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  1. I would only buy DK Jungle Beat if you could find it for less then $20. It's a lot of fun but it is very short you are done with it in a day. Theres also absolutely no reason to replay it either since it loses it's charm after you complete it. You want to have a fun couple of hours go ahead with DK Jungle Beat. If you want something you can sink your teeth into there are a lot of other great GC games that can provide that.
  2. Christ it still amazes me how people can keep a thread like this going for so long. The people who say they are otakus usually just want the title because it might make them fit in more with anime fans. But they have no knowledge to what extent the term means The actual otakus don't acknowledge it and do spend their entire lives obsessing over anime , video games, etc... Sorry if this was repeated I skimmed the thread:animeswea
  3. [quote name='Bombu'][color=darkred]Guys, recommending what games to get or not to get is cool, but your discussion is starting to get a bit personal and off-topic and is sort of derailing the purpose of the thread, so please could you continue this over PM or IM?[/color] :)[/QUOTE] My bad I have a tendency to derail threads:animeswea. After playing more of Tales of Symphonia I highly recomend it. It's story keeps getting better and better and the combat system gets surprisingly deeper the more you progress. Definetly pick it up.
  4. [quote name='Korey']Did I say MGSTTS was worse than SA2? Cause I don't remember saying it was. I do however remember saying that MGSTTS was a total waste of developer dollars. I did think that SA2 was frickin awesome on the DC when I was younger. My eighth grade mind thought it was the coolest game ever. Maybe I got nostalgic when I recommended it, I don't know. I don't think it was the nail in Sega's coffin though. Maybe it was because Sega released a system during a time where much better systems were set to come out and got blown away due to lack of first party support.....or maybe devlopers started to sway towards better technology and support from a better hardware developer....I don't know;)[/QUOTE] OK you lost all credibiltiy when you said nostalgia. Of course it's always going to be better when you are a lot younger and have horrible taste in games. The DC was one of the greatest video game consoles ever made. SA was it's Mario 64 (but nowhere near as good as it). Soul Caliber , JGR , Power Stone , Power Stone 2 , Skies of Arcadia ,PSO and the two best games ever created Shenmue , Shenmue 2. The DC had amazing software it was also the first gaming console to go online. It was boned because it didn't have a DVD drive. It was targeted at hardcore gamers to begin with. DC did a lot for gaming and it was better then the PS2 for 2 years after PS2 was released. Sadly it died and SA2 as one of it's trump cards failed horribly. So yes SA2 could have kept the DC going for a bit longer but it was such a failure of a game it couldn't.
  5. I respect your opinion Korey but if you are saying that SA2 is a better purchase then MGSTTS you are insane. SA was the reason I bought a DC it blew me away when the DC came out and I got it at launch. However when you are a kid you are retarded. So I could look past the games HUGE flaws. All the levels except for Sonics sucked so bad(fishing anyone?). After finishing the game I loved it especially the final fight with Super Sonic and Chaos Ultimate. If I go back and play SA again I would have more fun being trapped in an elevator for 5 hours which is the games length. When SA2 came out for the DC my I realized how bad SA really was. They made absoultely no improvements. Aside from cutting most of the BS missions out. Like I said before it was another nail in SEGAs coffin. After playing this game I knew the DC was dead. MGSTTS was a great game since you could go back and play the classic. Try going back to playing FFVII and you will bleed from your eyes. Those games were good for their time but they don't hold up well. With MGS you could replay a better version of a classic game. MGSTTS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SA2 But if you liked SA2 thats cool. Just don't say it's better then MGSTTS.
  6. [quote name='Korey']I said Sonic Adventure 2. I recommended it because I never took a shining to Mario: Sunshine and any other platformer/adventure game, so I suggested it. I also liked the multiplayer options on the GC version. So I will abstain for the shooting myself, thank you. I'm sticking with my suggestion F-Zero- is not as hard as you would think it to be. It takes time to learn, just like other games. The sense of speed is just plain awesome though. A good racer to back up Mario Kart too. MGS: TS was okay and I liked all the new stuff, but there was something nostalgic about the original version on the PSX. I personally thought it a waste of money, because the game was epic without all the new gameplay options. So I don't think it's a must buy. Unless you haven't played the original game.[/QUOTE] Sonic Adventure 2 sucked. Ill gladly shoot you if you dont want to. Super Mario Sunshine was an amazing platformer. SA2 did so many things wrong. The hunting and shooting levels were awful. Sonic and Shadow were the only fun parts but it lagged and the camera couldnt keep up. The only thing good about the game was the final battle. I was a huge fan of SA when it was on the DC then at the end of the DCs lifespan this piece of crap was released which was another nail in SEGAs coften. Vs mode and Chao raising don't help this game either. F-Zero wasn't a bad game. The story was decent and it was fast. But it always felt like you were slower then everyone else was. So it was a huge pain. Mario Kart completely owned that game though. Nothing beats Mario Kart 64 or even Double Dash. For F-Zero I think the SNES version was better then the GC one. MGSTTS wasn't popular because people were pissed that it was not on a Sony system. Some also felt it was stupid to remake a classic. I think it was great. It could get gamers into the MGS series without having to play the horribly outdated original. The only thing that sucked about it was tey took away all the girls sexy accents:animeshy:
  7. A parent who censors everything their kid watches or does is an idiot. It is [I]not[/I] protecting your children. Oh no my child has watched an episode of Bebop where someone got shot! Now they are going to grow up and shoot people. it's not just anime I mean it's most media in general. I mean South Park is more explicit then any anime Ive ever seen (and Ive seen at least a 1000 anime titles). Most films are totally worse then anything an anime has with mature content wise.So if you think anime is what corrupts your it doesn't do any worse than a mature cartoon or R rated Movie. Seriously my parents have no problem with me watching anything especially anime. My dad has purchased me titles such as Samurai Gun and Gantz which both have a giant M rating on the pack. Ive grown up just fine some panty shots and some violent deaths didn't turn me into a criminal or pedo. They probably don't even care that I watch porn I just would never say it(as would the rest of you guys) because that's just insanely awkward. All my friends who watch anime their parents don't care at all. I mean seriously parents have been up in arms about Harry Potter a [I]childrens book[/I]. Anime like other forms of media does not damage your child's inner psyche and if it does your kid fails at life.
  8. No one said [B]Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes[/B]. It's a remake of the original MGS. Huge graphic overhaul , first person aiming , new cut scenes , extended VA. While the game has identical level design and boss fights. It's great if you never played the original MGS. Even if you have it is still great to go back and play it revamped. Everyone who recomended [B]Sonic Adventure 2[/B] go shoot yourself. Seriously Sonic was only good for it's time when it was on the DC and even then it was pretty crappy. [B]F-Zero[/B] is an extrmely diffucult game so prepare for a challenge. [B]RE4 [/B]is only slighty better on GC because it has slightly better graphics annd a more comfortable control scheme. RE4 for PS2 has a lot more content then the GC version. [B]Tales of Symphonia[/B] is a great game which is also 4 player coop. It's a fun, fast ,action RPG. No one said [B]Pikmin 2[/B] either. A unique and clever strategy game.
  9. [quote name='ShinigamiNoMiko']Personally I have yet to find another anime where they [spoiler]kill off the main character in the very first episode...[/spoiler] .[/QUOTE] Gantz. And that was the general premise of both animes life after death.
  10. Well indifference pretty much massacred the thread making everyone elses bad days seem like nothing. I am very sorry for your loss indifference. My cousin died suddenly in his sleep which shocked everyone because he was perfectly healthy especially before he went to bed. His funeral and wake were all pretty difficult days. Even though I didn't like my cousin I felt horrible survivors guilt and even worse that I couldn't feel worse about the situation. From there I had a lot of horrible days and have done things I regret terribly. Which I won't go into. but yeah everything after that death started a huge chain of bad days.
  11. I'm in total shock all this time I thought Dagger was a computer script. Not a real person and a good looking one at that :animenose Ill edit a pic of myself into this post later on once I get my camera going.
  12. [quote name='Bombu'][color=darkred]Isn't this stuff illegal though, I'm not too sure? I mean, unless you actually own the game you're trying to play without a CD?[/color][/QUOTE] Yes it is illegal and is pretty much as illegal as downloading a movie or music without paying. You can download games legally off of programs like Steam as I mentioned before but you have to pay. Then theres the whole CD key thing where if there isnt one one person could buy it and give it to all his friends and they can all download the game from the same disc.
  13. [quote name='2007DigitalBoy'][COLOR="DarkOrange"]I don't like fake people. [/COLOR][/QUOTE] Especially fake women with fake boobs.
  14. WTF are you talking about? You can do that for your PC through a program called Steam but you still have to buy the game from them .It just installs directly.
  15. I got plastic surgery for my ears when I was 8 years old. I just remember the horrible feeling I felt when I regained consciousness. I was really sick. The sickness afterwards makes the surgery seem like nothing. So unless I become facially disfigured I don't plan on having any plastic surgeroy
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