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  1. This has piqued my interest.
  2. The Force was telling Ã?clair that they were in fact losing the battle. The graveness of the situation really made that apparent when a large entity descended onto the surface of Telos. As brutally honest as it was, there was a really high chance Telos was lost. In fact, it seemed like it might have been so already. The streets were deserted when Ã?clair re-entered them. The only thing left behind were large amounts of death and destruction that haunted the Force. She wasn't quite sure what to do currently. There was really no nearby sources of movement or attention. Ã?clair stuck to th
  3. Yeah, like everyone else has said, you have a good start. CS3 is a good tool, and has a wide array of things you can use and get good at using to create some fancy effects. It seems you've used some brushing and smudging stuff, and I'll admit I didn't look too closely at either of your works, but have you considered using any C4D's to add any effects? Text is another thing entirely like Boo said. Text can be very difficult to do well, and I myself have only recently gotten 'decent' at it, but I'm still not that great at adding text. The main thing, like others h
  4. Kre

    The Departed

    A sterile white, his favorite color, beamed down from the ceiling. He walked down a path of doors, each one holding a story. None of these stories were his to write, but he could edit them all, improve them with his skills ad knowledge. â??Dr. Dougless, we are having a problem with the patient in room 959, Mr. C. Harper. â??Yes, we had him on dialysis if I remember correctly.â? â??You did, but he is struggling with the procedure, if this keeps up I am unsure if he will make it.â? These stories were not his to write. He personally hated tragedies, though he knew most of those doors
  5. CaNz

    Oh noes! not the msn!!!1

  6. Kre

    Alright hold on a sec, my MSN exploded or something lol.

  7. CaNz

    i get boredand love checking mine when i see the people i talk to online... but yesh, i sent you an MSN invite. i dunno which one you prefer, but most OB people seem to use msn.

  8. Kre

    lol I've just been checking my profile every so often, but if you want to talk on MSN, I've got mine on my profile.

  9. CaNz

    do you have it set up so that you always get my messages? I like talking with you, but we could easily use AIM or MSN instead since i have both!

  10. Kre

    Yeah, I know what you mean haha. And I agree with you, music is something you can always get better at, it just takes work.

  11. CaNz

    well i cant really do that! but i can play a lot of different keys! and they can just tell me what kind of harmonica harp they are using...

    i guess the cool part about music is that you can always get better.

  12. Kre

    hahaha niiiiiice. That sounds like fun. Yeah, being able to tell what key a person's playing in by ear is a good skill. I need to work on it more, I'm not the best lol.

  13. CaNz

    haha! I bet that would be fun.

    My friend got a harmonica mic and I have two amps at my place, so i have been telling him to come over and play. he isnt as good at improve, but I can play keys, so it would work fine so long as I play in the same key as his harmonica. (they are so friggen easy!)

  14. Kre

    hahaha of course man, of course. Jam sessions are fun. I've gone to a few held at some jazz clubs and one or two held at some universities.

  15. CaNz

    I can certainly do a jam session. some of the most fun i have ever had playing music has been playing random improve jam sessions. you dont have to know someone well to play a song!

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