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    RPG Unraveled Destiny

    Erin glanced at the man who was going to lose his hand in the card game. "Buttercup? You say that now, but we'll see about later." He then turned his attention to the newcomer and his mother. "Erin Auria, East. I have a rank, but never bothered to remember it. Nice to meet you." he stood up and turned to watch the doors open. He took in everything in a sweeping glance, identifying the interesting details with ease. His eyes kept being drawn to the white fox that liked to lay under the black wolf. Yin and Yang he thought as he observed their positions and colors. He lined up with the others like they were asked. The fox just lay there looking at him as the wolf moved towards one of the girls. He sensed that the fox was evaluating him, although he didn't know for what.   "Who are you?" he heard a voice say softly, although he couldn't identify from where. The fox continued to remain motionless as Erin tried to find the source.   "Erin Auria, although I assume that you already knew that." He responded after a short pause as he focused on the fox.   "Oh? What makes you say that?" the voice said, the fox moving to lay it's head on it's paws. Erin got the sense that the fox had an amused smile on it's face.   "The fact that you're only speaking to me, and that you haven't looked away from me even though your companions have began what I'm assuming is a testing process."   "My, aren't you the observant one?" the was a sense of sly mocking in the comment. The fox stood up and walked over to him, it's tail swishing in an amused manner, as if the fox knew more than he let on. "You've peaked my interest. Very well, we shall see just what you're capable of, Erin Auria." the then knelt down in front of him, his chest opening up to reveal an dark space. "Enter if you think you are worthy of the gifts I have to offer."   "Being worthy, and the intentions for your gifts are two different things. If you are to test me, be sure to test my intentions as well." Erin said with a sigh as he entered and sat down on what he guessed to be the floor and began to calm his mind and body as the fox closed up.   "You are an interesting one. We are going to have an amusing partnership if you survive this. Don't let me down." the fox said. Erin smirked as he felt the air shift about him. "Let us begin" he replied as he felt a sharp pain shoot from the base of his skull down his spine and spread through his body. He opened his eyes as he felt the pain subside, sweat from holding the urge to scream in ran down his face. He gasped as he realized that he was looking through the eyes of the fox, seeing the room that he had waited in before him. "We are connected. I hope that your new senses don't prove to too much for you to handle." the voice said in his head.   "Nothing for you to worry about. I'm already used to them." Erin replied as he inhaled, taking the various scents around him in. "Although, the feeling of a tail is a new one for me." he added as he tried to get a sense of his new state.   "This is a sensory link. we are now of one body. You and I share every sensation as one."   Erin took a deep breath, relaxing his body. "I assume there is more testing to be done before we see if I am worthy of your gifts, of you."   "That is correct."   "I have to ask, what is your name?"   "My name is earned, not given. For now, you may call me as you wish."   "Very well, then I will call you Guardian."   "Oh? why such an ambiguous name?"   "Because, it feels as if you are a guardian of secrets, so it makes sense that you would have a name that is fitting of your role."   "My, my. You are an interesting one. I do wish you well in your trials to come. I would like to see how well we work together."   "Very well then."
  2. Nyxian

    RPG Unraveled Destiny

    Erin took in his surroundings as he slowly pulled up to the station where a bunch of important, and bored looking, people were standing. He stopped a couple of feet from them and leaned out. "I think you're waiting for me? Name's Erin, East. Told to report to central for some transfer or something." he talked to nobody in particular, his eyes staying on the girl with the impatient scowl and icy blue hair. "I assume you're the one in charge." He said it as a statement.   "That would be me, but nobody informed us that you would be using anything else besides the tram." Her face said that she didn't like being caught off guard. She turned and walked over to him. "I'll take you to the rendezvous, if you'll just leave the transport here."   "Not going to happen. I've spent too much time putting this thing together, ain't nobody going to drive it. Hop in and you can be my navigator." he smiled at her, trying to charm her. It didn't work. She started to frown and looked like she was about to say something before a older man came to stand behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder.   "It's alright. Erin Auria, nice to finally meet you in person. I've seen to it that your speeder has been allowed on base." He looked at the girl. "Show him the way, but be sharp. He has a reputation for rubbing command the wrong way." She glanced at Erin before nodding to the man before she got into the passenger side.   "You'll want to go north and follow this street." she said, her tone implying that she didn't like what she was doing.   "Thanks. I'll see you later then, old man." Erin said with a smirk as he gunned the engine and launched down the street, flying past people and vehicles alike with ease. "Where next, or is this a straight shot?"   "Aaah!" she squeeled as she was hit with the sudden acceleration. "You'll want to make a left at the next intersection. Slow Down!" she yelled as he continued his blatant disregard of the speed limit. He smirked as he lifted off the gas slightly and spun the wheel to the left while pushing a button on the controls, sending the speeder onto its side as he made the turn, making a drift onto the street she indicated. he punched it again as the speeder returned to hovering. "Are you trying to kill us?" she said as she grabbed onto anything she could.   "Nope. Keep up with the directions, or else I'll find it on my own." He glanced at her, a mix of fear and seeming joy showed on her face.   "take the next right, and you'll be there."   "Thanks. Hold on..." he warned as he powered through the turn and saw the doors to a hangar. "I'll just park us." he cut the power and let the speeder drift and come to a stop by the doors to a room. "Let's go see what's in store shall we?" he asked as he hopped out.   รข??"Who gave you a license?!" She asked as she got on of the speeder on shaky legs. She composed herself as quickly as she could and brushed past him on her way to the door.   "Nobody." He said with a shrug as he followed her into the room and took in the two girls and the drunk. He turned to the man in the corner. "Been waiting long?"
  3. Name: Erin Auria   Age: 21   Gender: Male   Personality: Erin is like two sides of a coin. On the field, he is a ruthless tactician bent on controlling the flow of battle. Off the field, he is a quiet man who keeps to himself while working on his speeder. He does tend to rub authority the wrong way, and enjoys doing so. If he's given a task to do though, he will complete it as efficiently as possible. Despite his anarchist tendencies, he seems to inspire those around him to do their best.   Region: East   Specialty: Mechanics, Tactics, Scouting, Sniping, and Cooking.   Mech: Fox   Erin stands at 5'11", and is very skinny. He has reddish-orange hair and brownish-red eyes. He is usually dressed in his preferred outfit of leather pant that lace up the side tucked into black motorcycle boots and a red tank under a ripped white tank. His armaments are always kept handy, which consist of two custom designed and built pistols with built in silencers strapped to each thigh and a high powered anti tank rifle slung across his back.   [attachment=15479:keita_24_by_deadlyrose12-d8at9g6.jpg]  [attachment=15480:JzPDw.png] [attachment=15481:futuristic-spaceship-dsng-s-sci-fi-megaverse-dropships-spaceships-steampunk-cruisers-128750.jpg]   Snippet:   "You've got to be kidding me." he groaned as he stepped into his garage. He set the box of parts he was carrying onto an open space on a nearby workbench.   "Is that anyway to greet your commander?" asked the man that had caused the earlier comment. He moved towards the parked speeder. "Impressive ride you got here. Built it yourself from salvaged alien tech?" he asked, running a finger down the side of the vehicle.   "Yeah. But you didn't come here to check out my ride." Erin said as he walked over with some tools and started to work on the speeder, smacking the guys hand with the wrench as he passed. "So spit it out. Why are you here?"   "To the painful point as usual." he shook his hand in pain, rubbing where he got hit. "I'm here because you've got new orders. You're being sent to Central. Don't know why it took so long, but it looks like you're getting the boot." he said, trying to get a rise out of Erin as he handed him the folder with his orders.   "Good. I could use the time to look for more parts. This baby is really gonna fly when I'm done with her. However, how are you going to replace your best strategist and scout? It's not like anybody else came close to my scores on the last challenge." he smirked as his jab took the fluff out of the man. "Oh, well. When do I leave?"    "In two hours. Transports getting ready now, so you have time to pack your bags."   "Don't need it." he said as he closed the panel and packed up his tools. he thumped the wall by the work table and a storage locker opened up to show a packed sea bag. He then began to to load his bag and various boxes of tools and parts into the speeder. "I'll be taking my speeder, it's way faster than any transport. Besides, if I'm going to do any scouting, I'm going to need the best equipment with me." he added, walking over to the weapons locker and strapping on his pistols and stowing his sniper in the car.   "That didn't take long... How long have you been packed?"   "Since I got here. Never hurts to be ready to move out."   "Talk about paranoid."   "Nope, just prepared." with that said, he hoped into his speeder and drove out, wondering what lies in store for him.
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    Discuss Godmod!

    that sounds like a different, but interesting, thought. Think others would be interested?
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    Discuss Godmod!

    sounds like something that can't hurt.
  6. "I'll say everything's a trap..." Kato groaned as he pointed at the ceiling where several auto turrets were dropping down, aiming at them, as if they were triggered by the door they had just used. Kato quickly threw his arms out, the hands seeming to disappear as the bullets were fired, but none hit the team. "What do we do now? I can't keep this up and get us out of here at the same time, and time's running out quickly. I can sense two guards on patrol coming this way, and they seem to have a bad feeling about them." he warned as he focused on aiming the bullets into the walls and floor. I wish I could aim them back at the turret, but I don't have the skill for that yet he thought as he tried to play his part as the spy and assassin in the group. "Then you keep those guns occupied while we deal with our friends." Danger said as she rushed off in the direction Kato had indicated with a head bob. "Good luck, and call if you need extraction!" Kato yelled back. He grimaced as he started to feel the strain of prolonged use of his powers pull on his consciousness, causing his spatial field to falter enough to let a couple of rounds through. "Hey, watch it!" Alice quipped a bullet nearly hit her foot. She looked back at Kato, who was fighting to maintain consciousness while also deflect the rounds. He dropped to one knee as his vision started to blur. "Somebody, please be so kind as to rid us of these tasteless toys. I'm having a bit of trouble, keeping conscious here. Too much use of my powers and I'm out like a light." he panted as he tried to keep things under control. "Sure thing, now where are their service panels?" Arashi said as he moved to help Kato, searching along the hallway for the panels that housed the turret's targeting controls. "Just a minute. And.... there!" he said as he broke through their firewalls and gained access to the turrets. He quickly shut them down, allowing Kato to move to sit on the floor with his back against the wall. "That took more time than I thought it would to jump out of the fire." he muttered. He then stood up and dusted himself off with a tired groan. "Shall we continue with our search. I do need to save some energy for our extraction, so let's limit the spatial magics to a as needed basis? Great, thanks!" He then turned and walked down the hall, leaving his companions to deal with his sudden change in behavior. He checked every door he found as he continued, until he opened one and called back to them. "I found the stairs. Whose up for some leg work?"   "Hold up. Care to explain what you said so the rest of us are n the same page?" Lucas asked as he quickly moved towards Kato, closing the door with his hand. He raised an eyebrow and waited for Kato to answer him as the rest of the team came to listen in.   Kato sighed and shrugged. "Fine. My powers, though impressive and  powerful, also limits. Basically, it's not my physical body that is everywhere at once, it's my mind. The body is just luggage that travels along with me. It works like this, If I jump a far distance, I use up a large part of the energy that keeps my mind and body linked. Same applies with extended use. Once that energy is used up, my body is basically an empty shell and my mind is cast out to occupy everything at once. I remain in that state for roughly 8 hours before enough energy is restored for me to make small jumps, like jumping between floors of a building. Anything more, and I'm useless again. I was trying to suggest that we simply keep my power use to a limit so that we have them for emergencies or when we complete the mission." he smiled, a thinly veiled mask for his reluctance to reveal how his powers worked.   "But doesn't that make you useless for the rest of the mission? What happens if we get in a fight, you just going to hide while we do all the hard work?!" Alice asked, a frown of disgust on her face.   "That, my dear, is not going to happen. My scythe, a tool that our employers prefer i didn't use, contain part of my essence.... Which means that I can summon it no matter where I am." he added when he saw the confusion on everyone's face. "I can fight, so I am still a useful part of the team. Is that what you wanted to know, leader?" he asked, turning to Lucas.   "Yes. now, we need to decided to wait for Danger, or we can continue our mission and hope that she catches up with us."
  7. Kato looked over the top of his book as he watched the kitten he had rescued from a volcano eruption a couple of hours ago play with the cord to the light in the corner. "So much has changed since I was last awake." he sighed and put the book down after marking his place. He leaned back as he thought about the last time he roamed around.   1,ooo years ago   "Are you serious?! I have to pay taxes again? I just paid them to the baron, what does he want now?" A woman said, planting her hands on her hips as she glared at the men that had come to do the Baron's bidding.   "You watch your mouth, wench. The Baron wants to throw a party tonight, and you're going to cook for him." one of them said, grabbing her arm, the other moving to her other side.   "Like 'ell I will! Let go of me!" she said as she struggled to get free.   "Shut u-" the man didn't finish his statement as a blade protruded from his neck.   "What the -" the other man said as he watched the body of his partner fall to the ground.   "Alexander Grooms, your time has come." Kato said as he read a book, it's black leather catching the light. He called the weapon back to him as he turned his cloaked head to the other man. "Death has come to claim his due." he intoned as he extended his hand at the man, pointing at his heart.   "Inform your Lord that the Reaper has come." Kato said, trying to his his amusement from the two people in front of him before he teleported to the nearby hill and out of sight. He burst out laughing, throwing back his hood and falling to his knees. "They should have seen their faces! Hahhahahahaha!" he slowly caught his breathe as he wiped the tears from his eyes as he thought about his next step in taking out the local lord that had grown fat and tyrannical over the years. "Now, what should I wear to the party?" he mused as he sat down against a tree and waited for the panic to calm down and the rumors to spread.   Present   Kato was snapped out of his as the lamp came crashing down and the kitten running to his lap. "There, there, It's ok now." he calmed the little cat as he moved to inspect the damage. He turned to the door as the doorbell rang. "Coming!" he called at the door, holding the kitten in his arm. He walked over and opened the door, letting one of his handlers in. "Everything ok here?" he asked as he took in the broken lamp.   "Yes, thank you. Just a little accident while playing." Kato explained as he showed him the kitten. "Little One here just hasn't learned that somethings aren't as stable as they appear. Found him near the volcano on, how was it pronounced.... Hawaii, I believe it was." He smiled as the kitten mewed at him.   "Already taking vacations?" the man teased as he set down the case that he had brought with him.   "Just trying to see what has changed while I slept. What's that?"   "You'll be glad to know that we've found and cleaned your scythe for you. Yes, you could've called it to you, as you've said before, but we wanted to run some tests on it before we handed it over." he sighed and unlocked the case, opening it only to find it empty. He blinked and turned to look at Kato, who was in the other room with the weapon and spinning it around like it was nothing. He dropped his head in annoyance, silently berating Kato for making him carry the heavy metal item up the numerous flights of stairs that were the only option as the elevator to the penthouse was broken. Not that it mattered tot the man in the other room who was playing with the kitten as the weapon was popping up in random places around the room.
  8. -Sorry for the wait guys. Needed a new comp to write and reply faster, since phone takes forever,,, So without further ado, let's get introduced.   Name: Kato Aege Height: 6'1" Weight: 120 lbs.   Code-name: He's gone by many names over the passage of time; Ghost, Phantom, Vamp, Spirit, and Grim Reaper being some of the most popular ones, the last one being his favorite.   Age: He's lost count after all the years and the numerous "naps" he's taken out of boredom or to recharge his energies, but he appears to be 19 years of age.   Appearance: [attachment=15468:RP-3.jpg], He is usually dressed in this: [attachment=15471:Kato Clothe's Cropped Male.jpg] His voice always sounds like it has a magical and musical hint at hit, similar to an accent.   Specialty: Assassination and Infiltration.   Powers: Kato's powers are similar to Morgana's, except for it being the embodiment of primordial space. This means that Kato's consciousness is basically everywhere and nowhere at the exact same time. He learned a long time ago that this is a great advantage over one's enemies, so he has learned to protect it by hiding his ability to manipulate space by claiming it's psychokinesis. His unique powers also give him the ability to teleport himself and others, although at a cost. The longer he uses his powers, or the farther he jumps, the less his body is able to keep up with his mind, and the two separate for about six to eight hours.   Special Skills: Since Kato is the embodiment of space, he has learned that time has no meaning for him, letting him focus on whatever he wants without worrying about limits. Because of this, he tends to scout the areas for great lengths at a time. He also, with a focus of will and physical contact, bring others with him. A side effect of the slight spatial warp that surrounds him is that it prevents physical attacks from fatally wounding him. This field is at it's weakest when he's taking one of his naps so that the magical energies can be adsorbed at their fullest.   Equipment/Weapons: Since Kato can be anywhere on the planet at a moment's notice he tends to be rather simple with his choice of equipment and sticking with his favorite name given to him by people he's worked with in the past, Reaper, he uses a scythe that is enchanted with a small fragment of his soul so that it can come to him at his bidding, it tends to look like this.   Personality Profile: Kato tries to be the kind of guy that you want around, however, he tends to be a little scary when the mood takes his fancy. since he's lived many lifetimes, he has that "been there, done that" attitude and tends to be kind of quiet. He will help those that he sees are trying to help themselves and earn his attention. Think of him as a cat, it tends to help many people understand and work with him, as he tends to laze around or do his own thing without repercussions. This includes his activities around the molehill, since his many handlers know that he's going to outgrow the situation and outlive anything that they can do to him. He sticks around for the entertainment that Geist gives him by trying to change the world that he's lived on for as long as he can remember.   Sample: Kato inhaled deeply, his eyes cracking open as he opened them for the first time in many years. His first impression was that of a bright sunlit field, which puzzled him since he intentionally went to take a nap in the deepest reaches of the earth that he knew to recharge. "That's odd, I thought I was in a cave last... have I slept long enough for it to erode away?" he spoke softly, his voice a soft and gentle melody that hinted at the magics that inhabited his very being. He sat up and looked around, taking in the room. Besides his carved rock bed and himself, the room was a bright white space it's uniformity broken by a black window that showed no sign of anything save his reflection. He grunted softly is surprise, it wasn't very often that he was moved in his sleep. "Leave it to me to sleep like the dead." he teased himself.   "Good Morning, Mr. Reaper" came a strange sounding voice from a corner in the room.   "So, somebody was actually able to track me down... that's new." he teased. "Let me guess, you have a reason for the change in scenery?" he asked with a wry laugh.   "We do, we need you." was his curt reply, to which Kato raised an eyebrow.   "You need me, or you need my powers? Let's see what I've been dealt, then we get to place our chips." he said, shifting on his bed, finding that it was his usual rock slab that he slept on. Glad to see that hasn't changed. Now, let's see who we're talking with... he thought as he relaxed and let the energies that coursed through him to flex and build, returning to their normal levels. He sighed as he felt his usual sense of self return to him. There was only silence from the speaker, telling him that he struck a cord. A smile crept across his face as he let his current plaything think they had the upper hand. The smile vanished as the energy told him that there was something new on his body. He looked over to the window, an eyebrow raised and his aqua blue eyes open with interest.   "You seem a little taken back, where was that bravado from before?" came the voice again, a hint at triumph in his voice. "We have you under our control, so don't act like you're above us!" the voice said, a hint of mockery and arrogance in it. A dark look appeared on Kato's face, as he listened to the man.   "You seem to think that you own me, a very dangerous course of thought. I belong to no one, and I never will." His voice took on a tone of authority and a hint at danger.   "But we do own you! You don't seem to understand that yet, but you will. You'll soon learn what it means to be a servant. My servant." the voice said in a maniacal manner.   "We'll see about that, little emperor." he threatened as he stood up, feeling slightly lightheaded and walked over to the window.   "That's right! with you at my beck and call, I CAN be the emperor that this world needs!" the threat flew over the man's head.   "Screw this." he said softly and teleported into the room with the man, causing the man to turn in shock. "I thing that Cesar here needs a lesson in what happens when somebody treats me like a object." he said as he advanced on the man, only to suddenly be filled with a shooting pain that caused him to collapse and writhe on the floor.   "That's right, you little-" the man never finished his sentence as he was cut off by a soft cough. Kato looked up as he was still fighting the pain that threatened to knock him out and looked at the silhouette in a door way, it was holding an object that he hadn't seen before and the man that he was talking with slowly sank to the floor as blood soaked into his shirt from a wound that was caused by what Kato assumed was the weapon that the figure had.   "Ahem, thank you for your service here at Geist, we appreciate all that you've done for us." the figure said, stepping into the room and revealing itself as a woman who tossed the object onto the dead body. "Now, onto business. Mr. Reaper, what you're experiencing is just a taste of the devices that we have implanted in you." she said as she pulled out a small remote and pressed a button on it, the pain vanishing as suddenly as it appeared. "We wish to offer you a mission. One that I'm sure that you're going to enjoy, judging by your stunt from earlier."   "A mission?" he panted.   "A mission to remove all the soon to be tyrants that pose as heroes. We seek to make this world safe for everyone, one that's not under the control of someone, something, that lords above us and judges us on a whim. Will you join us?" She offered him a hand and smile, one that hinted a new things.   Kato smiled his usual sly smile and took her hand, getting to his feet. "When do I start?"                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I hope that sign-ups are still open...
  9. New laptop! Means more activity, YAY!!!

  10. "Well, that was unexpected, to say the least." He said rubbing his head while looking at the holo. "Care to explain why the power went out?" He asked the kid. He reached over and helped Zai to get up while also looking for a data pad. He wanted to check the ships diagnostics before there were any other.... Problems.
  11. Ari took a deep breath and slowly let it out as the fluids began to pump into his veins. He always hated this part of prolonged space travel... it reminded him of the experiments that his mom would practice on him. He looked over his reflection on the pod's window, laughing at how nervous he looked. "you're the one who wanted to have a grand adventure filled with life or death choices. Well here you are and you look like a nervous cat. Pathetic." he said to himself, closing his eyes and drifting off into cryo sleep, hoping that these people were confident in their jobs and not going to throw his life away because they forgot to carry the one.
  12. Arin looked at the data that they were given while the shuttle took them to the Phoenix. "A real adventure. And one with high stakes too, not too bad for someone just out of the colony. He sighed as the lab techs fussed over them fitting them with cryo suits. He shifted uncomfortably as his tail was stuffed into his suit without a care. The one thing he hated about being a furry was that there was no way that the tail could go through cryo without being against his body. Earlier experiments done on the base proved that. He had seen his share of amputated tails due to those experiments.   "So, are we going to be armed when we get there?" he asked, hoping that they received his list of weapon proficients. He stepped into the pod and sighed as the whole array of wires and tubes were attached. I hate this part of cryo. they need to figure a way to freeze us without having to make us look like we're in intensive care. He thought as he grunted in pain as yet another needle was driven home. He looked over at Renn, wondering if he needed this done to him, or if he needed to go on a stand-by type of deal until they reached their destination. "Because of we are going to be armed, I wanted to make sure you guys packed weapons I'm good with."
  13. Arin followed after the scientist, his ear twitching as he thought about the mission. Something's off about this. he though as he glanced at the guy he came with. he sighed with a slight shake of his head, his tail fluffing up just a little as his sense of unease and distrust grew."So let me get this straight, We're going to be traveling in cryo on an automated ship through an, and correct me if I'm wrong, untested jump gate? As in, no real pilot? What are our chances of survival?" he asked the scientist as he took in his surroundings, glancing again with slight interest at Renn. He let his senses out, trying to get a feel for his new "partner".   He then turned to the guy and offered his hand, "I'm Arin Yale, nice to meet you." he smiled and tried to keep his claws sheathed, which was harder than it looked as his animal instincts tried to keep them out and ready. He inwardly grimaced as he hated going against his instincts, the very thing that brought him here. He wasn't surprised that they knew about his racing. It wasn't like he even tried to hide it, all the regular visitors knew he raced. He made quite a bit of money off the bets too, but that went straight back into the station's economy. He thought back to the part where the general warned about the breach of security. He couldn't help but grin at the thought. He hadn't talked with his family in almost six years. Not since his mother tried to lock him up for her experiment.
  14. Name: Arin Yale   Age: 20   Gender: Male   Race: Furry   Species: Class 3 (mostly animal features) Cat   Birth Place: Bio-Gen Station 6, Mars Asteroid Belt   Appearance: [attachment=15454:Costello_by_Edheloth.jpg] His fur is a lighter blue though with Ice blue highlights through it.   Personality: Arin is friendly and helpful, preferring to be laid back and chill, going with the flow. He knows you can't control the future and doesn't want to stress out over it.   Bio: Arin was born and raised on Bio-Gen Station 6, a bio-engineering and research station stationed in the Mars asteroid belt. He spent most of his time in the hangars of the station with his dad, who was a ship mechanic. His mother was a bio-engineer, who spent most of her time at work, only coming home late at night to eat and shower before heading out again. Arin spent most of his preteen and teenage years racing through the asteroid belt and visiting Mars for their underground racing events. A practice encouraged by his father and ignored by his mother. As a result, he has mastered flying every type of vessel that came to the station, from light mining craft to the occasional military scout ship that came by for repairs while the station was inspected. Arin was proud of his piloting skills, and eventually became a pilot for the the station's longer range deliveries and supply runs to earth and other colonies. It was after his nineteenth birthday that he decided to leave the station and find a new home in the universe. His father sent him to an old military friend of his to teach him basic survival skills and how to shoot. While he doesn't necessarily have any real combat experience, he was trained like the rest of the soldiers that are deployed to date. After he turned twenty, he saw and add asking for skilled pilots to go on a deep space mission and volunteered immediately, showing his skills as a pilot and blowing away his competition.   Primary skill: Pilot Secondary skill: Cooking   Primary Weapon: Aztec Z-33 Sniper Rifle [attachment=15455:CA_Nano_sniper_by_jimsvanberg.jpg] Secondary: Dual Razor C3 SMGs [attachment=15456:3407455a.jpg] Hold Out Handgun: Dessert Eagle Survival Knife
  15. Arin sat in the shell as Nora brought the ship into orbit over the base that he was hacking. The ship moved in line with the other ships as they made their way to the lavishly decorated landing pad as the guards watched over everything with expressionless faces."I don't know why you need me to bring you into orbit over the base when our signals can reach it from anywhere on the planet..." Nora said, popping up on his console dressed in a flowing ball gown and heels.   "Because I'm going to take a little stroll through the party and see who wanted to pay their respects to the fallen Don."   "I don't recommend doing that. It seems a little dangerous... Especially if another Hunter is present, since you already have six bounties on ice. What if they try to take them from you?"   "Thanks for the concern, Mom. I know it's not the best plan, but what else can I do? This guy tried to hack me a few months ago, and I don't take that lightly. Anyways, I didn't have time to pick up supplies on our last stop and I'm hungry..." he pouted as he adjusted his tie int he mirror. I will never understand why humans think that it's a great idea to willing wear a noose around your neck. he sighed as he looked himself over.   "That was your fault for trying to single-handedly take out a pirate base without thinking! Honestly, this is what you deserve." she crossed her arms and turned her back to him.   "How was I supposed to know that they had better sensors than was in the schematics?! Besides, I did manage to capture three of their biggest leaders, each worth Sixty thousand a piece. Well, I'm off. Kiss the kids good night for me." he said with a chuckle as he left the room and to the ramp as the ship began it's descent.   "You know they hate it when you call them that." she chided with a glance over her shoulder at his departing back.   "I know. Wish me luck. I'm going to enjoy this party and bring in child number four. I always wanted to have an even number of offspring..." he said as he exited the ship.   "You are a glutton for punishment..." he smiled and walked over to the guard who was checking invites against a list. He held his breath as he waited for him to pass him, hoping that his forged invite and hacking the list let him in. He let it out when he was given the nod and reminded that weapons were prohibited on the premises. He followed the guide to the Valet, handing over his obvious guns, inwardly smiling as he thought about his "secrets" that he always kept with him. He let out a low whistle as he took in the grand and expensive set up. This isn't a funeral, this is a show of power. Poor lout won't even get respect in death...  though he didn't get much in life either, so no loss there. After he had made a plate for himself and found a quiet corner to sit in and enjoy the rich, and somewhat disgusting, food he began to hack the security systems as he tried to locate his target.   "A little help would be lovely..." he muttered into the camouflaged mic that was hidden by his shirt collar. He smiled at the passing guard as he continued to eat.   "Von Truffle is about to make his appearance soon. He should be wearing a powder blue suit and standing next to the coffin when they begin to mourn," Nora informed him. He shuddered at the image of the obese man wearing a powder blue suit. "How anyone thought a powder blue suit was a good idea is beyond me..." she added, as if reading his thoughts and saying what he wouldn't. As if on cue, the lights dimmed slightly as the crowds attention was brought to the center of the room. A spot light lit up the area as a platform slowly made it's way from a room below as the body of the fallen Don was shown in a cheesy glass coffin. It was surrounded by his loyal attendants and his right hand man. True to her report, he was dressed in a powder blue suit and slowly scanning the crowd as he began the eulogy. Arin barely paid any attention to that as  he used the guise of getting more food to get closer to the power junction hidden in the marble pillar near the table.   "Thank you all for coming and spending these solemn hours with us as we mourn the loss of a great man." Von Truffle finished. He glanced once more over the politely clapping crowds before he stepped off the stage and mingled with the other mafia members. Arin took a moment to collect himself before he generated a sword, his right hand glowing yellow as it formed, and stabbed it into the pillar, shorting the circuits and plunging the party into darkness. He then started to make his way to Von Truffle, his sword leaving a yellow trail behind him as he dispatched any guards who were smart enough to gather around the more important members. He then grabbed his target by the thin tie that he wore and brought the pommel of his sword down on his temple, knocking him out. He was halfway to the door when the power was brought back on.   "Uh Nora..." he began, silently cursing himself and Von Truffle for his weight.   "Coming to the rescue yet again..." she sighed as she powered up the ship and blasted a hole in the ceiling, covering their escape and adding more chaos to the already seething crowd.   "Thanks, now get us the **** out of here!" he yelled as he ran as fast as he could with the dead weight of Von Truffle over his shoulder. "I want to cash in our prizes before things get too much." he slapped his hand on the ramp controls, raising it as Nora began to pilot the ship away from the palace's defensive cannons. "Plot a course for ICARUS, and give me a damage report when you can." he said, dropping the man mercilessly on the deck and sprinting to the bridge.    "Shields holding at 80%, hull integrity nominal, superficial damage only. course plotted. Jumping in Three... Two... One... Jump." She said calmly as she sat in the copilot's seat furiously typing away, the ship jumped out of the system, damaging the nearby vessels and buildings as they jumped from in atmosphere. "That's the last time we take revenge... right?!" she asked him, her tone suggesting that she believed otherwise.   "Before you say-" he began.   "And I told you this might happen!" she cut in, her hands on her hips.   "I told you so..." he finished as he dropped his head into his hand and walked to the cargo bay. "I'm going to secure Mr. Piggy while he's still asleep. Let me know when we arrive. I want us fully stocked and repaired after we turn these guys in."   "Aye, aye Sir!" she said with a salute.
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