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    Well, Basicly, all i do all day is break swords... i break my friends swords, and my enamys swords, and my own swords. Cant help but do what ya love?
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    Legendary Sword Breaker!
  1. I would pay 1 Million to see somthing so simple its beautifule.... a Mongolian midget, riding a giraffe down mainstreet, waring a vikings helmet, and siwinging a bag of live goffers. The simple plesures of life... Why would i want to? Comon, its a Mongolian midget, on a GIRAFFE! That's some 1 million doller **** right there.
  2. Yeah seriously... Why the hell would you want Anarchy? That's like taking a gigantic step backwards in everything that mankind has achived!!Because there will be no more money to fund Science, the world would come to a complete standstill. The strong would take all the food, and the weak would be left nothing! Besides, if there was no government, there would be no Health Care in Canada, and were already to poor as it is! Furthermore, care to guess how long homless people would last in Anarchy? 5 days at the max. Yep, that sure is the ultimate utopia. Not just that either, but without laws, what's to stop a post-apocaliptic warzone from becoming a reality? How many movies about a lawless future do you have to see, for the love of chirst, to understand that it just wont work? Anarchy is completly idiotic, no matter how its looks at.
  3. I'm... well, I guess you could call me parinoid, heh. Afraid of theslow but steady decline of the economy, afraid of hippies, the gathering darkness... you know, the usual stuff. As far as failing tests is concerned... I've never really had to experiance that, lol. For example, just today I had my Science test, and I got 29/30, and only missed the other one because I was thinking about pie and ran out of time... long story, but it happened. (Seeing as how I ws one of three people in my class to even pass that test, I don't think I've got anything to worry about.) The only thing that truely scares the crap out of me is this: Where the hell did I misplace my sword? Yeah... another long story, but the point is I'm afraid of the gremlin who keeps stealing my various weapons/CDs/Video Games ETC, because they are extremly sneaky and scary... And can, apperently, go places I cannot. Seriously, I'm scared. That and the good old, yet scary, gathering darkness...
  4. Ok, this is somthing that's been slowly and steadily scaring the crap out of me. Gas. I've noticed gas prices have steadily been increasing, and, now, are simply... outrageous! This morning the price was 82.9 a liter (A gallon is three liters aprox) which is outrageous enough, but, later today, the gas had climbed to 89.9! Seriously, WTH? The oil companies are all making the "It's becoming harder to find the oil, so it must cost more" excuse, but statistics show that Oil companies are experiancing the highest profit in decades! Well, I was just wondering what your thoughrts on the matter were, and what your theories on why this is happening! (Oh, and I can only assume that it's happening in the US aswell)
  5. [FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkRed] Name: Snorri Lansing Age: 34 Race: Human Class: Barbarian Warrior Prince Weapon of Choice: Broad sword, nicknamed Serpant-Breath Weapon Style: Backlash Style Side: Lansing Clan of the Highland Hills, he fights for their glory and theirs alone. Why He Fights: To bring glory to the Lansing tribe, by capturing the Paragon anbd slaying their enamies. Brief History: Even though Snorri was born into royalty, he would apear little more then a peasent to the "civilized" empires. The reason for this being that the Lansing clan belives all men are born to be warriors and, thus, trained from birth to sloughter their foes. Snorri was no exception. Because that Lansing clan is nomadic, Snorri has ever been forced to ride through the footland hills of the Highlands, and has become very adapt at riding. Now, with the Lansing clan finally commiting to a search for the Paragon, Snorri, as well as a select band of warriors, has been sent to find it. They set out from the highlands on the no doubt perilous quest for the imfamous sword with nothing but their skills, thier weapons, and the wish of luck from Snorri's uncle, Het Lansing, Lord of the Lansing Clan. [URL=http://www.het.brown.edu/~nastase/highlander.gif]Snorri[/URL] All in All: Snorri is a rather headstrong warrior, hardened and set in his ways. Most people trust him,on the battlefield at least, and he is a warrior of ferocity, passion for battle, and sheer skill. Hope that's ok.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  6. Well, I found this place because I was looking for quizes, and then found TheOtaku, which led me to OtakuBoards. The only reason I stuck around really was because... Well, my life at home kinda sucks. I'm a hillbilly, and the nearest kids are 2KM away, and only speak french, and, dispite living in a French area, speak very little french. So I rarley see my friends at home, so I dont really have much else to do besides Warcraft 3, and various other VGs.
  7. [COLOR=DarkRed]I kinda like racing RPs... Uhh... did you froget to put in a few things in the sign up? Its missing age and appearance for racer. Name: Marlou Aristotle Nickname: Mac Age: 26 Description: Mac is a very short person, with squinty eyes and dark skin. His body is fairly nondiscript, his arms aren't particularily well muscled, nor are his legs. His face is narrow, round, and strange. He wares his hair in large dreadlocks, which he spikes so they stand upwards, then dyes the tips of them a deep purple. In the end, he seems very... crazy. He also wares yellow-tinted goggles, and sometime he wares a hat, with holes cut in it, so his hair still sticks out. Its more of a tuc, really, made of black wool and with ear flaps that fly in the wind. Car Name: Thialand Express Car Discription: Thialand Express is a modified racing modle, sleek and airodynamicly desinged. The entire car is dark blue, with the words "Thialand Express" written on the side, in neon-green, outlined in grey. The car has one major modification, and that is that it is an open cockpit. It is a wonder that Mac can stay alive going at those speeds in the open, but that is just part of his wild nature. Car Specs: Thialand Express is a very fast car, one of the fastest in the circuit, with a speedy acceleration. Its main fault is its handling. Mac has set it to be extremly loose, making it prone to spinning out, smashing into buildings on a turn, and providing an extremly etertaining run. Speed: 387 (Though he claims it has gone 420) Armour: 100 Driver Skill: Mac is known for his utter recklessness when it comes to racing, as well as other things, and his speed is envied by many people. He also has a record number of crashes, as well as a record number of close calls with the cops. Mac is best in the snow, somthing about it gives him an almost zealous need for speed. Gang Name: Lightning Panthers Bio/Notes: Mac currently holds 6th place. and has been in over 140 races. He is well known for his victory spin, in which he removes all stearing from Thialand Express, and spins in a still circle at volocities of up to 600 in a dead spin. Stat: Races: 148 Wins: 67 Crashes: 56 Felonies: 23 Misdeminors: 20 Arrests: 3 Ok, hopes thats alright.[/COLOR]
  8. [FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=DarkRed]Interesting... Name: Yamato Syrinx Age: 15 Appearance: Picture Pending Personality: Yamato can be described simply in one word. Annoying. Annoying, that is, and cocky about it. He is prone to doing things outright stupid, illogical, and just plain... fun. He's got a live fast, die young attitude, that has led to making many friends, aswell as several enamies. He is also very easy going, with a soft grin, though it usually has some sinister cause, which, if he were a mroe trustable person, would light up a room. Two of his worst enamies are the Isobe sisters, since he manages to get under their skin easier, and usually recives a hard *** kicking by Kimi. Soul Brother/Sister: Ummm... [/COLOR] [/FONT]
  9. Well, of the new releases, I can simply say this. Do not, under any circumstance, see King Arthur. It is one of the worst movies I have seen in recent years, and is just all round crappy, and makes little to no sense. There were a few cool parts, but nothing really worth spending money on. I've heard relly good things about Napolean Dynamite, and that is definatly a movie worth checking out. I'll probably see it on PPV, since the nearest bvideo store is far away. As for the rest, it all depends on your taste. If you like action, go for Anacondas. Thrillers? Mancherian Candidate. Sappy/family type stuff, 2 brothers. I can't say much for the rest.
  10. Well... best guitarist was Jimmi Hendrix, hands down, and alot of his songs were great (Better with acid) but I'm not really into guitar so much. My favourite musician of all time has to be Niel Pert, the drummer for Rush(My fav band) who is one of the best drummers of all time, and really combines well with Geddy Lee and Alex, and, frankly, makes Rush one of the greatest bands of all time. I'm not sure who writes most of there songs, but they are some of the deepest songs I've ever heard, and they really sound great. The Trees is an extremly metephorical song, that sounds great, and has a strang, yet deep, message that really makes you think. It's really hard for me to classify Rush, since they rock like a rockband, but their songs sound like... welll, they sound like nothing I've ever herrd before. Well, I can't really describe it anymore... For all ye P2P people out there, download it and check it out! I also like Sam Roberts, because he has some really great songs. Brother Down, The Hard Road, and We Were Born In A Flame are some of my favourite songs of all time. Plus he's from around where I'm from, gotta support the locals, eh?
  11. [FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=DarkRed]Sweet, I love HL, and I'm getting HL2 on Christmas, hopefully. Name: Colonel Alex Brass Age:35 Nationality: Canada Appearance: [URL=http://www.hkpro.com/pdwacc.jpg]Alex[/URL] Class: Marine/Spy (shhhhh) Weaponry: Standered issue MP7, a H&K USP Match, and a Magnum revolver. He also carries 4 fragmentation grenades. Bio: Ever since Alex was a small boy growing up in Montreal, Quebec, he has been somwhat of a shady charecter, and no one is completly sure of his past. One thing that no one can deny, however, is that he's good. In fact, he is one of the best soldiers around, being both a competent leader, and an excellent marksmen. He was selected for the mission because of his abilties on the field, but most of the team don't trust his questionable backround, and rightly so. (SHHHHHH)[/COLOR][/FONT]
  12. Well, I live in Quebec, Canada, in a little place called Foster. Rather small, really, with a population of about 750. It's wierd, but the mayor is the fireman and owns a store too... kinda awesome. Foster is part of the Eastern Townships, voted one of the most beautiful places to visit on several international polls (discovery, travle agencies, independent etc.) and, frankly, I concur. We live about an hour away from Montreal, but there's so much damn traffic we avoid it alot. The best part of being in Quebec is this... the legal drinking age, she is only a suggestion. And, by god, we make the best damn beer ever. Vive la Quebec! It's really cold here, but I can't tell how cold it is in the US cause you use ferienhite, and ferienhite is creepy, so I can't tell if -7 there is like -20 here, seems rathr confusing to me :( We hit -35 last night, which is pretty damn warm compared to last year. How I miss last year... Oh, and I tihnk that "rest of North America" is pretty much just Mexico, since all the rest falls under Central America and South America
  13. Zeta, when I said that artifacts were being damaged in Iraq, I was refering more to those damaged by artillary bombardments. Oh, and I stumbled upon this. [I]Ur, the traditional birthplace of Abraham and site of one of the most well-preserved stepped pyramids, called a ziggurat, is a treasure that archaeologists fear is endangered by the war in Iraq. Last week, the U.S. 141st Mechanized Infantry Battalion was dug in there, according to media reports.[/I] Now, I understand that this was in 2003, but it did still happen, and it is not just the insurgent's fault that these artifacts were being damaged. Oh, and Zeta, I'm sorry, but I was mislead. It is only usful in solving conflicts between to nations, but not in an attack such as this. Still, I tihnk the entire attack could have been avoided, and that countless of innocents are dieing due to this. We all know that no nation could stand up to the sheer numbers of the US troops, so why waste countless lives, not to mention dollers, by wasting Iraqi buildings and killing innocents? I don't see the use in it. Yeah, Chabichou, that assassination was an atrocity! If your going to kill a guy, poison or sniper rifles don't cause any colateral damage! I don't support the killing period, but at least don't kill those who have done nothing!! Check out this link, and you'll se that many US soldiers kill civilians, even if some were accidents, and others were suicides, but so maqny of these deaths could have been avoided. It truely makes me sad. Just check out the largest amount of deaths. it almost made me throw up. In the 19 hospitals one, click details. it says that 30% were women and children. Dispicable. [URL=http://www.iraqbodycount.net/database/]The Atrocity![/URL]
  14. Well, Chabichou, I can understand why you would hate Isrealie soldiers, but I find that the statment "Many, and probably most, Isrealie soldiers target civillians" to be a bit of generalization. Maybe it's just because you only hear about the soldiers who rape and kill civillians, and that it leads you to belive that all Isrealites are evil. If this is the case, I don't think a minority should be held againts the majority in such a manor. But hey, what do I know? Maybe it's true, maybe it isn't. I've never been there, nor do I follow it on the news... Well, that's just how I feal. Besides that, I agree with everytihng Chabichou says. Islam teaches peace, not Suicide bombings and honour killings!!! Oh, and Zeta, I don't think that there should be one "patrolemen," at least not in the sense you say it, but rather there should be no wars, that all the conflicts can be resolved peacefully. I don't mean negotiation. What I mean is... Well, I'll give you an example. Canadian Peace Keepers spend their lives in third world Asian countries, risking their lives to take away the enamies weapons. Not their lives. Now, does this not seem like a MUCH better idea then simply killing them all? had it been done this way, things would have been much better. Under the bombardment of US missiles, countless ancient artifacts from Sumer and Akkad have been completely destroyed, taking with them the key to unlocking the very past of mankind. Nothing is worth this price. Nothing. I do realize, however, that some parts of the US attack did, in fact, requier the force it recived, but only because it was necesary. Bombing the crap out of Baghdad, and other Iraqie cities, has led to countless innocent deaths! In my opinion, that is simply another form of murder. No one should have to be killed by a US missle, simply because of megolomaniac in charge! If the US is gonna kill people, at least kill armed people. It's a wonder the US gets away with what it does. "It is my conviction that killing under the guise of war is nothing but an act of murder." --Albert Einstien
  15. Well, I have a few places in mind... but they basically have the same theme. I wanrt to go to northern Nunavut, and live with the natives for a while. I['ve always wanted to live in an Igloo, and I figure that's the perfect place. My teacher went there a few years ago, she said it's an extremly friendly place to live, with no real "privacy", per se. What i mean is, one time she wen t to sleep, and woke up in the middle of the night. Her entire class was sitting in the living room, watching TV and eating her food, but they said that was common in that part of the world. (She also lost her toe in a Eskimo Knife Fight, or so I suspect) Not to mention the hunting. I just want to get a skidoo, grab a harpoon, and go hunting. Sounds awesome. Plus it's cold, and anything cold is alright in my books. I might also wanna visit Sweden, because I really like the Norsemen, and would really enjoy touring the archeaological sites that litter the countryside. For the same reason, I want to go to Newfoundland, because i want to see Les Medeaux De Fleures, the oldest known settlement in North America. That would be sweet. lol, plus the Newfies. There hilarious. That's pretty much it. I don't really like places like southern Euroupe, Africa, or alot fo Asia, since me and heat... were not friends. I would like to visit Japan, though, since that's the birthplace of Anime, and the best video game producer, so that'll be awesome. Plus the food rocks.
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