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    I'm a 17 yr.o. student. Basically, Music + Anime + Video Games (+ some other stuf...) = LIFE
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    Full time nerd
  1. boxybrown305

    Jimi Hendrix

    [COLOR=DarkRed]If someone is the best guitarist or not is completely based on opinion. Hendrix was an excellent guitarist, and i'll love his stuff untill the day i die, but he's not my favorite. My favorite guitarist of all time is certainly Jimmy Page. As previously mentioned, Hendrix, Page, and Clapton were a trifecta of power when it comes to old school guitar. My favorite new guitarist is John-5 though. He played with Manson for a while, then made a solo album Vertigo, which has stuff from metallic riffs, to bluegrass. Next fav being Tom Morello. The point is there are tons of guitarists, and even more fans, so a best guitarist is really impossible to say. However i do think Hendrix was great. One of the greats, and definately on my top five list of guitarists.[/COLOR]
  2. [QUOTE=GTK]Squee for the Police girl. Ceras is just ten times cooler than Tamari. Plus they make super badass figures of her XD[/QUOTE] [COLOR=DarkRed]Well that figure was never in the series though. Maybe the manga, i don't know, i'm a bit behind in the mange reading, but definately not the manga, that was Alucard's power, but since Ceres wasn't a "true nosfteratu" (or however you spell that), that she could never use those powers. Of course that figure is pretty **** cool. That aside, i still vote for Ceres anyway. Temari is very cool, and my favorite girl character on Naruto, but i have a never ending love for vampires. Just my thing.[/COLOR]
  3. boxybrown305

    Music Talk

    [quote name='Jake of Bodom']I'm afraid I won't be much help suggesting new bands because I'm not really into the whole punk thing, but I hear that BLACK FLAG is pretty awesome.[/quote] [COLOR=DarkRed]Oh yes, [B]Black Flag[/B] is a great [I]real[/I] punk band. Judging from other bands you (Rising Sun) mentioned, i can tell you you'll love Black Flag. I highly reccomend The First Four Years by them. The only other thing i have from them is Rise Against, which is good too (Tim Armstrong and Lars Fredrickson sing a song in it). Let's see, [B]The Ramones [/B] are good original punk, but not quite as hard or fast. My favorite punk band of all is [B]The Clash[/B]. London Calling was their best, but they have a greatest hits collection called Clash on Broadway, which covers all you need. A big one you would like is [B]The Dead Kennedys[/B]. They are pretty similar to Black Flag, that kind of thing. You may also like [B]The Sex Pistols[/B]. There are countless underground bands that can be great too, so just look around and you'll find good stuff. So, yeah, hope i helped.[/COLOR]
  4. boxybrown305

    Suggest me some good comedy movies.

    [quote name='JT Darkfire']One of the best comedies that I have seen is one that often is overlooked by the general public. Come on people, doesn't anyone besides me remember Mystery Men? With a cast of characters such as The Bowler and Mr. Furious, is it any wonder that this is an awesome movie. I mean, it stars Janeane Garofalo, Ben Stiller,Hank Azaria, William H. Macy, Greg Kinnear, Geoffrey Rush, Paul Reubens, and Kel Mitchell. Isn't that (plus an awesome script) enough? I mean, I couldn't help but laugh at some of the unimportant characters such as... well, you'll have to see it yourself.[/quote] [COLOR=DarkRed]I forgot all about that. Mystery Men was great, basically all he said. Of course i couldn't expect to say all the great comedy movies, but this is one of them. Office Space was good, not the funniest, but very good. Spinal Tap is freaking hilarious! Um so yeah.[/COLOR]
  5. boxybrown305

    Suggest me some good comedy movies.

    [COLOR=DarkRed]Monty Python is a must. My fav was Holy Grail, but Life of Brian was very good too, and i haven't seen the Meaning of Life. Some more from Mel Brooks would work too. The main ones that come to mind are Young Frankenstien and Robin Hood: Men in Tights, History of the World, Dracula: Dead and Loving It (you said you already have Spaceballs, so that's taken care of). There are many others too, but i can't remember right now. As for Kevin Smith movies, you really need to finish that collection. Chasing Amy was more of a mature romantic comedey, which might not be what your looking for (and Jay & Silent Bob are only in it for one scene... and Silent Bob talks a LOT). Dogma is very good. At first i didn't like it that much, but eventually i loved it. Finally, most people dislike Mallrats the most, however i thought it was pretty good. Clerks and Mallrats were among my favorite in the series. Then Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. That was also pretty good, but you couldn't have understand over half of the refferences to the other movies in it. In that last one, they make tons of refferences to the other movies, except for Dogma (i don't think they refferenced that one at all). That's one of the things i like about the series, is that the story is mixed all throughout. They are different stories all together, but they hint at each other, and always lead back to the same place... Jay & Silent Bob. Due to the reoccurance of many actors (mostly Jason Lee and Ben Afflec), Jason Lee played two roles in Strike Back, which was a bit confusing, yet very amusing. My favorite character in the whole series is probably Brodie. Anyway, i've gone on about the Kevin Smith movies quite enough. Oh, anther good movie i almost forgot to mention is the Blues Brothers. John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd are geniuses together. There's really tons of great movies out there, so look around.[/COLOR]
  6. boxybrown305

    Gaming The best video game magazine...

    [COLOR=DarkRed]A long long time ago i got Nintendo Power. This was back in the mid-late 90's when i too was a Nintendo freak. I liked it then, but it probably was all just a scheme to get people to buy buy buy! Which i did. I haven't seen it lately though, so maybee it's better. I've seen PSM, though never a subscription. I read one issue of it at an airport or something, and never again. The Official Playstation Magazine was better, but again times may have changed, i don't know. I never had or seen any Xbox magazine, so i can't judge there. In general, i preffer magazines that cover all systems. You don't get as many bonuses, but it's a lot cheaper, and you get more coverage. I used to get EGM for a year or two. They have pretty good articles and interviews. For the past couple years however, i've been subcribed to Game Informer. I don't care what they say about sales or anything, i value their oppinion. They tend to deliver quite well on previews/reviews, it often sways my decision of weather to buy something of not. Lately though, they have been very late with their material, which obviously would already be slow in the first place. Chances are this is the last year i will subscribe to anything, due to the increadible convenience of the internet, there just isn't any need for a magazine any more.[/COLOR]
  7. boxybrown305

    Its a quiet world...

    [COLOR=DarkRed]I have going on 200 CDs, and i'd probably curl up in the fetal possition for a month if i lost all of them. And my hard drive sucks, so i have no backups. I have one friend who also had his car broken into, and got a stereo and CDs stolen, but it wasn't all of his CDs. Another friend accidentally forgot a CD case with around 30 CDs on a public bus. Like me, that isn't even close to all his CDs, and most of them were burned CDs, so all he seemed to care about losing was NIN's The Downward Spiral, which he did have a backup on his computer of.[/COLOR]
  8. [QUOTE=QuincyArcher]I have watched Elfen Lied several times through and one of the things that i liked most about Nyu/Lucy is that even though they are the same person, each personality is the exact polar opposite of the other. Nyu is very innocent and infantile, but also very caring and generous. Then on the other side Lucy is very deeply tormented, was very violent and filled with anguish and remorse, while still a good person deep down. Another thing that i liked, is that later in the series you come to learn that [spoiler]When Lucy first meets Kouta during her childhood, her personality is essentially a combination of both Nyu and (adult) Lucy.[/spoiler] Count another vote for Nyu/Lucy.[/QUOTE] [COLOR=DarkRed]Agree completely.[/COLOR] [quote name='Bloodseeker'](vectors are basically high-frequency invisible hands attatched to 20-meter long arms)[/quote] [COLOR=DarkRed]Where did you get 20 meters from? That's pretty freaking long. I thought that Lucy's vectors were only 2 meters long. Nana's were a bit longer, and then there was Mariko. I won't talk about her for those who haven't seen it.[/COLOR]
  9. boxybrown305

    Which country makes the best music?

    [quote name='Ozymandius Jones][COLOR=DarkOrange']You know, the bat thing? Was supposedly an accident. He thought it was rubber or something. I dunno.[/COLOR][/quote] [COLOR=DarkRed]HAHA! I had heard something along those lines before, but i wan't sure. Usually i like those "death metal" bands for the sound, not the devil worship lyrics. I like the lyrics because i find them just funny. But that ^^ it's just hilarious... Anyway, yah if you want the three bands thing i'll do that too. [U][B]England[/B][/U] Pink Floyd The Clash The Beat I obviously used different bands than Ozy, to mix it up (i imagine that was the point), and i chose those three because they are all large bands in their genres (Pink Floyd=um,well... prog rock i guess; Clash=best punk band ever in my oppinion; Beat=excellent ska band).[/COLOR]
  10. boxybrown305

    Which country makes the best music?

    [quote name='Jake of Bodom']O.K., you know what, I think I'm just gonna have an administrator close this thread. You guys are all missing the point. I guess I should have called this thread "What country, IN YOUR OPINION, has at least three bands that, IN YOUR OPINION, are really good, even though EVERY COUNTRY HAS GREAT MUSIC." I kind of thought all that was implied, but jeez guys! It was just a fun little thing to see what country would get the most votes. Let it go. It's O.K.[/quote] [COLOR=DarkRed]You seem to be taking it over the top here. Most people with just a few exceptions [I]did[/I] say what country they liked "best," most everyone else, including myself, still did it anyway, and gave our votes. Chill out, it's still working how you wanted it.[/COLOR] [QUOTE=Jake of Bodom] And by the way, the "\m/" sign wasn't used in metal first by Black Sabbath. Ronnie James Dio of the band "Dio" used it first. Dio's grandmother lived with him and his parents as he was growing up. "\m/" was a ward against evil according to whatever beliefs she subscribed to, and she'd raise her hand in that way whenever he was listening to rock/metal music. Eventually he began doing it onstage to represent the misunderstanding surrounding metal, and the crowd caught on. It eventually became the universal sign for metal.[/QUOTE] [COLOR=DarkRed]I see, thanks for the correction. I knew that it came from an old lady at first, but i was under the impression that Black Sabbath used it first, oh well. Ozzy did bite the head of a live bat off on stage, i don't think that had been done before, or again for that matter.[/COLOR]
  11. boxybrown305

    Which country makes the best music?

    [quote name='Raid3r']ZEPPELIN! They created heavy metal...... There is no Sonata Arctica, Metallica, Lecona Coil, Nightwish, etc. without ZEPPELIN![/quote] [COLOR=DarkRed]I'm sure many people are going to argue against this, but the fact of the matter is that this is very true. They were in fact the first band to be called "heavy metal," and it was Zeppelin that the term "headbanging" came from (fans litterally banged their heads on the stage of Zepp concerts). Anyway, i just had to express how true this statement is before someone who doesn't know what they're talking about says otherwise (and i can't believe i didn't list Zepp earlier!). It was also Black Sabbath that first used the "devil sign" incorporated with music (\m/). Note: they didn't create it, they just used it with music, yet again, an English band. Well, that's the end of my music history lesson for the day. As others have said though, the country doesn't really matter, music is music no matter where you are. It's like a universal language. What country it came from just makes no difference.[/COLOR]
  12. boxybrown305


    [COLOR=DarkRed]I think that a hero can be a pretty loose term. It really depends on the person who considers a certain person (real or fictional) as a hero. A leader is much more defined, someone who... well, leads. As said by doukeshi03, this can be good or bad. For example, leaders of a country. The president is ussually looked upon as a good leader (depending on who it is, and a persons oppinions), where a dictator is usually viewed as a bad leader (again, it varys, many people thought Hitler was great). I pretty much agree with everyithing that doukeshi03 said.[/COLOR] [quote name='Bloodseeker']When you look up to someone, do you not aspire to be like them? To share the traits that they have? When you truly like something, you inevitably want it for yourself. They inspired you to want whatever it is that you liked about them. Maybe you're not willing to go through whatever it is that they went through to get there, but the seeds are planted.[/quote] [COLOR=DarkRed]You don't need to be a leader to be a hero. For example, i look up to John-5, an amazing guitarist. In that sense you could say he's my hero (though idon't consider him one), and i have no motivation to go ahead and play guitar.[/COLOR] [QUOTE=Chaos] A hero has to die to become one.[/QUOTE] [COLOR=DarkRed]Very untrue. A hero most certainly does [I]not[/I] have to die to be a hero. Suggest someone (in time of war, for example) puts their life on the line for the purpose of saving many comrades. Weather a person who did that lived or not would definately be a hero in my book. What your thinking of is more of a martyr than a hero. A martyr can be a hero, but isn't neccessarily. It depends on who is looking at it. If someone dies for a particular cause or belief, by definition they are a martyr. One person may view that person as a hero, while another (from another country maybe) would consider this person a terrorist.[/COLOR] [quote name='kaisha'] A hero is simply someone you look up to, admire. A leader is someone who will pave the way for other peopl to achive things the never thought they could. There is a great diffirence, in some cases a leader becomes a hero though.[/quote] [COLOR=DarkRed]I agree with your interpretation of a hero, but not a leader. Your definition of a leader can be true in some cases, but a leader can range from a great leader of a country, to someone who merely guides or looks over other people ( your boss at a job). If you take the second example, and say a boss, the person is a leader, but many people may not like him/her at all. [/COLOR] [quote name='Delta']By sheer willpower or the wish to go down in history, I don't know, but I believe we can all be heroes, given the chance to play as one. [/quote] [COLOR=DarkRed]I agree completey, but on a slightly diferent level. Anyone with the willpower can become someone great, but that doesn't make them a hero. Basically a hero is defined only on who considers the person a hero. You can do something great, and no one may care, or you can do nothing at all, yet still be looked up to as a hero. That's why i agree with Delta, that anyone can be a hero, but willpower is not required for it, it just helps a lot.[/COLOR]
  13. boxybrown305

    Politics... your view?

    [COLOR=DarkRed]I am "middle-of-the-road" when it comes to political ideals. I'm 17 now, so i'll be able to vote next election. My broad ideals, i'm sure, is due to my parents being so different from each other. My mom is a super liberal, and my dad is a super conservative. I'd be amazed beyond words to describe if either one ever voted for the other party (with the exception of [I]possibly[/I] a third party). Becuase of both of thier opposing views, i've grown up seeing both sides of the argument, and i am very suggestible to any party or ideal. Generally i am a bit more liberal than conservative, though there are many issues on both sides that i agree/disagree with.[/COLOR] [QUOTE=Bloodseeker]A vote for a guy that you know isn't going to win is a vote wasted. Mere principals don't count for much in America. At this point, the only two parties that the general public really recognize are the republicans and democrats. If you only have two people that are likely to win and a bunch of others that you know don't stand a chance, its best to give your vote to the one that shares at least some of your views and give the scum a tiny bit more resistance, if that makes sense. The only something that can change anything is for someone famous to use their influence to get the mass media to give a lot of publicity to whatever third party group. Most people aren't going to recognize them as anything more than filler unless the mainstream media "tells" them otherwise. That's just how most people in this country are... Until that happens, you're better off using your vote to try to keep the worst evils away from the top tiers of our government.[/QUOTE] [COLOR=DarkRed]Like Shinmaru said, i strongly disagree with this, for reasons previously listed, but you also need to consider the fact that no third party actually has the intention of winning an election. The sole purpose of a third party is to bring about issues that the two more "dominant" parties don't yet address. Generally this brings some votes to them, though a small margin it is, it brings the issue to the other parties to consider in the future. If people didn't ever vote for third parties, new issues and ideals would rarely arise, and our country would go nowhere, not up, not down, just nowhere. For this reason absolutely [I]NO[/I] vote is a wasted vote, for third party or otherwise. Besides, if only two parties were available, or everyone only voted for the two "major" parties, it would really be only one step away from a dictatorship. Instead of "here's your new ruler," it would be "here's two guys, one of them [I]has[/I] to win, and your stuck with him for four years, possibly even ten." It's just too limiting to only consider two options.[/COLOR]
  14. boxybrown305


    [quote name='Jake of Bodom']Also there's a local ska band here called Insatiable. My band director is in it, so I was apprehensive, but a friend bought me their C.D. and it's great stuff! I don't even like ska, and I thought this was great. I'm not sure if they have a website. Try typing "Insatiable utah" or something (they're from Utah). So... yeah. Peace.[/quote] [COLOR=DarkRed]Could [URL=http://www.insatiableska.com/]this[/URL] be your band director's band? If so i may have to buy a CD or two to check them out.[/COLOR]
  15. boxybrown305

    Which country makes the best music?

    [COLOR=DarkRed]While i agree completely with what Godelsensei said, i'll go ahead and play anyway. What i'm suprised hasn't shown up yet is England. There are just tons of great bands that came from there (and as Godelsensei said there are obviously many others too, but England is a pretty big one). [B][U]England:[/U][/B] Pink Floyd The Who The Clash The Sex Pistols The (English) Beat Black Sabbath The Rolling Stones... Just to name a [I]few[/I]. England is still constantly pouring out excelent bands. Like i said, it actually doesn't really mean anything though, all the previously listed places are good too.[/COLOR]