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  1. hmm u could try Chrono Crusade(really great anime) Rahxephon Blood+ Black Cat(the manga is better tho) [COLOR=Sienna][SIZE=1][INDENT][B]panzerzanaku[/B] please improve your post quality, simply listing shows to watch without explaining why you think they would enjoy the show is spam. ~indifference[/INDENT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  2. :animesmil Love the responses i am getting. Keep em coming.... shadowofdeath13 you do make a very good point about Bit's natural talent as a zoid pilot, but remember Van is a good thinker unlike Bit who relies alot on his organoid system to get him out of trouble.
  3. :cool: Love naruto. I wish morre animes were as cool as this one. My fav chars: Sasuke :cool: Itachi Kakashi Neiji :cool:
  4. I would say :cool: Van is the better pilot seeing that he's been in countless battles, where is life was in danger. He has that killer instinct, where as Bit fights againts opponents who are not trying to kill plus he's never had any real training when it comes on to zoid piloting. As for Van he has had the best military training... What do you think?
  5. I personally would pic Saito(Samurai X), because he is a very calm individual who knows what do in any giving situation. Plus he's a great strategist.. :cool: How about you?
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