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  1. [SIZE="1"]Sorry bout my lack of activity lately. Things have been going on. Am I still alive? Hah.[/SIZE]
  2. [size=1]I'm trying to decide if you mean that in a good or a bad way. D:[/size]
  3. [size=1]I hope no one finds my latest post too disturbing or anything. I enjoyed writing it. Heh. Yeah. I look like a psychopath now And I love it. .[/size]
  4. [color=#E32636][size=1]Upon awaking, Thom made with his usual morning routine. Absinthe mixed with a spot of Dr. Pepper was a good wake up call. It cleared his head right up like a kick to the face, a punch in the gut, being told your mother was just torn into beautiful little pieces by a couple of disgruntled Spanish men who were tired of the tricks she was turning. Things like that. Grabbing his guitar and clearing his throat, he pulled the lyrics out that he had wrote last night, digging in his pocket to find a guitar pick. The first few strings were plucked roughly, and the r
  5. [size=1][color=#E32636]Watching Manjusra turn heel, Thom scratched the back of his head with a long finger, and traced over his cheek where the scar - and her touch - had been. He huffed slightly, pushing his hair out of his eyes and deciding to take a quick search around the area. Sometimes, vampires horded treasures - like his Lugers, which he had looted from an earlier experience. There was no harm in looking. Searching through their pockets and clothing, he found nothing but crumpled dollar bills and change, false ID's and other such things. They could kill for what they wanted, but
  6. [quote name='Darren']Posted. Just thought I would apologize to Zephyr for stealing your internet format type thing at the beginning. I liked it! So kudos to you ^_^ Anyway, Talon, if there's anything wrong with the post, (simply because I mentioned the black substance) let me know and I'll change it. Also, Engel, if I happened to falsely describe the Weilands, let me know and I'll take care of that as well.[/QUOTE] [size=1]The Weiland you described is fine. =] Just in case anyone was wondering, their name is a reference to Scott Weiland. 'Cause that guy did heroin like candy.
  7. [color=#E32636][size=1]The female had evaded the length of Manjusra's whip, which left her open for an attack. Seeing this, Thom put a dash into his step, smashing the vampire head on with his all-encompassing shield to keep Manjursa relatively safe. Of course, this was little to the bitch who he had blocked, using her immortal strength to grasp a spike on the shield and wrench it from his hand, throwing it aside. With a scowl and a slight bit of a grin, Thom clipped her in the joint of the arm with his blade, her arm overextended from removing one of his defenses. Peeling backwards from
  8. [size=1]Gonna go ahead and put my [b]current signature[/b] as a contestant.[/size]
  9. [color=#E32636][size=1]Thom smiled his trademark one sided grin. He had a few nicknames for Manjusra, from Snowflake to other things regarding her unique complexion. She never minded, either, which made it a little more fun to make new ones. If he listed his pastimes, making up more nicknames would be under the list. He moved to the closet, stripping out of his shirt. A brownish stain on the chest told him that he had a brief conjugal burn there, probably from an earlier fight. [i]Great...gotta replace this one. Excellent.[/i] He couldn't stand blemishes on his clothes - it was most likely
  10. [size=1][color=#E32636]The traffic filtered through the pre-determined pathways, all red stop, yellow slow and green go. It unnerved Thom. He hated cars. Wheeled death traps. Contraptions that facilitated explosions and loss of life. Tore holes in the ozone. Killed us all, slowly but surely. He [i]really[/i] hated cars. Turning away from the street to the building behind him, Thom lit up a cigarette, squinting one eye and looking up at the sun. It smiled, even though it was dulled by the city smog. It seemed so hypocritical. The force of nature that gave them all life, so brig
  11. [size=1][b]Darren:[/b] First thing that came into my head was The Collector by Nine Inch Nails. [i]I am the plague, I am the swarm...[/i] Hmmm. Wonder when the thread is going up. Any word, Talon?[/size]
  12. [size=1]Too lazy to remember the code for my color. Thom stays mostly around Europe, anywhere from the top to the bottom of Europe though. He's been around the Americas though. He likes it in states more in the New England area of the US. So if you wanted a character history, which I'm open with, it'd have to be any place in Europe or somewhere in New England area US.[/size]
  13. [color=#E32636][size=1]As long as it's not too obvious - they are [i]somewhat[/i] intelligent. [b]Weilands[/b] Humanoid looking at first, these creatures have sunken eyes that are hollow, and gaunt cheeks that display cheekbones that appear to click and move - like some sort of chitineous mandible. Their arms are riddled with pockmarks, track wounds, torn veins. The works of a heroin addict, and their legs the same. Their bodies are walking messes, and yet they move with frightening speed. Their hands are probably the worst part - their fingers have been replaced with hyp
  14. [color=#E32636][size=1]Time for an original creation. [b]Piggies:[/b] These little bastards are some of the worst. They look like normal policemen, upstanding individuals. They even have wives, and families. However, when revealed for what they are, their bodies become massive and grotesque, and their features splay into many multifaceted pig faces, snarling and whimpering and blankly staring. From each of their hands, their fingers each split into tiny hooves, and the same happens with their feet. These are used as effective rending tools, but it makes wielding their batons and muni
  15. [color=#893F45][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Thomas "Thom" Viaquez. [b]Hunter-Net Name.:[/b] Eraser 96. [b]Age:[/b] Age 31. [b]Hair:[/b] Ashen-black with a tint of red. [b]Eyes:[/b] A greyish-green. [b]Height:[/b] Around 5'10 [b]Weight:[/b] Thom hesitated, looked down at himself, and tacked on a few pounds to the number. 138 lbs. [b]Creed:[/b] Judge. Writing this down made Thom look back up at his earlier answer, and sighed inwardly. [i]I'm judgin' those stupid bastards, not myself.[/i] [b]Weapons:[/b] An ornately designed longsword, befitting a person with the creed of a Judg
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