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  1. [COLOR="#004a6f"]1. I'm in my fourth year at the University of Western Ontario 2. I'm doing a major in Conservation Biology and minoring in Japanese. After my third year, I took a year off because and went to Fanshawe College (in Canada, college refers to a technical school) and studied Multimedia Design and Production, which was great. But I'm back at the University now. 3. As you can see, the three fields I am studying are pretty different, which puts me in a real dillema. I really can't decide on one thing. So many subjects interest me, from the sciences to the arts (I also
  2. [IMG]http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/9721/wazzzupppkittyec0.gif[/IMG]
  3. [color="#004a6f"]I believe in intelligent design. Species may or may not have evolved, but either way, nothing that exists today is possible without God. This is based on faith. If people want to leave religion out of the classroom, that is fine by me, since belief in God requires faith. However, I don't think the theory of evolution has proven to be fact yet. Yes, there is a lot of evidence to support it, but we don't know for sure, so I do have problems when it is presented as though it is fact. It has been proven that species can evolve, so at least that part is a fact. But
  4. [COLOR="#004a6f"]I love that Anime!!!!! Hi five!!!!!! Sorry, but I don't have time these days to make a banner (maybe in the future if you still need want one). But I just wanted to show my appreciation for a fellow Yakitate! Japan fan.:animesmil Oh and Kuroyanagi rules. My favourite character next to Kawachi.[/COLOR]
  5. [COLOR="#004a6f"]I love tea, but I haven't had the opportunity to try many kinds. My family drinks mostly orange pekoe. When we lived in Saudi, we always had Lipton, but we prefer Tetley's now. We drink so much tea. We have at least one pot every day, but usually 2 or 3 (or even 4 or 5!). I'm the main teamaker in my house, which gets kind of annoying with my mom and my brother always asking me to make tea. Apparently my hands are "blessed" and the tea only tastes good when I make it (yeah right, they're just too lazy to make it themselves!). In the summer we always add mint leav
  6. [COLOR="#004a6f"][quote name='boothten'][size=1]Activity in the Art Studio? haha, yeahhh. =/[/size][/QUOTE] I also second that. [quote name='boothten'][size=1]It's like this: every time you create something you wanna show it off. Hey, why not show it off at the Art Studio at OB! It's really popular, you'll get a reply in your thread with really detailed critique and constructive criticism in like 5 minutes. OH HEY, WAIT. :animedepr hahah[/size][/QUOTE]Yeah, it was pretty disheartening when I posted a gradient mesh portrait (took 4 all nighters and I got 100% on it in my
  7. [COLOR="#004a6f"]This has been happening for at least a month so far, if not more. Even when my internet connection is fine and all other sites load, there are many times when otakuboards keeps coming up as "page cannot be displayed". What could be the cause of this?[/COLOR]
  8. [COLOR="#004a6f"]Photoshop doesn't come with macs. Macs are apparently just better suited for grapic designers. Photoshop is pretty expensive (about 700 bucks I think), but a pretty decent and free graphics editing program is gimp: [url]http://www.gimp.org/macintosh/[/url][/COLOR]
  9. [color="#004a6f"]I don't have much interest in sports, because I'm usually no good. I like track and field (I would say I'm decent at long-jump and sprinting, though there's a lot of room for improvement). I really need to work on my strength and endurance. I also get out of breath easily, so long distance running is very hard on me. I enjoy swimming mostly. It exercises so many of your muscles, and as an added bonus, you don't sweat![/color]
  10. [COLOR="#004a6f"]My brother loves energy drinks, though my mom gets him in trouble when he buys them because they're bad for the heart. He let me have a sip of an energy drink once, I think it might have been redbull, but I'm not sure. It wasn't too bad in my opinion. It sort of tasted like minute maid's orange guava juice (frozen concentrate), but minus the texture.[/COLOR]
  11. [COLOR="#004a6f"]I live in southern Ontario, so we get our share of blizzards and snow storms, though they never compare to tornados and hurricanes in damages. A few years back though, we got freezing rain out of nowhere, just after all the snow melted and we thought spring was finally here. Everything was coated in a thick layer of ice. It looked very pretty, especially on the trees, as they were starting to bud, and individual leaves were coated with ice. But the weight of the ice caused a lot of damages. Many trees lost entire branches (some of these branches landing on top of cars
  12. [COLOR="#004a6f"]I feel like an idiot, because I still don't always understand certain customs. Is there a difference between a wedding ring and and an engagement ring? When a man proposes to a woman and gives her an engagement ring, is that the ring the woman continues to wear after they get married, or is a different ring used in the wedding ceremony? If the wedding band is a different ring, what happens to the engagement ring? [/COLOR]
  13. [COLOR="#004a6f"][quote name='Aceburner'][IMG]http://cherrythian.com/images/cookiemonster.jpg[/IMG] Me no see where there is contest.[/QUOTE]Ha ha, pure gold.[/COLOR]
  14. [COLOR="#004a6f"]I'm usually prefer to have sweet snacks, but sometimes I'm in the mood for salty over sweet. But [I]come on[/I]. Cookies beat crackers any old day, no contest.[/COLOR]
  15. [COLOR="#004a6f"][quote name='GTK']I thought I'd mention something about the illustration though. The shadow under the hat? It's a bit too big (I'm not sure how to describe it, actually). It makes it look a bit like the top of the hat is floating away from their head. It's just a small thing though. It's just a teensy bit too far out.[/QUOTE]Yes, I noticed that and I should definitely fix it. I just didn't have time! I wish I had more time to do this illustration but we were only given a week to do it and I was did most of the work the two days before the due date because I also had other
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