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  1. Negima. one of my favorite manga's. It definitely is another hit from Ken akamatsu. Its like an action version of love hina, and i noe there was a lot of action in Love Hina, but Negima Is totally based around the fact of magic users. It has a great varitey of characters in it. And of course There is one guy surrounded by a lot of hot girls, much like love hina. Another cool aspect is the words for the spells arent made up there latin. Seeing the characters evolve and mature throughout the book is great, but just watching them stumble through weird circumstances is also cool. If you like Negima or wanna know more about it post.
  2. hey everybody thanx for all tha posts you've given. i appreciate seeing everyones first manga and which manga made them get into manga in the first place. I look forward to seeing more posts.
  3. My funniest Manga would have to be Negima. All the characters slowly develop throughout the story they do it in a hilarious way.
  4. This thread is about anime since the beginning. Anime has been around for the longest time. What do you think about the early anime that started a revolution. A lot has changed since that time new tech has made anime better. But the classic anime that started those cannot be just merely tossed aside because of these newer animes. Just post you view on this.
  5. I dont think anime will die with our generation. Anime has been around for awhile now and well sure some animes will be forgotten and in the future there maybe new anime to take its place or maybe anime might die im not sure i know anime will be here for along time and if it does start to die there will be a lot of people to who will fight to get it back. There is too many people that like anime for anime to just leave. It will be a sad day when anime will die. There not just cartoons they have deeper meaning then that.
  6. My school is run by jocks, popular kids, skaters, outcasts, nerds and rockers. Jocks are always running things when it comes to sports. when were in P.E. they are always telling you what to do, plus since my school is just plain weird most of the jocks are smart. Popular kids are loved by everyone with some exceptions, they are all smart, pretty, just plain out there. Most of the skaters are popular, I connect mostly with the skaters and the rockers, because I skate and I just plain rock out loud. I am a perfect example of a skater that is not popular, considereing that I ahev popular friends. The outcast well I have some outcast friends they are like me and you just not very popular. The nerds well all they do is stay out of trouble and do exceptionally in acedemics, Thats the total opposite of me. Now I get good grades only one or two B's from straight A's but I always almost get expelled every year. There isnt a year where U never got into a whole lot of trouble. I made all the middle school teachers quit in my graduation year in middle school and even made my english teacher cry. Hmmm? Then there are the rockers, I am a rocker. Well we just like to let everyone know we rock and well you jsut cant define a rocker It depends on that persons personality. well thats basically my school.
  7. System of a down, The best band ever. They are awesome and I dont care what you think they are awesome. They are friggin awesome, and Daron is one of my favorite guitarists ever. They are real rockers.
  8. What do you think of Negima? I think its a awesome manga. Its funny as hell. the plot is really simple but the storyline is really exciting and i think that is a great combination. If you havent read or even heard of negima you should go out to a bookstore and take a look at it. Its a great manga. :animesmil
  9. What is the very first manga you ever read? Mine was Ragnarok. After reading that manga I just couldnt stop going into bookstores and looking at which manga looks interesting. Ever since then I started reading D.N. Angel, Escaflowne and Negima and I started buying anime magazines. Hah, I sound like an obsessed nerd. But im not. So just post you answer. :animesmil
  10. Have you ever been thinking about something totally different and a thought or memory just comes to mind? For me the most often thought i get is when i first my guitar or when i got my first manga, that sounds realy corny but its true, I can be just tallking to my friends and then that memory just pops up. Its weird.
  11. What is the reason for your interest in manga? My reason is its something totally diffrerent from the other comics you see these days, I think that manga should not be in the same category as comics, so I'm gonna talk aas if they are totaly diffrerent things. I love comics and all. I liked comics before manga but manga has more depth. They go the distance. Far more than the comics around now and thats saying something. Manga is one of the best thing in my life. :animesmil
  12. Dude I know, I have been waiting on that volume forever. I have no idea when the next volume is either. I also read that he said there were about 40 volumes and I really want that next volume. I mean really. The story ends when two of the strongest assasins meet for the first time and they're about to fight. So fi you get any news about that manga. Just give me a private message.
  13. There's rock, rap, classical, jazz, blues, country, reggae, and a bunch more. I like all of these except for country. I just don't like it. So just pick your favourites. You can pick as many as you want.
  14. Mangas to me is a way of life. I read manga, I watch anime I draw manga. I can't get enough of it. Without manga I would not be my true self. To some people that sounds very weird, but to me it's not. Now I am not obssessed with manga. My whole life doesn;t revolve around manga I have sports and guitar and friends, but manga is still a huge part of my life. This is gonna sound corny but manga is a part of me. So, just curious what does manga mean to you? Just post your reply.
  15. Whats your favourite manga(s)? Mine is D.N. Angel, Ragnarok and Naruto. They're realy interesting and they're fun to read. So just reply ur favourite mangas.
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