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  1. [quote name='Zen'][size=1] That's why I'm not a big critic of bands who emphasize breakdowns in their songs. While all the arm-chair music critics who only listen to music for technicality and extreme skill hate on those kinds of bands (Bring Me The Horizon, Emmure, Suicide Silence, etc), those same bands are always the ones who put on the most intense live shows. That's why they write with breakdowns in mind, because they don't plan on playing to a person in an armchair, they plan to play for thousands of young fans ready to wreck a venue. They write music to be played live, not to be li
  2. [quote name='Zen'][size=1]I'm just a big fan of going to shows in general. Everyband doesn't have to be top-notch for me to enjoy the show itself, its just a fun experience.[/size][/quote] [size=1]Very true, I'm going to the After The Burial/Miss May I/Emmure show here in San Diego this Saturday night. While I can't STAND Emmure, I have to admit the energy they give off during shows is pretty intense, you can't help but wanna move around and fvck sh!t up hahahaha[/size] [quote name='Zen'][size=1]But come on man... Dillinger... they taught all these kids how its done back in '99. Yo
  3. [size=1]Honestly? They have their moments with me. I like a few select songs, none of which I can name off the top of my head due to my serious lack of listening to them very often. I just can't get into them though. I can respect them for having a fair degree of technicality and originality to some of their songs, but it's just not what I'm into. Don't even get me started on some of the other bands playing though. i.e. Emmure, Attack Attack[/size]
  4. [quote name='James'][font=franklin gothic medium]I'm going through a Dreamcast rennaissance at the moment. I'm thinking of actually posting about it at OB World (it'd be nice to actually post stuff that isn't just about specific threads, too).[/font][/QUOTE] [size=1]OH GOD. For the past month, I've had the strongest urge to break out my N64 and play the hell out of it. Unfortunately, I sold it a while back. Stupid me figured I'd never use it again, and that I'd gotten over video games. Yeah, that was before the incredible urge to play Ocarina of Time all over again came back. Ti
  5. [quote name='Zen'][size=1]Whitechapel Parkway Drive iwrestledabearonce In Fear And Faith[/size][/QUOTE] [size=1]The only ones worth going for, in my opinion. Every other band playing there seems to be generic, talentless metalcore bands. The metal/-core scene is definitely going into the mainstream. No good, in my opinion. Nonetheless, I'm still gonna call in sick to work to go to this... ._.[/size]
  6. [size=1]lulz, Underoath? Define The Great Line was a great cd, they're utter sh!t live though. No idea why they got mentioned in this thread though, haha Anyone heard of Burning The Masses? I've been friends with all of them since before they became a band They're pretty big now though =][/size]
  7. [size=1]Prepare for awesome: [center][/center] GODDAMN I have to see them again asap. It's After The Burial, with their new vocalist, playing "Cursing Akenaten." :drool:[/size]
  8. [quote name='Nomurah!']I like Veil of Maya, boothten. Considering most of the bands you pointed out as generic don't sound alike other than yes, they use breakdowns, considering that's a big part of what metalcore and deathcore is... I'm sure you havn't heard most of them. If you want technical stuff, the best technical deathcore band is probably [B]Born of Osiris[/B].[/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE] [size=1]You must not have heard After The Burial. Or the new All Shall Perish album. BOO kinda of copied Veil Of Maya's sound. Veil started the whole super tech deathcore sound, and BOO took HEAVY infl
  9. [quote name='Nomurah!']Her Demise My Rise The Devil Wears Prada Miss May I Stray From the Path Carnifex Embrace the End Emmure Bring Me the Horizon A Bullet for Pretty Boy This Runs Through Attack Attack My Hands to War Here Comes the Kraken xDEATHSTARx[/QUOTE] [size=1]:nono: Generic breakdown-oriented bands are very generic. Oceano are really good though, same with Winds. I've recently started listening to more technical deathcore. Stuff like Veil Of Maya, All Shall Perish, Whitechapel, After The Burial, and LOADS more. I just can't remember them right n
  10. [size=1]They're all pretty messy, and with the exception of the third one they just don't look like they flow very well. Work on making your focal a more important part of the signature, otherwise you get something like your last one. A tag that just has way too much going on in it. Remember, more isn't necessarily better. Just keep working at it though. ;D![/size]
  11. [center][size=5]Otaku[b]Boards[/b][/size] [size=10][FONT="Times New Roman"]Signature Of The Week[/size] [size=5]Week 002[/FONT][/size][/center] [size=1][b]Theme[/b]: [b]The Dark Knight[/b]--Make a signature related to the movie The Dark Knight. [b]Entries Deadline[/b]: [b][color=red]August 12, 2008 @ 11:59PM PDT (GMT -7)[/b][/color][/size] [size=3][b]Prizes[/b]:[/size] [size=1][b]1st Place[/b]: 1st Place OtakuBoards Signature Of The Week "Winner" Badge + SOTW Winner Mini-Medal (which will be added onto your profile under your username.) [b]2nd Place[/b]: 2nd Place OtakuB
  12. [center][size=5]Otaku[b]Boards[/b][/size] [size=10][FONT="Times New Roman"]Signature Of The Week[/size] [size=5]Voting | Week 001[/FONT][/size][/center] [size=1]Ok! This is the voting thread for [b]Week 001[/b], where all members of the OtakuBoards community are welcome and encouraged to join and vote for their favorite banner for the week. (Notice I said favorite [i]banner[/i], not favorite [i]member[/i].) ;D! The theme for this week was [b]Freestyle[/b], so members were allowed to make a signature using any style/theme they thought fit. Voting has been extended and wil
  13. [quote name='Shy'][size=1]Your rules actually never specified that you had to submit your own work for consideration. I did read the rules, but [i]I apologize for not being able to read your mind.[/i] Hmpf. -Shy[/size][/QUOTE] [size=1]Rule Number 2 applies here, to a lesser degree of course. While I do realize that you weren't submitting it in a malicious manner, nor claimed it was made by yourself, I do ask that members create their own artwork. I will however post a revision to the rules stating that members must create their own artwork. ;D! No more discusision in
  14. [size=1]Sorry about my lack of activity everyone, my computer apparantly seems it really cool to just crash and not work. Damn PCs, it's a good thing I've saved all my art (including the winners'/runner-ups badge rewards) onto my Mac. Anywayyy, heh. Allamorph, the deadline for members to submit their artwork will be tonight at 11:59PM PDT, and I will be creating the Voting thread for this weeks entries tomorrow as soon as I possibly can. Once the Voting thread has been created, voting will continue on until Sunday night. You'll have four days to vote for who you think the winner should
  15. [quote name='Shy'][size=1][img]http://img233.imageshack.us/img233/302/obadvicebannerqe7.gif[/img] I nominate Sara's current signature and banner. -Shy[/size][/QUOTE] [size=1][b]Shy[/b], please make sure you're reading the rules before you post in this thread. Not only do you have to make your own signature, you also cannot submit another member's signature. You can't do any voting in this thread either. Everyone, please make sure you're reading the rules before posting in any submission entry threads from now on please. I'd also like everyone to note that the dead
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