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  1. Holy ******* **** this story is old Sorry for subjecting you guys to the horror that was this story, I'll probably post up my new (AKA BETTER) stuff sometime soon. I didn't even realize I left this up. Those of you who critiqued it I thank you. I trashed this story months ago, tried to rewrite it, and it didn't work.
  2. [quote name='Zen'][color=royalblue][size=1] You confuzzle me. You lsiten to [b]Black Dahlia Murder[/b] AND [b]Killswitch Engage[/b] AND [b]Misery Signals[/b] AND [b]BTBAM[/b] AND [b]The Human Abstract[/b], but you don't like any deathcore or much metalcore? How do you feel about [b]ABACABB[/b]? They kinda straddle deathcore/mathcore. Also [b]Ion Dissonance[/b]. How about [b]August Burns Red[/b]? Also, have you ever heard of [b]At The Throne Of Judgement[/b]? [/color][/size][/QUOTE] It's not that I don't like any deathcore, it's just that deathcore and metalcore a
  3. My first word was "Data." I win this TNG contest.
  4. People should be protesting McDonald's because their food sucks, not because of some stupid animal rights thing.
  5. Do you belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve in life after love?
  6. I could never get into BTMH or Architects. I'm really, really into mathcore, but as for deathcore...meh, it's a genre I've only found a few choice gems in, personally. As for what I've been listening to, it's been a lot of progressive metal, metalcore, mathcore, progressive rock (new and old), experimental rock, post-rock, post-hardcore and melodic death metal lately. On the prog rock side, I've been listening to Coheed and Cambria a LOT recently; not only are they my favorite prog rock band, but they're my favorite band in general. I've also been listening to some Mars Volta, Pink F
  7. [CENTER][B]Feeding the Fighting Inferno[/B][/CENTER] His limp body lay there; his eyes stared back at me as the explosive clanked down the shaft, and all the way to the core. I closed my eyes, and in the mist of the end, waited for the world to take its final curtain call. For them to survive, I'll pay the ultimate price.
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