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  1. NOT Soul Eater   this review has some general spoilers   This anime drove me a bit insane. I loved the original Soul Eater, and the atmosphere and world it took place in but NOT was different. I was totally tricked when I watched it. The original started off as a creepy action anime, and when things got dark I really was into it. NOT however started off as a super cute and pretty funny slice of life anime using the awesome SE setting. When it got dark I was thrown for a loop.   When you have a mood set for happy, childhood friendship building and self advancement, taking those same characters and throwing them into hell is just crule. I kinda put this in the same catagory as Madoka, But less constant dispare and slightly less brutal (Both shows made me have to pause and leave just to process what was shown at times.)   With that said, anything able to draw out that kinda emotion has got to be a fantastic story. I really liked it, even if it tugged to hard on the heartstrings at times.