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  1. I am absolutely in love with all things Death Note. I could talk for hours about the anime and live action movies. I have NOT read the manga. That's my Christmas wish. Just watched L: Change the World, for probably the twentieth time. Now watching The Last Name again. So... I want to start a new conversation about anything whatsoever having to do with Death Note. First thing on my mind... WHO'S COOLER / SEXIER.... REM OR RYUK? (That's a 2 part question.] IMO, Rem is cooler. More empathetic and concerned with the welfare of others. Ryuk is so sexy. He's got "tall, dark, and handsome" nailed. Death Note fans, spam your thoughts here.
  2. I'm just posting here to leave proof that FMA and FMAB are still attracting new viewers. I watched both series in completion, a couple months ago, and would watch again. It took a few episodes to really get, into it. But it was worth sticking with it to the end. I empathize with Winry, cause I'm always waiting weeks, months, years, to see the FEW people who matter to me. When they finally return, it's usually cause they need a favor or something. Then, when they get what they came for, they're gone again.... And I'm left waiting. Winry's life SUX, so I feel for her. (It's odd identifying with made up characters...)
  3. Dude! How can you NOT tell her? "Gamer chick" opens up a whole slew of conversation starters.... "Hey... XYZ"... Did you get a copy of Cubic Ninja?" Or really go the extra mile and get yourself a copy, "improve" your 3DS, and ask if she wants to borrow [the 3DS]. (Prominent on my mind cause its all my son is talking about right now.) Or ask her what music she's into. Ask her to come over to your house or meet at a park to swap ipod playlists. The lovely thing about Otaku, it's we pretty much transparently scream what our interests are. She's probably waiting for you to show some sort of interest. What are you gonna lose by trying? You'll lose more by NOT trying. Have faith in you. ;-) I know I'm uber late in replying, but your query is an ageless problem for people, so everyone should heed my advice. Never miss a golden opportunity just because YOU don't see your worth.
  4. Create business cards with www.otakuboards.com on one side, and random anime characters printed on the other side. Go to a bookstore with a large manga section, and inconspicuously insert cards, one by one, into the center pages of the most popular books on the shelf....   Too devious? Well, it's worth a try.... :wub:
  5. Mindless fodder for the truly bored and desperate kyougou.   I have only been an anime addict for about three months, although I have been "around" anime and manga for years.   My son is seventeen now, and he has been into manga (more than anime) since as long as I can remember.   In fact, he was guilty for introducing me to my first anime experience.   On September 1st, my girlfriend of eight years broke up with me, out of the blue. No apparent provocation, and no explanation. She just moved out one day, and told me "it's too difficult to be with me."  ((Now she tells me she loves me and she's sorry she messed everything up, but "it's just too difficult."))   I am UBER shut-in. Like... I leave my house maybe once a month, and that's usually only for an occasional doctor appointment. So, my ex and my son tend to be the only two people I see for months on end sometimes.   On the day that she dumped me, all I could do was have a colossal, perpetual, nervous breakdown, which is still producing Japan-size aftershocks to this day.   My son finally broke after I had been crying for 16 hours straight. He sat me down in front of the t.v., cued up Netflix, and hunted up Puella Magi Madoka Magica. We marathoned the entire series together, in one sitting.   It struck a hardcore chord in me, cause I WOULD give anything to end evil and corruption... or do away with "witches" before they even exist; even if it meant sealing my fate as being nothing more than a "forgotten concept."   Not to mention, my hair  has been bright pink since longer than I knew what anime is. And I'm pretty sure that I am destined to fade into non-existence with nary a soul remembering I ever did exist.   Needless to say, I identify with Madoka.   Since September, I have watched countless anime series. My favorite is, hands down, Death Note. I've watched *the (2006) t.v. release of the series *the (2009) dvd release of the series *(the live movies) Death Note, -- Death Note: The Last Name, -- and, L: Change the World; *(as well as) Death Note Relight: Visions of a God, -- and Death Note: Relight: L's Successors And have lost track of how many thousands of times I've listened to all three OSTs. Also, I developed an infatuation for "Maximum the Hormone." (Ryuzaki "L," is the main attraction that drew me into Death Note. "L" is the initial of my real first name. I have built-in black circles under my eyes from months of insomnia. I scrutinize everyone and everything. I'm extraordinarily analytical and investigative. I grew up in foster-homes. and I'm not sure I've ever had an actual friend. )   So... I've spent the last quarter of a year, with absolutely no rhyme or reason, and no direction for my life. In six months, my son will graduate high-school, (presently he is home-schooled.) June of next year, I become NOTHING. But by then I will have watched enough animes to put even Netflix to shame.   So.... In a last ditch effort to seek like-minded individuals, I took a wild stab at searching "Otaku message boards," and the top bing result led me here.   So... if you've read this far, I feel extremely sorry for the severe boredom you were experiencing, compelling you to commit such a heinous act as reading through all of this.   Still with me? Wow, you are indeed someone I admire for your tenacity.   I hope that some of you will be sparred to come out of the woodwork, and smell the young-blood.   *envisions holding own hand out, Aladdin style* "let's be friends!"            
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