the entire station. Is the young ambitious General Sneer who had hand picked the two candidates on two priorities. One was that they had no ties to the Imperial Military nor Intelligence.  Two they where disposable no-bodies in the Empire with skills he needed to complete his grand plans. The shuttle carrying the two soon starts to make it's final approach to Docking Ring Two. Two elite guards
  5. Ok Crew 606 is closed but survivors of Crew 102 is open for those who want int. I'll have the rp up soon.
  6. Well if we can't get at least one more person signed up. I'll have to close the sign up thread and call it quits with rp.
  7. Incoming transmission from Sector Six-Alpha.  .............Priority one.   Audio only..... Playing audio.....                        [Static]....Mayday..M[unkown]ay. Ship has been hit by as[noise level too loud to compensate].                      Lost con[static]ol over tartet pl...[alarms sound off]. Going for emergency landing. I repeat. We are going for..[Loud explosion followed by a distinct sound of decompression]             &
  8. I am so freaking glad OtakuBoards is back online Petie. I've missed it so so damn much.
  9. Unit re-appeared in the repair bay via the room's holographic projector arrays after four hours, sixteen minutes, and thirty-two seconds of rebooting his primary and secondary cores.  The restrictions of it's previous owner where only on the secondary core seeing as the primary core is strictly protected via military grade attack barriers that would fry most equipment that tried to access it. Unit saw it's body with no armor on. The drones working on it's body armor where attaching new plates on the armor's sub-structures. Unit instructed to leave any undamaged plates alone and focus on
  10. Hey KG. Long time no see. The more the merrier.
  11. Phansom awakes just as the carriage arrives at the Capital City. Phansom pays the carriage driver the fee before walking into the crowded city. Phansom hated being in crowded areas. More so when it's the capital city. Phansom managed to grab a glance at the town's clock tower and it was nearing the appointed time for the person who sent the letter and herself to meet. Usually around this time of day. The changing of the guard would be happening. Less guards in the city but more of them at the guard house. But today it was very strange. Guards where everywhere and are rushing towards the keep
  12. "Orders confirmed Lex." It said scanning a security panel on the far wall. "This ship's configuration does not match any standard ship layouts."   "Nor will it ever. it hass the firepower of an elite battle ship yet the size of a mid sized cruiser. the armor is that of the Imperial Fleets and the handling and speed rating match that of a racers. this ship is experimental and nobody else has anything like it." Nora said.   "Failure to download ship layout." It said. "AI identified as Nora. Location of repair bay is required."   "Damn, you really need some repairs. head down
  13. I will be posting the events that will be happening in every Realm's capital city all at the same time. It will be a surprise so you'll have to wait till tomorrow after I get home from work. Till later sweat and wait.
  14. Unit 2142-C was in a large warehouse at the edge of the town owned by it's owner who was nervously sending out messages to a potential buyer.  The owner was making the final call to the buyer to give him the last direction to get to the warehouse. The owner wanders over to a gun that's being used to prove the MWP is functional. Obviously the owner has no idea about how to prep a gun no less use one as he couldn't get it  to function before the buyer knocks on the door. The owner gets in a little golf caddy because the warehouse is massive but half empty. Half empty on purpose for the
  15. Name: Unit 2142-C   Race: AI Mecha Model MWP (Multipurpose Weapons Platform)   Gender: Unknown   Appearance:  Height: Nine feet tall. Weight: Eight tons. Power Supply: Six micro-cold fission cores distributed around the body to ensure at least one remains to power the unit and are the second most armored component besides the AI Core.     Skills: Very flexible frame that can equip various types of weapons and equipment.    Weapons: Variable but has a broken electromagnetic twenty millimeter cannon, none-functional shoulder launched missile sys
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