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  1. My fondest memories of Desbreko/Jon were in the AIM chats. I still have most of the chat logs from back in the day (2003-2007), and reading them reminds me of what a kind and knowledgeable guy he was. The group chats with him are a time that I will never forget, and were the highlight of my young teenage years. My thoughts and condolences go out to his family. Thank you, Mrs. Goudy, for raising a young man who touched so many people, and for coming on the forum to speak. Thanks Mike and Laura for letting us all know. And especially you, Jon - thank you for your life. I hope you've found the ultimate master sword.
  2. My god would I have gotten more sleep and studied more. haha I would have probably been a well-adjusted teenager with normal IRL friends and developed those interpersonal skills in high school earlier. How boring. :p I may also have never become as entrenched in Japanese culture, never developing the drive to learn the language and spend 2 and half amazing years living abroad, making lifelong friends in Japan and online. And my online spelling and grammar would have been atrocious. Yeah, life sure would have been different...
  3. Yeah you know, all about how it's tough growing up in the rural hood with 1st-world middle/high school problems.
  4. You took my idea! haha Except mine is not an Apple Watch, it's an Android Wear watch (still waiting for someone to ask me if it's an Apple Watch, apparently people with other smartwatches get asked that all the time >.<). Specifically this is a Motorola Moto 360 Sport that I got last week. The Moto 360 has been around since last year, but I've been waiting at least a year and a half for them to release an Android Wear watch with both continuous heart-rate monitoring and GPS. That way I have all the necessary hardware to just strap it on my wrist and go for a run while listening to pre-loaded music via my Bluetooth headset. I've started loading all sorts of helpful third party apps as well, including one to track my sleep via movements and heart rate. And I'm really excited to eventually use it for interval training on my runs to practice getting my heart rate up really high and then back down to lower resting heart rate, as well as for systematically tracking increasingly further runs to prepare for races. :D
  5. This was a couple years ago, but I figure it's only appropriate to show the time when I trained with Goku in Japan. I was 26 in that picture, so let's compare to when I joined OB at age 13.
  6. Syk3

    Working Out

    Exactly, that's my point. For most people, it is easier to focus on one's diet in order to lose weight. And for me it was the biggest factor in contributing to my weight loss. However, there are going to be people out there who have a history of enjoying or being disciplined in exercise and find it extremely difficult to limit what they are eating. I have plenty of friends who refuse to eat anything green or touch "healthy" food because they find it disgusting. The first step for people like them will not be to ask them to change their diet. It will be to encourage them to burn more calories through something like exercise that, while perhaps not the most fun in the world, is still more enjoyable than dieting. Once they can get into an exercise routine, it's easier to show how subtle changed in the food they eat will get give them more energy and help them to drop pounds on the scale. It's one thing to talk about how to ideally lose weight, and quite another to talk about how people are actually going to make those changes.
  7. In terms of anime I've been watching shows pretty slowly lately, namely One Piece and One Punch Man. One Piece has the amazing capacity to hit you right in the feels time after time, and One Punch Man is an unconventional show that can leave you on the floor laughing with a single well-aimed punch. :p As for manga, I'm currently reading Bakuman and Rokudenashi ("Good-for-nothing") Blues. The former is a detailed manga about kids creating manga, which I brought back from Japan, and the latter was recommended by Tim Ferriss of 4-Hour fame. Since returning from Japan I have been unable to watch anime or read manga that wasn't in straight Japanese, and lately I've been attempting to go completely legal in my consumption of Japanese entertainment. So it does well in limiting what I can watch and read. haha
  8. Syk3

    Working Out

    haha I'm on my second week doing Insanity with my wife. It can be pretty... well, insane, especially if you're not used to cardio. There's a lot of temptation to skip days or pause the DVD and not come back to it, especially when you see Shaun T. and the professional fitness athletes doing the exercises perfectly and you're thinking, "that's impossible, I can never do that." It's not impossible, but it's not easy either and you'll have to push yourself a lot. I have a coworker who has gone through it 3 times already and has gotten completely ripped each time. The potential benefits are there. My recommendation is to commit to "trying it" for 2 months, set aside time and place IN ADVANCE to do it each day, and maybe find a workout buddy to do it with you. It's pretty much the same thing I would recommend to anyone with fitness goals just starting out, or hell... to anyone with goals in general. I love working out, exercising, and getting healthy in general. For someone who wants to get in shape, some combination of diet and exercise are going to be necessary. I could go into what type of exercise, how many sets, how many reps, and all that nonsense but in the end you're going to find that everyone has strong opinions of exactly how it should be done, and the sad truth is that no amount of rhetoric is going to accomplish the change. The important thing when starting out is just to be doing something with either diet OR exercise (depending on what you're more or less comfortable with), and then doing something with the other once you're in the habit of the first. Only after that I'd suggest educating yourself as much as possible on ways of doing it better. :) I recommend reading or listening to the 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. I used his slow-carb diet to lose 22.2 lbs of fat in under 2 months, and his exercise routine to put on muscle and become much stronger.
  9. I first joined OB in 2001 right before in entered high school, and my most active years continued until after I entered college. That was an impressionable time for me, and OB was pretty much the place where I hung out. So it taught me about forming complex friendships and relationships first and foremost. Had it not been for OB I would have learned this stuff elsewhere, sure, but OB was my playground to experiment with all of that. And it was in this playground that I most likely gained an interest in psychology, the field that I work in today. OB also taught me about writing, reading, debating, graphic design, trolling, HTML, the Internet, and most of the other things discussed above.
  10. Good lord... I think it ended with Nerdy Youths, and that pretty much sums us up. XD Could it have been something like the Horny Organization of Really Nerdy Youths? I've been feeling the need to connect anew with this part of my life... seriously, how many thousands of hours did we spend here posting, AIM chatting with other friends, and creating art? When I first started applying to jobs I actually used being a moderator here as leadership experience! I feel ashamed that the last time I logged in was in 2011 and couldn't even remember my password at first. At the very least I've been able to drop in and say hi to a few of you on Facebook, and do random odd jobs for Adam. ;) Anyway, consider it marked on the calendar! So down for a reunion. Group chats would probably throw me for a loop at this point, but posting on a forum (which I haven't done since I left here) is something I can and will do! I'm going to bug Shinmaru and OtakuSennen and others on Facebook. Attached some old school memories.
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  12. [quote name='KittyLynn' date='19 March 2010 - 10:08 PM' timestamp='1269050928' post='691895'] I used to be known as CL or Kitty around here almost 10 years ago. I thought of this forum today (with fondness, obviously) and decided I'd check it out and see where it is. Wow, it's different. I'm glad to see it still exists though. Anyone else here from back then? Let's hear from ya! I was so young when I was a regular part of this forum and I just want to say that you guys were seriously an awesome part of my life, and I enjoyed having the friends I did, when I did. I hope OB still has that community feel today. Keep up the good work James. This place basically raised me. [/quote] Wow, I just happened to stumble in here, but I wanted to say hi really quick. I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Greg. I remember we chatted a lot back in the day and me and some friends were trying to find you again for the longest time. I see a lot of old friends around here, good to see that the boards haven't changed that much after all. haha
  13. is wondering WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO OB?!

  14. Wow, are you kidding me? Have these KyoAni people made any statements about this crap they're putting out? I just wasted the last hour of my life catching up from 3-5, so I skipped to the end of 6 and 7, which only helped to increase my RAGE. Am I falling into their trap? This isn't funny, it's tragic. That first episode, hell the first season was sooo good. Why...? And even when it's done, and their little "joke" better be over at the 8th one, are they going to continue replaying the rest of the old episodes again just to piss us off even more? -_- How do they expect this to be marketed in the states, and who would buy it? lol
  15. [quote name='Roxie Faye'][COLOR=#9933cc]The lovely Syk3 and I met up at Otakon, and I have *exactly* one picture with him (too bad we didn't take more). I also met his very nice girlfriend, whom I don't have a picture of. =( I'm also cosplaying Mello from Death Note in this picture... [URL]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v440/RoxieFaye/2009_0719Image0026.jpg[/URL] [/COLOR][/quote] My picture is better! I think we were actually ready for the camera this time. XD BTW, your Mello costume freaking rocked. I loved the scar. It's too bad I wasn't prepared enough to do my Light cosplay. >_<
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