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  1. Wow, I like everyone's so far...but the one I believe I like the best is Hittokiri Zero's. Though Kaisuke's and Sara's come very close also. Great job! Love, Kaola
  2. Wow Dan! That is so amazing! You are such an awesome friend! Yes, Saosin is great! Everyone should check them out!! Thanx so much Dan! This is going on my site!! Love, Kaola!
  3. Hey, that is cool, it wasn't stupid, you were just asking about them! Well, it has been a while for me too but as far as I can tell you didn't break any rules or anything! Love, Kaola Su
  4. Haha, yeah Yellowcard is really good from what I have heard! I think I have only heard like 4 songs tho but they would be someone I would d/l to get their cd's...since all I do usually is d/l them, but lately I havent been able to d/l much b/c of how slow my comp. is but they are for sure someone to check out more of! You can't just listen to one or 2 songs and then judge them. At least give it 3! But I have to say they really are very good and I agree with Dan totally on this one...as I usually do with music! LOL! Love, Kaola Su
  5. All I have to say is that you are hella lucky to have that come on tv! I love BBCT2040! I haven't really payed any attention to the lyrics tho. Love, Kaola
  6. YAY! A post from Nomad!! The first one!! YES! *feels special* Thanx you guys! Here ya go...this is another Tare Panda drawing of mine! Nothing special. [img]http://kaolasu.250free.com/TarePanda1.png[/img] Love, Kaola
  7. Okay DarkDeath helped me with some more Photoshop tutorials and here is what they came out to be! A Rain effect on a picture from Ferus on DeviatArt! [img]http://kaolasu.250free.com/DDTutorial1Rain.png[/img] Okay here is some lightening!! [img]http://kaolasu.250free.com/DDTutorial2Lightening.png[/img] and last but not least, A seamless pattern....yes, that means it doesn't have seams! [img]http://kaolasu.250free.com/DDTutorial3Seamless.png[/img] Hope you all enjoyed! Love, Kaola
  8. I know I told you already but I wanted to say it again b/c this one is soooo awesome! I really love it! I don't know what it is about it but I just think it is so cute! (Not in a bad way tho...just remember I am a girl!) But I really like the colors the most! They are so awesome. Love, Kaola
  9. Awe!! Thanx a lot Naru! And thank you everyone else also! Well, I am going to try and draw some more too, but I think I will stick to my banners tho, I like making them better. Here is a new one I made for Domon! It took me forever to actully find and round up these pix!! [img]http://kaolasu.250free.com/ToDomonLinkBan.png[/img] Love, KS
  10. HAHA What'd I say about the 2 girls and the one the son is dating...but one problem..again I only saw the last half so would someone please fill me in again? I guess I didn't realize that it was coming up so soon this week! Love, Kaola
  11. Here is a new avatar that I made with my friend's sprites! I think they are so cute and don't they look just like them??!! Love, KS
  12. Awe! Thanx a lot you guys! As always I am happy to get some great compliments! Thanx! Lovies and aloha, KS
  13. Okay, thanx for the advice Stuart! Well, here is some more of my banner work and also a picture that I drew today to enter into MyOtaku! It has to get approved 1st tho! Shoot! New Banner I made for Leh: [img]http://kaolasu.250free.com/ToLehYaoiBan.png[/img] And My Tare Panda drawing: [img]http://kaolasu.250free.com/TarePanda.PNG[/img] Hope you like! Lovies and Aloha, Kaola
  14. That isnt that bad really. Do try and start working on cropping the pictures. Of course you did a good job for the 1st time! It isn't bad at all! I like the idea you have and I think the quote matches your characters also! Also, just a suggestion, try using pictures with the same color...like you see how your Kenshin picture is a purple-blue...well try keeping them all in the same color. But really good job! You do have potential, but of couse youi should definately work on it some more! Even I am still working at making mine better! Love, Kaola
  15. HAHA That was funny Dan, but yeah! It is!! Me and Leh changed it! Good banner and avatar Leh! I love the way Vash is looking!! I haven't seen that picture of him I don't think. But nice work as always!! Love, Kaola
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