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  1. [SIZE="1"][COLOR="HotPink"]does anyone know where the remote is?? and also... I've been playing a lot of internet checkers lately. [/COLOR] [/SIZE]
  2. [SIZE="1"][COLOR="HotPink"]hmm..[/COLOR][/SIZE] [I][FONT="Courier New"][SIZE="1"]...I'm not sure I follow, what is this thread about? [/SIZE][/FONT][/I]
  3. [quote name='Zen'][size=1] You mean like [b]Have Heart[/b]? [i]Islam[/i]? How does that play out?[/size][/QUOTE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="HotPink"]Absolutely. Have Heart is my favorite anything beside Bloc Party band. hah. It plays out fine. I believe in Muhammad's teachings, they believe in the trinity, we don't talk about it much, we just focus on the whole "love" thing. Playing music for God really makes you feel really tight, because it really is the Christian kids that will get up there and crowd around you and hardcore dance and shout out the gang shouts in my state...
  4. [quote name='Zen'][size=1] Hah, well I'm definetly not in a posicore band. We're like, thrash/punk-infused deathcore. Though I guess that'd be fun. Its always been on the back of my mind, me and a buddy have wanted to. We were going to call it "Team Up! Team Up!", after the Four Year Strong lyric. I'm the only Buddhist in my band, and I'm hardly going to promote my beliefs, though I'm going to be writing some of the songs around my belief system. Like one in which I struggle with the conflict of "I'm supposed to be loving and kind to all people, but I hate the current state of socie
  5. [SIZE="1"][COLOR="HotPink"]The rednecks will [U]poop[/U] themselves. [I]"I ain't getting no goshdang HIV."[/I] [/COLOR][/SIZE]
  6. [SIZE="1"][COLOR="HotPink"]All of [I]We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.[/I] is good, as well as everything else Mraz has done. I'm a big fan. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
  7. [quote name='Zen'][size=1] That's cool I guess. I'm going to break ground on extreme Buddhacore. Or maybe Dharmacore... Zencore? I dunno. But its going to be sick. I'm not a Christian but I like a few bands that are like August Burns Red and what not. As long as the lyrics kind of dance around the religion and don't go for the straight up "I LOVE JESUS" approach then I'll usually give it a listen. Anyways, good stuff, dude.[/size][/QUOTE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="HotPink"]haha, I don't think I've ever heard any band's promoting Buddhist beliefs, but I would love it, I think
  8. [quote name='Zen'][size=1] You're pretty prolific there aren't you? Do you do backing vocals for Kingdom Under Siege or are you all bass? Also is that Christian thing supposed to be a joke or are you guys going for a TDWP/War of Ages kinda thing?[/size][/QUOTE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="HotPink"] Haha, one band isn't enough, you know? I actually do backing vocals, before we've done dual screaming, but now they want to write a few singing parts into the mix, so I'll be singing some. We all love God, hah. We give testimonies at every show, we used to never think about any of it, but like
  9. [SIZE="1"][COLOR="hotPink"]My best friend and I like to m-[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="8"]LEEEERRROYYYY JEEEENKKIINNNSSSSS[/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="HotPink"]....to make WoW references. maybe it's not technically super old fashioned, but I mean... people don't just go around making the references like they used to. WoW is still a big deal to us. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
  10. [COLOR="HotPink"][SIZE="1"]Why do Japanese bands always get separated? Hah, I get it. Japan= Anime. Good stuff. Music is music, regardless of country, right? I love [B]Asian Kung- Fu Generation[/B]. [I][B]Kimi Tsunagi Five M[/B][/I] is one of my favorite albums. It has that raw feel like regular punk, but it also kind of feels like I'm hearing some other influences like [B]1000 Travels of Jawarhalal[/B] (another great Japanese band). I love [B]Envy[/B]. Not so much their older stuff, which was just pure raw chaotic... stuff. I love the later stuff, which seemed much more melodic, an
  11. [SIZE="1"][COLOR="hotPink"]Apparently [B]Jason Earls[/B] from the hit show Hannah Montannah, [I]is[/I] in fact not a teenager. ...he's like 30. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
  12. [COLOR="hotPink"][SIZE="1"]I am[/SIZE][/COLOR] [SIZE="4"][I][B][U]The Best.[/U][/B][/I][/SIZE] [COLOR="hotPink"][SIZE="1"]Thank you. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
  13. [B][URL="www.myspace.com/kuym"]Kingdom Under Siege[/URL]- These guys are my family, the best friends a guy can have, we're all abunch of teenagers, and we love acting like it. We just get out there and have fun. It's heavy, call it what you will. We've played with quite a few great bands, A Plea for Purging, and Agraceful to name a few, but we have a really long way to go. that's a show from a few months back, we havn't gotten videos of our last twenty shows /: We kind of made the guy that recorded them angry, hah. The end of the video is the main thing I'd like you to focus on, hahah
  14. [SIZE="1"][COLOR="HotPink"]My favorite band is [B]Bloc Party[/B]. On the contrary, the best band of all time is by far [B]the Beatles[/B]. Another thing is, my favorite album is actually an [B]As Cities Burn[/B] album ([I]Hell or High Water[/I]). Bloc Party just speaks to me, all their songs are golden. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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