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  1. When I find time, I try to play Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. It's a pretty decent follow up to the original, but has a bit too many stealth missions for my tastes. But lately I've become rather addicted to Ace Combat Infinity.....free to play AC Online is pretty damn awesome.
  2. If you're looking for newer stuff, and don't mind subtitles...I say check out crunchyroll or a similar site.  My recent favs are Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai,  The World God Only Knows, Muv-Luv Total Eclipse, and Another.
  3. ...seems I always check back from time to time

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      Welcome back!

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  4. Yah, I was on here a lot back starting around 2003. This was the first board/forum I took an active part in.  Glad to see it still exists in some form or another.
  5. Aw...all my old posts have disolved away

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      Are you actually missing posts or is that they're just not showing up in your profile's history?

  6. ....wow, memories

  7. Wow..haven't posted here in years! But I figured I'd come back n' check things out : P As for the new anime, I took the time to check out a few series last night. So far I like [b]C3[/b] (C cubed) and [b]Ben-to[/b]. C3 started out cute n' funny..but soon took a pretty dark turn with episode 2, which really got me interested. As for Ben-to it seems like just crazy fun with interesting fights. Check 'em out if you haven't already. As for other titles, I'm really excited about the [b]Last Exile[/b] sequel....definitely want to check that out when it starts up. ~WW
  8. I've been a fan of the Prince since the old Game Gear/Genesis games, and the past Sands of Time series was awesome; so naturally I'm excited about the news of a new game. From what I've seen so far, there are gonna be a few changes. For instance, new Prince, who looks more mysterious, sorta reminds me of Arabic Ninja of sorts. [IMG]http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n140/BannerWood/prince1.jpg[/IMG] Also the whole claw/gauntlet thing he's got looks interesting. I'm interested in seein' how they'll change around the game mechanics and everything.
  9. Hmm, interesting designs. Well I like the nice crisp lines you got goin on, I'm sure it'll look even better once its colored. Good job
  10. Hmm..not bad. You seem to really have a handle on the whole anime style head and proportions. Out of all of 'em I like the first pic the best...the character sitting is prob. my fav. Keep at it.
  11. Ok since I haven't been on here in a loooong time, I figured I'd post a few things so people will see what I've been up to. These are just a few illustrations and stuff I've done over the past year or so..hope ya enjoy, and give me some feed back. Fake: [IMG][/IMG] The Destruction of Comedy: [IMG][/IMG] Burden: [IMG][/IMG]
  12. Yay Football...gives me something to distract me on boring weekends. :D Although they lost last weekend to the freakin' Texans, I gotta root for the home team and support The Panthers. Not sayin' they're gonna go all the way this year, but if they can keep Steve Smith and everyone else from getting hurt, they might actually make it to the playoffs. But we shall see.
  13. I just bought [B]Ace Combat 5[/B] for my bday. (yah..I know its pretty old, but so what?) Me and my roomie wanted to get a jet/dog fighting game..so I gave in and got it. To my surprise its actually pretty damn fun, especially when the missions start getting more elaborate. My only problem is that I keep screwing up on the stupid Space Facility mission with all the stupid little tanks and missles flying in. Jeez....why so many? :D
  14. K..gonna go oldschool on this and go with DBZ. Take a Sip if: - Someone says "Saiyan" - Master Roshi gropes someone - Someone uses a Dragon Radar - Vegeta refuses someone elses help - Someone throws a punch Take a Gulp if: - Someone powers up - Someone screams - Someone has an extremely long transformation sequence Finish the Glass if: - A wish is made using the Dragon Balls - A massive explosion nearly destroys half the planet - Trunks actually attempts to use his sword Hmm, now that I think about it....if you follow this, it would probably end up killing you in 20 minutes. O_O
  15. Well I guess you could use Photo references from magazines and stuff like that....and maybe add your own little twist/style on them. Or you could use a mirror or family members to do portaits. Just be sure to mix it up a bit...with different types of color and media (charcoal, pencil, ink, paint). It'll help show your creativity and that you don't just stick to one particular thing. But...I find it kinda odd that they'd only ask for pictures of people. Any good artist should be well rounded in multiple subject matters. Oh wells...good luck with all that.
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