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  1. I'm not doing this anymore. It takes so long for people to reply and the replies are too shoot. The rp is over. I'm deleting my account. I'm done with rp.
  2. As the scientists prepared them both for cryo-stasis.The lead scientist is in the ship's main computer core. Housing the one of a kind blue box though it was disconnected on the request of the General. Though she wasn't comfortable with not having the full AI online and only having standard AI in it's place. So she decided set it to delete the old AI and activating the real AI.  She returns as both Arin and Zai begin the freezing process. Running final checks on the pods themselves before putting a seal on the pods.   "Ok everyone. Return to the station. This ship launches in five." She said gathering a few things.   "Aye Aye Ma'am." They all said securing things down for the jump before heading to the station via the primary air lock.   "Phoenix." She said. "Activate."   The ship powers up on it's own reactors. The ship soon comes alive with power as all exterior running lights begin to function. The light hum echos in the empty ship from the jump drive.   "Phoenix activated." The ship says in response to the scientist's command. "Awaiting orders."   "Begin pre-dock warm up and execute program Orion." She says walking towards the air lock. "Good luck you two...you'll need it..." Referring to Arin and Zai.   The ship begins to run system checks. Checking it's thrusters, Sub-light forward and reverse engines, light drive engines, and it's jump drive before moving onto it's asteroid defensive gun systems then it's shielding and ending with it's main armaments before transmitting it's diagnostics to the station. As the boarding ramp retracts. The mooring clamps detached from the ship and the ship is now on it's own power. Soon as all personal are cleared from the dock and items have been secured down. The main docking bay doors open and empty space.   "Control this is Phoenix. Requesting permission to leave station." The ship's AI says.   "Phoenix this is control. Permission granted. Control out." Control says ending transmission.   The ship soon slowly leaves the dock under sub-light engines. Soon as it reaches beyond the Station's gravity bubble. It jumps into light speed towards Pluto Research Station and reaches it in an hour. The Phoenix drops out of light drive a few miles away from a massive circle structure near Pluto. The ship begins auto-gate procedures as it lines up with the gate's center while the game itself turns on. On Pluto, a mass of scientists and engineers run the numbers and monitor the gate's power systems. The event horizon soon flickers in the center before exploding to the inner part of the gate.   The Phoenix soon flies into the center and enters the gate. Vanishing seconds before the  gate explodes.    Three months later, the Phoenix exits the man made wormhole and ends up four days from there intended destination of the planet Wasteland. But before the ship could thaw it's two passengers.  The old AI was removed and the blue box in the computer room activates. Syncing with the ship before Zai's cryo-pod begins it's automated thawing process though Arin's is set to a different timer. Arin's is longer due to being organic and needs a longer thaw time then Zai. Zai being artifical organic means less thaw time and was out before Arin.   As Zai connects to the ship. All firewalls are down so it was simply put the easiest connection possible as the main AI is rebooting the entire ship. Life support runs on a completely different system then the rest of the ship so they don't notice a thing. Zai apparently found the "adult' entertainment folder containing over a 800 terrobites of porn. Ranging from normal to occult. Spanning over every known species registered in the Sol Empire. It seems that even a few underground titles made it into it. Arin walked into the bridge to find Zai watching porn and Zai switched it to furry porn. Both of them where chatting it up before the ship went dark. All power for everything but the life support went out. Including the gravity pumps. The doors on the bridge close shut and lock due to no power. So they where trapped in the bridge for an hour. In the dark with only the stars to give  them light before the ship powered back on again.   "I would advise not to view adult movies while on the bridge Arin and Zai." The ship said as a hologram of a kid appears in front of them just as the gravity pumps turn back on. Making them fall onto the floor. "I am Phoenix."   (Phoenix is the real AI. He's the lead scientist's dead son by the way.)
  3. The lady coughs a little as the elevator opens up and lets them walk in first before following them in. Swiping her ID card before typing in a command before elevator starts to move down. They remained silent for a few moments before the lady turns around and runs her left hand behind her left ear. Switching on something before smiling. A high pitched noise is heard for those with sensitive hearing beyond human ranges. She then straightens her lab coat up before placing something on the wall of the elevator. Pulling strings from it and attaching them to several points before it turns into a holo screen.    "The effects from this jump gate is unknown and we don't want to risk unknown injuries or even deaths of you two while in flight. Cryo-stasis is safer and even if you where to travel using normal means. you both would still be put into cryo-stasis to conserve resources. The ship has the most advanced AI auto-pilot we can create. So it'll fly itself if you aren't around to." She said before pushing her glasses up. "To be honest. My team's best calculations of your survival through the jump gate is at an optimistically 84%. Consider yourselves test subjects as we can theoretically put you in system but actuality we are not positive till we have test data. Your ship will record all data during jump flight and be analyzed when you return."   The elevator slows down then switches directions as she brings up some pictures of the planet. She goes on for several minutes about the planet and the scientists. Where they are estimated to land on the surface and their survival possibilities. Then she skims over an energy reading that pops in and out of sensors from the science vessel during the time it was in orbit before the mayday came. 
  4. Chapter One: Deceiving Purpose   Orbiting high above the busy atmosphere of Earth is the Sol Imperial Force's military space station. Near the primary docking ring is a tower that monitors the entire station. Is the young ambitious General Sneer who had hand picked the two candidates on two priorities. One was that they had no ties to the Imperial Military nor Intelligence.  Two they where disposable no-bodies in the Empire with skills he needed to complete his grand plans. The shuttle carrying the two soon starts to make it's final approach to Docking Ring Two. Two elite guards are standing by the airlock waiting for the two volunteers. The shuttle docks and air pressure and gravity between the station and the shuttle equalize.   Soon the two step off the shuttle and walk a few feet before looking at the two elite guards standing in front of them. They stood there for a few moments before one of the the guards motioned them to follow. All four walked silently as the station was a buzz of activity. Personal running around in preparing for a large event apparently. Soon they take an elevator which quickly wisps them up to the Monitoring tower. Going through the interior halls while passing by rooms filled with people crunching numbers and finalizing reports before they walk into a large area that wraps around the outer edge of the tower is the viewing deck. Overlooking the station docking ring and a nice view of earth is the General.   "Guards, you are dismissed." General Sneer says calmly as the two guards escorting them left. "Arin Yale, Class three feline pilot and Zai Renn, a long lived cyborg who's original species is human. We know all about you both." Sneer says turning around. "Yale, you've been taking our scout frigates out for joy rides in the asteroid field. Reen, you are a weapon designer and bounty hunter and with your life span which we tracked down to at least seventy years if not more. So do you two know why you are here?"   "Well to be standing in front of a General of the Imperial Military. I'm guessing we either did something incredibly stupid or stupidly impressive." Renn says pushing his glasses up on his nose.   "Not sure why I'm here. Sure a general doesn't want to waste time with a minor joy riding pilot." Yale said. calmly.   "Renn is more close to the guess. I had picked you both out of hundreds of potential candidates for a very special mission. You Yale are one of the best pilots I found outside the Imperial Military." Sneer says snapping his fingers as an assistant comes up handing him a data pad. "Flying through the fields is no small feat even for experienced pilots with no computer assistance. Which makes you the most skilled civilian pilot I've even seen. As for you Renn. You've been designing weapons for decades and do a bit of bounty hunting on the side. You are a skilled fighter." Sneer says signing the pad before handing it off to the assistant. "Both of you would excel in the military but you aren't. I have a mission for you both. One requiring a skilled pilot and an experienced fighter. If you both choose to accept. You'll be given your own ships and any criminal and financial records will be wiped."   Renn and Yale look at each other before they spoke together. "We accept."   "What is this mission?" Renn asks.   "Yeah what is it?" Yale follows up.   "This mission is highly classified. If you speak about it to anyone. Even your mother or loved ones. We'll have you executed and your family and loved ones you told executed as well. Do you both understand?" Sneer says calmly while looking at the two.   Both Renn and Yale nod.   "Good. Now the mission." Sneer says snapping his fingers as the plated window covers go down and the room locks up. Lights dimming as a large screen pops up behind the general. A thin human female with large thick glasses walks up next to General Sneer. "We have lost contact with a science vessel at this planet." He says as the screen first shows the Sol system before zooming out then zooming back in on a far off star. Then a few large planets zoom by before stopping at a planet that looks like it's been inhabited for a very long time. "We have not released the acknowledgement of this planet to anyone besides high command and a few scientists. We code named it Wasteland." Sneer says before he steps aside for the scientist takes over.   "As you can see the planet is dotted with cities that dwarf any city on earth. They are interconnected by some sort of elevated rail system. Any questions?" She asked.    "That planet looks like it has living beings on it. Why haven't we heard about it?" Yale chirps in as the scientist stares like he just told you look.   "Our scientists over the planet have not detected any sentient beings moving on the planet over the past five years." She said.   "Five years? How long has the military known about this planet and not sent several vessels along with the science vessel?" Renn says.   "That's because it's filled with automated machines apparently carrying on their programming and the wild life are not friendly." Sneer says quietly. "Anyways..." Sneer says as the scientist interrupts.   "General what about..." She says before the general gives her a stare before she nodded. "Nevermind Sir."   "The ship was hit by asteroids and was damaged so bad the crew had to abandon ship. Landing on the planet's surface. Where we do not know. Your mission is as follows. You will use our latest battle cruiser outfitted for this mission to go to this planet and rescue any surviving crew. That is priority one. Your secondary objectives are to recover all black boxes as well as the blue and orange boxes from the ship wreckage. I will let our scientist here give you your optional objectives." Sneer says giving the scientist the lead.   "Your optional objectives are to gather any working tech from the mega cities and samples of the local plant and animal life. As well as recover anything that might look like weapons for study." She says before changing the screen to the ship. "This is the brand new ISS Phoenix. It's been fitted with two extra cargo bays. One contains two special vehicles and spare parts for them. The other is to store all optional objectibes in sealed containers for transport. However you are not going to travel to this planet via normal means. You will be going to this planet via an experimental jump gate. It will shunt you to this planet theoretically in three months rather then three years. The ship will fly itself if it detects it's off target after exiting jump space and  you will be thawed from cryo-stasis when you have arrived in orbit above the planet. After completing the objectives. The two internal cargo bays have been refitted with cryo-stasis pods for the survivors of Crew 102. Note we put enough pods for crew 102 if they all survive and yourselves. After that, you will use normal jump drive to travel back to this station. Any questions?" She asks speaking in a calm well planned voice.    "What special vehicles" Renn asks politely.   "Those would be the new Atlis units we've been developing." Sneer says with a sort of pride in his voice. "These two units are prototypes and they are MBS-A and MBS-B. They are state of the art armored mobile suits designed to work in space as well as on planet surfaces and come equipped with a 155mm rifle and missiles. Sealed cockpits that are separate of the main power source prevents pilot loss in case of main power failure. They also eject the pilot encasement 5 miles away if the core goes into meltdown. Don't ask about what powers them or I'd have to execute you two." Sneer says before smiling. "The mission starts now. Please follow our scientist to the ship for preparations for cryo-stasis."   "Yes General." They both said as he leaves them with the scientist.   "This way gentlemen." She says as the room unseals itself before making her way to the elevators.     (Ok it's up and I'm leaving the next part to you both. The gate is at Pluto's Deep Space Research Base and I hope you both like how it's going so far.) 
  5. Ok Crew 606 is closed but survivors of Crew 102 is open for those who want int. I'll have the rp up soon.
  6. Well if we can't get at least one more person signed up. I'll have to close the sign up thread and call it quits with rp.
  7. Incoming transmission from Sector Six-Alpha.  .............Priority one.   Audio only..... Playing audio.....                        [Static]....Mayday..M[unkown]ay. Ship has been hit by as[noise level too loud to compensate].                      Lost con[static]ol over tartet pl...[alarms sound off]. Going for emergency landing. I repeat. We are going for..[Loud explosion followed by a distinct sound of decompression]                          Audio signal lost..... Transmission connection has been terminated...   Crew 606 mission....Search and Rescue, recover black boxes priority number one, destroy remains of crew and ship if recover isn't possible.   Planet details from two earlier probes.   Planet is earth-like. Atmosphere is viable for human presence. Planet has remains of cities and plant life seems to be reclaiming smaller less dense cities. Small power and heat sources have been detected across the planet. Original Crew 102 mission: Observation from low orbit, land and recover samples using robotic drones, test samples to insure flora is none hostile, set up an outpost before Crew 243 arrives to make a more permanent presence on planet for research. Terrain seems to be natural in most areas. Animal life has been detected mostly in the denser nature reclaimed cities and plains. Cities seem to be mega cities. More detail scans needed for accurate surface maps.   Ship complement: 6. One pilot, one co-pilot, Four volunteers drawn from any citizen with level 2 or higher rating. All crew must be well adapted to using weapons if planet's natural creatures are hostile, must be trained in survival techniques, military backgrounds are a benefit to the crew, and any science degree or background will also benefit the crew.   Ship requisitioned from Project Arura: One Mercury class frigate. Atmospheric landing capable. Two shuttles attached to outer haul connected via docking rings for self defense and emergency shelter, six escape pods with six month's worth of supplies each, lightly armed for self defense and asteroid protection. Size: 12000 feet in length, 900 feet in width, 600 feet tall. Hyper-fission reactor powers ship systems, weapons, shields, and eight ion engines as well as the lightspeed generator.   Order of the President of the Sol Union this mission not fail. Crew 102 is sixty-three members. Find and rescue or recover as many as possible. Emergency location beacons implanted into the skulls of all crews activate in case of emergency. Use the Frigate's probes as satellites to form a Global Positioning System for easier searching and communications.   Warning: One large heat source is known to exist on planet within and around the mega cities. Object is unknown and considered dangerous. Do not engage or make contact with it in any way till after primary mission is complete.   Side note: The First Lady requests that, as she says, "If at all possible. Please use holo-cameras to gather as much visual data as possible. Any imagery brought back is very important.".   End of letter.....       The year is 2305. Humanity has somewhat perfected lightspeed engines and has been exploring potential star systems within a 30 lightyear range of the Sol system. These missions are volunteer based and most of the time are met with just planets not capable of supporting humans without heavy terraforming or use of bio-doms. Sector Six-Alpha was considered to be where the "WOW" signal originated from but from probes sent there before Crew 102 where old and only was capable of gathering basic information. Crew 102 have been in orbit on what scientist call the planet, "Wasteland" due to it's abandoned mega cities that, even in current state of decay, would rival the most heavy populated cities on earth by a factor of twenty. It seems who ever created these cities had extensive knowledge of engineering, agricultural, and other areas of civilization far beyond earths as the mega cities are estimated to have less impact on the planet's eco system then earth's cities.   Crew 102's Venus class cruiser was hit by asteroids and had to crash land on the planet. Crew 606 is to be sent to recover survivors, black boxes, blue boxes which contain scientific data, and destroy the remains of the ship and/or crew if they could not be recovered. While avoiding the planet's unknown creatures and the mysterious heat source that dwells in the mega cities of the planet. Tech has advanced enough for many things we think is either a phantasy or science fiction could be real. Though it's only a physical change to the body. Though gender swapping from male to female is possible. Meaning a male could become a full fledge female with fully functional reproductive organs though offspring will be human. Like wise from female to male.   This planet is eerie as it seemed to be once occupied by humanoids that, from what the buildings look like on the inside, someone least have the same make up to humans. Meaning one head, two arms, and two feet. Though slightly taller then the tallest average human can get. Old pads contain words that seem familiar but have yet been sent back to earth to be decrypted. Tech responds to human presence kind of like auto-advertisements. Though the cities seem to have scars from battles and things are damaged. The air is actually very pleasing to breath even in the mega cities.  The frigate has vehicles to drive on terrain and two shuttles for aerial observation.   Danger lurks in the war scared cities on this planet, the local flora is mostly harmless and edible if barely, and it will rain... a strange color then on earth. It's an alien planet where the entire population once called this planet home all but vanished...or did  they? Can Crew 606 find the surviving members of Crew 102? What will happen after the primary mission is completed? Sadness and happiness await with action and drama. Surprises are everywhere and anywhere. Think you can make the cut of Crew 606?   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Sign ups: (Finally!)   Name: First, Last.   Age: No younger then 19. No older then 40. (unless your an AI construct then your limited to 130 years old.)   Gender: Male, Female, or anywhere in-between.   Race: Human or other. (Other includes furries, cyborgs, etc etc.)   Species: Applies only to furries, robots, or cyborgs. (Furries: class of animal. Robots/Cyborgs: Primary structure model.)    Birth Place: Colony, planet, station, etc. (Basically where did you originate from since humans aren't confined to earth anymore.)   Appearance: Picture would be more viable. If picture is provided but does not represent your character, describe what is different from the picture and your character. If no picture is provided, please describe your height, weight, body build, hair color, hair length, eye color, breast size if female, (yes...I know..), physical attributes like scars, tattoos, body modifications, etc etc.   Personality: Basically how you are around other people.   Bio: A short story about your character before you volunteered for Project Arura. Mainly what caused you to join. Be creative. A more in depth bio can really make or break your character. At least one or two paragraphs would be nice.   Primary skill: What you major in. Basically what is your specialty. Example: Bio-science, weapons expert, pilot, etc etc. Secondary skill: Things you do when not on duty or preoccupied. Example: A hobby.   All characters have basic survival and military training before being allowed to leave on missions. If your character has prior military training. Then it is based on your current deployment or previous deployments. All training is mandatory but for those who served will have a more easier time then those who don't have combat or military action.    Weapons are generation 3 electromagnetic and energy based. Meaning they are up to your imagination. Your allowed one primary, a secondary, and a hold out handgun along with a field survival knife. Primaries are assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles. Secondaries are LMGs, smgs, explosives (that includes all explosive launching or explosive devices). Hold out handgun and knife are self explanatory. These weapons are the most advanced in the Sol Union, Sol Union is all colonies and planets in the Sol system functioning as one unified body though several wars have been fought recently to insure it's unification, and these are only given to explorers who are going up against unknowns on extra-terrestrial planets that have ammo regenerative abilities though at the cost of power. Which is provided by your suit's micro-fusion generator. All crew are given a suit that's designed to keep you safe from the elements and space though being extremely light and thin.   Have fun signing up and hope to see many people wanting to get in on this. If we get more then 6 crew. Then the crew roster will be increased. Or maybe they can be something else... Lets see where this ends up.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Sign up   Name: Vector-Alpha   Age: Unknown (Will be revealed in the rp.)   Gender: Either. Avatar appears to be both male and female.    Race: AI Mech Construct. (If you ever seen any anime with gundams or human looking machines.)   Species: Unknown. (Will be revealed in the rp.))   Birth Place: Planet Wasteland, place of assembly unknown.   Appearance: Main Mech Body (Ground mode): [attachment=15451:mecha_zone__a_10_mech_screenshot_by_mecha_master-d4t4g3x.png] Main Mech Body (Aerial Mode): [attachment=15452:A-10SSuperThunderbolt.jpg] Avatar Mode (Main processing unit. Control unit of the mech body): [attachment=15453:alan-van-ryzin-8.jpg] (Note: My character does not come in as a playable character for a bit in the rp. I'll be more of an npc that's well you'll find out in the rp till we reach a point we are all are comfortable as our characters. Also, my character is worn. From battle and from age.)   Personality: Hostile towards aliens (You the crew), cold, emotionless  (or is it?), and though interested in the invaders of it's home. Not much is known but much is to be descovered.   Bio: Vector-Alpha existed when the intelligent beings of the planet existed unknown years ago. Vector has been active for a very long time. It's body is a patchwork of repairs of parts that did not match colors of it's original paint job which on it's main chest frame, very faded. Vector tends to gardens and the mega-cities left behind by it's creators. Though why is unknown and is done alone. Vector would be blamed for the crash landing of Crew 102's ship due to the evidence found in the black and blue boxes and the ship remains at first when Crew 606 find them and the sabotage of their own ship. Stranding them on the planet with a sabotaged ship. The survivors could repair the ship but would take a few months to complete due to injuries they sustained during crash landing and how delicate they need to work to avoid blowing them up in a fusion based nuclear explosion 900 times stronger then the largest nuclear bomb ever exploded on earth, the Tsar bomb. Soon Crew 606 and the survivors of Crew 102 realize the truth and try to befriend Vector. Only time will tell if Vector even understands these strange aliens and learns to communicate with them.   Primary Skill: Soldier Secondary Skill: Gardening (Yes I know weird but their is a reason for it.)   Weapons: While in ground mode, Vector has a weapon that is kind of like it's modern day counter-part A-10. A tri-barrel gauss gatling gun, a high energy pistol, and a rotary blade. While in aerial mode, Vector sports a wide range of air to ground weapons of unknown types. It's tri-barrel guass gatling gun is it's primary weapon and is suspected of carrying plasma based bombs of unknown designs. In avatar mode, Vector is unarmed save for a hold out pistol.   Vector can not switch between it's three modes constantly and engagements usually leaves Vector low on power. Resulting being stuck in that form for hours to recharge it's power source. While in avatar mode, it's mech body is inert. Meaning it won't move or activate without it's control unit. The mech body is six stories tall and is massive over earth prototypes. Vector doesn't engage unless it's provoked and watches the strange beings from afar. Learning all it can from remotes.    
  8. I am so freaking glad OtakuBoards is back online Petie. I've missed it so so damn much.
  9. Unit re-appeared in the repair bay via the room's holographic projector arrays after four hours, sixteen minutes, and thirty-two seconds of rebooting his primary and secondary cores.  The restrictions of it's previous owner where only on the secondary core seeing as the primary core is strictly protected via military grade attack barriers that would fry most equipment that tried to access it. Unit saw it's body with no armor on. The drones working on it's body armor where attaching new plates on the armor's sub-structures. Unit instructed to leave any undamaged plates alone and focus on removing the factory flexible under armor that protects from environmental hazards and exposed joint areas with an upgraded and modernized version. While the drones where doing that. Unit decided to explore his new found freedom by lofting around the ship's computer.    He also sectioned, isolated, and erected firewalls around an empty part of the ship's primary memory banks to secure a proper backup site. While Unit was busy setting up a proper backup site on the ship. Nora and Lex come in to check on the Unit's reboot progress which it left running so it wouldn't be disturbed. It was easy to set it up and sync it to it's AI core run time. Unit also searched for a name. It also searched up for the meaning of gender and why Nora keeps referring it as HE or HIM. Gender always put it's run time into a endless loop trying to figure out the purpose of even having genders. Unit also instructed the drones to reassemble it's body as Lex and Nora attend to a visitor.   Unit returned  to it's body and began the hard start up. Standard after a core reboot. The drones finished refitting the modified external body armor to Unit's frame as Lex was talking to a stranger in the repair bay. Unit's visual optics flickered dimly till solid power from it's six cores completed their cold start-up programs. Within minutes, Unit was fully powered and moved to a sitting up position before running a diagnostics of all core systems. Nora was sure excited Unit was online as she was certainly talking to it. Though while running a self diagnostic. It remained motionless and only had direct visual view facing towards the wall. All other sensors are offline till it finished a final diagnostic run. It would be several more minutes before Unit became active once again. Getting off the table before walking across the room to fix it's weapons with the spare parts Nora and Lex acquired.
  10. Hey KG. Long time no see. The more the merrier.
  11. Phansom awakes just as the carriage arrives at the Capital City. Phansom pays the carriage driver the fee before walking into the crowded city. Phansom hated being in crowded areas. More so when it's the capital city. Phansom managed to grab a glance at the town's clock tower and it was nearing the appointed time for the person who sent the letter and herself to meet. Usually around this time of day. The changing of the guard would be happening. Less guards in the city but more of them at the guard house. But today it was very strange. Guards where everywhere and are rushing towards the keep at the northern sector of the city. Though it didn't concern her what the npc Knights where doing or what was going on. Phansom was only concerned about meeting the client and getting the quest then getting the heck out of this crowded city. Even if the population is 80% is npc, it was too crowded for her taste.   Phansom looked at the map and gets to where she needs to be. "Ok it's 6:29pm....I wonder who sent that letter..." Phansom was saying out loud but quiet enough not to be heard by anyone within earshot.   As the town's clock chimes once to notify it's half past the hour then a large commotion is coming towards Phansom's way. It was strange as a figure gets closer that's being chased by what would be considered a butt load of knights. All Phansom could think is that: "Great..another thief trying to make a mark." Before she could get out of the way of the thief's escape path. The thief crosses paths and passes within inches of her. It was then that Phansom caught a glimpse at the thief. Her head turns to look more at the thief. It wasn't the fact that the thief didn't bother to avoid an obvious avoidable person. It was the fact that the thief looked as very similar to herself. Given the fact that the game mechanics for character customization will not allow another player nor npc to be a direct copy or clone of another character or npc.    "Hey!" Phansom says outloud but the thief blasts by her as the thief doesn't even stop for a heart beat. "Hey you stop!" Phansom yells and was about to go after it before thirty knights surround her.   "Stop in the name of Her Majesty!" The Knight captain says as all knights drew their weapons and the knights on the roofs nearby notch their bows. "You are hear by under arrest for the theft of the Royal Jewels. Hand them over and you may only be imprisoned in Her Majesty's dungeon for a few years."   "Your making a huge mistake. The thief is getting away!" Phansom says pointing towards the south entrance.   "Silence thief!" The Knight Captain said. "Drop your weapons and come with us."   Phansom was now ticked off. She was being framed for a crime that she didn't do. Phansom scans the area and finds that the low end knights that make the bulk of the guard forces where the weakest was near the alleyway. Phansom reached up and placed her hands behind her head. The knight captain smiles as he ordered his men to stand down but she wasn't reaching behind her head to surrender. It was to grab two arrows and infuse them with light energy. As Phansom senses the prime moment. Phansom hears a kid's laughter near the alleyway where she plans to escape into. Phansom looks straight at the kid but even staring directly at it. Phansom couldn't even see details of the kid's face. Phansom could see it was a kid around nine and is wearing a skirt.    "Come play with me Phansom." The kid said as it runs between two knight guards and into the alleyway.   Phansom knew that she would be beheaded either way as what she is about to do would be enough for them to justify the order for the execution. Phansom took a deep breath before slamming one air onto the ground. Causing it to release the built up light energy. Resulting in a blinding flash of light that gave her time to push past the knights guarding the alleyway. Whistles blow once the flash of light subsides and the knights see that two of them are knocked over and their supposed thief has bolted. Phansom sees the little kid again as it turns right at a junction of alleyways. Phansom skids across the cobble ground and takes off after the kid. Using the second arrow, Phansom threw it up into the air before it flashes a bright light. Temporarily blinding knights on the roof as she stops at another juncture and looks around for the kid.    The voice echos ahead. "Come play with me Phansom." The kid says.   Phansom bolts off towards the voice and the kid leads Phansom who in turn is leading the knights in a maze of back alleyways for thirty minutes before Phansom stops at a juncture that has three paths. One to her right, the other to her left, and the path she just came from. Knights are coming from the path behind Phansom and to the left of Phansom as well. The only choice is to go right and right Phansom goes but it was a dead end. Phansom was panting heavily as she stares at the brick wall. Phansom's stamina was nearing depletion and ran out of arrows along with her mana. The kid stands back to the wall and tilts her head with a smile.   "Come play." The kid said giggling as knights swarm down the alleyway.   Before Phansom could find a way out of this mess. Phansom sees the kid turn around and hold her hands out to the wall. Another flash of light which catches her and the knights gaining on her to stop and shield their eyes. The knights have slower recovery time so Phansom recovers sight first. Only to see the kid standing in front of a portal. The location on the other end is  haze and the kid smiles then giggles before walking into the newly created portal. Phansom gets close to the portal then turns around to face the horde of knights. With no arrows, no mana, and low stamina. Phansom draws her twin daggers  then takes a stance.   "Phansom come play with me." The kid's voice echos in her ears. "Come through the portal and play with me."   The voice echos over and over as the knights inch closer. The portal begins to fluctuate as the mana used to open and stabilize it started to fade. Without a moment to loose. Phansom took a leap of faith and turned around then jumps into the portal just as it was collapsing. Ensuring that she couldn't be followed by the knights. It took a few seconds before Phansom was 'ejected' from the other end of the portal. Phansom hit the ground and slide a few feet before the portal collapses and vanishes. Phansom pushed herself off the ground before realizing that what she was about to dust off was snow.   "What the hell? Snow?" Phansom said before wrapping her arms around her chest. "Great and I don't have any mana left to feed my gear's enchantment." Phansom said before looking around. Spotting a house with a chimney that is bellowing smoke out of it. "And all the places I had to end up..." Phansom said starting to make the climb in the snow before looking over at other indents in the snow. About the same pattern to them as well. "Seems like I wasn't the only one who's been ejected here."   Phansom made her way up to the house on a hill overlooking a frozen lake and surrounded by pine trees. It was Phansom home away from home so to say as Phansom stops near a stump then kneels down. Taking a piece of bark off the dark spot near a hole before reaching inside to grab a bottle of mana potion to restore a bit of mana and thus getting the armor's heat enchant to work before she froze to death. It was a gift and a curse to be a cold blooded reptilian. For one, you didn't have to worry about dehydrating as much in arid or humid areas and could always soak up heat from sources like fires, the sun, and other things that gave heat off. But the downside is  that cold weather slows down the blood by freezing it making it thicker. If the reptile doesn't find a heat source fast. They could die.   Phansom finally made it to her home and noticed that tracks from the other indents in the snow near the lake also lead up to her home and she guessed they are the ones who started the firepit. Who ever they are, Phansom would enter the house from the back door and slowly move throughout the house with daggers drawn. Searching for the intruders.   ((Ok read it carefully. The same thing happens to you at the appointed meeting time with the contact who sent you the letter. Enjoy.))
  12. "Orders confirmed Lex." It said scanning a security panel on the far wall. "This ship's configuration does not match any standard ship layouts."   "Nor will it ever. it hass the firepower of an elite battle ship yet the size of a mid sized cruiser. the armor is that of the Imperial Fleets and the handling and speed rating match that of a racers. this ship is experimental and nobody else has anything like it." Nora said.   "Failure to download ship layout." It said. "AI identified as Nora. Location of repair bay is required."   "Damn, you really need some repairs. head down the hall to your right for about six hallways, then make a left. the bay should be right there." She said, sounding more human like the more she interacts with others. "you really can't miss it. I'll be up here the entire time to guide you, so don't worry." ~smiles~   "Instructions acknowledged." It said as followed the instructions to the letter and ended up in the repair bay. "Unit 2142-C is in position at repair bay. Awaiting further instructions."   "That was quick. those long legs help you out a lot." Nora said as she seamlessly began to set up the rapair machines. "Now let's see.. How should we armor you? Then we get to choose your color scheme too. Oh I just love doing makeovers but first... Unit," Nora said using Lex's name for him, "Lay down on that table over there. *points to a robot repair table two feet in front and to the right of them* and send your AI self into the ship's comp. We'll talk more their while I rewrite some parts of you. You're going to be a real boy ponochio." Nora said as she slid off and wandered over to the table.   "Orders received." It said as it walked over to the table before sitting down before moving it's legs onto the table then lays down onto the table. "Commencing temporary AI download to Ship's mainframe." After it finished it's sentence. Unit shuts down and the AI is transferred into the computer.   "Well hello there handsome." Nora said aloud looking at something that only she could see. Nora then set about having the repair drones updating the armor with something more durable yet light weight. "Hey Unit, what's the status of your weaponry that we recieved?" Nora asked as she looked at the crates stacked in the corner where she had directed the drones to place them.   "Outer appearance is irrelevant." Unit said as it stood in place. "Electromagnetic 20mm is broken. Shoulder missile launcher system is none functional. Dual hybrid minigun is disassembled by previous owner in attempt to learn more about weaponry of Unit 2142-C. Unit has compiled a list of components needed for complete repair of Unit's weaponry to full operational capacity."   "So basically you're an unarmed hulk of metal with no personality and severe limitations right now?" Nora asked as she placed her hands on her hips as she looked at the crates. "Come out here where we can see you." Nora said in an anoyed tone. "Let's start with fixing your code while the drones work on your body. then we'll see what you say about colorscheme." Nora said as she grabbed the tool set that materialized next to her.   "Analysis is correct Nora." Unit says as it walks over to Nora. "Limitations on behavioral and personality patterns are result of program file registered as Safe Guard." Unit says looking around in the repair bay. "Locate file in main memory registered weaponry components alpha and request components for weapon repair." Unit looks at it's virtual armor. It's factory color standard grey. "Unit agrees that it needs a new layer of paint. Factory coating has started to fail resulting in minor rust of none critical components."   "This is going to be fun." Nora muttered with a sigh. "I'm going to try to fix the limitiations with your systems. Alert me if anything doesn't seem normal. That means I'm doing it right. If the system feels like it's going to crash, alert me immediatley." with that said. Nora ran and jumped into Unit's holo and disappeared.   The Unit looked around before twitching as Nora sifts through the web of restraint programs the previous owner had installed to insure that his unit wasn't able to develop a personality and keep it's behavior obedient. Though it looks like it's core programs is very corrupted. It's core programs are behind a firewall that would fry most hackers. Military programs on everything from tactics to weapon maintenance are located on the secondary core which is still shutdown.   "Hmm... this guy really did a number on you. Let's move this here... that goes there... We don't need this! How're things feeling for you?" Nora asked after a minute of work.   "All changes to AI core will not take effect till a complete core reboot is completed. To ensure changes are successful. Install new changes into boot program Alpha Victor Charlie Nine Nine Six Three Nine." Unit said to Nora. "Core reboot will take approximately six hours."   "Got it. all changes have been applied and while we wait for the updates to take effect. Lex and I will go and find your parts. You don't happen to know where we can find them for under$10,000 creds do ya?" Nora asked as her mobile suit powered on and her holo form jumped into it.   "List contains contacts obtained from previous owner who provide spare parts. Contact Six on list sells all parts on list at a combined total of $3000 and is located two blocks from Eastern Dock Station." Unit states as it prepares to shut down for a complete reboot.   "Perfect, then I'll take the liberty of dealing with Contact six. All parts should be here by the time you reboot." Nora states.   "Unit acknowledges. Unit is shutting down." Unit's holo fades before vanishing as the single dot under it's visor on the mech's body turns off.
  13. I will be posting the events that will be happening in every Realm's capital city all at the same time. It will be a surprise so you'll have to wait till tomorrow after I get home from work. Till later sweat and wait.
  14. Unit 2142-C was in a large warehouse at the edge of the town owned by it's owner who was nervously sending out messages to a potential buyer.  The owner was making the final call to the buyer to give him the last direction to get to the warehouse. The owner wanders over to a gun that's being used to prove the MWP is functional. Obviously the owner has no idea about how to prep a gun no less use one as he couldn't get it  to function before the buyer knocks on the door. The owner gets in a little golf caddy because the warehouse is massive but half empty. Half empty on purpose for the sale of his MWP unit with a few targets down range for the fire test. As the owner stops near the large warehouse doors. He takes one last look around and checks the cameras to make sure the buyer is alone as agreed before opening the average door instead of opening the large doors.   "Hey...your here to buy the MWP yes?" ~The paranoid man asks as he still looks around the buyer.   "If your the nut job that's been having me run around only to find that I have to do some running. Then yes. *notices the quick looks over his shoulder* something back there you interested in?" Lex says as he watches the paranoid man looking over his shoulder.   "Just making sure your alone and not followed." The man says before patting Lex down. He wasn't looking for a gun as everyone had one in this town. He was looking for recording bugs or anything. He sighs with relief before nodding to Lex to follow him in. "Can't be to careless...Come, hop on my cart. I've got a demo set up for you." He offers the right seat before getting into the left seat.   "Fine, whatever. As long as I don't have to do anymore walking." *gets into seat and gives slight crazy signal.   The man glances at Lex before he takes off towards the other end of the warehouse. Unit 2141-C is clearly online as it was standing where it's owner told it to be. It's weapons it came with from the factory where in crates but the demo rifle was sitting on a stand ready for use. He pulls up and gets out of the cart before walking over to a table then offers Lex a glass of cold water.   "Want some water? Sorry I had you running all over the city but their are people watching me. I just had to be sure your not one of them." He says obviously seeing things that weren't their. "I've set up a little demo. If you'd care to test it. It'll follow any command you say. Of course after registering you as a temporary owner." He says handing Lex a forum to sign. "Simple forum giving you temporary limited ownership of the MWP for the demo only."   *sighs* "I don't mind at all" he lied. Lex then handed the man a filled out form. "Shall we get this show on the road?"   "Excellent." The man said before imputing the form into the MWP's computer. "Now order it to pick the rifle up and destroy the red targets down range." He said while he secretly prays it doesn't malfunction or do something else.   "Gotcha" Lex walked over to the mwp and relayed the orders, followed by a quiet please that only the mwp could hear.   The MWP scanned the area before identifying the threats then reaches for the rifle on the table. As it picks it up, it scans the weapon before pulling the charging handle back. Releasing a faulty round before bring it up to it's right shoulder joint. It waited for a moment before firing a short three round burst on each target in five seconds before lowering the rifle and looks around for more threats. Then it looks down at Lex before it speaks. Though it has no hint of a female nor male personality to it. It was ambiguous and very robotic.   "All threats eliminated. Waiting for new orders." It stood guard waiting for it's next command.    Lex walks up to the MWP. "Impressive" Lex commented as he looked at it from different angles. "Mind if I give it another order?" Lex asked the obviously nervous man.   The man fidgets slightly before letting out a grunted sigh. "I guess one more order wouldn't hurt. But it won't attack me." He says as MWP adjusts the sights on the rifle to compensate for the owner's lack of knowledge of firearms. "Just make it a fast one."   "Stupid man." Lex moved to stand in front of the guns barrel to show the man Lex wouldn't order it to attack. "List all computer updates and limiters installed." Lex mutters under his breath. "Let's see what's under the hood."   "Function not available for temporary user. Requires over-ride command from owner." It says looking down at Lex. "Temporary owner registry has expired. Command is owner only."   "Figures" Lex muttered before he turned to face the guy. "I'll take him. How much we looking at?"    The man smirks finally getting to the finish line. "Well considering I bought it six years ago right off the factory floor for 150,000 chips. I'm asking 40,000 chips." The man says hoping it's a quick sale.   "$40,000 huh?" *Scratches chin." Lex says while thinking: "The hell is wrong with you man?! I may pay that if I could know what the systems running on, but I need the MWP." Then Lex asks. "Would you be willing to sell for $35,000?"   The mans' face went from excited back to paranoid. "You think I'm selling you a faulty robot? It's military grade and  the demo shows it's working as if was brand new. I'll take $38k and no less." Though the man is a paranoid nut. He seems to be firm on his final price.   "I never said anything about it being faulty." Lex said with his hands up in a placative manner. ~It's going to be a drop in the bucket, but...~ "How about I do this, I give you $38,600 and we call it a deal?" *smiles charmingly* "I'll even pay the delivery costs." Lex added in an attempt to make peace with the guy.   "The MWP will walk with you after the chips have been transferred into my account..." The guy says holding out his hand very carefully. "You have a deal but the rifle it used stays. It's for another robot I bought to replace this one. I'll send the crates.." The man says nodding over his right shoulder. "..to where ever you want. No questions asked and no fees. It goes with the MWP." The man says handing over a data pad over to Lex that showed a secured line image to his bank. "Once the chips are confirmed. I'll transfer ownership to you then we part ways. The crates will be dropped off to anywhere in this city you want within an hour." The man says as he fidgets a little. Wanting this to be over and to be on his way.  "We have a deal." Lex says as he grabs the data pad and transfers the chips. "It was a pleasure doing business with you." *shakes hand, and hands the pad back.*   The man waited before his communicator beeped three times then he walked over to the MWP to transfer ownership to it's new owner as Lex talks again.   "The crates can be sent to docking station 16 on the Eastern Docks." Lee said as he waited for the man to be satisfied with the transfer. "That leaves me $10,000 to buy armaments for the crew. Great." Lex thought as he waited for the man to release the MWP to Lex.   The man tapped on his data pad before automated drones came to collect the crates then disappeared to deliver them to Dock 16 of the eastern docks. The MWP powers down for a moment before powering back online then walks over to Lex and stands at Lex's side. "Unit 2142-C is online and awaiting orders Owner Lex." It says standing like a statue next to Lex then the man speaks up. "It's all yours. Don't bother contacting me again as you won't find me." The man says as he walks over to his cart and hops in. "Pleasure doing business with you and hope you get some use out of that MWP." And with that, the man drives off towards the other end of the warehouse before opening the main doors so Lex could take his new property out then takes off towards where ever the man needs to go in his paranoid mind.   "Unit 2142-C, confirm new owner: Alex Aeolus Nightingale, to be referred to as Lex. Confirm." Lee said to the MWP, hoping he didn't just waste his credits and was about to be killed.   The MWP's visor visually scans Lex. Taking biological scans and matching them to the planets identification network for travelers coming in and out of towns and off or on the planet. "Unit 2142-C confirms new owner Alex Aeolus Nightingale. New owner has changed call sign to Lex confirmed. Ownership transfer is validated by this MWP's main AI core. Unit 2142-C is awaiting further orders." The MWP says still standing like a statue.   "Ok then. Unit follow me to your new home. While we're on the way, tell me kind of programming that nut did on you." Lex says as he starts to walk towards the main entrance.   "Orders acknowledged." The MWP stated before walking besides Lex. "Previous owner has installed restraints on the MWP's main AI core that limits function by 43%. Secondary AI core is offline. Last maintenance was completed four years, nine months, nineteen days, five hours, forty-three minutes, fifty-two seconds ago on third, fifth, and second power cores. This MWP's factory weapons are broken, none-functional, or disassembled due to previous owner's paranoid delusions. This MWP is also limited in behavioral pathways and voice patterns are default factory setting. This MWP will require a full system reboot to restore this MWP's core systems and requires another AI or computer to store data memory while system reboots."      *Whistles softly* "Guess that guy really was a nut. Don't worry big guy, when we get back to the ship we'll have you fixed in no time, right Nora?" Lex asked his ever present AI.   "You betcha Lex. Can't have my boyfriend not up to date. Oh, I'm going to have so much fun with him!!!" Nora said with a human girls squeal of delight. "Nora, sometimes you scare me." Lex said with a teasing tone.   The MWP looked at Lex before continuing to follow it's new owner as they make the not so long walk back considering that Lex isn't being lead from one end to the other and they arrive at the docking station where Lex is docked at. The two board the ship via the cargo hold access ramp. Completing Lex's acquisition of the MWP unit. 
  15. Name: Unit 2142-C   Race: AI Mecha Model MWP (Multipurpose Weapons Platform)   Gender: Unknown   Appearance:  Height: Nine feet tall. Weight: Eight tons. Power Supply: Six micro-cold fission cores distributed around the body to ensure at least one remains to power the unit and are the second most armored component besides the AI Core.     Skills: Very flexible frame that can equip various types of weapons and equipment.    Weapons: Variable but has a broken electromagnetic twenty millimeter cannon, none-functional shoulder launched missile system, and a dismantled dual hybrid six barreled miniguns. Using old projectile type ammo without the gunpowder combined with electromagnetic rail system.    Personality: Due to restraints installed after being manufactured and delivered to it's paranoid owner. The AI hasn't developed a distinctive personality in six years of being active. Only being serviced once by a professional mechanic on it's six micro-cold fission power cores three years after being turned on. So due to that. It's personality is stuck on default and it's personality also affects its vocal patterns and gender identification being a male personality or female personality.
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