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  1. Full metal alchemist is an awesome anime series with good plot and characters. :catgirl: I've only seen episode 1 and 50 in [[COLOR=Sienna]Removed[/COLOR]]. This series is great but depressing. First you see Edward's arm been[spoiler] bitten by wolf (?) but then his arm was made out of steel !?[/spoiler] :animestun It has dark twisted plots and the sounds scared me. :animedepr But while I was frightened, I pretty much enjoyed watching because of that! Full metal alchemist episode 1 and 50 is shown in [[COLOR=Sienna]Link Removed[/COLOR]] Once you have got into the [[COLOR=Sienna]re
  2. Cheeky7


    :animedepr I don't know... how to comfort you pixie_rich. Having a serious disease (not as much as AIDs) that weakens your immune system is horrible. A slightest cold can be harmful to you can't it? It must've been shocking and depressing for you to find out that you've got HIV. you may be struggling to cope with this but one thing I can tell you is, not all HIV patients will die but possibilities. HIV is not deadly as AIDs but there is a risk that can turn into AIDS. But worrying about this won't solve a thing. Like most of the OB member post said, you're not gonna die tomorrow. Make the most
  3. Sadness, hyper, happiness, love, depression and anger. Depression is the strongest emotion for me.
  4. [quote name='duoikari']If your new to yaoi, you can be a sheep and watch/read gravitation or you can be an indivual and go for something like No money or If dogs could also walk or Viewfinder.^_____________^[/quote] The country where I live ( New Zealand) hardly sell comics in stores :animesigh Do you know any sites where I could read yaoi manga scanlations/downloads? If so, please tell me! :D
  5. There is nothing wrong with having pre-martial sex. It's other people's choice to whether they want to have sex or not. If people are having sex before marriage, or choose to stay as virgin until marriage, it's their choice. But it's wrong for people having sex at the age nearly as young as 12 years old. (What is the world coming to?) Pre-martial sex is fine as long as you're sharing with someone special. But people shouldn't lose their virginity if they're gonna regret after having sex. I am chinese and some chinese people lose respect to people (particularlly girls) who already had sex. Esp
  6. I just found out the meaning of "yaoi" today. :D My opinion on yaoi? Well, I've never read/seen before so it would be nice to check it out :)
  7. [QUOTE=The Boss][color=darkgreen][size=1]Example: My best friend is a track distance runner. //snip// Example: Stoner friend. //snip// Example: My friend Matt. His brother is an active member in the Crips. //snip//[/color][/size][/QUOTE] Wow! :wow: You're a cool guy! :cool: You must hang out with all sorts of people huh? It must be awesome getting along with different variety of friends! :catgirl: [quote name='angelbyday][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Tahoma]I'm going to go ahead and say sorry in case this response hurts your feelings! But really why do you care what they
  8. Don't worry you're not the only one who had crush on manga characters. I used to have this obsession or crush over Hayama from Kodocha but likely got over it. When you have a crush on a manga character,you couldn't get him and other cool characters out of your head. We all know that manga characters are not real. You'll sometime laugh at yourself too. It's this unexplainable feelings and you start to wonder if you're really going insane. I think that some of us are more slightly obsessed than others. Been this way isn't healthy (But I kept on reading it ).Finding someone who can relate to Kyo
  9. [QUOTE=Dark Neko-Chan][COLOR=DarkRed] Well, that's dumb! Of course it's not! It's way awesomer than any American cartoon! Almost all American cartoons have srappy animation and are all competely idiotic! They all could be classified as "comedy", but anime has so amny different sides to it! They have the heavy stuff like Fullmetal Alchemist, they have the confusing, complex stuff like Ghost In The Shell, they have the cute, adorable stuff like Hamtaro, and they have the... uh... odd stuff like BoBoBo-BoBo-BoBo! [/color][/quote] When I was little I used love watching Disney's Beauty and
  10. [quote name='Charles']Anime and manga are for dorks. But, so what? I play video games, which are just as strongly associated with dorkiness. My point is that almost everyone has a dorky interest or hobby. Look at the myspace fad and how mainstream that is. Isn't that the epitome of dorkiness? Don't be ashamed of your nerdy interest or make excuses about how "deep" anime is. Just be comfortable enough with yourself and what you like to accept, and even laugh at what other people think about it. Be cool enough to make fun of yourself and people won't bother you. However, if you become h
  11. I loved FLCL!! It was confusing and most of the things were sorta left unexplained but you've got to figure it out yoursef. A part of me wished they'd make sequel but it probably will ruin the original so it's better to stay this way. I want to download FLCL episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Want to buy DVD series but left with empty wallets :crying:
  12. [QUOTE=Ikeor]I got to say somethin to this. Lets put it this way, is enough manga and anima for everyone to find something they like let it be cooking, sports, horror, action, whatever. :animesigh The problem I have with manga is when I read around other people. So many kids think that it is just porn in comic book format. In truth there is manga like that. But the teachers... Whenever I bring out a book like yuyu hakusho it is always flipped through and checked by them to make sure there is nothing in it. Honestly there are people out there that are giving manga and anima lovers a bad
  13. Hi I'm a big fan of Anime and sometimes people upset me when they think that anime is bunch of cheaply made cartoons that only nerds and losers are into them! The truth is they know nothing about the deep side of anime. It is not all like pokemon, sailormoon and yu gi oh at all! I'm not forcing others to be interested in anime but I just wish that they could understand the art form and complex side of anime.Some people don't know how amazing and beautiful anime is. It certainly taught me life lessons watching through anime and mangas. That's my opinion. What do you think? :animecry
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