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    I'm just your normal well weird OTAKU girl :3.
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    I love anime, manga, video games, my boyfriend, and all my great friends!
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    A lot o3o
  1. [b][size="5"]So, the topic really answers what this is about, what game that you either recently bought or just decided to pick up after it sitting there collecting dust have any of you been playing recently?[/b] I've been playing Kingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep :D So much fun![/size]
  2. Submitting more art pieces to my DA and my Otaku account, hopefully! O3O

  3. [quote name='Shinje' date='15 June 2010 - 07:56 AM' timestamp='1276602962' post='695329'] It's always been called TheOtaku. o_O; I've been a member here since all TheO had in terms of user-created content was the chatroom and OtakuBoards. To say that it has evolved into a "horrible non-communicative place" is a little naive. TheO has evolved from it's origins as a place where anime news and screenshot captures were it's backbone into a place where user blogs and fanart now lie at it's core. Put simply, [i]TheOtaku is now more user content and interaction driven than ever before[/i]. MyOtaku was a huge step towards getting the site to where it is now, and the worlds are simply built to intergrate with the site better. I would compare it it to a relay race; MyOtaku has passed the baton on to TheO: Worlds. It's great that Adam kept MyO around for the users that put a lot of time and effort into their pages, most website admins in his situation would have just thrown it into the dustbin of history and forced their members to start over. [/quote] I know it's always been called TheOtaku, but now thats the main name. It's not naive at all! If you think about it, does anyone ever talk? Sure you get subscriptions here and there but my art never gets noticed because it seems no one cares anymore to even comment. I say thank you to them for favoriting on my art piece and they never reply and it pisses me off. The main thing about that is that they don't show new art on the front page, they show most active which ticks me off too. MyOtaku isn't even working anymore, so he didn't really keep it around. More so, TheOtaku went downwards after they made the changes for TheOtaku to be the main site. So many people hated it, and still hate it. I especially despise the stupid, Worlds. They're not as great as your own special page like on MyO. I just think they should've kept MyO, make improvements on it here and there. And keep TheO for new art, news, cards, comics, writings and etc..
  4. Wow, I agree with EVERYTHING you said! I first got an otaku 4 years ago almost 5 and it was AWESOME but slowly it got turned into a blob of horrible non-communicative place called TheOtaku! I deleted my account later after because, no one EVER talked, I don't even get comments on my art anymore... :/. I miss all my old friends because I lost them ALL! Good thing I have my old account username back (MyDark2). I still like the otaku in general but I love MyOtaku better....I wish they'd bring it back...it was the best!
  5. Wow well I just cannot wait then, it is kind of sad this isthe last installment though, I really loved the videogames :3.
  6. Oh yay!! I totally can't wait then. When's it coming out?
  7. I love Japanese bands! They're freaking awesome, my fave is Dir En Grey! What's yours?
  8. I ♥ Chrono Cross music, it's so beautiful!!
  9. Are they coming out with anymore .hack games like EVER?! .hack is my favorite game series, I have all the games. I really wish that they'd put a new one out.
  10. Oh I really hope this rumour is true! I love Final Fantasy VII, I never got to play the original so I really hope it does actually happen :3.
  11. Have you guys seen any good art from younger people on deviantart? I've found one, her name was Anime-Sasu94, her art was very cute!
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