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    Terminator: Salvation

    [SIZE="1"]Terminator is one of my all time favorite series' second only to James Bond. I don't see how having an Arnold look alike is a good move for the series. The whole time the viewer will just be comparing his traits to Schwarzenegger's. It would have been smarter to just go with a completely different look entirely. Either way i'm excited to see this movie, I've been waiting long enough.[/SIZE]
  2. SilentSecurity

    Cats or Dogs?

    Dogs. Simply for the reason of loyalty and energy. Dogs are always happy to see you walk through the door. They also have an endless desire to play and are always fun to have around.
  3. SilentSecurity

    Coke Rewards - Please Help!!!

    I need some help. I'm a little low on money as of late, but I need to buy a gift, so the only way I can do it is with those coke reward codes. If any one out there has any please send them to [email]cokecodes@hotmail.com[/email] (I made it just for this) or send them over PM. I need to get 12,000 codes, so help would be appreciated. To keep this open for discussion. What do you think of coke and other companies having reward programs so you drink their product. I guess it works for me.
  4. SilentSecurity

    Gaming Racist PSP ad?

    A few gaming sites I was on recently were buzzing with posts about a racist PSP ad. Here's a little quote from the Gamespot article I found about the situation. [quote]In a statement titled "Sony stoops to new low with racially charged ad," Yee said he was "deeply disappointed" in the publisher's decision to run the ad, which features a white woman holding a black woman by the jaw in a threatening manner. Sony has said the ad, one in a series that features the white woman promoting the system in a variety of ways, was designed to show the contrast between the colors of the new and old PSPs, and has "no other message or purpose." [/quote] Here's what all the fuss is about. [IMG]http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a76/SilentSecurity/sony_screen001.jpg[/IMG] When I first saw it I thought it was kind of odd that they'd do something like this. Then I took a step back and looked around at all the other kind of ads you see today. Last night I was watching SNL and a Budweiser Select ad came on, it showed a guy pull a beer out of a cooler and then he was all of the sudden in the Caribbean with half nude women grinding on him.So.if I drink a Bud Select that's going to happen to me? Ha! I wish. This PSP ad makes a lot more sense than that beer commercial did when it comes to an advertising stand point, but the only reason that it's causing more of a splash than a commercial with provocative dancing women with beer is because every time people begin to compare two races in this manner the suits in DC get the shivers and start throwing out big words saying it's wrong to do this sort of advertising. Now, if the black woman was doing this to the white woman would there be as big of a fuss, maybe.but I doubt it. People have got to start looking beyond the color of people's skin and start looking at the meaning of this ad.it's just saying that the white PSP is the new thing. I'm not saying to forget the past and all the old prejudices and problems there, but if we keep doing this kind of fussing every time a multi-race ad like this pops up then we're always going to be stuck in the same rut.
  5. SilentSecurity

    Gaming Video Game Picture Caption Game!!! YAY!!!

    "Thank you for shopping at [I]Foot Locker[/I], please enjoy your purchase!"
  6. SilentSecurity

    Gaming Video Game Picture Caption Game!!! YAY!!!

    Soldier: OK Snake, this Yoga maneuver is for our more advanced members and is a great stretch after a long mission Snake: Yep I feel the stretch in my thighs Soldier: Good. Now if you feel a snapping sensation in your ribs and neck don't be alarmed. Snake: Wait...what? Soldier: Oh....nothing.
  7. SilentSecurity

    Does age really matter?

    Naw, I don't think so. You can find love at any age and with a person at any age. I fell for a girl a few years back who was three years older than me, I actually think we had a stronger bond between us because of the age difference. People can talk all they want about age and you should find someone within a few years of you, but in the end love conquers all, age included.
  8. SilentSecurity

    Gaming Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

    I bought this game a little while ago thinking it'd be a game that I'd play for a little while and then get bored. Actually it turned out nothing like that. This game has been the only thing I've been playing on my PS2 now for a month. Why? Because it's freakin sweet! I just finished the 'Hard' mode a few minutes ago and am going to go back right after this to start on an even harder difficulty. Does anyone else have this game at the top of there list, I was just wondering.
  9. SilentSecurity

    Gaming Nintendo 64 still popular?

    Hmm... Actually I bought an N64 at blockbuster the other day for $12. I remember being younger and always heading over to a friends house to play. I don't regret buying it at all. It was pretty cool to dive into my past in the form of an N64 cartridge.
  10. SilentSecurity

    Anime IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix

    Well, ever since Toonami lost Kenshin I think they've really gone downhill. About five years ago was their peak (I still believe that), after that point they settled for appealing to not many age groups but younger ones (seriously, Kenshin could provide things to different ages that Bobo Bo just can't). I remember watching those five minute episodes a few years back (can't remember anything that happened though) and was disappointed when they stopped. then I heard a few months ago that a new show was coming, of course I didn't remember anything about those 5 minute episodes so I had no clue it was a sequel to those until I watched it. After watching a few episodes I think this is a great show. And It's perfect because it's at the end of Toonami and Adult Swim starts right after, this means I don't have to watch IGPX at seven and then sit down to watch AS at 11. The way that you see what the characters are like off the track and how they wonderfully tie in people's pasts is really great. Also, going in, I thought this show would just be about racing and that's all, but they tied in team problems, family problems, love problems, all kinds of things I'd never expect to see. In the end, if you haven't checked out this show you really should it's definitely worth the time.
  11. Some shows I can get used to after awhile. I originally thought Gundam SEED was mediocre at best. After watching it more I found myself staying up until 1:00AM to watch it. Bobo on the other hand is one of those shows that get worse as you continue watching, I don't think I'll ever enjoy watching this show.
  12. SilentSecurity

    Gaming Whats your favorite video game of all time!

    My all-time favorite game would have to be either Castlevania, Pac-man, or Pong. Sure those games are all of the main shelves of your local EB Games store but each one is unique in it's own special way. I remember when I was a little kid playing my gameboy my mother told me how she'd went out and bought a Pong system. To this day I love playing Pong. I love playing newer games to but it doesn't mean the classics aren't great. Pac-Man was a really great game. Sure not too much variety but at the end you just can't stop playing. Castlevania is definitely one of my favorites. How could it not be? The voice-overs are better than some current games. The storyline was good and it was fun to play. This game should be a model to all future RPGs, sadly, not everyone follows in this game's footsteps. i do like some of the current games. I recently finished Battlefront II and loved it, but would I call it an 'all-time favorite', no.
  13. SilentSecurity

    Gilmore Girls

    I've watched a few episodes here and there. Nothing really exciting. When I come over to my parents house on Tuesday's my mother makes sure it's being recorded or she's plopped in front of the TV. I was surprised when I read this today [quote] (USA TODAY) Television these days is loaded with sex, sex, sex ? double the number of sex scenes aired seven years ago, says a study out Wednesday. And the number of shows that include "safer sex" messages has leveled off, it said. There were nearly 3,800 scenes with sexual content spotted in more than 1,100 shows researchers studied, up from about 1,900 such scenes in 1998, the first year of the Kaiser Family Foundation survey. The examples of sexual content cited in the study ranged from discussions of sex on the WB's Gilmore Girls and Jack & Bobby to depictions of oral sex on NBC's Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and sexual intercourse on Fox's The O.C.[/quote] Notice that Gilmore Girls is on that short list in the last paragraph. That did indeed surprise me. In the end though it doesn't change my opinion of the show, which is a 5/10. Of course I'm a guy so shows such as this one don't really get me pumped.
  14. SilentSecurity

    Gaming .hack//fragment

    Finally! A fragment trailer. I've been waiting for a fragment trailer for some time now, and boy am I glad it's here. Here's the link: [url=http://www.dothackers.net/]dothackers[/url] There's a little title at the bottom that says .hack//fragment trailer released (posted October 17th). Click the pic and the download window will pop-up. Enjoy!
  15. SilentSecurity

    Gaming Ratchet: Deadlocked

    [SIZE=1]Thing is, I never enjoyed the last game. If they had put bots in the multiplayer then it might have been a decent game. I thought the story line was pretty dumb and some of the weapons were mediocre at best. On the other hand, my friends thought the game was awesome and constantly asked to borrow it. Maybe I'm just not a fan of a squirrel (or whatever he is) walking around shooting stuff (unless it's Conker, now there's a good game XD). Or maybe I'm just not a TPS fan, but I don't think that's true either. So I guess to sum it up, if Deadlock is anything like the last game, I'll rent it (if that).[/SIZE]