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  1. Nuts to it. *Changes username to be more recognisable again* I'm buds with lots of Otaku people on FB anyway, so just hit me up at FB/MissMeltyCat. I have no issues people friending me, so yeah. Just do eet or something.
  2. I do a lot of my crap over on FB anyway for work, so I'm on a lot if people wanted to add me. I'm always up for anything that involves you guys, y'all know that. ;) (Also, I'm wondering how many people are actually going to be able to recognise me with this here OB alias. Haha. Ut. )
  3. Dude... Dude. Dude. Like, dude. Yes. But, in all seriousness, this gets a thumbs up from me. I've already been battling to try and get chat active again, but I always enjoyed this forum.
  4. This Axel here has been slacking with regards to visiting OB... So, here. Have some gross pics:
  5. Latest Piece Turbo was sat with his knees up to his chest as he enjoyed his nightly cigarette and surfed the internet in his garage. He had found a huge amount of fanart of himself which made his ego inflate even more, but he even some of himself with people's OCs. His nose wrinkled as he saw image after image of romantic scenes. He sighed, rested his head on his hand and shook his head. "Do I look f**kin' cuddly to you?" ---- Just a bit of something I whipped up in 20 mins. I couldn't resist. XD [Disclaimer: I do not support or condone smoking. This was just used as a character featu
  6. In fresh mornings I greet you. My island home. Surrounded by a shawl of turquiose. Crowned by the most majestic of mountains. Your waves caress my feet like the touch of an old friend. Your balmy breeze fills my senses. Olive trees in the evening, with a jasmine kiss... The smell of home.
  7. [attachment=15444:1406764314887.jpg] Nick (User Ninja Spoon) [attachment=15445:1407173707570.jpg] Arion & Ionia [attachment=15446:1400628085893.jpg] Space Child Altea
  8. Very happy with how TheOtaku.com Brigade is going on Facebook. Here's to a good revamp!

    1. Boo


      Says "no trolling".

  9. An old digital painting of my female cockatiel Stiny. (Wotsihiss to some of you. ;) ) Painshop Pro - Airbrushing   [attachment=15364:stinyness.jpg]
  10. [attachment=15338:vodite2.jpg] Drawn from memory using a HB pencil. Vodite, an XBox Live friend of mine and Lee's. I was going to give him a speech bubble cursing over how crap Colonial Marines is, but I felt it was better without. ;) Art © Me Xenos etc © Giger & Fox & Other peeps  
  11. The Dawn of Hellas     Basic Synopsis   The human race now has robotic helpers (Known as the Hellas faction) to aid them in their daily lives, as well as thwarting disasters. But, with all good bots, there are bad bots. Which side are you on? The good, the bad, or maybe you are a human caught in the middle. Either way, the bots have a hard task on their hands.     Detailed Description   The humans race now has robotic helpers (Known as the Hellas faction) to aid them in their daily lives, as well as thwarting disasters. But, with all good bots,
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